12 Minute Affiliate Review – Big SCAM or 100% Legit?

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Hi, thanks for stopping by and reading my 12 Minute Affiliate Review.

I’m excited to have you here because I can see you’re interested in online marketing/affiliate marketing as way to make money from home. I enjoy writing about this topic too because it’s one of the most profitable online businesses today.

If you’re like me, you’ve also looked at more than one affiliate marketing program and found out (the hard way) that many of the training programs and systems out there are scams.

12 Minute Affiliate Review Official Site
12 Minute Affiliate Homepage

I know it’s especially hard when you lose money… Not to mention wasting your time and energy on something you hope would earn you a lot of money, but doesn't…

So, let’s find out together if this one is legit or just another scam.

In this review, I’m going to cover the following:

  • What is 12 Minute Affiliate?
  • Who is Devon Brown?
  • Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam?
  • How Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work?
  • Reviews and Complaints
  • What I Like About 12 Minute Affiliate
  • What I Don’t Like About It
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

Disclaimer:Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for 12 Minute Affiliate. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate?

They make it sound so simple on their sales page…

12 Minute Affiliate is a Done-For-You (DFY) Affiliate Marketing system created by internet marketer Devon Brown – and being a done-for-you system, all the hard work is supposedly done by the 12 Minute Affiliate team.

So, when you purchase this product, all you really need to do is set it up and wait for your affiliate commissions to come in. At least that's how it's being marketed. It's a claim that reminds me of get-rich-quick schemes like Club Cash Fund.

Right now, their system is promoting ClickBank products. ClickBank is a reputable marketplace for ebooks, courses and many other programs… some good and some not so good. But ClickBank itself is 100% legit.

Another promise made by their sales page (and its creator) is that this is a newbie-friendly program. It works for beginners and struggling internet marketers alike.

You can see it in the name of their program: 12 Minute Affiliate. They’re giving us the impression it will only take 12 minutes to set up, and… 12 minutes of work every day can be enough. All this simplicity and you’ll get the much-coveted “passive income while you sleep” thing.

12 Minute Affiliate Review 12 Minutes
Source: 12 Minute Affiliate

I know it sounds too good to be true… so stay with me (and we’ll get to the bottom of this).

Who is Devon Brown?

Devon Brown or @TheDevonBrown (the name he uses in some of his social media accounts) is the creator of 12 Minute Affiliate.

He’s also a lot of other things – an Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger, Success Coach, Speaker, Emcee, and Hip-Hop dancer (just to name a few). I found those descriptions on his social media profile while checking to see if he was a real person. 

12 Minute Affiliate Review Devon Brown

Needless to say, Devon Brown is in fact a real person. He has a legit social media presence with thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram etc. He's also a charismatic speaker and entrepreneur – this is a good sign.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam?

Unlike so many scams out there, 12 Minute Affiliate is run by a real person with a real online presence, so it's safe to assume it’s not a scam.

Devon Brown is followed and liked by a lot of people on social media – so again, that’s a step in the right direction. 

However… that doesn't mean 12 Minute Affiliate is the simple answer to your financial troubles. We need to investigate further to see if their promises and our expectations can truly bring about the results we’re looking/hoping for.

My immediate concerns are the true cost and the chances of success because rarely (if ever) does a significant money making opportunity come around that only requires minutes to produce results. 

Again, Devon Brown is clearly successful and well-liked so I wouldn't question his integrity. I'm just wondering if 12 Minute Affiliate is a little more challenging than it appears. 

Having said that, more challenging or not… 12 Minute Affiliate is not a scam. 

It does cost money to join though and if your financial situation isn't great, you can also earn some money (which can help cover the cost of joining 12 Minute Affiliate) with things such as online surveys.

Sites like surveyjunkie.com and ​​​​inboxdollars.com are free to join and while they certainly won't make you rich, they can be an easy way to get started online.

They can also be a stepping stone to something more serious like an online business

You may be at home because of difficulties with your health for example, or young ones to look after. Maybe you just don't like working for someone else. 

