Is “Freedom With Writing” a Scam? [Full Review]

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Hi, and welcome to my Freedom With Writing review.

You're here because you'd like to make money from home, and you're not alone. The world has changed and people are looking for more time and freedom in their lives. Many need more time, freedom, and money in their lives.   

I've been there too.

You may be feeling trapped, spinning your wheels, and getting nowhere. It doesn't feel good.

But, if you've got a stack of bills to deal with and debt weighing you down,

companies like Freedom With Writing say they can help.

Is Freedom With Writing a Scam Official Site

Is Freedom With Writing legit though, or just another make-money-online scam? 

In this review, I will go over what Freedom With Writing does, how they work, and whether they can give you what you want… a real work at home opportunity you can trust. 

I'll cover the following topics: 

  • What is Freedom With Writing?
  • Is Freedom With Writing a Scam?
  • How Does Freedom With Writing Work?
  • Freedom With Writing Reviews and Complaints
  • What I Like About Freedom With Writing
  • What I Don't Like
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

Please note, I am not an affiliate for Freedom With Writing. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Freedom With Writing?

In 2010, Freedom With Writing was founded by co-owner and editor Jacob Jans.

It's a digital classified ads of sorts, reminiscent of an era when newspapers and magazines ruled the world. An era I miss and appreciate more every day. 

The site also has blog posts, case studies, etc. 

As a writer, Freedom With Writing to me is another lifeline. And I imagine it is for many other freelance writers as well. It's another place for all of us to find work when and if we need it. 

Is Freedom With Writing a Scam?

The challenge for freelance writers, or anyone trying to make money at home, is finding legit opportunities. How do you know Freedom With Writing isn't just another scam

I'll go through a handful of points, starting with Jacob Jans…

1. Freedom With Writing has a Real Founder

Jacob is a real person, and you can learn about him online with a bit of research. He studied Creative Writing at Western Washington University and also went to Vancouver School of Arts and Academics

In addition to Freedom With Writing, Jacob runs an online lecture series for writers and manages a handful of others sites. 

Unlike most scam sites that hide behind fake names and photos, Jacob has a legitimate online presence with pictures of him and his family. I would have liked to share some screenshots so you (and other readers) could see he is indeed real. However, even though they are publically available, they include his family, so I decided against it to respect their privacy.

To learn more about Jacob, he hosts the Paid Publishing Opportunites for Writers group on Facebook and posts regularly. 

You can also find him on LinkedIn (without pictures of his family).

Is Freedom With Writing a Scam Jacob Jans LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

2. Established Website

While some enduring scams and gurus have survived for years, most scams come and go. If they're lucky, they'll last a year or two, but most die off within a few months. 

Of course, the scheme persists, but the scammers must continually rebrand themselves. That means they always need a new website. 

That's not what we see with Freedom With Writing. 

Without getting too technical, what makes a website valuable is not what you see on the surface. Instead, it's a combination of qualities (or metrics) that you don't see. 

A couple of examples are what SEO's (people who do Search Engine Optimization), domain flippers, online marketers, etc., call domain authority and backlinks.  

For example, if you own a website, a backlink is when another website links to yours. There are many reasons someone might link to your website, but in general, it's accepted as a “vote of confidence.” 

It means someone considers your website valuable enough as a reference or a source of information.   

Therefore, scams do not get many backlinks. 

Freedom With Writing, however, has over 14,500 backlinks (shown in the screenshot below as links to homepage).

Freedom With Writing Verification Domain Metrics

You'll also notice I highlighted their Domain Authority (DA), which is 43. 

DA is rated on a scale of 0 – 100. An established website like Wikipedia, for example, has a very high domain authority of 98, while a new website is rated 0.  

Again, without getting too technical (and describing every factor that determines DA), it's enough to know scam sites have a very low DA in most cases. 

On the other hand, Freedom With Writing's DA (43) is an excellent rating for an independent website. 

Other factors play into this, like whether the domain (website address) has been bought and sold over the years. 

Buying and reusing website domains with good metrics is a common practice. We can check this by reviewing the Internet Archive, and in this case, Freedom With Writing has always been Freedom With Writing

One more thing I'll point out (referring to the above screenshot) is that their website has roughly 1800 indexed pages. Scam sites rarely have more than a dozen, and in most cases, just a few that might include an About Page, Privacy Policy, Terms, etc. 

And most scams also promise ridiculous income potential, which Freedom With Writing does not do.

