eCom Profit Sniper Review – Is It Legit or a Scam That Targets YOU!

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eCom Profit Sniper Review

When I think of a sniper, I think highly skilled and accurate. So eCom Profit Sniper has some high standards to live up to. Unfortunately, they fall short. In this eCom Profit Sniper review I’ll explain what they do, and why you’ll be disappointed.

Is eCom Profit Sniper a scam? In my opinion, yes… and I'll explain why. It provides you with some training, but nothing that lives up to the promise of earning 40K or more per month.

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What Is eCom Profit Sniper?

eCom Profit Sniper is a training program that teaches you how to dropship using Shopify. The training is quite basic, and I’ll explain why their claims are over-inflated.

First… let me say, dropshipping is a 100% legit way to make money online. And, Shopify is a well-respected online “sales-engine” used by many top brands such as Budweiser, Tesla and Red Bull.

Where eCom Profit Sniper comes in, is by showing you how to leverage Shopify, buy cheap products from a wholesale website called Ali Express, and then sell them using Facebook.

But the amount of money eCom Profit Sniper says you’ll be making is a lie.

The time it takes to make that money (or any money) is a lie… and how easy it is to make money using Shopify is also a lie.

How Does it Work?

The reason I know why dropshipping with Shopify is nothing like eCom Profit Sniper describes it, is because dropshipping with Shopify and Ali Express is something I used to do.

If you were to believe what eCom Profit Sniper says, you'd think running an online business is done before breakfast, and the rest of your days are beaches and Bugatti's.

The gurus and scams want you to think an online business is easy, but it's not. If you CAN'T run an OFFline business in 20 minutes a day, how can you run an ONline business in 20 minutes a day?

A Shopify store still deals with customers, invoices, physical products, etc.

It's true that once an online business is established (which does NOT happen overnight), you can pay for automation tools and outsourcing that'll help you free up your time, but it's still your business.

No one will care about your business the way you do, and it'll never be successful by doing the least amount of work possible.

I’ve since closed my Shopify Store and no longer do dropshipping…  but my Facebook page for that store still exists (although no longer in use).

My Shopify Store Facebook Page

The reason I closed it… is because it’s time-consuming, expensive, and it’s a headache dealing with returns, complaints, cancellations etc.

Another reason is that dropshipping with Ali Express means long delivery wait times.

With Amazon offering next day and even same day deliveries… people are accustomed to NOT waiting. The online shopping world has changed, and 2 – 4 week delivery times are no longer acceptable in most cases.

The “pros” who sell using Shopify, purchase their popular products in bulk, stock them in their homes, and ship them direct… which is great for sales, but also expensive and labor intensive.

Many eCommerce experts have given up competing with Amazon and are now using Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to handle their shipments. But this still means buying your products in bulk…

Those who don't buy products up front, are using Amazon as an affiliate partner and making money that way.

eCom Profit Sniper makes no mention of the challenges that dropshippers face, and saying it's easy (only 20 minutes a day) to make thousands every day is an absolute lie.

This is how it really works…

To become a dropshipper, your first step is creating an online store using Shopify, which is (for the most part) quite simple.

Then, using Facebook Ads (or a similar advertising platform) you promote key products that grab people's attention, and drive traffic to your store.

When someone buys a product, you get notified.

Your next step is ordering that product through Ali Express and having them (or their vendor) ship it direct to your customer.

My wife just bought a Mini Nintendo Classic online through someone who is dropshipping and promoting on Facebook. So, this method of making money online works, and it's a real business.

But… what happens if we get that Nintendo and it’s damaged, or doesn’t work?

You can bet we’ll be sending it back. If the seller doesn’t comply, he won’t be in business long because Shopify, and payment processors such as Paypal will not work with shady sellers.

Now, imagine yourself on the business end… dealing with returns, defective products, tracking shipments…

If you’re running an online store that does $40,000 in sales every month, you’ll be dealing with a lot of these issues, and I can promise you, it will require far more than 20 minutes a day.

It’s a business… yes, but nothing at all like eCom Profit Sniper promises.