If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

How Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

In these sections I’m going to describe how 12 Minute Affiliate works and go over some of the reasons it may (or may not) work as a money-making opportunity.

Steps to Using the 12 Minute Affiliate Program

1. Buy the product – obviously 😉 

2. Sign in to your account.

3. Set the system up – which will involve the following:

  • Creating your affiliate account with ClickBank
  • Setting up your autoresponder
  • Driving traffic to your landing pages
12 Minute Affiliate Review Checklist
12 Minute Affiliate Quick-Start Checklist

4. Earn affiliate commissions (the part you're waiting for).

How the 12 Minute Affiliate System Makes Money

Now, let's talk about the “make-money” part. Here are the methods used by 12 Minute Affiliate that enable you to earn affiliate commissions on auto-pilot:

  1. You’ll be provided with landing pages (equivalent to websites) when you join 12 Minute Affiliate. You get to choose from 3 niches:

    Home Business (this includes Making Money Online), Weight Loss (one of the biggest sub-niches in Health), and Personal Development.
  2. You’ll connect your landing/funnel page to your email autoresponder (you’ll need to pay for this, so note that this is an added cost to you).

    Set up is easy (they have instructions in their members’ area), but you can opt to pay a small fee to have them do it for you.
  3. They’ll give you pre-written emails which you can import to your autoresponder. These emails will contain promotional products which have been pre-selected by the system.
  4. Get traffic by buying it (this is another added cost to you). Your traffic will automatically be sent to your landing pages.

    At this point, I’d like to make it clear that you’re only buying “clicks”, NOT opt-ins or sales, so you really don’t know how many people will subscribe to your email list when they get there.

    This can be a serious danger with paid traffic because you absolutely cannot make assumptions or be certain the traffic you pay for will result in sales.

    In other words, with 12 Minute Affiliate and other programs that teach paid traffic, like Ministry of Freedom, it's entirely possible to spend hundreds (even thousands) of dollars and not get a single sale. 

    12 Minute Affiliate provides their own traffic source but again, there is no guarantee this traffic will be profitable.  
  5. You’ll earn affiliate commissions when people buy any of the products you’re promoting (your emails come with your ClickBank affiliate link).

    Needless to say, having a large email list will give you more chances of selling something.
12 Minute Affiliate Review Paid Traffic
12 Minute Affiliate Traffic Purchase Page (see item 4 above)

What You Should Know

I know, everything I’ve said so far sounds promising. But digging deeper we find some things you should also know…

  • Disclaimer As mentioned earlier, there are no guarantees, and 12 Minute Affiliate agrees.

    At the bottom of their sales page is a disclaimer that says they’re not guaranteeing you’ll earn money with their product.

    They said your earning potential will depend on you and the efforts you put into your online business. For me, their disclaimer is saying that their product is not sure to work for everyone. Well, I believe it’s like that for any business anyway…
12 Minute Affiliate Review Disclaimer
  • The 12 Minutes This one I really find hard to believe. For me, it’s such a turn-off that they’re promoting a product which (supposedly) can be set up and running within 12 minutes.

    Even if everything is just filling up blanks and copy/pasting, I think it will take more than 12 minutes to complete everything correctly. Rushing can only lead to errors, so I’m not a fan of that 12-minute sales talk.
  • Email Autoresponder Ok, you need an autoresponder to handle your emails (so you can send out promotional emails to your subscribers/customers). Note that this is not included in the 12 Minute Affiliate package, so you’ll need to pay for it separately.

    They’re using Aweber, and this costs $19/month for your first 500 subscribers. Aweber has a 30-day trial period, so you can use that along with your 14-day trial period with 12 Minute Affiliate. But after 30 days, you’ll be charged $19 per month.
  • Paid TrafficYes, you need traffic to be successful with your Affiliate Marketing efforts – and 12 Minute Affiliate has a built-in traffic source.

    You can buy traffic from them so that you can build your list and (hopefully) make sales. Here are some things you should know about their traffic strategy:

    – You’ll need to pay for traffic (you can also opt for free traffic, but you’ll need to manually work for it).

