Savvi Review – Pyramid Scheme or [Legit] Fashion MLM?

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Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read my Savvi Review.

You're looking for style, comfort, and a sense of community. I understand, and you're not alone. You also want to express yourself through fashion and make money doing it.

Is Savvi the answer? 

They make some enticing statements and claims, but are they genuine?

Or is Savvi just another pyramid scheme or a legit MLM? 

In this review, I'll explain what Savvi is, how it works, and who it's for. Of course, I'll also share my thoughts and concerns about MLMs and pyramid schemes. 

The topics I'm going to cover in detail are…

  • What is Savvi?
  • Is Savvi a Pyramid Scheme?
  • Is Savvi an MLM?
  • How Does Savvi Work and How Do You Join?
  • The Savvi Business Opportunity and How to Make Money with Savvi
  • The Savvi Compensation Plan and How Much Money Can You Earn?
  • How Much Does It Cost to Join Savvi?
  • Savvi Clothing Products
  • Savvi Style Club
  • Who Can Benefit From Savvi?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Savvi Marketing and Sales Skills
  • Savvi Reviews and Complaints
  • What I Like and What I Don't Like About Savvi
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

Please note, I am not an affiliate for Savvi. This article has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What is Savvi?

Savvi is a multi-level marketing clothing company that offers apparel. You may have also heard it described as a direct sales company or a network marketing company. 

Savvi Co-founders Ken Porter and Jennifer Pisani Ashby originally bought (or took over) direct sales women's wear company, Piphany.

There are several reviews and reference sites that claim Savvi was founded by Rachel Domingo, but this is unclear. 

Rachel Domingo was Savvi's Lead Fashion Designer and Chief Creative Director up until April 2021, according to Linkedin. Her Facebook profile corroborates this but also adds Executive Founding Member. 

In some cases, an Executive Founding Member title can be honorary, but in Rachel's case, this was likely a leadership title to indicate a significant leadership role in the company. 

Her Linkedin profile also lists her first position with Savvi as VP of Design and Development beginning in July 2017, which aligns with Piphany's era, not Savvi's. So, connecting the dots, Rachel likely stayed with the company during the transition from Piphany to Savvi. 

If you're unfamiliar with Piphany, it was previously known as Honey & Lace. 

In 2021, Piphany was relaunched as Savvi, a new multi-level marketing (MLM) company specializing in women's clothing (although they do carry some men's wear now).

If you’re familiar with women's wear MLMs, you may have heard of Savvi's predecessors, Honey & Lace and Piphany.

There's some history…

Honey & Lace founder, Dianne Ingram, is the twin sister of DeAnne Stidham, the founder of another well-known clothing brand called LulaRoe which you have probably heard of.

LulaRoe has a controversial history, as portrayed in the Amazon Prime series, LulaRich. 

This was the era Savvi's co-founder and CEO, Ken Porter, got involved in the industry (although not with LulaRoe to the best of my knowledge). He was an investor in Honey & Lace/Piphany but could not get behind the way they were doing business. As that business struggled, Ken and some others, including Jennifer Ashby, took it over and formed Savvi. 

As you probably know, there are two main components to Savvi. The first is their products, including women's and men's apparel. Primarily a women's fashionwear brand, Savvi sells tops, bottoms, jackets, and layers.

The men's line of clothing includes hoodies and joggers.

Their brand used to have three product lines, Savvi Fit, Savvi Everyday, and Savvi Luxe. However, those names seem to have been retired as categories of clothing. Many specific items of clothing still carry those names, however. 

The second component is the business opportunity, where you can earn commissions by becoming a brand partner (sometimes referred to as independent fashion consultants) and selling products to potential customers. Members are also incentivized to recruit others to join the business and earn additional commissions by building a downline.

Like most MLMs, Savvi claims to empower its members. In this case, empower women through fashion and earning opportunities. Their marketing strategy includes utilizing share codes, a compensation plan, and encouraging brand partners to sell the products at retail prices and earn passive income through their downline.

They also offer a marketing brochure, product samples, and support for their brand partners.

Is Savvi a Pyramid Scheme?

MLMs are not for everyone, and some consider them to be pyramid schemes. If you're interested in making money with Savvi, this is probably something you'd like to know.

Is Savvi a pyramid scheme?

Let's start with the difference between pyramid schemes and legitimate multi-level marketing companies like Savvi. In an MLM, individuals earn commissions from the products they sell and a percentage of the sales made by those they have recruited into the business.

Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, focus solely on recruitment and do not involve real products or sales. They may offer products as a facade to appear like a legit MLM, but when you dig a little deeper, you'll find that the products are often tied directly to the recruiting process. 

For example, the primary product may be a course, event, or mastermind on recruiting new members.  

So, Savvi is not a pyramid scheme. 

Savvi has a legitimate product line that their brand partners (members) sell to retail customers not part of the multi-level organization. 

For clarity, if buying Savvi products required that you also join and become part of the “pyramid” (someone's downline), it would most likely be a pyramid scheme. And I say “most likely” because some companies, like 7K Metals, for example, require involvement in the organization but find clever loopholes that might be considered as pushing the boundaries of what is legal.

But Savvi's marketing strategy encourages brand partners to sell the products at retail prices and earn commissions through BOTH product sales AND their downline. 

Is Savvi an MLM?

If you're just skimming quickly and jumped to this section (I skim and jump to various sections too), you'll want to know if Savvi is a multi-level marketing business. 

Yes, it is an MLM.

Of course, if you've been reading up to this point, you'll already know it is. But your skepticism is certainly understandable.

You may have seen a family member, friend, or friend of a friend (or friend of a family member) on social media promoting Savvi products or talking about the Savvi lifestyle. 

That's because Savvi brand partners are encouraged to show Savvi products on social media, but not in an aggressive or “salesy” way. 

Most of my multi-level marketing experience was in the pre-social media world. I spent evenings and weekends in coffee shops, grocery stores, and walking the malls to strike up conversations with strangers and talk about career dissatisfaction. 

MLMs have certainly changed since then. But the principles are the same…

For reference, multi-level marketing is a type of direct selling model where individuals earn commissions not only from product sales but also from the sales made by those in their “downline” members, also known as recruits.

Therefore, as a participant in an MLM like Savvi, you can earn income from your own efforts and the efforts of others you bring into the business.

This is the model that Savvi follows. It sells apparel and “lifestyle”.

As discussed in the previous section, MLMs can often seem to be pyramid schemes, and they do have a pyramid structure, but pyramid schemes are illegal because they rely solely on recruitment and do not involve selling real products.

This is not the case with Savvi. They have a real product line, and although there is a strong emphasis on recruiting, they also focus on product sales. Legally, this makes them a legitimate MLM company.

Having said that, your opinion of a pyramid scheme may differ. And you may have had a bad experience with an aggressive recruiter, which is common with multi-level marketing.  

This brings up another challenge with MLMs. Aggressive recruiting is common because it generates a lot of money for those who build large organizations below them. 

But where does the money come from?  

Some critics of Savvi have raised concerns about the high prices of their products, and some may be turned off by the idea of paying a premium for apparel when they can find similar items elsewhere for less.

This is a crutch that multi-level marketing companies struggle to overcome. They want to provide lucrative compensation packages to encourage members to grow their organizations but to do that, they need significant margins between their product costs and what they charge.

For example, Savvi leggings currently range in price from $58.00 to $108.00 (Retail). These prices compare with Lululemon's prices, which are generally priced higher but are also in that upper price range. 

However, brands you might find at Target, Amazon, etc., like 90 Degree by Reflex, Aurola, and The Gym People, which generally get good reviews, are in the $25 – $40 range. 

I'm not saying the quality is comparable. In many cases, that's subjective. But there is a significant price disparity. 

Another issue with MLMs is that recruiting is often insincere. People who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for a similar role if being hired by a company are told that freedom and luxury are just a few years away… or even sooner. 

And, having experience with multi-level marketing, I know what it feels like to be told that the “plan works. You just have to work the plan”. And to not only believe that but to repeat it when recruiting others (because I sincerely believed it).

You have to believe or the relentless rejection will eventually get to you. 

On paper, the plan works… sure. But real life is far more complicated. 

As a result, when it doesn't work, which is the case for 99% of participants who lose money, the only conclusion can be that it's their own fault…

… that they are to blame for the failure, not the company or the MLM business model. 

But that's not true. 

People join and begin their multi-level business with a faulty premise. For example, when I was involved, people were portrayed as circles on a whiteboard… but people are not just circles on a whiteboard.   

I want to clarify that this is not a criticism of Savvi or their brand partners. What I'm saying is true of MLMs in general.  

