Music Xray Review – Scam or Legit Way to Make Money Listening to Music

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Hi and thanks for checking out my Music Xray Review.

If you're reading this, it's probably safe to assume you love music and money. You're not alone. I do too, which is one reason I wanted to do this review. The idea of getting paid for listening to music is impossible to ignore.  

But that's the premise behind Music Xray. Getting paid to listen to music.  

I must admit, it sounds too good to be true. No one has to pay me to listen to music, so why would they? It kinda sounds like a scam?  

Update: The fan match get-paid-to listen feature and Music Xray app have been suspended. According to their website, they are hoping to relaunch an improved version in the future. 

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But before we get ahead of ourselves and make assumptions, let's look under the hood to see what Music Xray is all about. It's probably not our dream job, but that doesn't mean it's not legit.  

I’ve seen these types of “listening to music to make money” sites before and although they’re not the kind of gig that makes you rich, they may be worth your time.

In this review I'm going to explain what Music Xray is, how it works and hopefully provide some insight so you'll know if it's for you. Of course, I'll also do some digging so you'll know for certain if it's a scam or legit.

Here's an overview of the topics I'm going to cover. 

  • What is Music Xray?
  • Is Music Xray a Scam?
  • How Does Music Xray Work?
  • Music Xray Reviews and Complaints
  • What I Like About Music Xray
  • What I Don’t Like
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Music Xray. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Music Xray?

According to their Facebook page, Music Xray was officially founded on June 1, 2009. It goes without saying, the music industry has changed in the last couple decades with the rise of digital downloads and peer-to-peer software like the gone-but-not-forgotten Napster.

Music Xray isn't necessarily about digital downloads though. It's about music artists and industry professionals.  

Making money bylistening to music is only a small part of Music Xray’s platform. Their primary purpose is to provide talented musicians with exposure and opportunities as well as industry professionals with sources of new talent and music.

Music fans come into play by listening to undiscovered music for commercial purposes in their spare time, and getting paid for it.

So, does it still sound like a scam?

Is Music Xray a Scam?

On the surface, the idea of getting paid to listen to music absolutely sounds like a scam. But knowing how Music Xray works it begins to make sense. Ultimately, music is made for people and what better way to get feedback than from people. 

People like you and me. 

Still, we're talking about making money online and that of course comes with a degree of skeptism. At least I hope it does. The truth is, it's not difficult for a scammer to create a website that “looks like” Music Xray, convince people to sign up, and then capture their login credentials when they create an account. 

Since a certain percentage of people use the same email/password combinations for all of their accounts, these scammers can use software to try these combinations out on sites like Paypal and Amazon, gaining access to a few. And it only take a few to make the entire scam worth it.  

Fortunately, that's NOT what Music Xray is. 

Music Xray as been in business for more than 10 years. Their website domain name was registered on May 26th, 2006 which says a lot about their legitimacy. Scams like the one I described above don’t last very long. 

I also looked into Music Xray’s social profiles and followings which is also a good indicator that a company is a scam or legit. It's not a foolproof indicator because a lot of legitimate businesses stay away from social media. But it can be a helpful.

In this case, it is… 

Music Xray's Facebook Page currently has about 92,000 followers. That's a difficult metric to fake.  

Music Xray Review Facebook
Source: Facebook

More importantly, if you scroll through their posts, many of them have a decent amount of engagement. 

Music Xray is also on Twitter with more than 12,000 followers. 

Music Xray Review Twitter
Source: Twitter

Another thing that's difficult to fake, or at least fake well, is a real person who owns the company. Many scams try, but a quick Google search usually uncovers the lie. 

Music Xray's co-founder and CEO however, is easy to find. Along with various articles, you can find him on LinkedIn with 500+ connections. He is the real deal.  

You can be confident that Music Xray is not a scam. 

They are effectively a market research company. Similar in some ways to survey sites like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars, but instead of sharing your opinion about products and services, you're sharing your opinion about music. 

Sites like these won't make you rich, but they're a good way to get started if you've never made money online. 

They can also be a stepping stone to something more serious like an online business

You may be at home because of difficulties with your health for example, or young ones to look after. 

If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

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How Does Music Xray Work?

To earn money by listening to music, you can sign up to Music Xray's site for free. 

Update: As mentioned above, Music Xray's app and Fan Match feature are currently unavailable. At this time, they're website site says this:

We have decided to suspend this product while we improve it and work on ways to bring it back. Unfortunately, there is no longer a way to sign up for this service on Music Xray. But please check back. We hope to relaunch it bigger and better than ever sometime in the future.

I expect the following information will change when Music Xray returns and it will be updated accordingly. 

Once logged in you'll be asked to create an account, which includes sharing your music preferences so they can send songs that match your tastes.  

