Is Social Media Killing The Economy? Part One: Knockout Punch

What’s the first thing you reach for when waking up? Studies claim between sixty and eighty percent of smartphone users check their phones within 15-minutes of waking up. And a significant percentage of those go straight to their social media accounts. But you probably know that, and it’s no surprise. You know it’s addictive.   … Read more

What Is The Future of Work? The Fall of Humans in a World Without Jobs

“I predict the Internet will soon go spectacularly supernova and in 1996 catastrophically collapse.” ~ – Robert Metcalfe, 1995 (founder of Ethernet and 3Com) Imagine… 20 years ago, experts debated whether the internet was just a fad. A novelty that would quickly die… Today we’re debating the entire future of work. How about this one? … Read more

A Driverless Car Economy – The Ultimate Job Killer?

When I set out to research what a driverless car economy might look like, my main focus was the impact on jobs. After all… the autonomous vehicle has become the poster child for mass unemployment. The future of work will require a new way of thinking. The ability to spot trends, adapt, and learn new things … Read more

Planning For Your Honeymoon In Advance

Getting Everything In Place There is a lot of planning you’ll need to put forth for your wedding. Wardrobe is something people often obsess over, and with lace bridesmaid dresses by Azazie in over fifty colors and a ubiquity of styles, you can thankfully cross that item off your list. But there are many others … Read more