This is the case with other legit sites that you can make money with, such as survey sites like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars. You'll notice they talk about making a reasonable amount of money; $5, $10, in some cases a $100.

What they don't do is promise you thousands of dollars.

It is possible to make thousands of dollars, with an online business for example, but unlike scams that promise it's easy to do… a real online business (like becoming a high-paid freelance writer), is challenging.

You may be at home with children or dealing with health difficulties that make your regular job difficult.

If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

3. Many Years In Business

Freedom With Writing has been around since 2010. This is also confirmed by their domain name which was registered in 2010… whois

As mentioned earlier, scams are lucky to last a year or two. And most die off much sooner than that. 

4. Strong Social Media Presence

Freedom With Writing currently has more than 300,000 followers on their Facebook page.

Is Freedom With Writing a Scam Facebook
Source: Facebook

They also have significant engagement on their page and regular posts. 

Some scam sites also have significant engagement on their social media pages, but it's usually in the form of complaints about it being a scam.

That's not the case here. 

Freedom With Writing Followers
Source: Twitter

If Freedom With Writing were a scam, they'd either have similar complaints or a much smaller online presence to minimize the number of forums where complaints could be made. 

This brings us to point number five…

5. Few Complaints or Scam Accusations

Freedom With Writing is one of the few make-money sites that does not have reports of complaints or scam accusations. And I must admit, this surprised me. 

Many people are searching to find out if it's a scam, but no one (at least at this time) is claiming that it is. 

Still, skepticism persists, and I understand that. 

One reason is that it's free to join and what's free these days, right?

Freedom With Writing is what they say they are – a help provider for fellow writers. This is in part because the founder is also a writer.

Of course, they are making money. Freedom With Writing makes money through advertising, which is fine. Your favorite network TV show and news channel make money with advertising. The site you're currently reading this on has advertising. 

Another reason Freedom With Writing might be considered a scam, or at least associated with a scam, is that they advertise third-party writing opportunities. As a result, an illegitimate opportunity can slip through. 

Or at least an opportunity that turns out to be less than advertised. 

I haven't found any evidence or complaints that this happens very often, but as a note, the potential exists. 

At the end of the day, based on my experience and research, I can confidently say that Freedom With Writing is not a scam. 

It's legit. 

How Does Freedom With Writing Work?

When you subscribe to Freedom With Writing, they will send you reviews of freelance writing sites/companies to help you find writing jobs. They'll also send you free ebooks, writing tips, case studies, and a lot more via email.

As a subscriber myself, I can tell you that what they send is valuable. I've been getting one email per week for some time now and have never received any spam.

There are links to sites that offer freelance writing jobs and emails with writing tips and downloadable ebooks. 

Subscribing is simple. Just enter your email in the space provided. If you prefer, you can create a second (or third or fourth) email for your subscriptions. 

For example, I have an email to keep my subscription newsletters in one place. 

Here's what to expect when you join Freedom With Writing… 

You'll first get a welcome email, followed by one email per week.

For the most part, you'll receive information about companies and publishers who are hiring writers. This includes a complete description and information such as pay and submission guidelines). 

In addition, and unless something has changed, they guarantee they won't refer you to writing gigs that charge fees.

An example of what I've received are articles referencing publishers that pay for travel writing and magazines. These can pay as much as $1.00 per word. 

I also received a link to download The Writer's Battle (an ebook I think was originally titled Ego Obstacles). I found it to be a good read for what it's worth, though maybe out of date (I found a link to Elance, which hasn't been around since 2015). 

Is Freedom With Writing a Scam Free Ebook

To be clear, this is just an observation. The book provides helpful tips and advice to writers that are not date-sensitive. 

You can also write for Freedom With Writing. A “Do You Want to Write For Us” link is also included with their email, leading to submission guidelines. 

Another way to make money online is with survey sites like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars.

You won't be able to retire on survey money, but they're a simple way to earn a few extra bucks while applying for writing jobs.

For a more significant income, an online business may be what you want.

You may be home with young ones or dealing with challenging medical issues. If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

How to Make Money with Freedom With Writing

Don't lose hope or give up if you haven't made money as a freelance writer yet. It's not always easy, especially when starting out. But it's a good life for the right person under the right circumstances. 

Obviously, if your financial requirements are exceptionally high and you're working long hours just to keep up, becoming a freelance writer is going to be difficult. The pay is not great at first, and the competition is high. 

The good news is that most of your competitors are bad writers. 

Of course, you'll be competing with some outstanding writers as well, but that's not a bad thing. If you're competing with good writers, that means you're in the running for higher-paying jobs. 

