Legging Army Review – When Opportunity Knocks, Should You Answer?

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Legging Army Review

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Legging Army review. According to their mission statement, Legging Army’s goal is to differentiate themselves by selling high quality at low prices. Are they succeeding? There’s a lot of competition in the legging business, but Legging Army has a unique approach that may set them apart.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Legging Army. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Legging Army?

The name “Legging Army” is self-explanatory. They sell leggings… but not just leggings. So the name may be misleading to some.

Founded in March of 2014, they are a relatively new kid on the block… but as mentioned above, they do come at the industry from a unique angle.

Legging Army Leggings Examples

Legging Army is an online shopping company with a multi-level-marketing component. That may, or may not be what you wanted to hear… but if you’re thinking pyramid scheme, you don’t have to worry.

Legging Army is NOT like a traditional “network marketing or MLM company that will have you drawing circles on whiteboards for your friends and family.

I’ll get more into how the Legging Army works in a moment, but rest assured, your success here does not depend on building an “Army” of distributors. There goes that misleading name again 😀

Their website says that “they are here to have fun, look great, feel confident, and earn an income while doing it”… and I’m sure we can all agree how fantastic that sounds. Of course, it won’t come without effort.

How Does It Work?

In January of 2016, Legging Army started their own affiliate program. If you’re not familiar with affiliate programs, I’ll explain more in a moment. But first, I’ll talk about the differences between Legging Army and a multi-level-marketing business.

In a traditional MLM, your goal is to build a large network of distributors (your downline) which, when drawn out on paper would probably look something like a misshapen pyramid. You would earn commissions from downline sales, and bonuses when you (or one of your downline members) reached a certain milestone.

Your typical recruiting tactics would begin with friends and family, and then you’d move onto co-workers and if you’re ambitious… random people that you meet. Of course, online marketing is another way to find people who want to join your organization.

But Legging Army Is Not An MLM

As I mentioned earlier, Legging Army is an online sales company (using an affiliate marketing model) but it does have a multi-level component.

It's not exactly an MLM though.

As far as compensation goes… there are only 2 levels.

You earn a commission off the sales of your immediate downline… but you do NOT earn commissions from their downline. That eliminates the “pyramid scheme” structure where money just continues to flow upward.

Also, the commission you earn from your referral’s sales is only one fifth (1/5) of what you earn on your own sales. making the compensation structure more balanced. 

Legging Army does not want thousands of distributors who’s goal is ONLY to go out and get thousands of distributors. They want you to market and sell their clothing line.

But as noble as that is, the reason most people don't succeed is because (recruiting or not) there is still a constant need for leads.

And… those who want “passive income” will still focus on recruiting. 

The good news is… Legging Army is a forward thinking company and there are strategies you can use (which most network marketers don't know about) for Legging Army's business model that will bring you an endless supply of quality leads.

Legging Army Compensation

Now that you have a rough idea how Legging Army’s plan is structured, let’s talk about the commissions and discounts.

25% discount code As an affiliate, you get 25% off your personal purchases.

25% commissionYou earn 25% commission on your personal sales. Considering you never have to touch the product (it’s purchased online and shipped directly from the Legging Army warehouse) a twenty-five percent commission is exceptional.

5% Sub-Affilliate Sales CommissionA sub-affiliate is a distributor that you have referred to Legging Army and signs up under you. You will earn 5% on all of their sales. 

25% Sub-Affiliate Referral CommissionWhen you refer someone new, you earn 25% commission on their initial sign up order (on top of the 5%).

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Legging Army Marketing Strategies

For a complete understanding (and guide) to making money with affiliate marketing, my top recommended program offers FREE training. If you want to make the most of your Legging Army business, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

But, for a crash course description… I’ll do my best. 😀

If you’re not already familiar with affiliate marketing, you may be surprised to learn that people have been making money online this way for 20 years.

Amazon is often given credit for the invention of affiliate marketing when they started their associates program in 1996. However, affiliate marketing actually began in 1989 by a man named William J. Tobin.

I won’t go into too much detail here as I’m sure you didn’t come here to learn the history of affiliate marketing.

What it is, however, is a commission based referral system that uses personalized links. In this case, your own personal link to the Legging Army website and catalog.  

