Men’s Guide To Style A Day Look Into The Night

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Styling from day to night for men has never been easier. As high-low dressing continues to grow in popularity and become more of a cultural norm than a fashion statement, making an easy transition from a casual day out to grabbing a few drinks at the hottest bar is relatively effortless. With the right wardrobe staples, you can make take just about any look from a day at the mall to polished and dapper for a night of fun.

The Basics

Before I begin listing a few outfits, I want to list wardrobe staples every man should have and that are necessary for these looks:

1. A few basic tees in multiple colors that are neither too tight nor too loose. The arms should hit halfway on your upper arm.

2. Trousers in a multiple assortment of colors that are of a slim modern cut and with little or no break.

3. A loose fitting blazer with minimal tailoring that is made of a light and casual fabric like cotton or linen.

4. A well-fitted and tailored blazer made of silk, wool or cotton.

5. Classic and simple cashmere, wool or cotton sweaters in different cuts like crew and v-neck.

6. A pair of black dress shoes.

7. A pair of clean sneakers.

From Day…

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First, lets start with a wardrobe staple EVERY guy has, the t-shirt. What once was thought of as underwear has now become a transitional piece that can be worn alone with a pair of jeans or layered underneath a blazer. For a daytime look, layer a white tee under a denim shirt or a light flannel and pair it with a pair of either clean or distressed denim. Add a pair of clean sneakers and maybe a watch or hat to finish it off.

…Into Night.

Style a Look Day To Night

When transitioning from day to night, replace the topper with a lightly tailored blazer and pair it with a slim fit dark wash denim that has minimal distressing. If you want to elevate the look even more, I suggest opting for a more fitted blazer and a matching pair of slacks. Pair either night look with a freshly polished pair of dress shoes and hit the town!

Another great piece that’s easy to dress up or down is a light cashmere or wool sweater.

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If weather conditions are a little warmer however, you may want to stick to a cotton blend instead or ditch the sweater for a crisp shirt. For a minimalist daytime look pair your sweater with a pair of denim, cargo pants, shorts, or joggers. As with the previous daytime look, throw on your favorite pair of sneakers and maybe a simple snapback.

For night, layer the sweater over a black or white button-down shirt. The sweater should be a crew neck cut, should be fitted but not too tight. As an alternative, you can also opt for a blazer over the sweater. Roll the sleeves up or leave them down; either way is fine. Pair the look with a clean wash of dark denim and a classic leather belt. To elevate the look even more replace the denim with a pair of tailored cotton trousers.

Keep in mind, it’s always safe and easy to stick to neutrals in-order to accomplish a well put-together look for day or night, however If you are feeling creative, it doesn’t hurt to play around with color too. Maybe pair gray or white with lighter hues like mint or sky blue for a cool spring time look. Mix red with black if you are feeling more on the bold and daring side. Fashion is meant to be fun, and as you get more confident with it the more you will find ease in experimenting with it.


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