And it does NOT mean you won't be successful. It's statistically challenging, but the opportunity is certainly real.

The way it's presented might not be sincere, but that's usually the individual recruiter being overly enthusiastic or in some cases, deceptive. But that's not necessarily on the company. Most legit MLMs are very clear about this because false claims can result in complaints to the FTC. 

At the end of the day, it's true that some will become incredibly successful. But it's worth noting that success is often a result of unique circumstances.

For example, MLM “superstars” often have a strong online and social media presence. And they are almost always skilled at talking to others and building relationships. They may also be good on camera or speaking in public.

Many have uncommon advantages, such as unique charisma, the ability to handle rejection or access to a large network of people. For example, they may own a business like a dance school or be leaders in their communities with established networks that they can tap into.

But again, that's the case with all MLMs, not specifically Savvi. 

Savvi is a legitimate multi-level marketing company that offers a legitimate income opportunity through product sales and building a downline.

How Does Savvi Work?

Savvi operates on a simple model…

First, you choose a Value Pack, which comes with products, Savvi Swag, discount codes, and other benefits.

Next, join the Savvi Style Club to stay up on trends and receive a monthly shopping credit.

Then… wear and share (as Savvi describes it). 

To go into more detail about joining Savvi and becoming a Savvi brand partner, they break it into a three-step process…

How to Join Savvi

Step 1 – Choose a Value Pack

The first step to joining the Savvi community is choosing a Value Pack. These packs are available at the time of enrollment and are designed to help you get to know the Savvi products and represent the brand with confidence and style.

The Value Packs offer savings on Savvi's range of everyday and athleisure clothing. They also include Savvi Swag, which could be anything from branded accessories to promotional materials, and codes you can provide your friends to get $25 off.  

This will also qualify you to earn wholesale pricing on all items. 

Step 2 – Join Savvi's Style Club

The next step is to join the Savvi Style Club. This membership offers a $110 Shopping Credit each month for only $99.

As a Style Club member, you also receive four $25 Share Codes each month. These codes can be given to those wanting to try Savvi and make a first-time retail purchase. Of course, this is helpful when introducing others to Savvi and encouraging them also to become brand partners if recruiting is your thing. 

Style Club members also gain access to exclusive sales, promotions, products, and pre-sales (I'll talk more about the Style Club later in this review).

Step 3: Wear and Share

The final step, now that you're a brand member, is wearing and sharing. 

Of course, wearing is much easier than sharing. 

Depending on your level of comfort and how well you know your friends and family, this could be as simple as wearing your Savvi clothes to a social event, posting your outfits on social media, or directly recommending Savvi to your friends, family, coworkers, etc.

Savvi has gained a positive impression from consumers for having high-quality products.

Some of the positive comments you'll find are…

  • “Clothes are better than the “other” brand I used to wear and customer service was very quick to help and make it right when I received a damaged item.”
  • “The quality of the clothing is incredible”
  • “Hands down the best clothing brand I’ve tried.”

Of course, I'm cherry-picking some of the better comments here, but there are also many who expressed disappointment, particularly with customer service. I'll get to those in a moment. 

First, let's talk about Savvi's pay model and business opportunity… 

The Savvi Business Opportunity

As mentioned earlier, Savvi is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides you with multiple ways to earn money. 

As a Savvi brand partner, you have the potential to earn money from product sales and recruiting others to join the company. 

How To Make Money From Savvi

If there's one thing I remember from my time in MLMs like Savvi, it's that making money from products like apparel requires a lot of effort, focus, and dedication. I also remember the constant hype and events (aka pep rallies) very well, but that's a different topic.  

To make money from Savvi (or any business opportunity), it must consume you. You can't dip one toe in the water. You must go all in. 

And you must do it with no guarantee of success.

Again, this is not specific to Savvi. It's not even specific to MLMs. Whether you become a network marketer, an affiliate marketer, a drop shipper, or even open a traditional business like a restaurant… it requires a tremendous amount of effort, focus, and dedication. 

Fortunately, MLMs have the advantage of built-in sales and mindset training and help from other members. 

Their success depends on your success.

In Savvi's case, they also provide helpful resources such as weekly emails, upcoming events, and an online community that helps you in your journey. 

With that said, the “nuts and bolts” of making money with Savvi include selling products and recruiting.

Selling Products

Selling Savvi products is the most straightforward way to generate income.

