The Perfect Slick Back. Projecting Success.

From Gordon Gekko to the Godfather, the slick back commands respect. Powerful women in movies like Basic Instinct's Sharon Stone are defined by their slicked back hair (with the help of a memorable scene you may or may not remember).

For entrepeneurs the slick back is more than personal style… it's a tool used to show success.

Of course, you don't need to slick back your hair to be powerful and successful. You don't even need to slick it back if you're a mob boss (although it wouldn't hurt ?).

But, it's a hairstyle that projects confidence… and whether you're going after your dream job, or your dream girl… confidence is key.

The perfect slick back may take a more time and effort than a tousled dirty-wax hairstyle, or (my favorite) a shaved head… but if you think about it, would the Godfather be the Godfather with a bald head or anything other hairstyle?

You might not be sentencing Vinnie to swim with the fishes, but if you've got a special date… or the occasional black-tie affair that calls for it… the slick back makes a statement. 

Check out the modern slick back tutorial below.

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