Is eCom Profit Sniper a Scam?

In my opinion, yes it is. It doesn’t even come close to living up to the promise it makes.

You do get some training, which I’ll show you below, but it’s very basic, and nothing you can’t find online for free.

eCom Profit Sniper makes some grossly misleading statements.

Let’s look at the $40,000 plus per month that “Tom Parker” says he makes.

Tom Parker eCom Profit Sniper Oct Sales

First… I personally don’t think “Tom Parker” is a real person. There are some real Shopify experts and they put their face on the programs they sell. They also have popular YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels… as well as hold seminars etc.

I couldn't find an “eCommerce guru” with the name Tom Parker.

Scams are known to use generic sounding names (like Tom Parker) because when you search Google, Facebook etc. you get hundreds of results. Who's going to research a hundred Tom Parkers?

But… getting back to Tom's $44,290… all we are seeing are sales. NOT profit…

You could sell $40,000 in products online, which cost you $30,000 to buy.  Then you still have shipping and advertising to pay for. In fact, if you are selling 40K worth of “physical products”, you’re most likely paying a virtual assistant to help out as well.

Your $40,000 in sales, could cost you $50,000 in expenses.

The figure Tom Parker is showing you is completely misleading.

But it’s not just the amount of money, it’s the fact he says you’ll be earning it within days. Unless you have thousands of dollars to throw at advertising, there is no way you will be earning stacks of money with Shopify in a matter of days.

There are also inconsistencies in these screenshots.

eCom Profit Sniper Sales Breakdown Discrepancies

His sales are $44,290.11 but he only has 46 orders.

That would mean he is selling high-ticket items that cost in the neighborhood of a $1000 each. It’s very strange to find someone dropshipping high-ticket products, because if something goes wrong (a lost shipment for example) it’s a big expense to deal with.

But to be honest, it doesn’t matter what he's selling, because I don’t believe these are real numbers anyway.

At the bottom it says 46 orders, but if you look up at the top, it says 76.

Furthermore, the bar graph figures don’t come close to adding up to $44,290.11.

Finally, he only shows a single $80 return on forty-four thousand in sales which is not only unbelievable… but also tells us he's NOT selling big ticket items. In which case, there's no way 46 orders would add up to more than $44,000.

There is one possibility that would make sense here.. which is multiple products per order. A single order could have 10 or 20 smaller products. But again, this is extremely uncommon for dropshippers.

It makes sense if you're an established brand, selling to other businesses. But it's very rare that private individuals are going to buy multiple products from someone they don't know that add up to a thousand dollars per invoice.

These are just a few reasons that eCom Profit Sniper is a scam in my opinion.

eCom Profit Sniper Training

As I mentioned above, eCom Profit Sniper does provide some training, and if you want to spend $37 to learn how to set up a Shopify Store and a Facebook page… then that’s what the training will teach you.

eCom Profit Sniper Lesson 1 and 2

But that’s ALL it will teach you, nothing more.

The program is broken down into 4 modules, each with multiple lessons.

Introduction to eCom Profit Sniper

  1. Setting up your Shopify Store
  2. Finding Images
  3. Settings (notes)
  4. Settings (video)
  5. Theme settings (notes)
  6. Theme settings (video)

Collections & Products

  1. Using Oberlo (Shopify Extension)
  2. AliPay and Oberlo
  3. Creating Your Collection
  4. How to Add Products to Your Shopify Store

Product Categories

  1. Selecting You Category
  2. Where to Find Products


  1. Facebook Pages
  2. Facebook Posts
  3. Using Facebook Pixel

Does the Training Work?

As I mentioned, the training is basic. It shows you how to set up a Shopify Store… which you can learn for free from Shopify.

You learn about Ali Express and the Oberlo Extension which helps you import products automatically into your store. Again… there are plenty of free tutorials that show you how to do this.

And you also learn about setting up a Facebook Page and some Facebook business basics.

That’s about it. eCom Profit Sniper completely neglects the two most important elements of a successful online business.

