GoCashouts Review – SCAM or LEGIT Way to Make Big Money?

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Thanks for stopping by to read my GoCashouts Review.

There's never been a better time to earn a living from home, and if you're stressed about money and struggling with bills, sites like GoCashouts seem like the answer.

Debts, groceries, lying awake wondering how you're going to pay rent? GoCashouts claims to be an easy solution to your problems, but is it legit or just another scam?

In this review, I'm going to explain what GoCashouts is, how it works and if it'll work for you. I'll also show you, that what you see on the surface here is not what's underneath. GoCashouts is hiding a secret. 

The topics I'm going to cover are:

  • What is GoCashouts?
  • Is GoCashouts a Scam?
  • How Does GoCashouts Work?
  • GoCashouts Reviews and Complaints
  • What I Like About GoCashouts
  • What I Don't Like
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for GoCashouts. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What is GoCashouts?

GoCashouts (also known as Sharecashouts) is a rewards site that pays you for generating referrals, reviewing products and completing tasks. They claim they have the highest payouts in the industry because their team has spent 13 years developing an AI-based algorithm that somehow “skips all shares eaten up by Google, Facebook, etc.” 

Those are their words, not mine. And to be honest, I'm not even sure what they mean.

The claim is that big tech platforms track your “thoughts” to predict what you're going to buy, and in exchange, they give you access to their platforms for free. 

For the most part, that's true about big tech (and small tech for that matter). Not always of course, but people generally understand what they're giving up when they sign up for these free platforms. 

That doesn't explain how GoCashouts can somehow bypass the revenue these giants generate and deliver 7-8x the profits that similar rewards websites do.

It also doesn't explain how they can “remove the discrepancy large tech companies have with regards to your user information and give you all the value directly” as they claim in the image below…

GoCashouts Value Goal
Source: GoCashouts.org

In fact, if not for platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for example… you would likely never know about GoCashouts. And to earn money and generate referrals, you'll be using these large tech companies more than ever… feeding them even more information, not less.

Here's the thing…

The amount of money GoCashouts pays is directly related to the amount their so-called sponsors pay them. It has nothing to do with some “secret AI-algorithm”. 

If they pay you $50 to complete a survey, it's only because the company conducting the survey is paying them more than $50. And according to their share breakdown (90% paid to you: 10% paid to them), that would mean they are getting paid $55 (giving you $50 and keeping $5). 

So the real question is not about some algorithm, it's whether your opinion is worth $55 to the company who's paying for it? 

I'm going to explore this topic of lucrative payouts below because it gets to the very core of what Go Cash Outs is and to be blunt… why their claims are ridiculous. 

Is GoCashouts a Scam?

I know you want to make money online. I've been there too, searching for ways to do it, clicking on ads and social media posts claiming to show me how. 

Most were scams, and if you've been searching for a while too, most of the ones you've tried were probably scams too. 

So how can you tell if a site like GoCashouts is legit or a scam? 

Let's start by following the money to see if it adds up. 

Something Doesn't Add Up

Inside your GoCashout dashboard, you'll find a list of tasks to complete. One of those tasks is to promote GoCashouts on social media and video platforms. 

GoCashouts Brand Amassador Tasks

As you can see from the screenshot above, they will pay you $50 for a TikTok submission and another $50 for a YouTube submission. 


According to their website, they've paid out tens of millions of dollars to their members, so it's a fair assumption to say they have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of members. 

So, just as an example, let's say they have 100,000 members, and for a quick fifty bucks, half of those members submit a YouTube video (it's probably closer to 100% of their members, but for the purposes of this example I'll use 50%). 

That's 50,000 YouTube videos at $50 each, for a total of $2.5 million dollars. In other words, $2.5 million is what GoCashouts will have to pay. 

And what do they get for their money? 

They get 50,000 nearly identical one-minute videos, all with the same title and description. 

GoCashouts YouTube Submission Instructions

They are very specific with this task. Your video title must say “GoCashouts The LEGIT Way To Make Money Using Social”. 

Your video description is also specific (see image above).

