Is Complete Profit Code a Complete Scam? The Truth Exposed!

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Complete Profit Code Review

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Complete Profit Code review. I have some prior knowledge and experience with the people behind this system, as you'll learn in my review. But, if you're hoping that Complete Profit Code is your answer to making money online, you might not like what I have to say. I hesitate to use the word scam but that's what we will be talking about. 

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Complete Profit Code. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What is Complete Profit Code?

Complete Profit Code is not a business, product or program. It’s simply a sales page created by Apply Knowledge LLC (aka: Dominion, eCommerce Support, Essent Media, eVertex, EVI, Nemrow Consulting, Purple Buffalo… and the list goes on).

It's one of the latest creations in a long line of “link posting scams” previously known as Total Income Answer, Home Cash Code, Daily Web Biz, Financial Health Reset and Paydays at Home… just to name a few.

But things have changed. Apply Knowledge LLC has a new trick up its sleeve and has changed its money-making strategy recently. I’ll get more into that in a moment.

Is It A Scam?

Although Complete Profit Code uses a different money making strategy than previous versions, it does use the same dodgy marketing tactics. When “get-rich-quick-schemes” are talked about… this is it.

Complete Profit Code Claims You Can Earn Money Immediately

The sales page claims you can, “log onto Complete Profit Code and earn money almost immediately”. They also say, “In just a few minutes of using this system, you’re going to be cashing in on the internet profit” (whatever “the internet profit” is).

Complete Profit Code Money Immediately

Wikipedia defines a scam (or confidence trick) as “an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence”.  

Therefore, in my opinion based on that definition, Complete Profit Code is a scam. There is no system that will have you earning money online “almost immediately” or “in just a few minutes”. They are telling a lie here with the deceptive intent of gaining your confidence, and getting your money. 

In previous versions of this scheme, they have used advertorials (fake articles) with false endorsements from people such as Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Donald Trump and Elon Musk.

They have also used fake testimonials and invented false “rags-to-riches creators” of this system, such as Cami White pictured here (when they were using the name Daily Web Biz). As you can see here, the Ad claims Cami White is a divorced mother, struggling financially with her 6-year old daughter. I've included the stock image of this model from Shutterstock below. Cami White is not a real person.

Cami White Daily Web Biz same as Complete Profit Code

The FTC eventually caught up with Apply Knowledge LLC and a lawsuit was filed against this fraud which you can read about here

How Far Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

The minute I landed on the homepage to check this program out, I knew who they were. I’ve reviewed other variations of Complete Profit Code before, and when you start digging, you find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. 

This is the homepage of Complete Profit Code. Notice the “#1 Work From Home System” sub-heading. This is a common theme as you'll see.  

Is It The Number One Work From System

If I'm not always writing full reviews, but I do usually keep notes about the make-money-online programs I run into. I recognized The Complete Profit Code page because it looked suspiciously like Total Income Answer. Notice again the sub-header, “The #1 Work From Home System. I'm curious… is Complete Profit Code the #1 System, or is Total Income Answer the #1 System?

Total Income Answer Looks Like Complete Profit Code

But just because they look alike, doesn't mean they're both from Apply Knowledge LLC, right? That's what I was thinking too, until I clicked on the Get Started / Join Now buttons. Both Complete Profit Code and Total Income Answer bring you to the same video sales page and offer. 

As we dig a little further into the past, you’ll see that although the name has changed, the marketing page and logo has not. Here is the page they used last year, when it was Financial Health Reset… which was also “The #1 Work From Home System”. I've included some of the other “#1 Systems” and logos they've used along the top of the image below. Notice the Daily Web Biz logo on the far right, from the Cami White fraud mentioned earlier.

Financial Health Reset The Other Apply Knowledge Headers

So What Has Changed?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m familiar with, and I have experience with this scam, which is why I was surprised when I clicked on the Get Started Now button. 

Instead of the landing on their typical sales page promoting the link post scheme, I was brought to the video sales page shown below. They are also still using the same scarcity tactics they’ve used in the past… claiming that only 14 spots remain.

Complete Profit Code Video Sales Page

This is the same video page that Total Income Answer leads to.

Going another step into the unknown, I clicked again and was brought to the page shown below. It was unexpected, but it's also a page I'm familiar with it. It's a sales page for a system called MOBE.

Millionare Coach Sales Page

Just for fun (and to show you how crazy this tangled web gets)… I recognized the page above because it looked just like the one below… another MOBE page from Entrepreneur Jobs Club. I may review Entrepreneur Jobs Club in the future… and I suspect (although I don't know for certain) that it's also coming from the same people. 

Entrepreneur Jobs Club Looks Just Like The Page Complete Profit Code Brings You Too

So, it seems that Apply Knowledge LLC has abandoned their “link posting strategy” and are using Complete Profit Code to instead promote the system presented on this page.

