Impact Mailing Club Review – SCAM or Legit $1000/Week Opportunity?

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Welcome, and thanks for stopping by to read my Impact Mailing Club Review.

There are few things as desirable as working from home. Earning a living without the stress of a job or a boss? Now that's the life.

Impact Mailing Club claims they can give it to you but you've seen this before. A simple way to make big cash fast… it has to be scam, right?

In this review I'll explain what Impact Mailing Club is, how it works, why you might lose your money if you join… and of course, whether it's a legit business opportunity or just another scam.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Impact Mailing Club. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Impact Mailing Club?

Impact Mailing Club is an offline direct mail company founded by Rose Alameda.

Similar to other mail clubs like 30 Day Success Formula and Six Figure Stamp Club, you earn money by mailing letters out to a list of leads with the hope they'll buy into Impact Mailing Club as well.

If they do buy in, you earn a commission.

Your buyers in turn become your “team members” and then mail the same letter out to their own list of leads with the same hope — to acquire buyers, earn a commission, and build their own team.

Why would they want to build a team?

Because they also earn money (or a 2nd tier commission) when their team acquires new members…

If it sounds like an MLM, that's because it is. At least in my opinion it is, but more on that in a moment…

How Does It Work?

Impact Mailing Club

Before you can sell Impact Mailing Club to others and earn commissions, you must buy in at one of four levels.

Level 1 – Emerald

Cost: $100 (plus 2 books of stamps)

What You Get: Welcome Package, 100 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $65, 2nd Tier Commission $20

Level 2 – Ruby

Cost: $250 (plus 4 books of stamps)

What You Get: Welcome Package, 200 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $150, 2nd Tier Commission $50

Level 3 – Sapphire

Cost: $500 (plus 4 books of stamps)

What You Get: Welcome Package, 400 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $300, 2nd Tier Commission $100

Level 4 – Diamond

Cost: $2000 (plus 5 books of stamps)

What You Get: Welcome Package, 1000 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $1000, 2nd Tier Commission $500, 2 Invites to Company Mastermind Event

Additional Expenses

The costs listed above are to join Impact Mailing Club, but they don't include your operating expenses.

You have printing costs and postage costs, as well as material costs, local traveling costs etc.

As an example, if you were to join at the Sapphire Level, you would have 400 leads to work with. Therefore you would need 400 letters printed out (3 pages each), 400 envelopes and 400 stamps.

If you haven't seen it yet, this is the 3 page letter you will be mailing…

Impact Mailing Club Full Letter
Impact Mailing Club 3-Page Letter

Printing costs vary and you may already own a printer, in which case you would only need paper, printer cartridges, and of course a little electricity.

However, if you were to get your letters printed, 3 full color pages (per letter) multiplied by 400 letters would be 1200 pages. For that amount, just as an example… you can have Staples print them at around $0.40 per page which would work out to $480.00.

Of course, Staples may be a poor example but it gives you a rough idea. In most cases it would be cheaper to purchase your own printer, printer cartridges, and paper.

And then you have postage which is roughly $200 (to mail 400 letters).

Can You Make Money With Impact Mailing Club?

When you add up your expenses including the cost to join, Impact Mailing Club is not cheap. So the big question is, can you make your money back?

The short answer is, yes. You can. But that doesn't mean you will.

There are no guarantees with direct response mail and you must consider the product you're selling and your audience. It's a relatively expensive product in a make-money niche that's considered spammy.

On top of that, your audience doesn't know you and they have no reason to trust you.

For lack of a better term, you are sending out junk mail and your first hurdle is getting people to open it.

According to Compu-Mail, the highest direct mail household response rate ever recorded was 5.1%. Even if that figure is slightly innaccurate, in general… you can expect a 1% – 2% response rate for cold leads.

That doesn't mean 1% – 2% will sign up and send you money. It just means 1% – 2% will actually read your letter and show some interest. You can improve these response rates by testing things like handwritten addresses instead of labels, adding colorful stickers, etc.

You can also try postcards instead of letters.