Traffic and Conversions

Every promise that eCom Profit Sniper makes requires high-level knowledge and skill to drive traffic to your Shopify Store.

So… you’d think that eCom Profit Sniper was an online traffic and conversion course.

But it’s not.

The truth is that establishing a quality source of online traffic, and then converting that traffic into customers is a real challenge. People pay thousands of dollars for courses that teach this, and they also spend thousands of dollars testing ads trying to perfect it.

And there is no formula. What works for one person doesn’t always work for someone else.

I know this personally from testing ads… and buying ads is one of the fastest ways you can go broke that I know of.

Below is a graph that shows you the average click-through rates for Facebook ads. Across all industries, the average (across all industries) is .9%. That's 100 views before someone clicks on your ad.

That doesn't mean they buy. You may need another hundred clicks before someone actually pulls out their credit card and spends money.

eCom Profit Sniper Does Not Explain Click Through Rate

Testing is all about optimizing your ad, your offer, your website design and user experience, your follow-up…

eCom Profit Sniper does not explain any of this, or tell you that it's expensive to run these ads while you test them… and most people run out of money long before they find a winning combination.

Today I only focus on unpaid traffic… which is also the only type of traffic I personally help people with as well (you can learn how I get unpaid traffic from my FREE Guide).

Free traffic allows me to test different combinations without bleeding my credit card dry.

But a new Shopify Store has no online authority, and no way to get the traffic you need without paying for it. eCom Profit Sniper does NOT teach traffic and conversion optimization at this level (or at all).

So there is no possible way you'll be earning tens of thousands per month, or hundreds per day, with eCom Profit Sniper.

What I Like About eCom Profit Sniper

Not much really… but if I had to pick something…

  • It shows you the “nuts and bolts” of setting up a Shopify Store and Facebook Page.

What I Don’t Like

  • Completely lacks traffic and conversion training.
  • They charge $37 for training you can get online for free.
  • Misleading and dishonest advertising.


Final Thoughts

A few other inconsistencies I noticed, such as Tom Parker’s claim that only a handful of people know about Shopify…

Two slides later, he says (correctly) that Shopify is in 175 countries and has 1.2 million active customers.

Shopify has over a million customers… who pay their monthly subscriptions, to maintain their online stores. That's a big handful.

Tom Parker of eCom Profit Sniper Conflicting Statement

The truth is, Shopify is extremely popular… it's not a secret, and it's incredibly competitive.

From the poorly acted fake testimonials… to the false promises, I can't recommend eCom Profit Sniper.

The training you get to set up your store may be legit, but everything that’s said about fast and easy money is an absolute scam.

My Recommendation For Making Money Online

I’ve tried the scams and listened to the gurus, and spent years looking for a legit system. I finally found a way to earn real money online. Click HERE to learn what I do, how I do it, and why it works.

I hope my eCom Profit Sniper review was helpful and if you have any comments or questions, please share in the comment section below.

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  1. I was watching the video and when it came to the testimonials I kept thinking I was watching actors. And that’s when I went on Google. Thanks to your insights I can stop wasting time (and money). Thank you!

  2. Thanks Dwaine, that’s great information to know there are lots of scams spread over the internet.thank a lot to give right way.thanks again

  3. Profit Sniper is a big Scam. Do not fall for this. After being charged $39.31 and $209.31. they tried to continue to charge my bank account with other charges. I had to close my debit card to keep them from doing this. I requested a refund for the above charges. I hope this happens.

  4. I have the same problem with e- ecom profits sniper do you know after that $37 us you have to pay for Target traffic booster for another $196 then after that there is a premium ecom package one time fee of $197 I listen your clip and I understand that I cannot trust this Tom Parker thanks for the advice I really learned a lot

    • Thanks Dwaine, that’s great information to know. There are lot of these types of scams that don’t just “upsell” you on additional materials … but require you to buy additional materials just to make them work. It wouldn’t be an issue if they explained up front that they had different membership options, but they purposely get you to commit to a small amount first and hide the back-end expense until you’re already in.
      I appreciate your insight… thank you.