Songs will be sent via email but please note; these are time limited opportunities. There’s a designated quota for each song, so promptly logging into your account for the task is recommended, otherwise you may lose the opportunity to someone else.  

At the time of review, Music Xray is paying 10 cents per song you listen to. You only need to listen to a portion of a song (about 1 minute), which for me is a bit disappointing (because what if you really liked the song?).

Pay is through PayPal, which is convenient for most people. It's my preferred method of payment.

But there is a small problem here… they have a minimum payout of $20.

Twenty bucks might not seem like much, but at 10 cents per song and available opportunities often  far and few between, it could take a while to reach the $20 withdrawal limit. 

The thing is… sites like these are designed to be exclusive sources of income, and that's okay. You can earn a little money with Music Xray while also getting survey and task notifications from other sites. 

Market research companies like Survey Junkie are additinional ways of getting paid for your opinion. Inbox Dollars pays you for doing things you may be doing online anyway, like searching the web, watching videos and visiting websites. 

As I mentioned earlier though, you won't make a ton of money on these sites. You certainly won't be able to retire, and that's okay. It's not what those sites were designed for. They are simply a good way to make a few extra bucks online. 

For something more significant, an online business may be what you're looking for.

Making money from home might be something you need because of medical issues, children to look after, or maybe you're just tired of working for a boss. 

If that’s the case, knowing how (and where) to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Music Xray Reviews and Complaints

There may be a reason Musix Xray is hoping to relaunch a better version of their get-paid-to-listen feature. 

It could be because that changes to their entire platform could be on the way. And those changes might have something to do with their less than positive reviews.  

Music Xray currently has a D – rating at the Better Business Bureau. The reason seems to be that Music Xray failed to respond to 21 complaints.  

Music Xray Review BBB Reasons for Rating
Source: BBB

Upon further investigation, I noticed that most of the BBB complaints were from musicians (not from fans using the Fan Match feature).  They mostly discuss not getting the service they paid for as well as difficulty getting refunds. 

The complaints didn’t stop there unfortunately – because I also found negative feedback from people who used their site to listen to music (and earn money). Here are some of the comments/reviews I found on a Reddit thread…

  • It takes forever to accumulate $20 on Music Xray.
  • You’ll only get email notifications at the beginning (when you first sign up)… but listening tasks get fewer and fewer as you near $20.
Music Xray Review Reddit Reviews and Complaints
Source: Reddit

There is some speculation that to avoid paying members, they reduce the number of listening opportunities as people get closer to the $20 payout limit.

I have no proof they're doing this and again, this is only speculation.

At this point, the fan match feature is unavailable so we can hope they make the necessary improvement and it comes back bigger and better (as stated on their website). 

What I Like About Music Xray

  • Music Xray (the company itself) is legit and they really do provide people a way to make some extra bucks by listening to music.
  • Listening to music and making money seems like a dream come true (especially for music lovers).
  • It's simple.

What I Don't Like

  • Even if Music Xray is not a scam, they're is suspicion regarding their motives. They didn’t respond to many of the complaints filed against them and some people report not getting any listening opportunities as they approach the $20 threshold.
  • I think $20 is too high for a minimum threshold for a 10 cent per song payout.
  • Although it's an easy task, the pay is low and listening to music takes time. Time you can spend doing other things.  

Where Do You Go From Here?

Music Xray is not a scam, but I also can’t say it's a great way to make money.

For a few extra bucks and not having to leave your comfort zone, it's a decent opportunity. Combined with other opportunities, the dollars can add up. 

It won't replace your income and it's not something you can do full-time, but it could pay for a few of the smaller luxuries you enjoy and even help with a bill or two. 

It's also not the only way to make money online. 

You might be a student in school or a single parent at home. You may have health challenges that make regular work difficult, or maybe you just hate your job and you’re desperate for a way out.

If that's the case, an online business is what you want. 

With all the scams and schemes out there though, knowing how and where to get started the right way is what you need in order to get what you want

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

If you're just looking for a simple way to make some extra spending money, online survey and get-paid-to sites are good way to get started. 

Sites like Survey Junkie will pay you for your opinion and Inbox Dollars offers rewards for doing things like watching videos, visiting websites and searching the web.  

Of course they won't make you rich, but if you've never made money online before, they can be a good first step to bigger things down the road. 

Again, if something bigger is what you want, an online business might be what you're looking for. 

I hope my Music Xray review has been helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with Music Xray, please share in the comments section below.

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  2. Music X-Ray is a scam. You can look at it as ”legit” if you want to, but no one ever gets a chart hit from subscribing, because 95% of chart hits are written in songwriting ”camps” that have been made up by publishers who have sent their best writers there to collaborate with each other. That is how true money is made. It’s better to network with a proper publisher, face to face as it’s the only way you’ll make enough money to live on.