Keep in mind, there are costs when testing these things. You'll need to keep buying leads, printing letters (or postcards), paying for postage and so on…

Another thing you can test are tricks the pros have used for decades, like stuffing something loosely relevant in with the letter to create a lump in the envelop. This raises curiosity and makes the item appear to have value.

Your cost of postage will go up, but so will your open rates.

But again, just because they open the envelop, doesn't mean they'll read the letter. And if they do read the letter, that doesn't mean they'll buy what you're selling.

So yes, it's possible to make money with Impact Mailing Club… but the possibility of losing money is also real.

If mailing cash isn't your thing, you can also make some extra money with online survey sites such as

Swag Bucks is a similar site with surveys and small tasks you can get paid for.

You won’t get rich with doing small tasks online or filling out surveys, but they're free to join and if you've never made money from home before, they can be a good starting point.

If you're looking for something more substantial, an online business is what you want.

You may be at home because of a health issue for example, or young ones to look after. If that's the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Impact Mailing Club Compensation Plan

The way Impact Mailing Club's compensation plan is structured is relatively simple.

You can earn commissions on the level you buy in at, or lower. So if you buy in at Ruby Level for example, you can earn commissions when one of your leads joins at the Ruby or Emerald Level.

If they buy in at higher level (Sapphire or Diamond), you lose that customer to the company.

Some members say Impact Mailing Club will contact you first and offer you the chance to upgrade so you can earn that commission… but you won't know if they don't make the offer… and even if they do, can you afford hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to upgrade?

If you can upgrade within your first 30 days, you only need to pay the difference between levels.

Is Impact Mailing Club a Pyramid Scheme?

Before I talk about the darker side of Impact Mailing Club, I want to say I truly believe most members (if not all) are honest, sincere and want to help others with this opportunity.

They're also hard working (it takes a lot of work to print, pack, and mail hundreds of letters) and are probably doing this so they can provide for their families.

So, to be clear, this is not a review or a judgement about IMC members… it's a review about Impact Mailing Club as a company (if they are registered as a legitimate company) and the way they are structured.

That brings us to the inevitable question…

… are they a pyramid scheme?

Most members will tell you it's not a pyramid scheme, MLM or anything like that, but simply put… you earn money from your immediate team member (or recruit) as well as your second tier team member.

One person recruits two or more, those people recruit two or more… in the end you get what looks like a pyramid where money flows upward.

Pyramid Scheme MLM diagram
Pyramid Scheme Diagram

This continues until you run out of people who are willing (or able) to join.

There's no mystery here and it's a mathematical certainty that Impact Mailing Club's days are limited.

They can (and probably will) do what other mailing clubs have done to extend their existence. They will most likely add additional levels above Diamond to max out their current membership.

Some of these system have survived long enough to see buy-in levels reaching $10,000 and higher. But how many people can afford that kind money?

And you don't want to be the last person to get in that level.

You only need simple math to see how it plays out…

If 100 members each get 10 sales, Impact Mailing Club will have 1000 members.

If each of those members get 10 sales, IMC will have 10,000 members.

As this continues, you run out of leads in a hurry.

10,000 members x 10 = 100,000

100,000 members x 10 = 1,000,000

1,000,000 members x 10 = 100,000,000

Impact Mailing Club is only available in the US and Canada so one more round (100,000,000 x 10) is 1 Billion. That's more than there are potential buyers.

Of course the reality is far worse.

Relatively speaking, only a small percentage of people will ever join Impact Mailing Club and mail untraceable cash to people they don't know.

No matter how you look at it, money schemes are a hard sell. And statistically speaking, the number of people who have disposable cash to spend is small… which means the pool of potential buyers is not very big.

Those who get in early can make good money.

But it's an absolute certainty that a lot of people at the bottom of the pyramid are going to lose money and every member (as well as the owner of Impact Mailing Club) is aware of that.

It presents an interesting conflict, because I said earlier I truly believe most members (if not all) are honest, sincere and want to help others with this opportunity.

I do believe that's true… but it's interesting how the reality of pyramid schemes become blurred when the names and faces of those who haven't joined don't yet exist.

