Opinion Outpost Review (2023) – Legit Online Money or Big Scam?

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Hi, and thanks for stopping by to check out my Opinion Outpost Review.

I'm not the biggest fan of doing online surveys… not because they don't work, but because they typically don't pay that well. However, you may have piles of bills to pay or debt weighing on your shoulders.

If you've never made money online, sites like Opinion Outpost can be a good way to start.

But is it legit?

In this review, I'll explain what Opinion Outpost is, how it works, and what you can expect. I'll also go over what I liked about this online survey site, what I didn't like, and whether it can be trusted. 

The specific topics I'll cover are…

  • What is Opinion Outpost?
  • Is Opinion Outpost Legit?
  • How Does Opinion Outpost Work?
  • Eligibility and Registration
  • Opinion Outpost's Screening Process and Profile Survey
  • How Much Money Can You Make?
  • Opinion Outpost Reviews and Complaints
  • Who is Opinion Outpost For?
  • What I Like and What I Don't Like about Opinion Outpost?
  • Opinion Outpost Alternatives
  • Final Thoughts

Please note, I am not an affiliate for Opinion Outpost. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost (Survey Sampling International, LLC) is an online survey company that acts as a go-between, connecting you (and your opinions) with organizations such as businesses, governments, educational facilities, corporations, etc.

They gather information from you and share it with market researchers, who then compile and analyze the data to better understand their target audience and improve their products, services, and marketing strategies.

Opinion Outpost Home

The benefit to us is that online surveys are one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Most are free to join, as is Opinion Outpost, and they don't require a long-term commitment.

One drawback, however, is that they don't provide job-replacing income, and that's fine. I don't think most people don't expect them to.

I originally joined and reviewed Opinion Outpost a few years ago, and since then, they've made some changes, although nothing dramatic.

Their site has a new modern look and, in my opinion, feels cleaner and easier to use. But that could be subjective. I've reviewed hundreds of other programs since my first encounter with Opinion Outpost, and maybe my expectations and standards have changed.

But I do remember their site being a little outdated and clunky at the time.

Either way, I found using their new site to be a good experience, at least from a usability perspective (although they still don't have a mobile app, which puts them behind many competitors like Swagbucks).

Opinion Outpost Review: Key Takeaways

  • Opinion Outpost is an online survey company that connects you with organizations such as businesses, governments, and corporations for market research purposes.
  • Opinion Outpost is legit. It has been around for many years and is run by Dynata, LLC (which merged with Survey Sampling International in 2017), which has 40 years of experience in market data analysis.
  • You earn points by completing surveys. One hundred points equals $10.00. Points can be redeemed for cash (via PayPal and Visa gift cards) or gift vouchers from various companies like Amazon, Gamestop, and Apple's App Store.
  • Setting up your profile is a thorough process that can take over an hour to complete.
  • You must be 17 or older and reside in the United States, Canada, or the UK to join Opinion Outpost.
  • Estimated earning potential is $3 – $4 per hour on average, based on survey points and duration data. For example, the time to complete a survey that pays 10 points ($1) is roughly 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Opinion Outpost now requires photo ID for payment.
  • The new website has a modern look and is user-friendly, but Opinion Outpost still does not have a mobile app.
  • User reviews are mixed. Some praise it for its ease of use and simplicity while others criticize it for payment issues and ID requirements. Opinion Outpost has been responsive to many complaints.

Before going any further, we should first address the most common question people have. One that applies to most money-making and reward sites, which is, of course…

… is Opinion Outpost legit?

Let's talk about that…

Is Opinion Outpost Legit?

When it comes to making money online, even smaller amounts and rewards like gift cards, most sites we encounter are scams.

If you've read this far, you'll know Opinion Outpost is not a scam. As I mentioned above, I used it years ago and recently jumped back on, created a new profile, and started using it again.

However, if you're just skimming quickly to find out if Opinion Outpost is real or fake, I'll go more in-depth on this topic because it's not only new users who want to know. There are also experienced users who might disagree. Users who have used Opinion Outpost and still think it's a scam.

And I can understand why.

Survey sites have a common problem. There are a few problems actually, but I'll start with the most frustrating one…

Some People Are Not Getting Paid

To be fair, this is not criticism specific to Opinion Outpost. One challenge with online surveys is pre-qualification.

