How To Find Businesses Without Websites [Step-by-Step Guide]

One of the most valuable skills for any digital entrepreneur is building a website. And, with today’s tools and resources, it’s relatively simple.  But knowing how to build a website doesn’t mean you’ll make money. You might be a blogger, an affiliate marketer, or someone who builds info-sites to monetize with ads. Maybe you just … Read more

Do You Need a High School Diploma to Start a Business?

What do the following multi-millionaire successes have in common? Andrew Carnegie, Colonel Harlan Sanders, Coco Chanel, Freddy Laker, John D. Rockefeller Sr., Hillary Swank, Nicole Kidman, Walt Disney, and Charles Culpepper (owner and CEO of Coca-Cola).  Well… if you found this article by searching to find out if you need a high school diploma to … Read more

Business vs. Enterprise: There Is a Difference [Explained]

You may be a student doing research or deciding on a name for your new business, and you’d like to know if there’s a difference between a business and an enterprise.  For the most part, business terminology gets thrown around without significant consequence, but every once in a while, it’s important to be clear about … Read more

Is Business a Hard Major? What You Must Know (Before You GO)

As you consider your options for a college major, business is a popular choice. A business degree provides the skills to launch a successful career, whether your goal is to be a business owner, an executive, or an entrepreneur.   You may be unsure about choosing business as your major, given all the different courses you’ll … Read more