You don't have to think of (or feel guilty about) Joe or Mary losing thousands of dollars because it hasn't happened yet. But it will. It must…

Why Pyramids Are Not Sustainable
Source: Wikipedia

Whether it's next week, next month, or next year… at some point those who sign up near the end will be left holding the bag?

The only alternative to a pyramid that doesn't max out, is one where no one joins… in which case, the outcome is the same. The few people who do join lose their money.

This is why some pyramid schemes are illegal.

Legal vs. Illegal Pyramid Schemes

If all pyramid schemes were illegal though, you wouldn't have companies like Team National, Rodan + Fields, and Youngevity, right?

What makes those companies different than Impact Mailing Club?

It's pretty simple actually. They sell products which are completely independent from the business opportunity.

For example, you can buy Rodan + Fields cosmetics as a customer without having to join their business opportunity. One is not dependent on the other.

Likewise, you can join their business opportunity and only sell products without having to sell the business opportunity.

That not only makes them legal, it also makes them (in theory) sustainable…(even though a lot of people lose money in legal pyramid schemes too).

But with Impact Mailing Club, the product (lead packages) is tied directly to the membership. You can't buy or sell one without the other.

You can't have a retail or wholesale business selling leads because your customers MUST become part of the pyramid.

And, the purpose of those leads is for you to use them, not sell them.

Wikipedia describes a pyramid scheme as a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products.

Impact Mailing Club markets themselves as a money-making system (not a lead generation company), and the promise is that you will earn money for enrolling others into the system.

So in my opinion, despite efforts to spin it otherwise… they represent what most people would consider to be an illegal pyramid scheme. Having said that, I'll leave the final judgement up to you.

If you're not sure it's something you want to try, you can also earn a little extra money with online surveys. Sites like and will pay you for your opinion.

Of course, you won't be retiring on survey income, but they can be a stepping stone to something more serious like an online business.

If earning a full-time income online is something you want, a legit and easy-to-follow strategy for beginners is what you need to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Is Impact Mailing Club a Scam?

One thing we haven't discussed are the number of undocumented dollars changing hands here. That's a problem.

I've heard several Impact Mailing Club members refer to this as a business opportunity but…

… I'm not aware of any business where people mail cash and stamps to each other for nothing more than a list of more names to mail cash and stamps to.

As much as Impact Mailing Club looks like an MLM or pyramid scheme... it also looks a lot like a cash gifting scam.

According to (North Carolina Department of Justice and I'm sure a similar definition exists in other states) cash gifting scams or “gifting clubs” are…

illegal pyramid schemes where new club members typically give cash “gifts” to the highest ranking members. If you get more people to join, they promise you will rise to the highest level and receive a gift much larger than your original investment. But only a few people profit from this scheme and most people lose their investment.”

It goes on further to say…

Gifting clubs are criminal enterprises. Organizers are guilty of a felony, and participants are guilty of a misdemeanor.”  

You may want to read that last part again because it says “participants” are guilty of a misdemeanor.

So the question is, how is Impact Mailing Club not a cash gifting scam, or “gifting club”?

Is it a pyramid? Yes.

Do new club members give cash to the higher ranking members? Yes.

Are you promised to make more than your original investment if you get more people to join? Yes.

Will most people lose their investment? Mathematically… yes.

The only discernible difference here is the use of the word “gift”. One could argue the money you are sending to a higher ranking member is not a gift, but rather a payment for a product… and in the case of Impact Mailing Club, the product is said to be a package of leads.

For that reason I won't call Impact Mailing Club a scam or a cash gifting club, but if members who lose their investment were to challenge Impact Mailing Club in court, I would question whether the “leads as a product” defense would hold up.

For one, the purpose of these leads is NOT for independent entrepreneurs and business owners to acquire new customers independently of Impact Mailing club…

… but rather to attract new members into the club.

And two, the commissions paid for a package of leads are greater than the cost of the leads themselves.

For example, according to CostOwl, leads can be purchased for as low as $0.06 per name (screenshot below).