Some sites have screener surveys to make sure you qualify for the actual survey. And those screeners pay you a few points.

Opinion Outpost used to do something a little different. If you did not qualify for a survey, you were given a free entry for a $10,000 draw. And they used to have a quarterly prize draw of $10,000 for those in the US, $1250 for those in Canada, and £5000 for those in the UK.

Now they reward you with one bonus point for every survey you're incorrectly matched with or closes early before you can submit your answers (This is limited to 5 times per 24 hours).

But back to the point, finding the right person for a particular survey seems to be a challenge for most of these sites. As a result, you may find yourself spending several minutes or more filling out a survey only to be told you don't qualify.

This has happened to me many times, but not with Opinion Outpost. Having said that, you can find many user reviews with members complaining about not getting paid because of this reason.

Sometimes it's a message saying, “Sorry, try another survey” after you've completed the survey.

Other times it's an account closure or survey invites that seem to stop as you approach the number of points required to cash out. And if you can't cash out, you don't get paid.

Technical issues can also result in getting kicked out of a survey.

Again, this hasn't been my experience with Opinion Outpost, and it's obviously not everyone's experience. But these are a relatively common occurrence with most survey sites, and why many call them a scam.

But it's not the only reason. Here's another…

Scammers Impersonating Opinion Outpost

Companies like Opinion Outpost, and in this case their parent companies Survey Sampling International (SSI) and Dynata, are often associated with a scam, but it's not actually them.

Instead, it is a group of scammers using their names and pretending to be them. Here's the official statement from the Better Business Bureau…

The scam described here is a common Mystery Shopping Scam. Here's how it works…

  1. The scam begins when a consumer receives a fraudulent check or money order for a large sum. The check appears to be from a legitimate company, such as Survey Sampling International or Opinion Outpost.
  2. The consumer is then instructed to act as a “mystery shopper” and use a portion of the funds from the check to make various purchases. They are told to keep a certain amount as their earnings.
  3. The consumer is also asked to send the remaining balance of the check in the form of a money transfer service like Western Union or Moneygram to a third party (aka the scammer).

    Alternatively, they may be asked to purchase prepaid credit or gift cards and provide the card information to the scammer by phone or text message.
  4. The scammer is banking on the consumer, depositing the check into their bank account, and spending the money before the bank can confirm whether the check is legitimate or not.
  5. Once the bank discovers the check is fraudulent, the consumer is held responsible for the funds they've spent (or sent to the scammer). Their bank may also charge them a service fee for depositing the fraudulent check.
  6. The company whose name was used in the scam, in this case, Survey Sampling International or Opinion Outpost, is not involved in these transactions and has no idea this occurred. They do not send out checks in this manner.

If you receive a check that appears to be from Opinion Outpost (or Survey Sampling International these companies and offers secret shopping opportunities, you should contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

This scam exploits people's trust and the time it takes for banks to verify checks.

These are some reasons you might hear about Opinion Outpost being a scam. But do those issues make it a scam?

Particularly when it comes to payment issues.

So… is Opinion Outpost a Scam?

Now that we discussed some reasons people might think it's a scam let's go over reasons why Opinion Outpost is not a scam.

First, Opinion Outpost was incorporated in January 2009 and has been around now for many years. That's rare for a survey site. I've seen scams persist for a few years, but aside from some sophisticated Ponzi Schemes and high-ticket affiliate marketing scams, I can't recall any lasting more than a decade.

The company that runs Opinion Outpost is Survey Sampling International (which merged with Dynata LLC in 2017), date's back to September 1977. Dynata is another market research company with 40 years of experience in consumer and B2B feedback and insights.

So these are not fly-by-night companies.

Along with SSI, they also manage Opinion World (as well as two now-closed survey panels, Survey Spot and Choozz).

Opinion Outpost is not accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau, but its parent company, Dynata LLC, currently has an A+ rating and a 20-year business history with them.

So, there is a legit company behind Opinion Outpost. And Opinion Outpost is definitely a legitimate survey site.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a five-star rated panel (which it is not). And I'll get to the reviews and complaints in a moment.

But first, the other important check was to run the Opinion Outpost site through various virus and malware detection tools, which we did…

… and it came up clean.

