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Last year in the US, over 70 billion dollars was spent on lottery tickets. An estimated 97 million people pouring their hard earned money into their hopes and dreams. We all have hopes and dreams, which is why companies like Global International Lottery and Sweepstakes prey upon them. Some might even call them a scam.

Global International Scam

But are they really a scam? In this review I'm going to over who Global International is, what they do and of course, reveal some red flags to determine if they're legit or as many would suspect, a scam. 

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Global International. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. 
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What Is Global International?

As their name indicates, Global International is a lottery and sweepstakes company. Details are difficult to come by, which is reason enough to suspect they are a scam.

Some sources say they are located in Kingston, Jamaica… but I’m pretty sure they may be confusing Global International Lottery with Global Insight International, which is a company that has provided cultural travel exchanges and internships for 50 years.

The Global International we’re talking about is the Lottery and Sweepstakes one, which is registered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Is Global International a Scam?

Global Internaional Scam

Based on complaints going back nearly a decade, in my opinion, Global International is about as shady as they come. I don’t typically accuse businesses of being a flat-out scam… but I see no evidence to suggest they are not. 

Let’s state the obvious first. What are the chances of winning a lottery that you didn’t even buy a ticket for?

Statistically speaking, you’re more likely  to be struck by lightning a couple hundred times, or even get killed by an asteroid, than you are to win the lottery (at least the big one). And that’s when you DO buy a ticket.

If you didn’t even play, and yet someone is contacting you about the jackpot you won… well, you’re probably thinking it’s a scam. Which is why you’re reading this review.

But it’s not fair to make assumptions, so I looked a little deeper into Global International so see what was going on here.

Global International Complaints

There are countless complaints about Global International, as well as legal inquiries  and documentation.

Scambook currently has 86 complaints registered, with nearly 5 million in unresolved damages.

Scambook Global International Lottery File

But if you keep digging you’ll find many more complaints on various forums, blogs, etc.

And each one has a similar story…

The victims and targets were contacted by email, snail mail, or by phone and told they had won a cash prize and luxury car... usually a Mercedes. The cash prize ranges anywhere between 500K and several million.

And this is where the scam comes in...

To collect their big windfall, they must pay a fee, usually within a set deadline of 10 days.

The fee can be anywhere from a $20 to $30 processing fee, up to thousands of dollars. These are charges for things such as,

  • Transfer fees
  • Duty
  • Storage Costs
  • Taxes
  • Administrative Expenses

Those who have made payments to Global International, of course… never see the prize, or their money again.

Some have received checks, but when they tried to cash them they were told the checks were either fake, or worse, stolen.  

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be caught trying to case a stolen check.

But these claims are circumstantial, and although they're quite convincing, what about some hard evidence?

Global International - Las Vegas, Nevada - 2008

Las Vegas

Global Lottery and Sweepstakes was originally registered in 2008 at 303 Carson Ave Las Vegas, NV 89118.

2008 was also the year of the Great Recession. I don’t know if they started this prize-scam to take advantage of vulnerable people, or if 2008 is just a coincidence.

What I was really looking for, was their physical location. Most scams don’t have actual offices (at least not publicly), so I wanted to know more about 303 Carson Ave in Las Vegas.

It turns out, Global Lottery and Sweepstakes isn’t the only tenant here. You can also find Winners International Payout Services.

Global International and Winners International 303 Carson Ave Las Vegas

That’s not entirely unusual. Quite often similar businesses occupy the same building. If we continue with that logic, we can accept that another company, Mega Millions, is also a tenant.

Mega Millions 303 Carson Ave Las Vegas

All three of these businesses have a BIG problem however. The are all sharing an address that does NOT exist.

303 Carson St Las Vegas Is Not Valid Address

That should be enough to tell you that this is a scam, but if we continue to dig deeper we find more. According to a Federal Trade Commission action  against Global... Mega Millions and Winner International Payout are NOT THE ONLY names they are doing business as... or with...

The FTC action claims the defendants (of this particular action) against Global include…

  • Mail Tree Inc.
  • Michael McKay Co.
  • Spin Mail Inc.
  • MCP Marketing Activities LLC, also doing business as Magellan Mail and Magellan Marketing
  • Trans National Concepts Inc.
  • Romeria Global LLC, also d/b/a Lowenstein Varick and Nagel
  • Supreme Media LLC
  • Vernier Holdings Inc.
  • Awards Research Consultant LLC
  • Mailpro Americas Corp.
  • Masterpiece Marketing LLC, also d/b/a Affiliated Opportunities Group (AOG),
  • Corporate Accounting Authority (CAA),
  • Dispatch Notification Services (DNS),
  • Information Reporting Group (IRG),
  • National Directory Center (NDC), and
  • Priority Information Exchange (PIE)

I think it’s fair to say something isn’t quite right here. Other names they’ve been found to use are Gold Rush Sweepstakes and Global Winner International.