I fact, the total cost for 5000 leads ranges between $2,500 and $5,000… but that's NOT just for leads, it also includes designing marketing materials, postage, mailing and fulfillment.

Current Average Cost Per Mailing Lead
Source: CostOwl

On the high side of these cost examples, they're showing $0.18 per name which works out to $180 for 1000 leads. Impact Mailing Club is charging $2000 for 1000 leads.

And when you purchase leads through a legitimate supplier, you don't just get what they give you. You can specify things like age, gender and income level.

You can choose where they live, if they are home owners or renters. You can even pay extra for known buyers and something called recency, which means those leads (people) have purchased something recently through direct mail.

Finally, your purchase is documented with a paper trail and proper receipts so you can claim deductions (because it's a legitimate business expense).

As mentioned earlier, I've heard members refer to Impact Mailing Club as a “business”, but I'm curious how many of them have registered as a legitimate business and are paying tax on all the cash they're getting in the mail.

Again, I'm not legally qualified to say whether Impact Mailing Club is a scam or not, but there are a lot of red flags here. And when you combine that with the fact that participants can even be charged with a misdemeanor for being involved… I personally wouldn't join Impact Mailing Club.

What I Like About Impact Mailing Club

If I knew for certain Impact Mailing Club was legal (which I don't), there are a few things I might like about it.

  • Conversion rates for direct mail marketing are higher on average than digital marketing (which is what I do).
  • I think there are a lot of well-meaning and good people involved in Impact Mailing Club.
  • I'm human, so I must admit…the high-commissions sound good (although I personally wouldn't feel comfortable promoting this system to earn them).

What I Don't Like

  • Risk of being illegal.
  • Sending undocumented and untraceable cash in the mail.
  • It's unsustainable and it's short-term.
  • People will lose significant amounts of money.
  • Expensive to start (if you want to earn commissions on all of YOUR leads, YOUR postage and YOUR effort).
  • System is based on blind trust, not documentation.

Where Do You Go From Here?

It's not my place to say you should or shouldn't join Impact Mailing Club. The reality is, some people will make money.

And again, I'm sure the people who have joined (and who are making money) sincerely want to help you earn it too. That's not in question.

The way Impact Mailing Club is structured though? That is quesionable.

From it's money pyramid growth pattern to the use of cash that'll be difficult to claim come tax season means there's an uncomfortable level of risk of here.

I'm not judging or saying it's a scam, I'm just looking at it logically. And if I'm wrong about it, please let me know.

If none of this interests you, alternatives that are less risky include online survey sites such as and “get paid to” sites like Swag Bucks

They don't come with a promise of $1000 weeks, but they're free to join and can be a good stepping stone to something bigger like an online business.

If you'd like a full-time income from home because of medical issues for example, or children to look after, an online business might be what you're looking for.

With all the shady scams out there though, knowing how (and where) to start safely is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

I hope my Impact Mailing Club review was helpful and if you have any comments, questions or experience with mailing clubs yourself… please share in the comments section below.

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23 thoughts on “Impact Mailing Club Review – SCAM or Legit $1000/Week Opportunity?”

  1. If you’re here cause you’re desperate for income I plead to you to use your last bits of money on bills because you’ll never see it again with Impact Mailing Club. I cannot give my opinion on what works out there but I have tried this and it simply doesn’t work. I wish I could get my money back.

  2. She’s still scamming people and has everyone hype showing off a brand new house. She got that house by about 6 of her family members and her pitching in to cover the $400,00+ and it was all funds made from ripping innocent people off. With all the warnings and reviews out there it is a shame to see people still being scammed into this.

    There are no refunds people! So once you find out not a single lead of hers works and you spend $500+ and don’t have a single sign up then it’s too late to do anything. No way at all to get your money back and even worse now is shes taking advantage of the Spanish market like someone else mentioned too.

