Blog Growth Engine 2.0 Review – Is Adam Enfroy Legit?

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Welcome to my Blog Growth Engine Review

You may be looking for a better life. One with more freedom to do what you want and be the person you want to be. You want more time with the people you love, and you want to wake up every day inspired… not sick and tired. 

I know that feeling because I've been there too.

Courses and coaching programs like Blog Growth Engine claim they can help, but is it legit?

This review will explain what Blog Growth Engine is, how it works, and whether it's for you. I'll take you inside the member's area and show you what you're getting, and whether it's worth it.

I'll also tell you what I think of Blog Growth Engine, go over the benefits, drawbacks, and discuss if it's legit. 

The topics I'm going to cover are:

  • What is Blog Growth Engine?
  • Is Blog Growth Engine Legit?
  • Who is Adam Enfroy?
  • How Does Blog Growth Engine Work?
  • Blog Growth Engine Cost and Refund Policy
  • Full Course Schedule (and Additional Goodies) 
  • Who Is Blog Growth Engine For, and Is It Worth It?
  • Blog Growth Engine Reviews, Complaints, and Testimonials
  • What I Like about Blog Growth Engine and What I Don't Like
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

Please note, I am not an affiliate for Blog Growth Engine. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available within the course, online, and in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What is Blog Growth Engine

Blog Growth Engine (BGE) is an online course and community that teaches you how to build a blog, establish online authority, and make money with affiliate marketing. 

The course was launched in the summer of 2021 and is taught by Adam Enfroy and Colin Shipp, both accomplished bloggers.

The real selling point here, though, is Adam's blog 

Blog Growth Engine is based on the same strategy he used to build from zero to half-a-million monthly visitors within two years while bringing in over a million dollars. 

Blog Growth Engine Member Welcome
Source: Blog Growth Engine

It's an accomplishment most bloggers and affiliate marketers would say is impossible. Or at least, impossible without significant financial resources and industry connections. 

And I would have agreed, but more on that in a moment. 

There's a lot of depth to Blog Growth Engine, but it's based on a simple premise. Treat your blog like a business, not a hobby. 

Or, as Adam puts it, “blog like a startup, not a writer.” 

From beginning to end, that philosophy is woven into the course and is, in part, responsible for Adam's success. Of course, long hours and a strong work ethic have played a critical role.

I'll get more into the course details and how Blog Growth Engine works below, but like all make-money courses and programs, there's an important question that must be answered first… 

Is Blog Growth Engine Legit?

It doesn't matter what you read or what anyone says… when (and if) you open your wallet for Blog Growth Engine, a small part of you will wonder if it's legit. 

Even after hours of research, I had that feeling too… so you're not alone.   

When you have a popular and profitable blog, as Adam does, credibility is critical. So I was pretty sure it wasn't a scam. However, I didn't know whether it offered anything more than what you can find online for free.

Having reviewed hundreds of make-money programs, most seem to fall somewhere in the middle, between a scam and legit. 

Is that the case for Blog Growth Engine? 

Not a flat-out scam that takes your money and runs, but not entirely legit either. A program that overcharges for free information you can find online while failing to deliver on its promise?

While I wasn't sure at this point what was inside or if Blog Growth Engine was worth it, I was impressed that it did not make ridiculous claims or promises. 

Adam is very clear that Blog Growth Engine will not make you rich overnight. He emphasizes that his results are NOT typical and doesn't bury that fact inside a hard-to-read disclaimer. He makes it clear from the start.

Blog Growth Engine Earnings Disclaimer

It was looking as though Blog Growth Engine was legit, but I've been here before. Maybe you have as well.

If you're like me, buying the course would come down to Adam's credibility…

Who is Adam Enfroy?

When I said earlier that Adam's achievement with his blog was impossible, I realized, as I was researching the course, that I was biased. I was judging myself, not Adam.  

In other words, it couldn't be done because I hadn't done it, nor have I seen anyone do it.  

If Adam's claims were true, I'd be proven wrong. 

Let’s find out…

Did he really build his blog to hundreds of thousands of visitors in just two years? 

Did he really make more than a million dollars? 

Anyone can make these claims. So how do you know they are true?

There are many tools you can use to verify Adam's claims. None (of the tools) are 100 percent accurate, but they're close enough in this situation. 

Let me explain… 

As you can see in the screenshot below, does indeed get half-a-million views per month or more (412.6K from the US alone) traffic and revenue

You'll also notice I circled his Total Traffic Cost.