You'll need to become a Savvi brand partner (as described earlier), which involves purchasing a Starter Pack that includes marketing and selling materials, product samples, etc.

Then you can start building your customer base.

Some recommendations from Savvi include…

  • Share your Savvi products with your friends, family, and people in your network who might be interested in fashionable, comfortable athletic wear.
  • Use social media to showcase Savvi items and promote sales and promotions to your followers.
  • Participate in online forums, especially ones that focus on discussions about fashion, fitness, or health, and be sure to include your personal Savvi link or share code in your profile or posts.
  • Host pop-ups or other in-person events to showcase the products to potential customers.
  • Be proactive in marketing and selling Savvi products but don't create posts that come across like an infomercial.

Recruiting Members (Brand Partners)

The second way to make money with Savvi is by recruiting members to join your downline.

When you sign up new members, you become their “upline” and earn commissions on the sales they generate.

Here are some suggestions from Savvi to recruit members…

  • Make a list of 50 people you can think of that might be interested in sharing Savvi. People in your network might be fitness instructors, coaches, influencers, etc., who “live in leggings” as they say. 
  • Take action and “stay in the zone” every day. Seventy percent of the activities in your business should be on inviting, sharing, following up, and enrolling. 
  • Share your personal experience working with Savvi and how it's helped you earn extra money, build your own business, or fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.
  • Emphasize the benefits of joining Savvi, such as the potential for passive income, access to high-quality, fashionable clothing, and the support of a community of Savvi brand partners.
  • Provide guidance and support for new members, including helping them set up their own marketing and selling strategies and providing them with tips on how to grow their downline.
  • Be proactive. You'll want to actively seek out potential members and engage with them to build trust and relationships.

The Savvi Compensation Plan

The 2023 Savvi Compensation Plan (referred to as their Rewards Plan) is not unlike most multi-level marketing compensation plans, which is to say (in my opinion), an unnecessarily complicated matrix of rank qualifications and bonuses.

But then, I'm not a developer of MLM compensation plans, so maybe it's just me. If I were ever tasked to do this (which is highly unlikely), maybe my perspective would change. 

Anyway, this is another area in which I'm not criticizing Savvi specifically. It seems to be the case with all MLMs. 

Having said that, Savvi's plan seems particularly complex. For exact details of Savvi's compensation plan, including definitions and key terms, I recommend reading the complete document and having your upline explain it.  

However, here's a quick summary of the key points of their rewards plan…  

  1. Leadership Generation Bonus – Based on a Unilevel structure and pays up to 4 generations of Savvi 6 or higher rank Independent Brand Partners. To be eligible, an Independent Brand Partner must also be Go-Getter qualified during the same commission period.
  2. Wear & Share Rewards – Earn 20% – 32% of the commissionable purchases your Customers make. Opportunity to participate as an Insider Subscriber. Earn ongoing income as your customers are linked to you.
  3. Insider Sharing Club Rewards – Members can become Insider Sharing Rewards Qualified by having 3 personally sponsored Customers with a processed Style Club order in the same calendar month. Insiders can earn up to $100 in Bonus Credits per month.
  4. Rank Advancement Bonus –  Earned when a new Rank in the Compensation Plan structure has been achieved. The amount of the bonus is by rank earned, and the time frame by which it will be paid out is as follows.
  5. Monthly Top 10 Customer Bonus – Paid to the Top 10 Qualifying Independent Brand Partners based on how much New Customer Qualifying Volume they have generated during the month.
  6. Monthly Top 10 Team Builder Bonus – Paid to the Top 10 Qualifying Independent Brand Partners building their Independent Brand Partner team based on how much new volume from product sales to new Customers they have generated during the month.
  7. United States Leadership Pool – This quarterly bonus pool will operate on a country-by-country basis as has been established. The pool is funded with 2% of gross commissionable volume (CV) for each country the company operates in.
  8. Pioneer Pool – This exclusive bonus pool includes ONLY the first 20 SAVVI 12 or higher ranks. To participate, leaders must continuously achieve this paid-as rank without falling out of qualification even for a single month period.
  9. Customer Rewards – When a customer shares Savvi, they are rewarded with 10% of the value of the first order placed by the new Customer they have referred. The 10% reward, paid as Shopping Credits, is placed in the sharing customer’s account to use toward a future order with Savvi.
  10. Savvi Insider – Wholesale Members who buy a monthly subscription at $99 receive a number of benefits, including Increased Discounts, Loyalty Bonus Credits, Shipping Bonus Credits, Early Access, Gift Cards, and Sneak Peeks.

