Is Passive Paychecks a Scam? What Does Your Gut Tell You???

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Is Passive Paychecks a Scam

It’s impossible to keep up with these get rich quick programs, which is not an exaggeration. They pop up faster than you can keep track of them. Here we are with one of the newest, and if you’re like I was, you’re wondering if Passive Paychecks is a scam.

There are many legit programs out there as well, so I generally give all of them the benefit of the doubt, but a few things about Passive Paychecks stood out immediately. I’ve seen this before.

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What Is the Passive Paychecks?

Passive Paychecks

To be honest, Passive Paychecks is nothing really. It’s one, in a long line of, single page websites that link to other make-money-online systems. In other words, Passive Paychecks is just an “advertorial” with a generic get-rich-quick description.

It’s only purpose is to get you to sign up and click the button so they can send you to another program that they’re affiliated with.

Years ago, this used to be a link posting scam. You’d pay $47 (or $97) which would get you a referral link. Then, your task would be to go out and post that link on every blog, forum, and social media platform you could find.

For every click your link received you’d be paid, a few cents or even a couple bucks. The catch though…

You couldn’t claim that money until you reached a minimum amount. If you stuck it out long enough to reach the payout threshold, they would drag it out and you wouldn't get paid anyway.

There's no real way to contact these people.

In the meantime, you’re posting links and sending new victims to the scam so they can pay to get their own referral link.

That scam doesn’t work anymore. People have become wise to it, and more importantly, social media sites are getting better at shutting them down, and suspending your account if you’re caught posting these links.

So the people behind Passive Paychecks have changed their strategy, but is this new one legit?

Is Passive Paychecks a Scam?

As I mentioned above, Passive Paychecks is only one in a long line of these schemes being run by the same people. There are dozens of other names they go by, such as Complete Profit Code.

When you've seen enough of them, they become easy to identify.

Although they have different names and look different, they always leave clues.

Logo Similarities

It may be something about the logo that's the same. Sometimes it’s copied and pasted text, or similar wording.

Another giveaway is this “featured on” claim (similar to the image above).

Passive Paychecks Has Been Featured On Claim

Passive Paychecks (or any any of these get-rich systems) have never been featured on TV.

The very definition of a scam is an attempt to gain someone’s trust or confidence in an attempt to get their money. Being dishonest and claiming to be featured on mainstream news, is certainly an attempt to gain your confidence.

It’s the same tactics being recycled and repackaged…

Sometimes they’ll even use fake names and rags to riches stories.

From The Same Passive Paychecks People

They use blatant lies, such as “this system helps you get major bucks without working for it” along with other lies written to make you feel good…

Boost your income effortlessly…

The system does all the work for you…

As someone who’s been working online for quite a while now… I can confidently say there is no such thing as “effortlessly”, and there is no system that will do all the work for you.

It doesn’t even make sense…

If you have a system you're giving away absolutely free, one that requires no experience, and does all the work for you… please do NOT give it to me.

I like money, but there are places in the world where people die of starvation… 

Give your system to them. 

Of course they can't, because no such system exists.

So, in my opinion, yes… Passive Paychecks is a scam. It’s not going to boost your income effortlessly… and it's not going to do all the work for you.

Which begs the question…

What kind of work will you be doing?

How Passive Paychecks Works Today

We talked about how this used to be a link posting scam, which no longer works. So, the people behind Passive Paychecks changed their strategy recently.

They are still using the same sleazy marketing tactics, but instead of selling you their own scheme, they’re linking to other make-money-online systems and earning affiliate commissions when you sign-up.

And this is where the scam, may, or may not end. In other words, I can’t tell you for certain if the program they send you to will be a scam or not, because it changes all the time.

I’ve seen them link to legitimate training programs, as well as scams.

Today, they are linking to Crypto Wealth Creator, which is also a scam in my opinion. I’ll talk more about that in a moment. But in the past they’ve linked to a system called Mobe, as well as the Aspire Digital Altitude System.

MOBE and Aspire are legit (although exceptionally expensive… 5-figures expensive).