For most bloggers this is an interesting, but useless number. However, in this instance, it reveals some vital information. 

The ‘Total Traffic Cost' is what an advertiser would hypothetically pay to get on the first page of Google for the exact search terms Adam's site ranks for.  

In other words, the commercial value of Adam's traffic is an estimated $2.7M per month. 

Again, these tools are not 100 percent accurate, and no website earns its ‘Total Traffic Cost' as reported by these tools.

However, the hypothetical value, which is millions of dollars, means his claim of taking home a couple hundred thousand is very likely true. 

So there is little doubt Adam has earned over a million dollars with his blog. Probably two or three million by now. 

But did he really do it in two years? 

When digging into the archives (, Adam's site first appeared in February 2015 (shown below).  

Adam Enfroy Blog Archive
Source: (known as the WayBack Machine) doesn't necessarily capture a website in its first month, so he may have set it up in 2014.

However, “setting up” a website and starting a blog are not the same. According to The WayBack Machine, there was very little activity from 2015 to late 2018.

For clarity, the black bars in the screenshot above (what looks like a bar graph) do not represent the number of visitors. Instead, they represent screen captures that have been archived. 

Generally, the more activity a site has, the more often it's crawled and the more times it's captured. 

So, although Adam set up his site in 2014 or 2015 (according to, it wasn't until November of 2018 before significant activity occurred. 

That's consistent with his claim of starting his blog in January 2019. 

Although he may have been getting it ready in late 2018, it would make sense he started putting in serious effort after the holidays (January 2019).  

These are small details but important ones.

If you're going to buy Blog Growth Engine and commit months (or years) to Adam's strategy, you need to know he's legit. 

His story is further verified in the following screenshot…

Adam Enfroy Blog Growth

You can see that his traffic didn't really start to register until around March 2019. 

Two years later, in March 2021 (right around the time he and Colin would have been recording videos for Blog Growth Engine), his traffic was roughly 500K. And that's precisely what he tells us. 

Adam Enfroy is legit. 

So, I was wrong…

Adam and his site are the real deal. He built a blog from zero to 500,000+ visitors in two years and made more than a million dollars.

As you might expect, this was the point I decided to buy Blog Growth Engine.

Having spent well over $10K (that's when I stopped counting) on blogging-related courses and memberships, there was something here I hadn't seen before. I was excited to see what it was. 

There's More to Adam's Story…

Adam's blog may have grown from zero to hero in two short years, but that's not the whole story. Adam's journey into blogging and affiliate marketing began years earlier.  

After struggling through high school and working at a pizza place for years, Adam found himself working for a digital marketing company. 

He went from earning $9/hr to a six-figure salary as an affiliate marketing manager for Saas startup BigCommerce.

What he didn't know at the time, and I imagine still surprises him today, is that his position would ultimately lead to a seven-figure life (and having random bloggers research and write about him online). 

As an affiliate manager, Adam was able to see the industry from the other side. Instead of starting out as an affiliate marketer, as most of us do, he learned by observing what successful affiliate marketers were doing.

He knew who the big affiliates (for his company) were and witnessed from the inside what they were doing right.

Likewise, he knew who the struggling affiliates were and could see what they did wrong. Maybe not directly, but like any job, you become a subject matter expert by passively absorbing information daily. 

It's what makes you good at your job and why your company pays you.  

By the time Adam started his blog in 2019, he had unique industry knowledge and experience that many (if not most) established bloggers don't have.

That doesn't take anything away from his accomplishment. Just the opposite. It means he's someone you want to learn from. 

And he enjoys sharing what he knows and helping others. Whether it's on his site, on YouTube, or in his course. He even supports Michigan State University students through the Adam M. Enfroy Digital Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Adam has also been featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and Forbes

With that said, let's get into the details…

How Does Blog Growth Engine Work?

There are many ways to build a successful blog.

Some generate massive online traffic to their websites from thousands of short easy-to-rank articles monetized with ads.

Others go for gold, swinging for the fences with fewer but bigger posts and earn most of their income from just a few.  

Some bloggers are great writers, speakers, or influencers, and they generate traffic through social media, podcasts, books, and other platforms.

Others use AI (artificial intelligence) tools and low-cost writers to assemble “good enough” content and then rank it on Google.  

Some micro-niche bloggers manage many websites, while authority site owners manage just one. 