*Please verify all compensation details with your upline for clarity.

As I mentioned, the Savvi Compensation Plan is relatively complex and, in my opinion, not easy to follow (or it could just be the day I’m having…).

If you notice errors, please make a note in the comment sections below and I will make the correction.

How Much Money Can You Earn With Savvi?

The amount of money you can earn with Savvi is not set in stone. Your earnings depend on a variety of factors, including your sales, your team's sales, and as with all businesses… your level of commitment.

However, we can look at Savvi's Income Disclosure Statement for hard numbers. 

Savvi Income Disclosure Statement
Savvi Income Disclosure Statement

The only income disclosure statement they currently provide is a little out of date, but it gives us a guide. 

As you can see, roughly 1.45% of Independent Brand Partners had a median annual income greater than $10,000. 

That, of course, doesn't tell the entire story. 

According to the document, 52% did not earn a commission, either because they did not make any sales or because they only joined for discounts and other benefits. 

The “big money”, the kind typically talked about by MLM recruiters, accounted for about half a percent, depending on what you consider big money. 

If you're looking at median incomes six figures or greater, the number is 1.5%, and 80% had annualized incomes of $360. 

Keep in mind these are not profits and do not include expenses. 

Finally, there's roughly 18.5% who earned between $2000 and $8000. 

Again, just to be clear, this document provided by Savvi is somewhat outdated. These percentages and amounts may have changed, but this gives you a rough idea of how much you can earn with Savvi. 

To personalize your income potential based on your specific situation, you can play with the numbers using our MLM income projection calculators.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Savvi?

Savvi's website provides detailed information about the different Experience Packs available for new brand partners. These packs are designed to help start your business with Savvi and come with various benefits and perks.

There are three Experience Packs: Starter, Builder, and Leader.

  1. Starter Pack – Priced at $249 plus a $79 Brand Partner Fee, this pack includes $249 Shopping Credits, two boxes of Savvi Shine (one each of Lavender Cacao and Matcha Green Tea), Brand Partner Membership Perks, and an Insider monthly subscription. The total value of this pack is $526, offering a total savings of $277.
  2. Builder Pack – This pack costs $499, with the $79 Brand Partner Fee included. It offers $499 Shopping Credits, four boxes of Savvi Shine (two each of Lavender Cacao and Matcha Green Tea), Brand Partner Membership Perks, and an Insider monthly subscription. The total value of this pack is $1172, providing a total savings of $673.
  3. Leader Pack – The most premium pack, the Leader Pack, is priced at $999, with the $79 Brand Partner Fee included. It includes $999 Shopping Credits, six boxes of Savvi Shine (three each of Lavender Cacao and Matcha Green Tea), Brand Partner Membership Perks, and an Insider monthly subscription. The total value of this pack is $1989, offering a total savings of $990.

If these are too expensive, you can join by paying only $79/year for the Brand Partner Enrollment Fee.  

Savvi Brand Partner Purchase Checkout
Brand Partner Enrollment

The Brand Partner Membership Perks include $25 Introductory Gift Cards, wholesale pricing (15% off retail price), a free Women's Savvi Tank or Tee, access to the Savvi Business Office Suite, and the Savvi hub App.

The Insider monthly subscription, which is free for the first month and $103 monthly thereafter, increases the discount to 25% off the retail price. The subscription can be edited or canceled at any time.

Each pack also includes a step jumpstart on the Runway, with the number of steps varying based on the pack chosen.

Savvi Experience Packs

Savvi Starter Pack

Savvi Builder Pack

Savvi Leader Pack

In addition to your start kit/experience packs, Savvi specifies minimum sales volumes to qualify for rewards. These are required to ensure they are operating legally as an MLM and not a pyramid scheme. 

Qualifying Volume (QV) is a term used in the Savvi Rewards Plan to determine an Independent Brand Partner's rank and eligibility for certain bonuses. And QV is generated from the actual cash paid at checkout for commissionable items in an order, NOT INCLUDING sales tax, shipping, and non-commissionable items.

Therefore, to qualify for some bonuses, such as the Monthly Top 10 Customer Bonus and the Monthly Top 10 Team Builder Bonus, an Independent Brand Partner must have a minimum of $500 QV for any given monthly qualifying period.