    – There’s no guarantee that the traffic will convert into buyers (remember their disclaimer).

    – You don’t know where your traffic is coming from (you’re just buying from their system).
  • Upsells Expect upsells once you’re inside the member's area. For the membership, you get to choose from 2 options:

    Basic membership: You’re getting the basic membership when you first sign up to them. This is priced at $47 per month or a one-time fee of $397.

    Gold membership: This will cost you $97 per month or a one-time fee of $797.The main difference between the Basic and Gold membership is the number of niches that you can use on your online business. Remember the 3 niches I talked about before (Home Business, Weight Loss, Personal Development)?

    In the Basic membership platform, you’re only allowed 1 niche, but you’re allowed all 3 niches when you’re a Gold member.
  • Trial Period 12 Minute Affiliate is letting you test drive their product for 14 days (for $9.95). They say that if you like the program, you can keep it for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.

    Please know that they’re not giving it to you for free… you’ll need to pay $47 per month to keep using the system.

Possible Issues with 12 Minute Affiliate

While I think the 12 Minute Affiliate product is legit and not a scam, I do foresee some possible issues with it. To be clear, many of these are issues you'll find with many legit programs like CB Passive Income for example . 

Some might do one thing better than 12 Minute Affiliate, but fall short somewhere else. So these are not specific criticisms, but rather, things to consider so you have a more complete picture. 

  1. You Are Totally Dependent on Their Program While their done-for-you program makes the whole affiliate marketing thing seem easier, you’re always dependent on their system. On them. Should they disappear or close down, your online business will be gone with them.
  2. No Training Remember, their done-for-you system does it all for you. So, if #1 happens (they disappear or close down), you might not have the skills and training to start your business all over again.

    Done-for-you sounds good, until you run into problems.
  3. Is It for Newbies? I wouldn't say 12 Minute Affiliate is guaranteed for newbies (at least, not in my opinion). I know they’re saying it’s newbie-friendly (and generally speaking, done-for-you systems are), but they have an available option to let their team do the set up for you (in case you can’t do it).

    So, for some newbies… it's not that easy and you may have to pay a little more to get rolling. 

    Also, newbies don't have an existing audience. While you can buy traffic and build your audience (which is the hardest part of getting the ball rolling), programs like 12 Minute Affiliate are most effective if you already have social media following or email list.  

    So that doesn't mean it's not newbie friendly, it just means the cost and time it takes to see results can be significantly longer than their marketing may suggest. 
  4. Pre-Selected Products to Promote I really don’t know if you’ll be comfortable promoting/selling products that you didn’t choose yourself, and have no idea if they are good or not.

    As far as earning is concerned, they are likely high-converting as they’ve been chosen by Devon Brown and his team (who are experts in this sort of thing). But that doesn't mean they are great products that deliver on their on promises. 
  5. Limited Templates If you were to use build your own site using WordPress or ClickFunnels for example, you’d have a lot of templates and options to choose from, and make your website truly unique.

    With 12 Minute Affiliate however, they have limited templates to choose from for your landing page (so you will end up with a the same landing pages every other member is using).
  6. Competition is High While done-for-you systems make it easy, your competition among other 12 Minute Affiliate members will be high.

    And, if everyone is getting (and using) the same traffic source and landing pages, there is a good chance you are promoting the same products using the same templates to the same audience.
  7. Unknown Traffic Source I really have no idea where 12 Minute Affiliate is getting their traffic. As I mentioned earlier, I have no reason to question the integrity or sincerity of Devon Brown, but the cost of traffic adds up and unfortunately, the only way to find out if it's any good is to buy it first.

    There are no refunds on paid traffic.
  8. Money to Spend Related to the last point, to get ahead of the game, you’ll need to have a significant budget to buy traffic. And remember their disclaimer – you should be willing to lose the money you put into the system.

So again… to be clear, all of these points are common to many make-money-online programs. If you're just getting started online, these are the things you'll want to consider when evaluating any system, course or program… not just 12 Minute Affiliate. 