And some bloggers do a combination of the above. 

Every strategy has its seven-figure success stories. What makes Blog Growth Engine different is that it teaches a strategy that produced those levels of success in only two years. And it did it in today's blogging environment, not using outdated tactics.  

For obvious reasons, I can't reveal everything Adam and Colin teach. What I will do, though, is provide an in-depth overview and then briefly go through the course schedule.  

Course Overview

I'll start by saying Blog Growth Engine takes you on a direct path. It doesn't meander through a forest of agency-level strategies, and it's not a choose-your-own-adventure type program.

It gets straight to the point. 

Because of that, it's shorter than many courses and not nearly as technical.  

For example, you're not getting a step-by-step tutorial on installing Google Analytics (correction >> see update below) or an exit-intent pop-up. At least not in the current version of the course (version 2.0). 

UPDATE: Blog Growth Engine has added new modules since this review was first published, including a step-by-step guide to setting up Google Site Kite (which includes Google Analytics and Google Search Console).

The other modules include WordPress and WordPress Theme setup, post structure, and content creation tutorials.

In some instances, Blog Growth Engine purposely left out information that's “Googleable.” In other words, if you can find an over-the-shoulder tutorial for something with a simple online search, it's may not be in the course. 

That may disappoint some, and I admit, it felt at times like an excuse. A way to pass the buck. 

To be fair though, I'm a little biased on this point. I've reviewed so many cheaply-made programs where “just Google it” makes up half the course that I’m cynical.  

But I don't think that's the case with Blog Growth Engine though.

Adam and Colin are clearly not lazy, and if something needs to be in the course, they'll put it in there.

However, Adam's blogging strategy also has an “essentialist” ideology that weaves itself into the course. It's about minimum viability. Getting it done and putting it out there.

That doesn't mean Blog Growth Engine is slapped together. Not at all.

It just means that he's good at focusing on the essentials. He teaches what he practices. He doesn't want you wasting your time on unnecessary blogging activities and distractions. It's fundamental to his success and will be fundamental to yours. 

Adam and Colin also make another important point. Successful bloggers must be resourceful. On this, I couldn't agree more.

I've coached hundreds of people online, and those who need their hand to be held every step of the way rarely last a few weeks before giving up.

Blog Growth Engine does not hold your hand. 

It gives you direction, and it'll be there when you stumble, but to make BGE work, you'll have to get your hands dirty. 

With that said, going through the course was a real eye-opener.

Adam has some unique perspectives and things he does that are undoubtedly responsible for his rapid success. When he says, “blog like a startup, not like a writer,” it's not just a sales pitch or slogan.

It's in Blog Growth Engine's DNA.  

There are a lot of epiphanies and golden nuggets that new bloggers might miss, which is okay. If you're a beginner, those things will become part of your strategy and seem obvious if you learn from Adam. 

However, for struggling bloggers and experienced bloggers chasing the next level, BGE may reveal a few things you're doing wrong.

Blog Growth Engine: Part 1 & 2

The course is spread out over ten phases with various lessons in each. However, there are two fundamental parts… content and authority.

Or, as you'll hear multiple times from Adam and Colin, content and links

Links (or, in this context, backlinks) are how you actively build authority. You apply various strategies such as guest posting to get high authority sites to link to yours.  

For example, Adam has built links to his website from Engadget, Hewlett Packard, and International Business Times.

Because these are high authority websites, a link from them increases his site's authority. As a result, it pushes his content higher in the search rankings. 

But there's an important fact here that some blogging courses give too little attention to, which is…

Adam's content deserves to rank high in the search engines. 

While most blogging courses differ significantly, they are similar in one aspect. The underlying theme is always content and authority.

However, not all courses do a good job of balancing the two. 

Some lean heavily on content and less on authority. Instead, they teach passive authority by creating great content.  

Content vs Authority 1

Others focus on building authority but neglect content.

Content vs Authority 2

There's nothing inherently wrong with these varying approaches. Every successful blogger with a course recognizes the importance of both (content and authority), but they don't necessarily communicate that to their students. 

As a result, some students spend months (or years) creating content that never ranks. Or, they spend just as long getting links from websites, but their content never ranks because it doesn't deserve to rank.  

In either case, they don't get traffic, and they don't earn money. 

Blog Growth Engine does an excellent job of balancing content and authority. While it leans more towards authority (because that's how Adam built his blog quickly), it doesn't neglect the importance of content. 