More Evidence and Red Flags

Some evidence, like the fake address, is plain to see...

Other times, we just need to look at indicators...

First, you can’t find an actual Global International website. What kind of million-dollar company in 2018 doesn’t have website?

At the very least they should have a social media presence.

Here’s their Facebook page...

Global International Sweepstakes and Lottery Facebook Page

That's one lonely Facebook Page. You'd think that a company known for giving away millions in cash and luxury cars would have quite the popular social media following...


Finally, and this is just something I found more amusing than actual evidence of a scam.  The names they are using when contacting people would be comical, if their lies weren't so cruel.

One person said they were speaking with Bobby Axe at Global International. For viewers of the popular TV Show Billions, you’ll know that the main character’s name is Bobby Axelrod, and he is the owner of Axe Capital.

Later I was reading a complaint by another person who said they were dealing with Mr. Michael Winters. It may just be a coincidence, but the same actor who plays Bobby Axelrod on Billions (Damien Lewis) also played the part of Major Winters in the mini-series Band of Brothers.

Some other names that sounded fake to me were James Bronson, John Washington, and Harry King. I’m sure there are more if you keep looking. On their own, there’s nothing really strange here (although James Bronson sounds like a character from a Tom Clancy novel)… but a bunch of people with last names like Winters, Axe, Washington, and King…?

I’m not buying it. Of course I could also be wrong and just making crazy connections, so to be clear... all of this is just speculation. 

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, something is not right with Global International but I'll leave the final judgement up to you.

Maybe I'm just tired of all the scams, and I bet you are too.

Rarely does a day go by that I don’t get a phone call from some kind of scam. Here (Canada) it’s been the CRA or Canada Revenue Agency scam. They call constantly. I don't even pick my phone up anymore unless I recognize the call. 

That's the world we live in today. I mean, Global International has been around awhile now but they certainly don't help the situation. 

And then you have the countless online scams.

So what can we do in a world of extreme dishonesty and thievery (is that even a word) 😀 

A few tips to keep in mind…

  • Never pay for a prize. If you've won it... you’ve won it…
  • Don’t trust any business that uses email addresses from AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Check if they have an online community (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) Most companies do, and you can read what people are saying.
  • Do they have a website? Is there real contact information on it?
  • Confirm a physical address.

Some scams are obvious from the start, others pull you in slowly with legitimate offers, and then BAM! They hit you big once they’ve gained your trust. It never hurts to learn common strategies to avoid scams.

This prize-scam has been around since I was kid (70’s and 80’s), and it probably started long before that. Anything that’s been around for decades must work...  meaning people keep getting scammed and the scammers keep making money... so be diligent. 

And, if it's been around that long, it'll probably be here for many more years to come.

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I hope this review of Global International Lottery and Sweepstakes was helpful.

If you have any questions, comments or an experience with Global you’d like others to be aware of, please share in the comments section below.

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    1. Hi Dianne, sorry to hear about this. Did you send them a lot of money? There is some information here (you’ll have to click on the ‘See More’ button) and the legal expert there recommends that you contact your local Attorney General’s office. I’m not a lawyer so I can’t provide any legal advice. You can also file a complaint here although I’m not certain how effective they are at recovering lost funds, and of course there’s the FTC but again, these are difficult cases to deal with as an individual. The other challenge is that the person you’ve been in contact with may have no affiliation to Global International, they are only claiming to… which is another common online scam. Not that Global International is a reputable company to claim association with, but scammers often pretend to be from companies with name recognition and this could also be the case here. Again, I’m sorry to hear about your situation and wish I could provide a more helpful answer.