  3. Hola mi nombre es ana leticia yo ya mande los 3vdobres mi información con el dinero por priority pero estoy muy preocupada no tengo noticias de mi paquete que supuestamente me tenía que llegar para trabajar

    “Hello, my name is Ana Leticia, I already send the 3vdobres my information with the money for priority but I am very worried I do not have news of my package that supposedly I had to arrive to work”

  4. Impact Mailing Club is going down the toilet exactly like it should be and should have a long time ago before so many people got duped into losing so much money.

    I’m on her mailing list and she keeps sending mass spam emails with no way to remove yourself from the list. You can see there are 270 undisclosed recipients and that number hasn’t grown in a while.. maybe 5-7 more?

    Each time she spams us it’s in desperation for the same “promotion” she has had going on forever telling people they can join for the lower levels and be positioned at the higher ones.

    She’s just trying to line up as many people in her front line as possible to do her dirty work. She’s a clever business person. I’ll give her that one but she’s unfortunately not honest and is well past the point of purposely misleading others.

    I read reviews all over the internet and a few said she wouldn’t last much longer and it’s looking like it’s just that. Don’t let her fake hype expansion news fool you.

  5. ¡Gente mía, por favor evite Impactar el Club de Correo! Es una estafa y Rose Alameda es una ladrona. Se está aprovechando de los hispanohablantes porque sabe que no puedes leer las malas críticas en Internet que están en inglés.

    Sus pistas no funcionan y ella lo ignorará después de tomar su dinero. ¡No hay reembolsos y no hay forma de recuperar su dinero! ¡Es muy molesto verla aprovecharse de mi gente! 🙁

  6. Great article but it would be nice if you also were not trying to sell us something else. But I understand this is how the entrepreneur world works.

    I have been in Impact Mailing Club for over 2 months. I mailed out all of my postcard leads and so far have got back many returns and lots of spammers. I brought my concerns up but Rose ignores them. You will spend so much money with her and she will purposely ignore you in her inbox .

    All she keeps doing is sending out mass emails to the IMC members pretending they are very busy and successful and offering a promotion to get more people in the door. She’s a thief and a scammer in my opinion. She refuses to address anyone or explain why the leads don’t work so I have now lost my respect for her.

    To get around this she is now targeting the Spanish community knowing they will not understand most of these negative reviews and it will take a while for any negative feedback in Spanish to make its way circulating the internet. Unlucky for her I already know two Spanish speakers who know English and one claims to have sales but the other is on the same boat as us and seeing what a big scam this is.

    • Thanks for sharing your insight and for your comment. Yes, we do provide alternative suggestions (which are free to join and have been vetted) because everyone’s time, financial, and personal situations are different. Not all programs, tools and courses are right for all people under all circumstances and our goal here is not only to help people find an opportunity that’s suitable for them, but to provide as much education as possible prior to making any decisions or spending money on something they may not have complete information about.

      And of course, there are no obligations for anyone to explore those alternatives. All research and content provided here is free and a good percentage of the revenue earned through things like ads or specific affiliate programs and/or upgrades helps to cover things like hosting and website expenses as well as staff.

      I also hope you are able to recover your money from Impact Mailing Club, there have been multiple complaints and I hope those get properly addressed. Unfortunately we have no affiliation with them and no alternative channels to help those who have lost money with their program.

      Again, I do appreciate your insight and taking the time to share. Thank you.

  7. Great article love its. But please I want to know if I can’t be working with impact mailing in Nigeria. Am in Nigeria please is it possible to do impact mailing here?

    • You will lose a lot of money with this club. Their leads and mailings don’t work and the owner has become very greedy and dishonest.

  8. I’m not one to call anything a scam and don’t consider myself very jaded. I am also one of the ones who tried this out and lost all of my money. The mailing of the leads and them sending you cash doesn’t work. It simply doesn’t happen. I can say this with total confident because I sent out a few hundred letters and the only thing I’ve got back is return mail :-(((

  9. Well I’m $500 down the hole. Gathered up every last bit of money I had and followed the system. Most of the leads bounced back as undeliverable so I’m pretty sure they are not good quality. I have not made a single sale which has been so disappointing. I like to try new things but it sucks to loose all this money.