Money-Back Guarantee

One of the good things about using a ClickBank product is that you can depend on their 60-day money back guarantee. This is quite a generous guarantee and it's provided by ClickBank, not the product owners/creators.

Of course, to get money back, you must spend it first and you may not be in a position right now to spend money. 

If that's the case you can also make money with online survey sites which are free to join.

Research companies like Survey Junkie will pay you for your opinion, and ​​​​Inbox Dollars is another site that rewards their members for doing small tasks online.

Of course, you won't be kicking back on a beach all day or driving a Lambo with online survey income, but if you've never made money online before, they can be a simple starting point that doesn't require a commitment or having to step outside your comfort zone.

For something more serious, like a full-time income from home, an online business may be what you're looking for.

Making money from home might be something you want because of a health issue for example, or children to look after. You may just be tired of your daily grind and looking for something new.  

If that’s the case, knowing how (and where) to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

12 Minute Affiliate Reviews and Complaints

I didn’t find any negative reviews about the 12 Minute Affiliate product accusing it as being a scam. But here’s a Facebook conversation in one of Devon Brown’s posts…

12 Minute Affiliate Review Reviews and Complaints

I think the above conversation more or less shows the reality behind the 12 Minute Affiliate program. While it may be legit, it’s still not that easy to make money with it. 

What I Like About 12 Minute Affiliate

  • Devon Brown has a good reputation – I think having a good reputation says a lot about a person and his products/creations.
  • Legit product – Aside from having a done-for-you system, your membership will also grant you access to their Facebook support group (shown in the screenshot below). It currently has over a thousand members – so you’ll surely get a lot of support from fellow users of the 12 Minute Affiliate system.
  • You don’t need a website or hosting plan – Landing pages (and hosting) are included in the package.
12 Minute Affiliate Review 100K Affiliate Marketers Inner Circle


What I Don't Like

  • No training – This program will not equip you with proper training on how to build your online business from scratch.
  • Expensive – $47 per month for their basic plan is expensive when you also include the cost of an email autoresponder and most importantly… paid traffic. Their Gold plan is even more expensive at $97 per month.
  • No website of your own – You’ll be using their system and will be under their hosting plan. On one hand that's good because it makes it easier for you.

    On the other hand, websites are considered valuable assets these days and not only will you not own one of your own, if something were to happen to 12 Minute Affiliate, you would lose access to the one they are providing you with. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

Since 12 Minute Affiliate is a legit affiliate marketing product, I’m sure it will work for some people. The question is whether it's for you and only you can answer that question. 

It will depend on your goals, objectives and of course… your budget. 

You’ve now learned many of the pros and cons having read this review. You also know the costs involved and that your success is not guaranteed. If it works for you financially though, 12 Minute Affiliate may be worth your consideration.

And, the nice thing about affiliate marketing is that it really works. Done-for-you systems and other types of “shortcuts” however, are usually unreliable and unsustainable in my opinion. That's just my two-cents for what it's worth.

That doesn't mean you can't make money online though… 

You might be a student in school or a single parent at home. You may have medical issues that interfere with regular work. Or, like so many people today… maybe you're just unhappy doing what you've been doing for many years and need a change. 

If that's the case, an online business is what you want. 

With all the scams and schemes out there though, knowing how and where to get started the right way is what you need in order to get what you want

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

If you're just looking for a simple way to make some extra spending money, online survey and get-paid-to sites are another good way to get started. And free to join.

Sites like Survey Junkie will pay you for your opinion and ​​​​Inbox Dollars offers rewards for doing things like watching videos, visiting websites and searching the web.  

They won't make you rich, but if you've never made money online before, they can be a good first step to bigger things down the road like an an online business

I hope my 12 Minute Affiliate review has been helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with 12 Minute Affiliate, please share in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Important Comment Disclaimer: 
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23 thoughts on “12 Minute Affiliate Review – Big SCAM or 100% Legit?”