So why would GoCashouts want 50,000 YouTube videos all pretty much saying the same thing? 

Here's what just 4 of those videos look like on the screen…

YouTube Submissions

Now, can you imagine what fifty thousand would look like?

Depending on your screen size, you'll see 3 – 5 video thumbnails on screen (in the YouTube search results) at any given time, which means you'll have to scroll up at least once to see the next 5. 

At five per screen, if it took just one second to look at each thumbnail and scroll to the next 5 (deciding which one to watch), it would take you 10,000 seconds (or 2.7 hours) just to scroll through 50,000 videos. 

No one is going to watch 50,000 videos and no one is going to spend 2-3 hours scrolling through 50,000 videos either. 

So again, why do they need that many videos?

It's ridiculous.

There's a reason legit survey sites like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars don't claim to pay these ridiculous amounts, because legit sites don't need tens of thousands of videos. And they're certainly not going pay for them.

But even though they don't pay a lot of money, at least you can count on them paying you.

As you gain more experience you may want something bigger like an online business.

If you're at home with medical issues or children to look after, a full-time income online might be what you want.

Knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Anyway… getting back to those 50,000 videos, at most, people might watch 10 – 20 of those videos and scroll through 50 – 100 (and that's being generous).

That would leave 49,900 videos that do not get a single view. 

In other words, GoCashouts will have paid $5,000 for 100 YouTube videos that get 99.9% of the total views…

… $2.5 Million (minus the $5,000) for 49,900 videos that no one will even scroll to, let alone watch.

This is not a smart business decision.

Let me rephrase that. This is a horrible business decision. It's so bad that even if GoCashouts were legit, they'd go out of business within months if not weeks.

Who can afford to pay millions of dollars for videos no one is watching? And we haven't even talked about submissions for the other platforms.

Add them all together and GoCashouts is on the hook for tens of millions of dollars for hundreds of thousands of videos and social media posts that no one will ever see or care about. 

Let me repeat that because I don't think it can be stated strongly enough how bad of a business decision this is…

GoCashouts is on the hook for tens of millions of dollars for hundreds of thousands of videos and social media posts that no one will ever see or care about. 

Under no circumstances does this make sense. 

And if they already have thousands of YouTube videos with the same title and description, do they need another? 

Of course not.

I haven't spent hours scrolling these videos, but it feels like it. And I've already found hundreds that have fewer than 5 views. That alone is tens of thousands of dollars GoCashouts is allegedly paying for videos no one is watching. 

I'm not a mathematician, but I know enough to know this doesn't add up. 

Fake Testimonials

There's another obvious problem here. If GoCashouts is paying for these, then they are all paid testimonials. In other words, they are not authentic. 

If they are offering you money to say good things about them (and you do it), then how can you trust what others are saying about them? 

You can't.  

It's not that people are lying or have bad intentions. In fact, they see their earnings accumulating in their member's account area and they genuinely believe in what they're showing you.

But numbers and dollar signs on a screen are useless until they reach your actual bank account, and that's the scam (which I'll explain more about in a moment).

In addition to these paid testimonials, you have some that are flat-out fake. 

For example…

Lanelle from GoCashouts is also found on another site called RewardsFeed, which has previously been exposed as a scam. 

GoCashouts Fake Testimonial 1

Here's another…

Ava, who claims to have made over $600 by completing tasks on her phone is also found on several other websites including TMJ pain and Home Coach Real Estate School

GoCashouts Fake Testimonial 2

So, why would a website claim to have paid millions of dollars to their members, as GoCashouts does, and then use images of members who don't exist? 

The answer is that there are no members who have actually received that money (more on that in a moment). 

Fake Founding Date

Remember this…

GoCashouts History and Startup
Source: GoCashouts.org

If you've read GoCashouts about page (and earlier sections of this review), you'll know they've spent 13 years developing an AI-based algorithm. Or at least that's what they claim. 

The truth is, GoCashouts is only a few months old.

Here are their domain registrations (both .org and .com)…

GoCashouts.org Domain Registration
Source: Whois.com

GoCashouts.com Domain Registration
Source: Whois.com

GoCashouts is not 13 years old. They are not even 13 months old. 