This is how it works (I’ll use Apple as an example, but there are thousands of companies with affiliate programs)

Companies with Affiliate Programs

Examples of Companies with Affiliate Programs

Let’s say you’re interested in the latest iPad. But first, you want to learn more about it. You go onto Google or YouTube and do a search and watch a video of someone reviewing the latest iPad. Below the video, there is a link that may say “learn more”, “check pricing”, “buy now” etc.  

That link is an affiliate link.  It’s personalized to the person who reviewed the iPad and it directs you to the Apple website. If you make a purchase, that person will receive a commission (paid by Apple) at no extra cost to you.

This is a way for Apple (or Amazon, Walmart, or thousands of other companies including Legging Army) to increase their exposure online and compensate you for being an affiliate.

This is also a huge benefit to us (the consumer) because we have many sources (blogs, video tutorials, etc.) to learn about and see the products in action before buying.

When done properly, affiliate marketing is a win-win-win (customer-seller-affiliate marketer).

When you join Legging Army, you will be given your affiliate link and when someone makes a purchase using your link… you will earn 25% from that sale.

Is It A Scam?

Is It A Scam

You can probably guess… the most common question people ask about affiliate marketing is the same question I asked a few years ago.

Is it a scam?

No, it’s not a scam.

There are however, many “shady” companies and fraudsters out there that create scams using the affiliate marketing model, but Legging Army is not one of them.

Having said that, if I were you (as an affiliate marketer myself) I would set up my own link tracking to make sure the online traffic numbers match what Legging Army is reporting to you.

Actually, there are couple reasons why you want to track your links.

  1. As mentioned… it's to make sure that you are getting credit for all of the people (and sales) you send to Legging Army’s website.
  2. The second reason is so that you can track WHERE your traffic is coming from.

You might have links on a blog, on YouTube, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Without a link tracking system, you will never know which one of those platforms is providing you the most sales. 

This is important information so you know where (and how) you should be spending your time.

For example, you might be getting 90% of your traffic and sales from your blog (if you have one) and the other 10% from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. If you're not aware of that however… you might be spending 90% of your time on YouTube and Facebook, when in fact, you should be doing more to get people to your blog.

If you want to learn more about link tracking, I belong to an online community of entrepreneurs, which you can join for free. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and I work with people personally there who sign up through my link HERE (yep, that’s my affiliate link 😀 … but I’m also notified when someone joins that way, and happy to help out free members)

Getting back to the original question though… you can be confident that Legging Army is not a scam.

Joining Legging Army

One of the most attractive things about Legging Army is the cost of joining. Unlike similar opportunities that require large inventories, such as Agnes and Dora or LuLaRoe… Legging Army’s affiliate marketing program is significantly cheaper to sign-up.

You can get started with the basic enrolment kit which costs $25.00.

Affiliate Enrollment Kit – $25.00

With a 25% commission and personal discount… it shouldn’t take long to recover the enrollment cost.

Legging Army Single-Pack Affiliate Kit – $39.99

With this option you can choose one legging for personal use, or to use for demonstration purposes.

Legging Army Two-Pack Affiliate Kit – $49.99

Your choice of two leggings.

Note: During the winter/holiday season, the leggings that come with the one and two-pack kits are chosen by Legging Army.

Also, sign-up kits are non-refundable.

Attention Network Marketers!

The #1 complaint from network marketers is recruiting and finding leads!

When does it stop? 

Even the TOP EARNERS are still recruiting and hunting for leads!

What you want are high quality leads CHASING YOU, rather than you chasing them, but with all the scams and schemes out there, knowing HOW to do it is what you need in order to get what you want…

Now, I'm going to give you a step-by-step guide that shows you how to generate endless leads online for free, and you can get it by clicking HERE.

The Leggings

Legging Army Standing On Rocks

The commissions are good, it’s inexpensive to join and get started… but if Legging Army’s clothes are no good, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

I had a tough time finding negative reviews (a good sign). Actually, I found it difficult finding any reviews NOT done by a Legging Army affiliate (not a good sign).  

The lack of negative reviews could mean a few things.

  1. Legging Army leggings are really good and there are no complaints.
  2. All reviews done by affiliates are biased.
  3. Not many people are buying leggings from Legging Army, therefore there aren’t many reviews.

To be honest, I did find one negative review that claimed their leggings fell apart after wearing them once. That may or may not be true, but since Legging Army has been in business for a few years now it’s clearly a rare case, or a dishonest review.

Either way, I wouldn’t put much into a single review like that. Leggings are not big ticket items, so your best bet is to purchase a pair and try them out yourself.