  1. These systems just try to sell somethings which it's not worth it. They get minimum $197 for traffic and promise at list 190 subscribers after 14 days but I got just 25 subscribers, this is ridiculous.

  2. Thanks for the review. These systems are not always as easy as they "appear." A lot of money is usually involved, especially when it comes to traffic. I don't like the idea of not knowing where the traffic would be coming from. And a lot of people are truly struggling financially right now and don't have hundreds to blow on traffic that will, more likely than not, convert into sales. I can see how this type of system would work, but it's too risky in my opinion. Plus, with everyone duplicating the same system, I wouldn't think that would be too effective either. You wouldn't have a unique voice and that's one of the most important things for online success.Good branding and a unique voice. This probably won't work for most people. lol. Just selling and no value in emails is not a great approach.

  3. Well, your review is marginal at best. And then you say, paraphrasing, if you have no money there are free, worthlessness sites. Really!
    People are looking for factual, input with substance.
    If you can’t step up and provide that you should stick to other work.

    • Hi Ken, thanks for your review of my review. I’ll be sure to check out your expert course on how to write better reviews, based on your extensive experience. I’m not sure what “worthlessness” sites are though, do you cover that in your course? 😀

  4. Thanks. I had a look at your site on multiple browsers and on my end, everything looks great. I see you’re in Niagara Falls NY by the way, I grew up just across the border and spent quite a bit of time on the US side as a kid 🙂 Used to ride our bikes over the bridge and hang out at Bob’s Bicycles if I remember the name right, lol.

    As far as your site though, again, I don’t see any issues on my end. What platform did you build it on?

  5. thakns for the article its really helpfull ive been trying to learn more about make money online . saomething im also looking at is […] my friend says he makes a lot of money doing this. its online business system for become super affiliate in just 12 minute and How make$460 in ONE day. if any1 else has success doing it let me know i might

  6. Very powerful review! I also recommend having things in control. Your own website, own traffic and last but not least tracking! You may say something about if this product comes with any hard-coded tracking for their members? Well, one of my subscribers did ask me about this 12 minute product… And because I don’t use it, I do a research for her. Again, thanks for this review

  7. First of all thanks for the review I was looking at promoting 12 Minute Affiliate program it seems to not as easy as they say. Can you suggest a good passive legit income at this moment to promote?

    • Hi Joe, great question. It depends on what you’re looking for. Passive income requires you to build something (an online business for example) that generates passive income for you. For that my recommendation is the same program that taught me to do it.

      You can also check this list here.


  8. I think your review is excellent. In particular, your final remarks regarding this program. I’m not an expert Internet marketer, but I am somewhat of an expert at evaluating these things as I’ve been fleeced a few times myself.

    I totally agree with your major points. This is a closed system of which you have NO (or little) control. It’s been my experience that this is not a good idea. It can be, if everything works OK and they maintain it properly, But as you pointed out –YOU DON’T EVEN OWN IT in the event that things don’t work out for you and you want to do something else.

    NEXT– I started to smell something when they stated that you ORDER TRAFFIC.. That means you BUY TRAFFIC. ABSOLUTELY NOT A PRODUCTIVE METHOD. And, you don’t even know where they age getting it. Years ago in MLM, I used to but some leads and they didn’t work well. Some of the vendors (the ones who charged the most per lead) claimed that their price was based on the fact that they had VETTED all the leads they were selling me and they were phone interviewed to find if they were interested in (SOMETHING?) a home business opportunity.. DOESN’T MEAN A THING, tire kickers are always interested.in something..

    AUTORESPONDER:– Price wise, it would be more palatable if it were included in the $47/$97/mo cost..
    I would like to think that if you pay for it separately, you own it. This goes back to the above situation as to who owns what. That list information is valuable and you should make sure that you own it.,

    OK, I could say more, but I think it was covered in the REVIEW.
    I hope I’ve helped someone here, and I’m glad I wrote this because it’s given me more thoughts about this one.

    After the review and my thoughts — I DON’T THINK THIS IS A SCAM. Not outright anyhow.