Also, QV is generally not used in the direct calculation of commission amounts. Instead, it's used to determine an Independent Brand Partner's rank and eligibility for bonuses.

Additionally, there is a maximum of 60% of Qualifying Volume (QV) of the rank requirement that may be counted from any one single leg in an Independent Brand Partner's sales organization.

This is known as Capped Volume.

Understanding QV is crucial for Savvi Brand Partners who want to maximize their earnings potential and achieve higher ranks in the Savvi Rewards Plan. 

Savvi Clothing Products

Savvi is a relatively brand in the competitive fashion industry. They offer a wide range of stylish and comfortable clothing with a focus on both wellness and community. 

Savvi's Product Range

Savvi offers a diverse range of products, from apparel to wellness items. Their clothing line includes everything from puffer vests and hoodies to dresses and leggings. They also offer a variety of accessories, such as scarves and beanies.

They also have a limited line of hoodies and joggers for men. 

Like most brands, their clothing is available in various sizes, and patterns and are suitable for different activities, including sweaters for chilly days or a stylish dress for a night out.

Here's a more detailed look at Savvi's product range:

  • Outerwear – Savvi offers a variety of outerwear options to keep you warm and stylish. The Court Puffer and Kendra Puffer are perfect for those chilly days, while the Carli Puffer Vest offers a lighter option. The Rae Sherpa Pullover and Amy Full Zip Sherpa are other cozy options for your wardrobe.
  • Tops – From the Zuri Tank and Riot Racer Tank for your workout sessions to the Kw Top for a casual day out, Savvi has a wide range of tops to suit different occasions and styles.
  • Bras – Savvi offers a selection of sports bras like the Demi Bra, Tahiti Bra, Echo Bra, New Sun Bra, Femme X3 Bra, and Eco Bra, among others. These bras are designed for comfort and support during your workouts or daily activities.
  • Accessories – Savvi's accessories range includes stylish items like the Puffer Scarf, Ribbed Infinity Scarf, and various beanies, including the Savvi Beanie, Savvi Everyday Beanie, and Savvi Chunky Pom Beanie.
  • Hoodies and Sweaters – The Mojave Hoodie, Street Hoodie, and Uinta Sweater are perfect for a casual and comfortable look.
  • Dresses and Ponchos – Savvi's dress range includes the Audrey Dress and Amstel Dress. They also offer the C9 Turtleneck Poncho and Kerri Spirit Poncho for a unique and stylish look.
  • Bottoms – Savvi offers a variety of bottoms, including the Lauren Jogger, Ananda Capri, Cypress Legging, Seri 7/8 Legging, Seri Legging, and Eco Short. They also have the Ralley Skort and Lauren Short for those who prefer shorts or skorts.

Quality and Style

Whether you're a buyer or a brand partner, the quality and style of Savvi's clothing is critical.

As a buyer of course, you want the best quality and style. As a brand partner, your success depends on selling quality and style.

Savvi prides itself on both, and customers have praised them for their color options and fit.

Savvi Shopping Experience

In addition to purchases made through brand partners, Savvi also offers an easy and convenient shopping experience online and through the Apple Savvi Shop app.

The app, which has a current rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 6K ratings, allows customers to browse through categories quickly and check out with ease. Users generally give high marks to the app for being user-friendly and providing a smooth shopping experience. 

However, like any app or shopping experience, Savvi's has its share of challenges.

Some users have reported issues with items disappearing from their cart and the app not updating. I haven't found any of these issues mentioned about purchases made from the website (although that doesn't mean there haven't been any). 

There have also been some customer service complaints I'll get to below. 

Overall the response to has been positive, with many users expressing their love for the brand and the shopping experience.

Here are some quoted comments about the Savvi Shop App on the Apple Store… 

  • “Looking forward to building my wardrobe with pieces of Savvi!!!” – Laurie Wallace
  • “I love this brand! Gabby DiLemme helped me choose some beautiful items that were perfect for my size, style and body type! Beautiful color options…” – Plumeria12
  • “Mostly an easy platform, and obviously cute quality clothes! Only complaint is the layout for picture previews, they are sized too big and it’s awkward to see the entire piece. Super happy to have been turned on to this company!” – akczechmama
  • “The app is easy to use, I was able to click through quickly by category or by athletic/lifestyle. Checkout process was simple.” – TM9690

Savvi Style Club

The Savvi Style Club is more than just a subscription. It's also a community that empowers women to feel confident, beautiful, and amazing. Inspired by real women who love Savvi's clothing, the Style Club is a platform that celebrates individuality and self-expression.