Avira AviraPass ✅
Bitdefender BitdefenderPass ✅
Kaspersky KasperskyPass ✅
Sophos SophosPass ✅
opinionoutpost.com virus and malware checks

So, there is nothing malicious going on here.

I also like that online surveys don’t promise you luxury lifestyles, exotic cars, and complete financial independence. There are many legitimate methods of making money online, but some push the boundaries and are borderline scams simply because of the crazy promises or claims they make.

That's not the case here.

Legit survey sites such as Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars are also good platforms that don't make ridiculous claims.

And there are also legit online businesses with realistic “down-to-earth” expectations (if realistic is what you're looking for). 

You may be at home because of difficulties with your health or young ones to look after. Or maybe you're just tired of your job.

If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

So, like other legit sites, Opinion Outpost also makes no such promises or claims.

And despite suffering many of the same challenges other online survey companies do, like members not being paid for completing surveys, Opinion Outpost is a legitimate company you can earn from.

How Does Opinion Outpost Work?

As mentioned earlier, Opinion Outpost offers cash (via PayPal and Visa gift cards) and rewards through points you can redeem for gift vouchers from companies like Gamestop (video games) and Amazon.

You can also use your points for Apple App Store and iTunes gift cards.

Opinion Outpost Apple App Store and iTunes Gift Card Redemption
App Store Points Redemption (Cost =100 Points)

I've seen some complicated points scheme, but with Opinion Outpost, it's pretty simple…

100 Opinion Points = $10.00

It's also worth noting that this hasn't changed over the years.

I think the first time I used Opinion Outpost was in 2016 or 2017. Back then, 100 points were also $10.00.

Points Redemption Paypal Amazon and Alanar

I'm not a fan of the points redemption system because some “shadier” survey sites use them as a moving goalpost. They do this by changing their dollar value over time, hurting those who haven't yet redeemed the points in their accounts.

That hasn't been the case with Opinion Outpost.

In addition to those mentioned, some of the other gift cards they offer are…

  • Chilli’s
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Macy’s Nike
  • Target
  • Home Depot

If you live in Canada, the list includes Cineplex, Hudson's Bay, Tim Hortons, and a Cara dining gift card good for various restaurants, including Swiss Chalet, Montana's, and New York Fries.

Opinion Outpost Rewards

So, if you were wondering if Opinion Outpost works in Canada, the answer is yes. Survey questions and survey rewards are specific to Canadians and the Canadian market. However, with fewer companies and consumers than in the United States, there may be fewer surveys also.

Anyway, it's not a bad deal for simply sharing your opinion. You can even use your points to make a donation to the Red Cross.


It's relatively easy to join Opinion Outpost, but there are some eligibility requirements.

  • You must be 17 or older and reside in the United States, Canada, or the UK.
  • Participation is limited to only one account per person.
  • Minors may only participate with parental consent (via their parent’s account).
  • Dynata employees are not permitted to participate in the Panel for personal use.

Opinion Outpost Site Registration

Once you sign up for a free account, you will be sent a confirmation email (shown below) and asked to complete your profile.

Confirmation Email from Opinion Outpost
Confirmation Email

You'll also be given 5 bonus points for completing their welcome survey. Having said that, I don't remember a welcome survey or getting 5 bonus points.

It could be my fault, though. I may have clicked passed it, not even looking.

Either way, that's what you're supposed to get, so keep an eye out for what I probably missed.

They'll also ask you for a security question and answer to protect your account…

Opinion Outpost Account Protection
Security Question to Complete Setup

Now, I'd like to say that's all you have to do, but as I mentioned earlier in the review, I created a new profile. Years ago, the profile portal looked like this…

Opinion Outpost Profile Setup

And back then, my thought was that it was an invasive screening process (to be fair, like most online survey companies).

I'd like to say that has changed, but it hasn't.

Now, if you’re comfortable with sharing your personal information, as well as employment and income details, then this will be a non-issue.

Unfortunately, this step is necessary so Opinion Outpost can accurately match you to relevant surveys. Incorrect information leads to the other troubling issue with doing online surveys like spending hours online answering questions but not getting paid. 

So let's talk about setting up your profile.

How Invasive Is The Screening Process?

It could be argued that just being online today is invasive and that there's no such thing as privacy.