This program is called MOBE, which stands for My Own Business Education. (previously My Online Business Education… and before that, My Online Business Empire). 

(I'm not judging, just being thorough… I get that they are just re-branding. I've had to adapt my own logo here a while back as well, because I wasn't content with the original direction of my blog.) 

This is where the question of whether or not Complete Profit Code is a scam becomes unclear. Although they are definitely a scam in my opinion (and apparently in the eyes of the FTC), the program they are linking to, MOBE, is considered by some to be a legit system (although some who have had negative experiences might disagree).

So, have Apply Knowledge LLC (or whatever corporate name they’re operating under these days) changed their ways? In my opinion, no they haven't. They are still using the same deceptive tactics they've used in the past, claiming you can make money with their system “within minutes”, and pressuring you into signing up because “spots are filling up”.

What is MOBE?

Update: MOBE has also now been shut down by the FTC. According the Federal Trade Commission website, “three individuals and nine businesses have been charged with bilking more than $125 million from thousands of consumers with a fraudulent business education program called MOBE (“My Online Business Education”). A federal court halted the scheme and froze the defendants’ assets at the FTC’s request.” 

When I set out to review Complete Profit Code I figured I knew exactly what I was getting into. I had no idea I would be doing a mini-review on MOBE. My standard disclaimer applies here as well…

Disclaimer:I am not affiliated with MOBE in any way. This review has been researched with information and testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

MOBE is an internet marketing/MLM hybrid launched by Australian entrepreneur Matt Lloyd in 2011. You may have heard of it's entry level product MTTB (or My Top Tier Business) which introduces you to the principles and strategies of MOBE in a 21-step training program, along with access to coaches.

MTTB is the $49 program being sold on the sales page that Complete Profit Code sends you too.

MOBE is a controversial program, and although [it was at one time considered] legit, it has some troubling issues.

The first, in my opinion, is that your “coaches” (provided when you sign up for the entry-level program) make money by upselling the high-ticket MOBE products which are not cheap… and probably not something you’ve considered budgeting for if you’re just checking out Complete Profit Code.

MOBE Product Costs

​As you can see, this is not system for everyone. The Silver program is $2,497 and it goes up from there all the way to $30,000. 

MOBE is created for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Experienced marketers and those with the financial resources can definitely earn significant incomes with MOBE because they earn enormous commissions from those high-ticket products.

However… if you’re going to sell those products (and earn the big commissions), you’ll not only need to buy them yourself (so you know, and believe in, what you’re selling), but you will also have to build the infrastructure and generate the traffic to your offers. This is not a cheap, or quick journey. But it can be done.

Is MOBE For You?

I have nothing bad to say about MOBE because people have had success with them (and MOBE is not necessarily responsible for some of the shady tactics that affiliates representing them have used). But, as I mentioned a moment ago… they are not for everyone.

There is a reason they cater to small businesses and entrepreneurs. I would not recommend MOBE to beginners. These are some expensive products and although I’d never tell someone what to do, I can’t recommend spending thousands of dollars when you’re just starting out.

Later, once you have some solid knowledge and experience in online marketing (and perhaps an audience in the form of an email list or blog traffic), you'll be able to form your own opinion and make that choice ON YOUR OWN… not based on someone’s recommendation, or a coach who gets paid to upsell you.

It’s true, you can start with the entry-level MTTB program for $49 and get some basic knowledge, but if that program was designed to take you from beginner to successful online marketer, the high-ticket products would not be necessary. 

Also, not included in the cost here, are the tools required to set up and run your online business (such as landing page builders, email autoresponders, lead magnets etc.), as well the cost of generating traffic to your offers… which is not cheap.

Including paid traffic (as well as time and experience), you could definitely start earning money for under a $1000 a month… even $500… but that’s still a far cry from the $49 you are being sold on originally.

So although MOBE in my opinion isn't for those with limited financial resources, they are were a real business… unlike Complete Profit Code.

What’s the Solution?

I did not have thousands of dollars to invest when I started my online business and maybe you don’t either. I had a small budget to work with, and a ton of motivation. The key for me was sustainability… meaning, I could not put myself in a “do or die” situation and spend hundreds of dollars (or even thousands) hoping to hit a home run with no prior knowledge or experience.

I had to come up with a strategy that I could afford over the long haul, to utilize as many free resources as possible and learn what I could with good old fashioned research.​ I built my first blog a few years ago using information I pieced together online. I later discovered a system that was consistent with the principles and strategies I was looking for. 

If you’re in a similar situation, here are a few suggestions you may find helpful. 

  1. Check out my top recommended programs which are all priced within range of us average folks 😀 …(including some free to get started options)
  2. Read about my number one recommendation which is the program I used to build my online business.

Thanks again for stopping by to read my Complete Profit Code review. 

Please leave a comment below; I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you have experience with Complete Profit Code or MOBE?

And, if you found this article useful, or think it might be helpful for others… Please share. 😀



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