How Much Money Do Freelance Writers Make?

Freelance writers can make anywhere from $0.01 to $1.00 per word, and in some unique cases, even more. Experienced copywriters, for example, can earn tens of thousands for a single sales letter (as a percentage of the revenue generated by the letter).

Generally speaking, though, if you're just starting out and English is your first language, expect most jobs to be in the $0.03 to $0.06 per word range. 

Good writers can consistently earn $0.10 per word (or $100 per 1000 word article). However, experts in a particular field can make significantly more. For example, an economist writing articles for a financial publication or a health professional writing for a medical website.  

My Personal Story as A Freelance Writer

I started freelance writing more than ten years ago. I accepted a pay rate of 85 cents per 300-word article for my first writing job. My asking price at that time was $1.00. 

Since I had no experience, I agreed to the 85 cents offer. But keep in mind, this was more than ten years ago, and English is not my first language.

I mention this because one of the ebooks Freedom With Writing sent me, as mentioned earlier, was The Writer's Battle… originally titled Ego Obstacles

This was particularly relevant to me because if I had let my ego get the best of me, I would have refused that 85 cents offer. But instead, I happily accepted it, and in just a few days, my client increased my pay to $1 per article. 

Now, more than a decade later, I'm making much more than $1 per 300-word article. More importantly, I now work directly with clients rather than finding work through freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr. And this is my full-time gig. 

I have nothing against freelancing sites, of course. They gave me my start, and I still consider them an excellent place to begin your career and build your portfolio. Some writers even earn a full-time income on these types of sites. 

My advice is to accept those lower-paying jobs as a beginner. First, get your foot in the door and kick it wide open later. Freedom With Writing is a great resource to help you get started. 

Experience and a strong portfolio will expose you to the higher-paying jobs worth your time. Use Freedom With Writing's materials, resources, and recommendations to help you with your writing career.

What Freedom With Writing is Not

Unlike sites like Textbroker, iWriter, or WritersAccess… Freedom With Writing is not a writing platform. It's also not a freelancing platform like People Per Hour,, or Freelancer

Therefore, you will not earn money from Freedom with Writing unless they hire you directly. You will make money from the companies and clients they recommend. 

Here are some examples of the jobs Freedom With Writing has recommended to me…

Is Freedom With Writing a Scam Opportunities

Freedom With Writing Reviews and Complaints

As mentioned earlier in this review, I was surprised by the lack of Freedom With Writing complaints. Actually, having discovered Freedom With Writing late into my writing career, I was also surprised they were not more popular.

That could explain the relative lack of reviews and complaints. 

It's also a good thing for you because the fewer eyeballs on their recommended writing gigs, the better chance you have of landing one of them. 

What I Like About Freedom With Writing

  • Freedom With Writing is legit. I know, simply being legit is a pretty low bar, but legit is often rare when finding freelance jobs online. 
  • Free to join.
  • Valuable tips, advice, and resources are sent directly to your inbox. 
  • They only recommend legitimate opportunities. 
  • Good engagement and participation on their Facebook page and related groups.
  • Recommendations to contests where you can earn hundreds of dollars per article.

What I Don't Like

  • No formal training (although that's not what Freedom With Writing is supposed to be).
  • I'm nitpicking here, but the Freedom With Writing website looks a little outdated. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

Beginner writers and professionals can benefit from Freedom With Writing. 

Writing is a valuable skill. Yes, you may start out getting paid just a single dollar per article or less as I did (although those pay rates are not as common today). But before long, though, you could be getting $100 per article (or more). 

You can also write for yourself as a blogger or an email marketer. You won't make money right away, but the potential is extraordinary. Those who stick with it and learn complementary skills (such as Search Engine Optimization or Copywriting) can eventually earn tens of thousands per month. 

You might be a student in school or a single parent at home. You may have health challenges that make regular work difficult and an online business using your writing skills may be what you want.

With all the scams and schemes out there though, knowing how and where to get started the right way is what you need in order to get what you want

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

If you’re just looking for a simple way to make some extra spending money, online survey and get-paid-to sites are a simple way to get started.

Sites like Survey Junkie will pay you for your opinion and Inbox Dollars offers rewards for doing things like watching videos, visiting websites, and searching the web. And they are a good way to make a few extra bucks between writing gigs.

I hope my Freedom With Writing review has been helpful. If you have any comments, questions, or experience with Freedom With Writing, please share in the comments section below.

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