But, as I reported during my first review, something about these questions gives you a stripped-down feeling, as if you're being sized up for something.

I don't think that has changed.

In fact, completing my profile took me over an hour. You may be able to do it faster, and if I wasn't going through it carefully, I probably could have too.

But it's not as straightforward as you might think.

It kind of jumps back and forth, and I think that's to make sure you're paying attention and being honest. If you're just clicking anything, you'll end up with inconsistencies in your answers that could lock you out of your account.

Another issue with completing your profile incorrectly is getting invites for surveys you're not qualified for. And those lead to the frustrating situation of completing surveys and not getting paid.

Now, you could race through it, completing it in 30 minutes or less by clicking on answers without reading. But it'll likely cause issues later on.

And, of course, you'll also want to consider if you should share specific information as the questions become increasingly personal.

Fortunately, many are optional as they give you a “prefer not to answer” option.

Anyway, some things have changed about setting up your profile, and some are the same. For example, you'll still be asked which financial institutions you bank and invest with, as well as your credit card provider.

Opinion Outpost Screening Questions Personal Credit Card Information

I've included the questions you will be asked, and it's worth noting the purpose of this information. You are providing it for market research (which is not private).

They do say that any information you provide is strictly for research, kept completely anonymous, and won't be shared with any third party without your permission.

Profile Questions

If I remember correctly, it seemed like there were considerably more questions this time around than there used to be.

In addition to the questions below, the current profile questions included many about the technology I use (cell phones, computers, game consoles, etc.) and the entertainment I watch, read, and listen to.

They may have asked those questions, but I can't remember. It was quite a while ago.

Anyway, many of the questions were the same, including…

  • Occupation?
  • Current employment status (eg. Full-time, part-time, etc.)?
  • Employer information?
  • Industry or field information?
  • Where and how do you spend your time working?
  • Describe the department you work in.
  • Describe your job roles and responsibilities.
  • Are you involved in making company purchasing decisions, and in what areas?
  • Questions to determine the level of influence you have in your company (eg. How many people report to you? Are you a “decision maker”)
  • Company locations?
  • How many employees are at your company?
  • More specifics regarding your industry and more about your specific job role.
  • They used to ask for your company/employer name and your job title, but I don't recall getting this question this time.

It should be noted that many of the questions may change depending on your answer to previous questions.

Next, you will be asked some household questions:

  • How many people in your household?
  • Personal income?
  • Marital status?
  • How many children you have, as well as their age and gender?
  • Your level of education?
  • Do you own your home or rent?
  • Questions about your purchasing habits and activities (eg. Have you researched a product or service online recently or bought a smartphone?)
  • Describe your ideal vacation. Where would it be? What would you like about it?
  • Make, model, and year of your primary vehicle.
  • Do you own it or lease it?
  • When did you purchase it?
  • How many vehicles do you own?
  • List of other products you own and the brands you use.
  • Your current cellular mobile provider?
  • List the types of insurance you own.
  • Do you invest, and where?
  • Services and Loans you have. (yes… they ask you what loans you have)
  • Which banks do you have your personal credit cards with? (yes, they ask that too)
  • Household assets such as cash, liquid assets, and investments?
  • Questions about your web browsing activities.
  • Do you enjoy listening to music and how much?
  • Your age.

A couple questions I remember being asked previously that I don't remember being asked this time were…

  • What do you think your next ten years will look like? (your financial situation, personal relationships, work-life balance, overall quality of life)
  • Your opinions on the trustworthiness of authority figures such as police, political leaders and firefighters.

Again, some questions depend on previous answers, so you may or may not see those.

Opinion Outpost Completed Profile Screen - Updated

Whew! Including the sign-up, it was well over an hour (I think 30 to 45 minutes when I did it years ago), and if you’re like me, you won’t be comfortable answering most of those questions.

After that, you can choose to take a survey from your member's dashboard, and surveys will also be emailed to you.

But the invasive process is not over…

Payment Requires Photo ID

Opinion Outpost teamed up with Veriff, a global verification company, to implement a new policy, which is this…

To claim your rewards, you must submit photo ID to prove you are who you say you are.

Veriff seems like a legit company, but submitting photo ID for a $10.00 gift card? It seems like a bit much to me, but we'll have to see how it plays out.