The reality is you need both. Bloggers will debate the best way to do it, but it's hard to argue with Adam's results (and the strategy Blog Growth Engine teaches). 

And to be clear, just because your content needs to be good… you don't need to be a good writer. It helps, and you'll get better with practice, but there are ways around it.

You can still make money blogging, even if you're a terrible writer.

A Profitable Blogging Business (Not a Hobby Blog)

Great content and authority drive traffic from search engines to your blog. But there's another piece to the puzzle. 

You're not building a hobby blog. You're building a profitable blogging business. A high-margin money-maker.

The primary method of making money Blog Growth Engine teaches is affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money by recommending (in some cases, just mentioning) other people's products on your blog. You get paid a commission when a visitor buys something through your affiliate link (provided to you by a vendor or affiliate network). 

Adam's strategy to maximize his time and affiliate revenue is simple but unconventional. Sort of…

Some courses recommend joining affiliate programs immediately and peppering your content with affiliate links. Or, at the very least, they don't recommend that you don't.

Most online marketing progams teach affiliate marketing that way because you bought it to make money. If you can get a few clicks and purchases from one of your links and generate some quick affiliate revenue, you'll be motivated to keep going. 

I can understand their reasoning. 

However, Adam's strategy is, in some ways, the opposite. It's also the one I've used for most of my blogging career. 

I don't bother with affiliate links unless I know I'm getting traffic, and neither does Adam. There's no point. 

Blogging is a numbers game. Some of your posts will generate loads of traffic, and others will fall flat on their face. The problem is that you don't know which ones until you know.

It takes time to sign up for affiliate programs and add links. That time is time better spent creating more content. 

Also, while traffic is important, it doesn't guarantee money. The type of traffic and what you blog about is the key to making money.

These and some other key strategies are taught in BGE to maximize your efficiency and earnings, but I'll leave those in the course for you to discover 😉. 

For now, let's move on to your online business expenses… 

Blog Growth Engine Cost

The full price for Blog Growth Engine is $2997.

Blog Growth Engine Cost
Blog Growth Engine: $2997

That's a little steep and definitely higher than most blogging courses. I’ve paid a couple thousand for courses, and if I remember correctly, one was around $2500. But $3000 is getting up there. 

For an experienced blogger already making money online, it's one thing. They're likely to get something from the course that helps them recover their $3000 quickly. Possibly in their first month.

A beginner, however, will have to commit fully to Blog Growth Engine if they want a return on their investment. 

The good news is that you can get Blog Growth Engine for significantly less ($997) if you go through Adam's free blogging masterclass. 

Additional Costs

In addition to the course, there are some semi-optional and non-optional costs. 

For example, you will need a domain name and hosting for your website. 

  • Domain – $10 – $15 per year
  • Hosting – $2.95 per month

There are also some semi-optional tools recommended in the course.

I say semi-optional because you'll need some of the following programs to build your blogging business, but you don't need all of them right away.

Also, some have occasional promos and free trials. In some cases, you can batch your work so that you're not paying every month.

Most of these programs also have less expensive alternatives that you'll discover as you get deeper into the blogging world and join communities. So the costs you see below are not necessarily an accurate representation of your monthly blogging costs.

They're just a guide.

  • Ahrefs – $99 – $199 per month (depending on plan)
  • – $49 – $99 per month (depending on plan)
  • Surfer SEO – $49 – $99 per month (depending on plan)
  • Mixmax – $0 – $9 per month (depending on plan)
  • – $0 – $49 per month (depending on plan)

As a new blogger, the basic plans are sufficient. 

Refund Policy

Blog Growth Engine has a 14 – Day Refund policy.

During Adam's free masterclass, he says if it's not the right fit after following along for the first 14 days, you can contact support for a 100% refund. 

I'd like to say it's easy, but I don't know. It might be.

However, I haven't requested a refund, and I don't plan to, so I can't say whether it'll be a simple process or if you'll have to jump through hoops. 

What I can say is that based on my experience so far, I don't have any reason to believe Adam is being insincere or dishonest. He's also not struggling for money, so I expect it won't be an issue if you request a refund for legitimate reasons. 

Blog Growth Engine: Full Course Schedule

I've shared an overview of the course and my thoughts on it with you. However, there are some things I don't like about it as well, and I'll get to those further below. 

First, I'll go through the course schedule so that you have an idea of what to expect. 