Legging Army Clothes

Legging Army Hoodies

There are more than leggings here. You can also buy (and sell) dresses, skirts, shorts, capris, hoodies and even stickers and decals to advertise your business (or brand loyalty).

Legging Army Dresses

Getting back to the leggings for a moment, going from page to page in their catalogue, you’d think there was an endless number of patterns you can choose from. Of course, if you can’t find one you like, it won’t seem that way.

Also, from the “affiliate” reviews I did read it seems the quality is comparable to other brands such as LuLaRoe. A few who made video reviews held their leggings up to the light showing they were not see-through.

Made from a blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, one common description that came up several times is “buttery soft”. They may be… but as mentioned above, you’ll have to buy a pair and decide that for yourself.

Sales Strategies

I'm not a fan of traditional MLM’s, but one thing they usually do well, is provide you with a solid sales strategy.

Companies with affiliate programs often rely on people who already have successful affiliate marketing businesses, and therefore leave the strategy up to you.

Not all companies do this… but most. Amazon for example, does not get into the training and marketing strategies used to sell their products.

So how do you learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business?

One program I recommend (mentioned earlier) is Wealthy Affiliate because they have free training and free websites. Combining the high commissions that Legging Army pays with a good strategy and training, is a tremendous opportunity. Not just for you to start a home-business, but to build a passive income (more time to enjoy life).

Of course, another way to market and sell Legging Army clothes is through friends, families and co-workers. You can host parties and even partner up with local businesses such as gyms and dance studios.

What I Like About Legging Army

  • Simple and inexpensive to get started.
  • No sales quotas and no inventory required.
  • Large selection of leggings to choose from, in addition to other clothing items means more opportunity for you to make sales.
  • High commission rate of 25% and the potential to earn 5% from your referral’s sales.
  • Not an MLM.
  • Legging Army can easily be added to an existing affiliate marketing business, combining it with other products such as jewellery and cosmetics.
  • Paid weekly using PayPal

What I Don’t Like

  • There are not many reviews, and there isn’t much “buzz” online regarding Legging Army. This might be a good thing… less competition for you and getting to be one of their early adopters. But it also might mean they are having difficulty gaining momentum.
  • Although they have a 14-day cash refund policy, you are responsible for shipping costs and a $3.50 restocking fee.

Other Things You May Like To Know

  • They use the U.S. Post Office for shipping. Free for domestic orders, with a $50 minimum on international (to get free shipping). Australia and New Zealand excluded.

    You can also choose your own courier company and provide them with your account number (or have them mark COLLECT on the bill of lading).
  • Returns must be in new condition, not washed or worn, and with the original Legging Army tag attached.Also, it can take up to 3-6 weeks to process your returns.
  • When signing up, Legging Army recommends using a Gmail or Yahoo email account due to conflicts between their software and other email providers.
  • At the bottom of their Terms of Service page it says in bold, “We reserve the right to cancel any affiliate account at any time, for any reason at our sole discretion”.

    So, if you’re planning on building a Legging Army business, and putting in the time… make sure to read their terms of service, follow their guidelines and keep an open line of communication with them. You don’t want to invest your time and effort only to have your account closed for any reason.

Final Thoughts

There is an opportunity here for the right person. It’s simple (not necessarily easy) and inexpensive to get started.

And, Legging Army's business model works well with online strategies to generate quality leads (that are not your family and friends).

However… is it the right opportunity for you?

Some people may prefer the more “hands-on” approach of the traditional MLM. Meaning keeping inventory and being able to touch and feel the product, as well as sell it person to person. You can certainly do that as well with Legging Army, but you may find that a company like Kyani (health supplements) or LulaRoe (although significantly more expensive to join) is better structured for that style of business.

Similar to Legging Army, is Buskins. They use the affiliate marketing model as well.

Whichever direction you choose to go, I hope my Legging Army review was helpful. If you have questions, comments, or even a review of your own… you can share below. Your insight will surely be helpful for others.

Also, if you found this review informative and think that it by useful to others, please s​hare 😀


PS – Legging Army provides a great opportunity if you're interested in starting an online clothing business, but if you're unsure about clothing, or Legging Army as a business… you can get started online in thousands (millions actually) of other niches and create something you're passionate about. Click Here to learn the exact strategies I've used to build my online business and turn passion into profit.  

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