Completing Surveys

I touched on this earlier, but once you accept a survey, you are first required to complete a pre-qualifying screener.

This is to make sure you are a relevant fit for the topic. Although this is a necessary step, it can be time-consuming and frustrating when you don't qualify.

You can find survey invitations in your email inbox and member's dashboard.

Opinion Outpost Members Dashboard
Opinion Outpost Member's Dashboard

Because of the limited spots available for each survey, it's critical to jump on them as soon as possible.

It's also crucial to give honest answers to avoid contradicting yourself.

When answering multiple-choice questions, it's easy to give conflicting answers without realizing it (especially if you're watching TV or doing something else at the same time), which could result in being disqualified or banned from the platform.

So read and answer the questions carefully.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Please don't shoot the messenger, but if you were thinking of turning this online survey thing into a full or part-time job, it won't work.

We discussed the various rewards above. Opinion Outpost does not transfer money to you. They pay with vouchers (gift cards).

Online vouchers should arrive in your email within 24 hours, and physical vouchers within six weeks (via snail mail).

We also discussed the points system. One hundred points equal $10.00, and the length of time it takes to earn points varies.

How long?

Here are some older examples for reference (newer ones to follow)…

Survey Opportunity 11 Points 17 Minutes

Survey Opportunity 5 Points 13 Minutes

As you can see, you don’t earn many points for the time involved. If we use an average of 10 points for a 15-minute survey (as shown), you will earn 40 points in an hour.

At that rate, even if they supplied you with a steady stream of surveys (and their estimated times were accurate), it would take 2 ½ hours to earn $10.00, which works out to $4/hr.

I'm a slow survey taker, so my average is closer to $3/hr, but that's just me.

Now, here are some newer examples…

Opinion Outpost Surveys Points and Duration
Survey Points and Duration

It's been roughly 5 or 6 years since those previous examples, and these new ones show that your average hourly earnings have not changed.

So how much can you make on Opinion Outpost?

You can make between $3 – $4 per hour on average, based on survey points and duration data. However, surveys are not always available and you may not qualify for every survey. Your earnings also depend on how quickly you can accurately and honestly answer questions.

For the record, I don't want to discourage you from joining Opinion Outpost. Yes, the payouts are low, but this isn't manual labor we're talking about.

It's easy money, and if you're sitting around doing nothing anyway, it might be worth it. Of course, there are better ways to earn money online, in my opinion, but you're also limited to just one method.

As mentioned earlier, other good online survey sites include Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars. In addition to surveys, they offer rewards for doing things you might normally do online anyway, like searching the web, visiting websites, and watching videos.

You may have medical issues keeping you at home or kids to take care of. Or maybe you have an entrepreneurial streak, and a full-time income from home is what you want.

But there's so much junk and misinformation out there, knowing how (and where) to start is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Minimum Payout Threshold

Like most reward sites, there is a minimum payout, which means you must complete a minimum number of surveys before getting paid.

Some companies like Vindale Research, for example, have a $50 payout which leads to weeks and even months of doing surveys before you actually get paid. Testerup is another rewards site with a high payout threshold of $70.

Many people on these sites give up long before they accumulate the minimum points (or dollars) required and, therefore, never see a dime for their efforts.

Opinion Outpost, however, only has a $10 minimum which is far more reasonable than some of its competitors.

Referral Program

At one time, Opinion Outpost had a refer-a-friend program that paid referral rewards so that you can earn a little extra money… although, unlike some similar programs, they were a little vague on the details.

The payout was $1 for every successful referral, up to $5 for your first five sign-ups.

I don't see that option in my dashboard anymore, but to be honest, for one buck and maxing out at five, I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Suspended Accounts

Suspended or frozen accounts are common among survey sites. I get banned from these often because I use a VPN and forget to turn it off before logging in.

Whatever the reason, if you get locked out of your account, you can contact Opinion Outpost support, found in the top menu of your dashboard (under your account)

From there, you can submit a support ticket…

Opinion Outpost Support Ticket

Of course, there is no guarantee they will reinstate your account.

It's also possible that your account is fine, but there are issues with the site, or there are problems logging in.