For each section, you'll watch a video, and in some cases, there are additional resources to go along.

The videos range from 30 – 60 minutes, some longer and some shorter. If I remember correctly, the longest is the step-by-step link building video, which runs roughly an hour and forty-five minutes.

I think Adam says there are 30 hours of videos, which sounds right. Maybe more because Blog Growth Engine 2.0 update videos have been added. 

Also, if you're a beginner, there's a lot to do as you go through the course. Therefore, you can't just power through it in 30 hours. It could be a month or more before you get to the later stages. 

With that, here's the current course schedule…

Phase 0: Welcome To Blog Growth Engine

  • Welcome Video

Phase 1: Your Niche

  • Overview
  • 1999 Niche Selection
  • The Brand of You
  • The Authority Flywheel
  • The Authority Flywheel – Exercise
  • BONUS: How to Choose a Domain Name
  • 2.0 – Difficulty Threshold
Blog Growth Engine Phase 1 - Your Niche
Source: Blog Growth Engine

Phase 2: Your Mindset

  • Overview
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Inevitable Pitfalls
  • The Devil On Your Shoulder
  • 2.0 – Timeline to Freedom

Phase 3: Blogging Like a Startup

  • Overview
  • The Startup Mentality
  • Blogging in 2010 vs. Today
  • Pivoting
  • Feedback Loops
  • 2.0 – Becoming an Entrepreneur

Phase 4: Decoding Search Intent

  • Overview
  • Search Intent Decoded
  • Why Search Intent Matters
  • Search Intent in Real Life
  • 2.0 – Search Intent Is Everything in 2022 and Beyond

Phase 5: Minimum Viable Website

  • Overview
  • Your Toolkit
  • DIY Website Design
  • Your Core Four Pages
  • 2.0 – New Module Added (Update): WordPress Overview and Installation
  • 2.0 – New Module Added (Update): Google Site Setup Kit (Google Analytics and Search Console)
  • 2.0 – New Module Added (Update): Step-by-Step Kadence (WordPress Theme) Tutorial
  • 2.0 – New Module Added (Update): WordPress Post Structure.

Phase 6: Keyword Monetization

  • Overview
  • Keyword Research Fundamentals
  • Keyword Monetization Matrix Part 1
  • Keyword Monetization Matrix Part 2
  • How to do Keyword Research Step by Step
  • 2.0 – Competitor Analysis to Find Keywords
  • 2.0 – Transactional VS Informational Keywords
  • 2.0 – Your First Keywords

Phase 7: Blog Content Creation

  • The Content Assembly Line Mindset
  • The Startup Content Blueprint
  • Blog Post Structure and On-Page SEO
  • The Minimum Viable Post Method
  • Your First Post
  • Creating a Bulletproof Outline
  • BONUS: SurferSEO Tutorial
  • 2.0 – Your Blog Launch Publishing Schedule
  • Write Your First Post With
  • New BONUS Added (Update): Creating a How-To Guide
  • New BONUS Added (Update): Creating a Product Review

Phase 8: Link Building

  • Link Building Fundamentals
  • The Link Building Machine
  • Link Building Step by Step
  • BONUS: Using Haro for Link Building
  • 2.0 – Link Exchange Engine
  • 2.0 – Analyzing and Understanding Links
  • 2.0 – Authority Is More Important Than Ever
  • 2.0 – Anchor Text

Phase 9: Affiliate Marketing

  • Blog Monetization Timeline
  • Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals
  • Advanced Affiliate Tactics
  • 2.0 – Next Level Monetization

Phase 10: Scaling and Outsourcing

  • Your Scaling Team
  • Scaling 2.0
  • How to Hire “A” Players Your Scaling Team
  • 2.0 – Day to Day Operations of Blogging Like a Startup
  • 2.0 – Your 7-Figure Team

Phase 11: Monetizing Your Skills with Services

  • Monetizing Your Skills
  • Guest Post Outreach: A Minefield For Opportunities
  • When to Make the Sell (without actually selling)
  • Making Money with Freelance Writing
  • Making Money Selling Links
  • Making Money with Consulting/Content Marketing Packages
  • Pricing 101 and Predictable Revenue
  • Billing, Proposals, and Contracts
  • Scaling, Systemizing, and Outsourcing

All phases and lessons are accessible and can be watched on mobile…

Blog Growth Engine Works on Mobile Devices
Blog Growth Engine on Mobile

What Else Do You Get With BGE?