  2. December 2020 they are hard at it and still the same old story the money and the Mercedes. I am am getting an era treat of romance and moving to Vegas. Wow I feel so special. Sounds like these guys need some new help that has a little more imagination cuZ they need some fresh ideas. I didn't realize they have that many years. So since Websters ways are not getting them results now I win a 2nd sweepstakes from publishers international and agent Anderson mcneal from consumer protection agency is trying to help me get my winnings. He is from west Virginia buy his number is from Virginia. Guess he isn't book smart only scam smart. 2020 will go down in history as the
    I have been playing with many many many of the multiple scammers from loans grants cash flips awards sweepstakes. Plus help fixers for taxes credit debt school loans life and medical insuraces. Plus online business like touch button 15 min day and make large cash.
    ITS ALL BULLSHIT but some times you just need to entertain yourself when government orders a "LOCKDOWN. 2020"

  3. David Slowly is another new name for global international that has desperately tried to scam my mother by saying she won 900000 in a draw that she never entered and delivery driver will be delivering it to her and once she has it all she has to pay for her winnings is 499.00. And they say they know her address and even called her by her nickname! Figure that one out!

    1. Yeah, that’s scary. How they would get her nickname I don’t know. It could be another company or account she has that’s selling member information.

  4. Pe0plw call me from publishers clearing house winners international how do they get your number i have been scammed numerous times

    1. Sometimes it’s just a database they use and every number is called. Other times it’s a targeted list they’ve purchased from someone or an organization who’s capturing people’s information (with a make-money-online scheme just as one example) and then selling it. Publisher’s Clearing House has been around since the 50’s I think, so it could even be an old number they’ve had in their database for decades.

  5. These lovely people called previously with this scheme…I just dragged it out asking 21 questions…
    Just to tell him a few things,..
    First Im not interested,
    Second, I’m not interested ….AGAIN
    Third, DONT call me anymore.
    Fourth, Give any winnings to a CHARITY.
    Now they’re calling back a few months later. All I could hear the guy say was… You don’t need to send any money. Yeah whatever. Still don’t believe their asses. Took a name, “James *****”.
    @707-741-**** Hope he’s not holding his breathe for me to call back…as he probably will call again anyway !????

    1. Now the phone # is 417-289-6736 (6/22/2020). from Billings, MT and they sounded Jamaican and I kept complaining about their accents, telling them that I’m old and have hearing issues.

      1. they only got $35 from me. He had asked me to buy an Amazon gift card for $35 which I did (using my Amazon Credit Card). When I called back he asked for the card claim # and when I said I couldn’t give that to him because he could cash the card he said that they would use it for verification that I was the correct person when they delivered the check, so, knowing I was being scammed I gave him the #, and sure enough, the money is gone. I called Amazon and it will be refunded to me. By the time I put them thru all the questions I had, and sending me verification on line, etc., it got too late for me to go to the bank with the person delivering the check so they are coming tomorrow morning to continue the transaction. I am going to drag this thing out just as long as I can, at least to the point where they ask for more money and then I’ll call it quits. I’m also going to contact the FDC this evening just to report them.

  6. I asked them for a number to call back, told them I was in a different state and didn’t have an address to the hotel I was staying at other than a room number. Needless to say, he hung up on me when I requested a phone number to call him back after I got the information he wanted. First tip it was a scan….the phone number wasn’t real, second his heavy accent, third…I never filled out anything for a sweepstakes (actually, this was the first tip off), .but I enjoyed keeping Mr. Morgan on the phone for 30 minutes…he wasn’t scamming some other poor sole.

  7. I am dealing with this company right now. This person was really very good and almost convinced me he was ligit. Unforunately after paying some money I realized I had been had. Lesson learned the hard way. I am really angry at myself for being so gullible.

  8. I personally had to learn the hard way about companies like Global International Lottery and Sweepstakes. I can remember getting letter in the mail saying that I won money although I had never entered a sweepstakes or lottery. Once I sent the “processing fee” and never got the money I supposedly won. Lesson learned for me. At this time I was desperate to find something that work and like you stated online marketing is king and finding the formal that works for you is the key to making money online. Great post!

    1. Sorry to hear your story, but thank you for sharing. It may help someone else from losing their hard earned money. Some lessons are better learned from someone else’s experience.

  9. When I started reading, I thought, doesn’t sound like a scam, but then I kept reading

    Do people pay money to this company? It’s a long shot but if they paying for it Be nice if they have a shot at winning

    Thanks for the post, unfortunately there’s lots of scams out there, to bad some people aren’t honest

    1. You’re right, there are a lot of scams out there. The worst part is that each one validates the other. What I mean is, they keep popping up because the ones that came before (or are still running) must be working. It would nice to say Karma ruled the day here but apparently that’s not always true.
      Thank you for stopping by,

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