If you are having trouble, Opinion Outpost suggests the following steps…

  1. Make sure you've typed your details right. Your username is the same as your email address. Passwords must have the right mix of upper and lower case letters.
  2. Make sure your browser lets cookies through
  3. Make sure your browser or internet provider isn't stopping you from getting to the panel website.
  4. Make sure your computer's firewall isn't stopping you from getting to the panel website.
  5. Make sure you've told your browser that the survey website is safe by adding it as a trusted site. You can do this by going to Tools > Internet > Option > Security > Trusted Sites on your browser's menu.
  6. Make sure your virus protection isn't stopping you from getting to the panel website.
  7. Get rid of any unwanted ads or spying software on your computer.

If none of that works, you can try manually typing the website address into a different browser.

Closing Your Account

Unlike some sites, Opinion Outpost makes it easy to close your account.

You can find this option in the account drop-down menu by choosing “My Details,” followed by “Preferences” (shown below)

Opinion Outpost How to Cancel Membership
How to Cancel Your Membership

Opinion Outpost Reviews and Complaints

As we get into the reviews, I'll circle back to one of the complaints you will often read (from people calling it a scam).

If you've read this far, I covered this earlier. But if you're just skimming (as I often do), I'll go over it again in more detail because you probably want to know if Opinion Outpost can be trusted.

As a legit company, Opinion Outpost can be trusted. They have many years of experience in market research and online data collection. They are also owned by Dynata, LLC, which has 40 years of survey research experience and a relatively recent value estimate of $3 billion.

With that said, some users have legitimate concerns.

The biggest complaint from members is that they put significant time into doing surveys but, in the end, are told they did not qualify and won’t be getting paid.

Unfortunately, this is the nature of market research.

Opinion Outpost is selling your information (your opinions) to its clients, but if your survey answers are not relevant or do not satisfy the survey's goal… they won’t be paid either.

The problem is that sometimes your eligibility for the survey (or lack of eligibility) is only revealed during the actual survey.

Another reason is that many people rush into a survey, but only a specified number of completed surveys are required by the client.

For example, if they (the client) paid for 1000 surveys, but 1200 people accept the invite and start doing the survey, those who submit last don't get paid.

In other words, the client only paid for 1000 surveys, so Opinion Outpost will only pay 1000 survey takers.

Maybe survey companies shouldn't send out more invites than are available, but they do it because not everyone will accept that invitation. They also do it to offset mismatched or incomplete surveys.

How this is handled varies by company.

Either way, it leads to frustration and suspicion because the reasons for not qualifying are not always clear. It’s easy to get curious and wonder if Opinion Outpost is still getting paid by their client and making a larger profit by not paying you.

There is no proof of this, but as I stated before, this is a common challenge with all online survey companies.

Negative Reviews

The problems above (as well as other issues) lead to negative reviews that you can find on sites like Trustpilot that say…

  • “My account has been frozen and unfrozen 3 times in the last few years.”
  • “I worked hard and accurately, and in the end, after my reward was ready to be redeemed, it did not allow me to redeem it, and it gave me an error repeatedly until I was banned”
  • “They blocked me for no reason, and I was an active member participating in surveys carefully…”
  • “They kicked me out of both accounts saying “I had not been attentive” in my survey answers.”

To be fair, Opinion Outpost has responded to many of these complaints. Some are generic responses, but in some cases, their response indicates that they've reached out via private message directly.

Also, negative reviews can sometimes be misrepresentative of the company overall.

That doesn't mean they are unhelpful or don't indicate a trend, but if 10,000 people per day log in (just as an example), and two or three have a bad experience and leave a scathing review, it's not exactly an accurate picture of the company overall.

I'm not defending Opinion Outpost. Just looking at it from an objective point of view.

And there are positive reviews as well…

Positive Reviews

Among the positive things people have to say, here are some comments…

  • “Good and interesting surveys and pretty good length of the content”
  • “Really pays $1-$5 per survey. i recommend using this panel they are amazing.”
  • “I felt like every time I logged in I had a great opportunity to stack points and earn money.”
  • “I have no idea to why you guys are saying that this site is scam and all but to me it pretty much worked, i know some of the surveys don’t qualify but some do.”

So, although it doesn't have a 5-star rating, there is a mix of both good and bad.

Is Opinion Outpost For You?

Opinion Outpost Completed Survey Screen

It’s legit, and you can earn money with it, but the big question is whether or not Opinion Outpost is for you.