Their [.org] website was registered on Aug 8th, 2020, and their [.com] domain on Aug 18th, 2020. 

I thought there could be one explanation here. Earlier I mentioned that GoCashouts is also known as Sharecashouts…

Also Known as Sharecashouts.com
Source: Sharecashouts.com

Is it possible that sharecashouts.com is 13 years old?

Anything is possible, but that doesn't make it so…

Sharecashouts.com Domain Registration
Source: Whois.com

As it turns out, sharecashouts.com is only a few days old; registered on Jan 9, 2021.

So, at the time of this review, none of their domain names are older than 140 days…

… and yet, they have testimonials that date back 248 days?

GoCashouts Fake Testimonial 3

Obviously, there is a problem here.  

A Network of Scams

One of GoCashouts' fake testimonials as discussed above, is also found on another scam site called RewardsFeed. 

That's not the only similarity they have to other websites though. 

Here's a screenshot from a scam called MakeEasyGreen

Why It Works MEG
Source: MakeEasyGrean

As you can see, the highlighted text says… 

“As you know, social media has really exploded in the last 10 years. Networks have reached over 4 billion users combined — you likely being one of them. All social media users have opinions about products that are valuable to the various international businesses that produce them. This is how Google earns its money. In return, they give you Gmail, Google Search, and their other products for “free”. Instead of software products, our team at MakeEasyGreen has worked for over the years developing an AI-based algorithm to deliver 90%+ of this value directly to your hands, completely skipping all share eaten up Google, Facebook, etc. This is how our payouts are highest amongst our competitors, because our smart algorithm allows us to operate at 7-8x the efficiency of other networks — you are free to check and compare!”

Compare that to the text you find at GoCashouts.org…

Why It Works GoCashOuts
Source: GoCashouts

As you can see, it's copy-and-paste identical. 

These schemes are all from the same person (or group of people), and they belong to an entire network of scams that include sites like EarningCash, MoneyGuru, CashMiracle and WiredBucks  just to name a few. 

You're far better (and safer) making on survey sites like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars, which also offer make money doing surveys and online tasks, even if they don't pay as much.

If you're looking for something more challenging, an online business that pays significantly more is what you want.

You may be at home with children to look after or have health difficulties which make a regular job challenging.

If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

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False BBB and TrustPilot Claims

According to GoCashouts they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot

False BBB and Trustpilot Claims
GoCashouts footer

These claims are easily proven false. 

You can search the Better Business Bureau and you won't find any record of GoCashouts being accredited. 

And for Trustpilot? 

They clearly do NOT have a 5-star rating.

GoCashouts 2-star rating
Source: Trustpilot

There's a long list of lies and deceptions here, and you shouldn't trust GoCashouts. They are a scam. 

How Does GoCashOuts Work?

GoCashouts is supposed to be a typical rewards site that pays you for completing tasks and referring your friends and family members.  

And, like similar websites, your tasks include surveys, app reviews, product testing, and so on… 

Once completed, your pay is displayed in your member's area and you can cash out using PayPal, CashApp, Bitcoin, bank transfer, or gift card. 

At least, that's how they are supposed to work, but it's not how they actually work. 

The first clue that something is not quite right, is the $25 dollar sign up bonus. 

Sign up bonuses are not uncommon, and many legit sites like Inbox Dollars have them. but none pay $25. The economics simply don't make sense.

Let me explain…

A site like GoCashouts can easily acquire 1000 new members in a single day. That's $25,000 they are on the hook for (1000 x $25)

And, if they are paying you (and other members) your referral rate for bringing them in, that's another $15,000 (or $15 per referral). 

So far, GoCashouts is now on the hook for $40,000 ($25,000 for sign-up bonuses and $15,000 for referral commissions).

Now, what are these 1000 new members going to do? 

I don't know about you, but I'm going for the highest paying tasks. And, at $50 each for a quick TikTok and YouTube video, that's what I'm going to do.  

So, each new member can easily make another $100 on their smartphone within an hour of joining. 