Passive Paychecks Moves into Cryptocurrencies

When I signed up to Passive Paychecks I was taken to the Crypto Wealth Creator sales page. At the top is a video with a guy named Max Carney.

Passive Paychecks Redirect To Crypto Wealthy Creator

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero are the big thing right now. They’ve certainly created a few millionaires. Max Carney is here offering you some free software that will make you a millionaire too.

And his reason for giving you his free system is that he has a passion for helping you, and of course, Karma is big part of his life. 

He makes claims on the video that you “will” make $4000 per day. And then he shows you the names of people and how much they earned on their first day. Sure enough, everyone is making over 4K a day… and you’re to believe this because he is showing you a spreadsheet.

How can you argue with a spreadsheet… it must be true 😀

Then he shows you his bank account. Well… you see him log in, then the camera cuts away, and then it comes back to what appears to be a Bank of America accounts page showing his 18 million dollars (and this is just one of his accounts).

I won’t pick it apart… but anyone can create that page in a few minutes using free tools online. It means nothing. And the fact the camera cuts away is a dead giveaway. 

If it were true, they'd make a big deal about doing a continuous shot.

The production value here is better than the Passive Paychecks webpage, but there is nothing of substance.

Max also says he’s been on Bloomberg, Forbes, and the Financial Times… and that they call him the Crytpo Wealthy Creator.

You can do a search on these sites, and of course Max Carney is nowhere to be found. For a MEGA multi-millionaire giving you a guaranteed system that will earn you $20,000/week, every week for the rest of your life (those are his words)… you’d think there would be some mention of this guy.

Max Carney of Passive Paychecks not on Forbes

When you do a search for Max Carney on Forbes, you get 9 results. But those results are things like “Summer Festivals” and “National Young Arts”. Nothing about the Crypto Wealthy Creator.

But there may be something. I looked further into these articles to see if Max Carney was mentioned.

I'll spare you the entire process… but as you can see below, when I opened up the article and did a search for Max Carney, the result was 0/0. This is the same for all searches. 

Max Carney Search Results 0

If you'd like to do your own search, you can check out these pages yourself and use the CTRL + F command to bring up the find on page window.

So, what’s the scam?

You may be asking, if the system is free, what are they getting from you? Well, it's not exactly free.

As much as Max promises there’s no downside, and your earnings are guaranteed, the clue comes in this disclaimer, “Due to the high-risk nature of trading, ‘crypto wealth’ explicitly does not make any express or implied warranties or guarantees that users will make any profit or that users will not lose any or all deposited investment funds.”

Let’s ignore for a moment that the disclaimer completely contradicts Max’s guarantee that you can’t lose… that your wealth us “cryptographically secure”.

What caught my eye is the word DEPOSITED (the bold and underline is my doing). Yes, you will be asked to deposit money first.  

I highly recommend you stay away and do not give Passive Paychecks, or Crypto Wealth Creator your money.

Also… I wouldn't be installing any type of software on my computer from a shady operation like this.

Final Thoughts

There are many legit ways to earn money online, Passive Paychecks is not one of them. The only people making money here are the owners of the Passive Paychecks scam.

As I mentioned above, all these scams promise free money. Meanwhile, people are starving around the world. So why would they give this system to us?

Max claims his passion is helping people, and he does this because Karma is such a big part of his life. I’m sure he can do with one less Ferrari, buy a computers for schools in developing countries, and let them earn $4000 day.

Of course, he can’t… because the character Max Carney doesn't really exist, nor does this actor's free money system. In fact, I feel bad for the actor here, because chances are, he answered an Ad to play this part. And if this is the best acting gig he can get… well, his career is probably not about to take off.

I'm not saying can't ever earn passive paychecks… but it won't happen this way. Only with time and effort, learning (with a legit program) and putting the hours of work in first.

My Top Recommendation For Making Money Online

Finding a legit system with all these scams out there can be a real pain. I get it… I spent years running into them too. I finally found one that works, and yes… with some time and effort, I starting making money online. Click HERE for the exact method I use.

I hope this review on Passive Paychecks was helpful.

If you have any comments, questions or even a Passive Paychecks experience of your own, please share in the comments section below.

And thanks for stopping by 😀

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