What are your goals, and what are you willing to give up for them?

In my opinion, online surveys don’t really pay enough to justify the time required to do them. I'm also not a fan of providing the private information they require, but that's just me.

Online surveys are great if you enjoy doing surveys. And they are good for people who are not necessarily looking for a big payday (just a little extra money).

Of course, I've done many too. It's just that they are not my first choice, but that doesn't mean they aren't right for you.

What I Like About Opinion Outpost

  • Despite the personal questions, they do make a decent effort to try and match you with relevant surveys.
  • The $10,000 quarterly prize draw (although only $1250 for Canadians). I wouldn’t give it more thought than a lottery ticket, but it’s definitely a bonus if you decide to sign up. (Update: As far as I'm aware, this benefit is no longer available, but please correct me if I am wrong.)
  • As a Canadian, I like that it’s available in Canada… as well as in other countries.
  • It should go without saying, but since the web is overflowing with scams, I like that Opinion Outpost is a legit survey site that pays out cash to its members.

What I Don’t Like

  • Like all paid online surveys, it’s not a significant source of income. Especially for the amount of time you will invest.
  • Having to share personal and private information.
  • The minimum payout is relatively low at $10 (or 100 points), but you’ll still spend significant time before seeing any money. For example, an email I received when I first reviewed Opinion Outpost was to complete a 15-point survey with an estimated length of 28 minutes.

    Some current surveys pay 10 points for 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Limited survey availability (this will depend on your profile answers).
  • No mobile app.
  • Photo ID is required for payment.

Opinion Outpost Alternatives

There are several Opinion Outpost alternatives not limited to surveys. In addition to survey sites, some user testing platforms are potentially worth checking out.

Alternatives include,

Final Thoughts

For the right person, Opinion Outpost can be a great way to pass the time.

If you enjoy scrolling through Facebook and other social media or playing games while watching TV… then doing an online survey instead can be a great way to earn a little extra money to pay for a few bills or a night out.

However, it's not what you consider a way to make serious money online (depending on your definition of serious money, I suppose).

Survey availability can also be limited.

For anyone who wants to invest their time making money between surveys (user tests, etc.) when they are unavailable, alternatives with a more focused effort that provide greater financial and educational benefits are available.

For example, you might be a student in school or a single parent juggling responsibilities at home. You may be facing health challenges that make regular work challenging, or you may just hate your job and need an escape.

If that's the case, an online business is what you want. 

With all the scams and schemes out there though, knowing how and where to get started the right way is what you need in order to get what you want

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

If it's just the simple money you want, along with Opinion Outpost, online survey and get-paid-to sites may be exactly what you're looking for.  

Companies like Survey Junkie are also good for finding surveys, and Inbox Dollars is another legit platform that offers rewards for doing things like watching videos, visiting websites, and searching the web.  

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this Opinion Outpost Review was helpful.

Also, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you used Opinion Outpost before?

If you found this article useful, or think it might be helpful for others, please share. 😀



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4 thoughts on “Opinion Outpost Review (2023) – Legit Online Money or Big Scam?”

  1. Opinion Outpost suspended my account after about a week, after I completed my "profile" which provided them with a bunch of information. They gave no understandable reason for the suspension.

  2. It’s legit if you can ever get your earned money. I completed a couple of surveys that yielded 170 points. I tried taking $10 via PayPal and never succeeded. I did everything asked, including linking my PP account, which was acknowledged. It then went right to an error message saying something went wrong and I should try again…and again…and again

    You won’t make anything. I thought my time invested was productive because I really didn’t little time earning $10. But if you never get the money then? It’s a scam,

  3. Thanks for your detailed review and behind the scenes info. I have often considered taking surveys, but I agree the depth of information they need from you seems a little excessive. I also appreciate knowing that it’s not worth the time if you are looking for a significant income boost!

  4. This is really cool. It has always been a dream of mine to quit regular 9-5 job and become an full time internet marketer.
    But like most things worth having, that is easier said than done lol. It just that there are so many scams online, it just takes it hard for a beginner like me to tell which one to trusts.
    I am glad your writing reviews on these products, makes it so much easier to choose one. Opinion outpost definitely looks interesting, I am going to check it out.