The course is obviously the selling point, but it's really just part of what makes up Blog Growth Engine. You're also joining a community and mentorship program… 

Blog Growth Engine Community (Updated)

The Blog Growth Engine community, originally hosted on Facebook, is now hosted on This is a huge program update and improvement, in my opinion.

I'm not a fan of Facebook Groups for communities that benefit from a more structured platform, and Skool is a much better fit for the BGE community in that regard.

Plus… it's Facebook, and if I could be Facebook less, I would. 

Although the Blog Growth Engine Facebook Group still exists and has served its purpose, Skool does a better job of allowing you to interact with the community and ask questions, which, from what I've seen during my time there, are answered promptly… often as a Loom video. 

Q&As are also hosted within the group, along with classrooms, calender, and leaderboards.   

One-on-One Coaching Calls (Unlimited)

For some, the one-on-one coaching calls will be the game-changer that makes Blog Growth Engine worth it. Very few courses offer these. And none that I know of offer unlimited coaching calls. 

I belong to some programs that offer daily or weekly group coaching calls, but definitely not unlimited one-on-one calls. 

Having said that, Blog Growth Engine is adding new members every day, so you may not be able to schedule a call right away. Instead, it could take a few days. 

Calls can be scheduled by clicking the BGE Coaching link, which you'll find at the bottom of every video.

BGE Coaching Link
Source: Blog Growth Engine

From there, you'll be taken to Calendly, where you'll find a calendar of available dates. 

Blog Growth Engine Coaching Schedule Calendly
Source: Calendly

Live Q&A with Recordings

You will also get access to live Q&A calls, currently hosted by Eddy Ballesteros, an early BGE member, tester, and successful blogger. 

Eddy is also very active in the community, answering questions and helping other members. He knows what it takes to build a profitable blogging business, and whatever your challenge is, he’s probably been there before. 

Q&A calls are hosted weekly, and you can find the catalog of recordings by clicking on the ‘Media' tab within the Facebook group (which is still accessible), then ‘Videos.' 

In the Skool community, click on ‘Classroom', then ‘Coaches Corner' to find the Q&A library and Loom video responses.

Who Is Blog Growth Engine For (And Who Is It Not For)?

Blog Growth Engine is for bloggers at any stage in their blogging journey, but what each person gets from it will be different…


Blog Growth Engine is great for beginners, but not all beginners. If you're hoping to get rich quickly, it's not for you.

It's also not for most “tire kickers” either, who think blogging sounds cool, but they're not sure what's involved or if they're into it.

If you just want to blog as a hobby and share your stories online, it's also not for you. From beginning to end, BGE is about thinking like a business owner, not a hobby blogger.  

However, if you're serious about blogging as a business and committed to following through, I think you'll get a ton of value from it.

Experienced Bloggers (Not Yet Making Money)

While BGE is great for newbie bloggers, an argument can be made that it's best for experienced bloggers who are struggling to get traffic and earn income. 

You know that blogging and affiliate marketing are worth it. You know what it takes, you're committed to it, and you want to succeed (or else you would've quit by now, and you wouldn't be reading this review). 

What you'll get with Blog Growth Engine is a shift in mindset (if you're open to it) and the roadmap you need to put your blog on the right path.

As you go through the course, you'll also recognize the areas you have been losing time and maybe even some bad habits holding you back.  

Experienced Bloggers (Making Money)

For experienced bloggers, it depends on your current level of success. 

If you're making significant income and have your systems and processes in place, BGE is probably not for you. That doesn't mean you won't pick something up from it, but probably more as a curiosity than a resource. 

But you’ve been down this road before and probably own several courses already. 

However, if you're making a little money (or even a lot of money) but stuck at your current level and frustrated with an ineffective or overwhelming process, it may be what you need. 

If you've been doing this for a while and bought courses before, what you'll get from BGE may be familiar. So while Adam's approach may be unique, I can't say there's some secret here or something you've never seen before. 

However, there's a reason Adam grew his blog into a seven-figure income within two years. And it was apparent to me why, as it will probably be to you, if you go through the course. That makes Blog Growth Engine worth it, in my opinion. 

Is Blog Growth Engine Worth It?

Blog Growth Engine is definitely worth it for the right person (see the previous section). 