GoCashouts is now looking at $100,000 (for TikTok and YouTube videos) plus the $40,000 (for referral commissions and sign up bonuses) for a total of $140,000… and not a single sponsor or advertiser has yet to be involved. 

That's a massive liability. By the end of the week they owe nearly a million dollars to their members, and the only requirement (that would generate actual revenue for GoCashouts) is that you complete 5 tasks, but those tasks also pay ridiculous amounts which means GoCashouts is giving up a ton of profit.

So you have to ask, where are they getting their money to cover the millions of dollars they owe?   

For example, you can earn $36 to simply install and run the PopSlots app for 30 seconds (screenshot below).

GoCashouts App Install Tasks
GoCashouts Taskwall

Software and app companies do NOT pay $30, $40, or $50 per random person to install their app. That's not a thing.

They might pay that much for a small team of expert app developers to test their app, find bugs, UX (user experience) issues, and so on… 

… but for just anyone to just install it and run it for 30 seconds? Absolutely not. 

You can find millions of people who would gladly do it for $2 or $3 (during their early lead gen phase), so there is absolutely no incentive or reason to pay $36.  

But even if they did (which they won't) and GoCashouts is able to make even a small profit, they're still on the hook for the orginal $140,000.

So again… where are they coming up with the money?

The truth is, they don't.

When it comes time to cash out and you're waiting for your money, GoCashouts will either ignore you or come up with excuses not to pay. The most common excuse is that they found fraudulent activity on your account.

So if GoCashouts doesn't work the way they claim, how do they actually work? 

How GoCashouts Really Works

When you first sign up, you are asked for your email address and a password. 

A certain percentage of people use the same email/password combination they use for other accounts, like their bank for example or Amazon. 

This is extremely dangerous because a scammer now has access to the login credentials you might use for other accounts, which may contain personal information like your physical address, bank account numbers, contacts and credit cards. 

In addition, you're completing tasks that often ask for this personal information. Prizes that need to be shipped directly to you for example, and your credit card number to cover the cost of shipping. 

In the meantime, you're promoting GoCashouts to your friends, family and other online bringing in more people to get scammed. 

Variations of this scam have been going on for years, so it clearly works. And unfortunately, by the time most people learn about the scam (by reading reviews like this one), it's too late. They've already signed up. 

In fact, in most cases, people only search reviews when they don't get paid… which means they've already joined and completed tasks.  

Other versions of this scam like Notion Cash and Kids Earn Money have been reported to the authorities with alerts going out from consumer awareness sites like the Better Business Bureau, stating that…

“Consumers often report to BBB that they sign up for what they think is an online marketing agency, where they will earn money by completing “tasks.” The money appears to tally in the account for each completed task, but when consumers try to apply for payment, often when they reach a $250 threshold or some other set amount, they allege that they are unable to retrieve the promised payment or contact the company for assistance. 

To make matters worse, they have also provided the outfit running the scheme with sensitive information such as name, telephone number, email, and in some cases, Cash App or PayPal account information. They also may have provided the names and contact information of friends and family members in the referral process.” 

That's how GoCashout's actually works, and if you're already a member and you've used the same email/password combination you use for other sensitive accounts, you should change your passwords immediately. If you've shared credit card information with them you should also contact your credit card company and inform them. 

GoCashouts Reviews and Complaints

As you might expect, the reviews and complaints about GoCashouts are not good. 

Trustpilot is currently showing two stars with complaints like these…

Complaint 1
Source: Trustpilot

Not only was this user not paid (a common excuse for not paying is suspicious activity on your account, even when there is none), her social media accounts were suspended or put at risk because she was promoting it. 

Here's another…

Complaint 2
Source: Trustpilot

This is an interesting complaint because it highlights another serious problem. Here's someone who's embarrassed because they encouraged their friends and co-workers to sign-up as well. 

With thousands of GoCashouts YouTube videos, you can also find many comment threads like this…

Complaint 3
Source: YouTube

Here's another member who did not get paid, and they are warning others to change their email and passwords. 

