Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work... and driving through traffic in a car you are still paying for... in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes... the car... and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.”

~ Ellen Goodman

Gig Hustlers

Gig Hustlers are the entrepreneurs, the solopreneurs, the freelancers, independent contractors, the side hustlers… paving their own way and challenging “normal”.

Some get forced into the gig economy by bone crushing debt or too-bad-so-sad layoffs.

Others have simply had it with the daily grind and choose to get out… like Ellen Goodman says above, normal is working to pay for the car that gets you there… and for the house you’re never in. 

Whatever your reason, the goal of gighustlers.com is to be a reliable resource to help you discover and succeed in the gig economy… whether it’s a home based business, driving for Uber, or building your own online empire.

In other words… to challenge “normal” and live a life covered in awesome sauce and envy.

A bit much? Maybe…

I mean… what is awesome sauce anyway (whatever it is… it’s must surely be awesome).

But… we're not miracle workers here. And, if there's one thing you need to know about running a side gig (or a main gig), it's that it's not easy.

The alternative though… (staying in a rut and doing nothing) is not easy either…

But… you already know that. That’s why you’re here….

What Is A Gig?

Gig Macmillan Dictionary Definition Make Money
Macmillan Dictionary – Gig

The entire purpose of joining the gig economy is to get one foot out of the g’damn box… and if it goes well, both feet. To give the finger to the powers that control your fate and to live outside the boundaries of the accepted career and retirement path.

And… in that spirit of living outside of the box, a gig… or a side hustle is whatever you want it to be.

Some pro “Side Hustlers” will tell you it’s something ‘other' than your main job, but that it’s NOT selling Mary Kay or Amway to your friends. If network marketing is your thing, and you treat it like real gig… it’s a gig. It's a side hustle.

Another definition draws the line between a hobby and a gig… saying it's only a gig if it makes money.

The small business owner who spends every spare hour (and penny) building something that will one day make money (but doesn't yet) would disagree. A gig or a side hustle doesn’t have to make money to be a gig or a side hustle… but it should have the eventual purpose of making money.

If you’re spending every night and weekend practicing with your band (or even learning to play an instrument) with the ‘eventual goal’ of making money… it’s a gig and you’re a hustler.

Gary Vaynerchuck spent years recording YouTube episodes of Wine Library TV even when no one was watching. In fact, it’s those early days of your gig when hustling really matters.

Whatever you do… if you’re making the sacrifice now to build a better future while your friends get drunk at the bar and spend their weekends skiing… you’re a hustler. You’re making sh** happen!

A Word of Caution – What Gig Hustlers is Not

While Gig Hustlers is a resource aimed at helping people make money, it’s NOT a resource that promotes consumerism, materialism, or working oneself into the grave.

If spending your money on sexy love, luxury and Lambo’s is your thing, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But, the primary purpose of Gig Hustlers is to support happier and healthier living through more time, freedom and independence.

If anything, it promotes simple living and frugality so that your side hustle meets your income needs sooner, not later. 

Being creative with your money management and pursuing less stuff, not more, is the quickest way out of debt, the quickest way to turn your side gig into your main gig, and the quickest way to begin living a kicka** life.