Blog Growth Engine Reviews, Complaints, and Testimonials

I haven't found any bad reviews or complaints about Blog Growth Engine (other than price). With that said, it's relatively new, and there's plenty of time. 😀

To be serious, though, I expect over time, there'll be some members who feel they didn't get what they were promised from BGE. Of course, it's only speculation, but no course or program is perfect (Blog Growth Engine included).

What impressed me most as far as reviews, was an endorsement by Pat Flynn.

Adam Enfroy Testimonial Pat Flynn

There are few testimonials in the blogging/affiliate marketing world better than one from Pat Flynn. His name is almost synonymous with trust and honesty in an industry rampant with fake gurus and charlatans. 

His kind words about Adam say a lot.  

Having said that, with Blog Growth Engine being so new, there are not many member testimonials or success stories.

Blogging is a slow process. It takes time to build authority, generate traffic, and turn it into dollars. Since the course launch, there simply hasn't been enough time to create those success stories.  

In fact, I'd be highly suspicious of any blogging course less than a year (or two) old if it had dozens of member testimonials. 

What I Like About Blog Growth Engine

  • BGE stays on point. There's a purpose to every lesson and phase because it follows a real (and verifiable) strategy; Adam's blog.
  • It's not built on outdated tactics, hypothetical systems, or what worked several years ago. Adam practices what he teaches, and he is still doing it today. His blog is still his primary source of income.
  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching calls, live weekly Q&As, and Loom video responses.
  • The focus is on free search engine traffic, not click-baity paid advertising and pushy sales funnel strategies. 
  • The term “passive income” is misleading, but what you'll learn in Blog Growth Engine gets you as close to passive income as possible (unless you're already a multi-millionaire living off of your investments). 
  • No upsells.
  • Community is hosted on 

What I Don't Like

  • Adam is not very active in the community (which is understandable). At least, not that I could see. If I’m wrong, please correct me. Eddy is very active, and Colin to a lesser extent, but it would be great if Adam was also. 
  • There are no video transcripts or timestamps, making it challenging to find something you remember watching (but are unsure which part of the course it was in).  
  • No MP3 downloads. I like re-listening to lessons and modules passively while driving so that they sink in. Unfortunately, that's not available currently.  
  • Could use more over-the-shoulder type tutorials. Having said that, new tutorials and modules have been added since this review was originally published. Also, questions are often responded to in video format with a quick tutorial, making this a very minor issue.

Where Do You Go From Here?

You want to make money from home, and I understand. When I started blogging in 2015, it was my goal too. 

Blog Growth Engine will undoubtedly show you how to do it. I've given it a lot of praise in this review because I think it deserves it. 

It's not perfect; no course is. And there are areas I think could be improved. However, Adam and Colin have committed to updating it as they go. Version 2.0 is already available. 

And, a lot of what's not in the course can be found in the community and Q&A calls. Not to mention the one-on-one coaching sessions. 

If there's one sticking point, it's the price.

That doesn't mean it's not worth it. It definitely is, in my opinion. 

But my opinion doesn't change the fact that BGE will be out of reach for some people. 

If you can afford it, you should. Sign up for Adam's free masterclass at and grab the current discount ($2000 off). 

However, you may be a student in school on a tight budget, or a single parent at home. You may have health challenges that make regular work difficult and paychecks are not coming regularly.

If that's the case, there are other options.

With all the scams and schemes out there though, knowing how and where to get started the right way is what you need in order to get what you want

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

If you're just looking for some extra spending money and unsure about the direction you should go, online surveys like and ​​​​ are a quick and free way to make money.

They don't pay as much as an online blogging business, but they're a great way to get started online and don't require a long-term commitment.

I hope my Blog Growth Engine review has been helpful. Please share any comments, questions, or experience with Blog Growth Engine in the comments section below.

Important Comment Disclaimer: 
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2 thoughts on “Blog Growth Engine 2.0 Review – Is Adam Enfroy Legit?”

  1. Hi Jay,

    Thank you for your article. It really clarifies a lot of doubts I had about BGE.

    One question though, does this strategy work in any country and any language? Or is it specific for, say, US bloggers or English speaking bloggers?


    • Hi Luis, great question. BGE is works in any country and in any language. Your audience, and therefore your potential buyers, are global, regardless of where you are. The only challenge in some countries is whether an affiliate program is available, or if a payment processor is unable to do business there. For example, PayPal is not available in all countries and some affiliate programs only use PayPal. There are so many affiliate programs around the world and in most languages though, so it’s just a matter of researching them before finalizing your niche.