The only positive GoCashouts reviews you will find are either fake paid testimonials or from well-intentioned members who haven't tried to cash out yet. 

What I Like About GoCashouts

There are a lot of reward sites that might not be good, but in most cases, I can still find something to like about them. 

In this instance though… GoCashouts is a flat-out scam and there's nothing good I can say. 

What I Don't Like

  • Lies and deceptions. From their founding date to their fake testimonials, there is nothing trustworthy about GoCashouts.
  • A data harvesting site that leaves you exposed to hacked accounts and identity theft.
  • False hope. Sites like these prey on your excitement about a new life, one where you no longer have financial troubles and everything you dream of is possible. You feel as though a weight has been lifted only to feel it come crashing down. These scams are exceptionally cruel. 
  • Potential for embarrassment and ruined friendships if you're recommending GoCashouts to your friends and they get scammed.

Where Do You Go From Here

If you're already a member, spending your hours doing tasks and submitting recommendations on social media to gain referrals, I'm very sorry. You want to make money online and I know this is not what you want to hear. 

GoCashouts is a scam.

I know what it's like; getting your hopes up, only to have them crushed. You're not alone and these scams are extremely good at what they do. Not only at deceiving people, but getting inside their head painting a picture of a better life. 

You probably have bills to pay, debts weighing you down and a job you don't like… or maybe no job at all. 

There are legit ways to make money online but it's not as easy as posting a one-minute video for fifty bucks or installing an app for thirty-five

Real reward sites like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars do not pay the absurd amounts GoCashouts claims to pay (Inbox Dollars offers a $5 sign-up bonus… NOT $25). 

But they do pay… 

They won't replace your job and you won't retire early doing surveys but they can be a good way to get started online, and maybe lead to something bigger down the road. 

As you gain more experience you may consider an online business.

You may need to stay at home with young ones or because of challenges with your health. Or maybe you're just looking for an eventual escape from a job you don't like…

If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

I hope my GoCashouts review has been helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with GoCashouts… please share in the comments section below. 

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  1. GoCashouts is a pure scam. Everything said here about them are nothing but truth. I patiently followed them to find out more about them. I got to the payout stage which i requested for &750 and they said the payment has to be processed in one month and i patiently waiting for them to clear my mouths, as more than expected, when it got to the payment stages, they refused to pay rather they said issues detected that i needed to get extra 9 refferals for my payout after i have gotten 19 refferals for them when they only requested for just 7 referrals and i got more than they asked me for. Please let's look for a way to stop them because they are scammers

  2. Thank. Damn, I'm so mad at myself. Fuck these degenerate pieces of shit. Praying on anyone should be a federal crime. And should be locked up for good. I can't believe I fell for this. I never do but did this one time and bamm. Now who knows who else I've fucked over.

  3. Omg i really hate how these heartless S.O.B.s have deceived me and my dieing father like Seriously my papa needed help with food and rent this month after surviving covid but he still is full blown cancer and he was really looking forward to this lil work from home income he had us doing. but its 100 percent ok cause although i refuse to break his heart i will sale my wedding band and give him the money and tell my thank you….. That all those hours paid off and I have never been more grateful to have a father like him……. See aside from having cancer he is 80 percent blind – diabetic – major brain surgery has psoriasis over 80 percent of his body he feels like he is ugly he hardly comes outside and in the 1st stages of Alzheimer's. I WILL NOT hurt my dad no more that this ugly world has already I want my daddy to feel like he provided for his family till his dieing day. but i will pray for you heartless people and i forgive them just my Lord Jesus has forgiven me but just know i serve a strong and powerful God and vengeance is HIS.

    Thank you Gig Hustler for making the truth possible and saving ppl like my dad who is living on barrow time may the Lord our God continue to open all doors for you so the truth can be told.. Amen

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for sharing. So sorry to hear about your father’s situation. As a dad, I would feel horrible if my daughters sold something that was important to them to give me money, so I recommend telling him before selling your wedding band. I’m sure he’s more worried about you than he his of himself, but also extremely grateful to have such an amazing daughter who’s willing to do that to help him. Wishing you and your dad all the best.