  10. She is possibly around $700K now in SALES. She keeps around 15-20% of that which puts her under $140K in the last 1.5 months. A normal person would be left with 100K at best after paying taxes and employees but she only has 2 part time people and pimps out the rest of her fam for a little cash…and this is all cash so she is not paying taxes. I am sure the made a quick 100K but fear not . Big leaders and top earners are getting very pissed with her and I can see from a mile away that this is about to crash.

    She will keep playing up the numbers until the sun goes down as a desperate last attempt to ride out the momentum and greedily take all the money she can. She has a few more months left of this. I wish it were none but people are not bright and it takes a while for word to really get around. It is definitely picking up n ow.

    Doubt she will clear more than 300k on her own because a simple web search and nothing bad horrible reviews pop up. From what I have seen there are no 5 star reviews floating around out there with actual real names and real proof or anyone wanting to get behind their review.

    • Hi Golden, thanks for reading and great question. There are programs you can make money with, yes. But not without time, effort and in most cases, learning new skills.

      The reason for this is actually quite simple… because generally speaking, money is earned when someone else spends. And people don’t spend money unless they are receiving something of value in return.

      It can be real value or perceived value… but to earn money, you need to provide something of value in return.

      Repetitive labor type tasks (like stuffing envelopes and mailing letters) don’t bring anything unique or particularly valuable to the marketplace.

  11. I have been looking into this Company. I see red flags everywhere… When you click on their *Legal disclaimer*…nothing is there.

    Even says 90 day Guarantee! By whom???

    • You seem to be one of the smart ones. The rest of us were too trusting. We all got burned and there was no guarantee. Now we are out thousands. This program does not work and it is very dishonest for her to continue promoting it. I know people may say they see others posting pics of the money but I’ve been hearing around that these sales are fabricated and fake or mostly by their own friends and not from stamping letters. Someone in the group messaged me asking if I have made sales and turns out they have not either except this person was really dumb and thinks Rose is “cool” and a superstar and will continue to follow her into everything.

  12. I have friends trying to get me on this Impact Mailing Club but as a person who has never done this automatically thought, hold up, I’m sending cash to people and they’re sending to me?? No way! I don’t want to be involved. It’s so obvious it’s a pyramid scheme, but why can’t people see this? Are we so desperate for money we fail to see the red flags that’s flapping and hitting us in the head?! I researched and reviewed the founders Facebook page, Rose and she’s made over $500k in a few weeks, she’s probably made over a million already. All cash flying into her mailbox.!! Million dollars flying into her mailbox….unbelievable!!! Great way to get over young lady,…I’ll pray for those who will suffer at your great scheme.

  13. I’ve been in the work from home arena for 12 years and done well with many programs. Some are hit or miss of course. This one has been a huge miss. I have lost a lot of money and not made a single sale despite mailing the leads that Rose sends us. I would caution anyone considering joining here to do your research or maybe just try the lower level so you can see for yourself that it isnt working like it says it does but you dont loose too much money.

    I have seen a lot of other marketers starting to complain about this “program” . It is not what it seems and I feel the kind of thing that gives our industry a bad name.

  14. I really don’t have too much to say about the direct mailing businesses in general. But one thing I do know and as a living witness, is that it does cost a lot of money. The cost of stamps, printer ink, copying paper, and envelopes is hella expensive over time. I have been apart of other direct mailing opportunities and I have lost money and wasted a lot of time with these type of direct mailing businesses! It’s not they don’t work but you do have to have a great work ethic in order to promote and earn commissions! But as for me, direct mail is not where it’s at for me.

  15. Mailed over 700 letters now and no sales. About $1,200 in the hole from that so far. I cannot seem to find anyone who is actually making money from mailing the letters. They all seem to be sharing with their friends and doing sales to make any money. Others are starting to complain about this on Facebook but I assume by the time word gets out that most people will have been taken advantage of and have lost a lot of money that could have gone toward anything else and unfortunately there is no way to refund it or even create a case because it’s a cash deal. I regret wasting so much time and money on this so far.