    It PROBABLY will work, but it’s IFFY and it’s expensive in my opinion. They make it sound smooth and easy but I see a lot of reasons why problems .could be prevalent.

    I recommend forgetting about this one.

    All The Best,

    • Hi Bill, thanks for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts and insights. You’re 100% right, not all leads are created equal. I sold insurance for a short while (nearly 20 years ago now, where’d the time go?) and we worked from a list of leads that were provided by various unions. There was an MLM element to this insurance company and many of the leads that filtered down to us were no longer fresh (if they were local in the city or in a popular destination).

      If they were fresh, they were usually located in a small town 10+ hours away that no one wanted to go to.

      Traffic and leads are key, and it has to be the right traffic that’s relevant to your niche.

      What often happens online (and I’m not making any specific accusations about anyone) is that someone starts out in affiliate marketing buying traffic (leads) and they quickly realize that most of those leads are junk. While they do make some sales, those sales don’t cover the cost of all the junk leads, and they end up with a net loss.

      But what if you could add a filter to qualify those leads first, BEFORE you pay for them?

      The answer is to create your own course or product, and then get other people (affiliates) to pay for the traffic. That way, you are only paying for the leads that convert (in the form of affiliate commissions), but you’re not paying for any of the junk leads.

      Your affiliates are.

      So, whenever a course or product owner directs me to a place where I can buy traffic, my question is why? If the traffic was profitable, they wouldn’t need me. They could pay for it themselves and instead of paying me a commission for each sale, they could just buy their own traffic and keep 100% of the profits.

      But in most cases, the traffic is not profitable.

      Their course or product (and their affiliates) are effectively just a filter that pays for and qualifies those leads.

      They’re earning a profit (sales of their product) and capturing the good leads (those that have already converted into sales), while their affiliates are in effect handing those good leads off (for a commission) and taking all the losses by shouldering the cost of the junk leads.

      Of course, this doesn’t have to be a sinister process. If the product is really good and provides legitimate value, there’s nothing wrong with having affiliates promote it. That’s what affiliate marketing is supposed to be.

      The problem is that so many of these products/courses are not created to provide any real value to anyone, they are ONLY created for the sole purpose of filtering leads and having someone else pay for it.

      Some products are borderline, they provide some value. Not necessarily scams, but they are created with the intent of driving traffic to that product while offloading all of the risk onto someone else (knowing they’re going to lose money)… which is why I don’t recommend paid traffic for anyone just getting started.

      Beginners are usually unaware of this scheme and don’t realize how they’re being used until it’s too late and they’ve wasted hundreds (even thousands) of dollars.

      I have nothing against paid traffic for legitimate purposes, but not for newbies with no experience.

      Anyway… thanks again for sharing your thoughts and insights as well. As you say, they may be helpful for others 🙂

  9. I been using the 12 minute affiliate system myself for 2 weeks. What i found out is that buying traffic from their system is a big no no.

    The traffic they are buying is using your money and buying it for less. I am pretty sure that they are using udimi to buy traffic in where you only have to pay $43 dollar or so to get the 100 click traffic. In the 12 minute affiliate itself you pay $100 dollar for the same thing.

    So for newcomers i would say to be careful. I made a review myself about the problem 1 week in and now i am about to make a new review about it.

    I myself think the program is really good because you get a lot of automation but i dont like the way you have to pay for traffic that you dont know where it comes from.

    For starters with not much money i dont recommend using this program. You can also make your own automation with websites like aweber or getresponse.

    I do recommend getresponse and you can watch here why: […]

    Besides using getresponse you also can do automation in a deeper level in which you can see when someone clicks on your link and you can decide what to send them next by that.

    Conclusion about the 12 minute affiliate: I stopped using it after 2 weeks because i am pretty sure you can find other ways to promote ClickBank making your own automation.

    The traffic itself can be bought for cheaper price at udimi and that’s why i stopped using it myself.

  10. Hello, thank you for the review and the hidden costs involved revealing the operation. I was impressed in your thorough investigation which helped me make a decision whether it was for me. Thank you so much for the info and keep up the good work,