Every week, Savvi holds Fashion Fridays, a fashion show where real women from the community showcase Savvi's clothing.

These shows are broadcast on Facebook and Instagram and highlight the ways in which clothing has made women feel. 

It's a supportive and empowering community that helps boost confidence and led to the creation of the Style Club. 

Savvi Fashion Fridays

The Perks of the Style Club

The Savvi Style Club is designed to be easy, affordable, and fun. It's not just about getting a new outfit every month; it's about feeling amazing. The Style Club is full of perks that show Savvi's appreciation for its members. Here are the top four reasons why members love the Style Club:

  • Savings – The Style Club offers instant savings through shopping credits. The $49 Style Club gets you $55 in shopping credits, and the $99 VIP Style Club gets you $110 in shopping credits. Members also get 10% or 15% off all purchases and shopping credits to compensate for shipping costs.
  • Exclusive Sales and Promotions – Style Club members get first dibs on restocks of best sellers, exclusive access to discounts and sales, and exclusive drops only available to Style Club members.
  • Self-Care – The Style Club is a great way to treat yourself to a new outfit every month. Clothing can be an instant mood changer, and when you feel good, you do good. The Style Club is your accountability partner in looking good and feeling good every month.
  • Sharing – With the Style Club, you get what Savvi calls “share codes,” which are $25 off credits. These are like little gifts you can share with your friends, helping them look and feel their best at no cost to you. The $49 Style Club includes three share codes, and the VIP Style Club includes nine.

Who Can Benefit From Savvi?

Those interested in fashion and earning extra income can benefit from joining Savvi.

Multi-level marketing is challenging, as statistics show, and my own experience with them has certainly turned me off. But my experience won't necessarily be yours. Many people enjoy this type of business, and many also thrive. 

While you don't been to be an expert salesperson or a professional recruiter to succeed as a Savvi Brand Partner, you will do much better if you have a passion for fashion and enjoy being around and speaking to people. 

It's a good opportunity for outgoing stay-at-home parents, college students, and those looking for a side hustle.

However, if you're more of an introvert (like I am), you might find it a little overwhelming. 

Also, if you don't have the time, money, or dedication at this time to invest in building your own business, then Savvi may not be for you.

If that's your current situation, there are other ways to earn an income from home…

One way to make money is with online survey sites like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars.

Of course, online surveys don't pay as much as a successful MLM business would, but they're also a lot easier to do and don't involve recruiting.

For a bigger income, an online business may be what you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Savvi Related to LulaRoe

Yes, Savvi has indirect connections to Lularoe. Savvi, previously known as Piphany and originally Honey & Lace was taken over by co-founders Ken Porter and Jennifer Pisani Ashby. Honey & Lace was founded by Dianne Ingram, the twin sister of DeAnne Stidham, who founded Lularoe.

While Ken Porter was an investor in Honey & Lace/Piphany, he was not involved with Lularoe. Dissatisfied with the business operations, Porter and others, including Jennifer Ashby, took over and rebranded the company as Savvi.

How Can I Cancel My Savvi Account?

To cancel your Savvi Insider Subscription or Wholesale Account,  you can do so at any time through your online account at or by emailing your request to

Was Savvi Involved In a Lawsuit?

Savvi does not appear to have been involved in a lawsuit. This question could stem from a dispute between Lularoe and Piphany (who later became Savvi). 

Lularoe (LLR, Inc) filed a lawsuit against Piphany, LLC and several former LLR Independent Fashion Retailers for contract violations, including solicitation and recruitment of other LLR Fashion Retailers to Piphany.

Before seeking court-ordered injunctive relief, both parties agreed to mediation. Despite denying the misconduct allegations, Piphany agreed in writing not to engage in such conduct in the future, as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding.

Where are Savvi Products Manufactured?

Savvi has products made in the USA and in various locations throughout the world by manufacturers who specialize in each product category they carry. Having said that, there is no specific information about where Savvi clothes are manufactured.

It's also likely that manufacturing locations change periodically.

Is Savvi Fit the Same As Savvi?

Savvi Fit is Savvi's line of athleisure wear, which includes leggings, crop tops, and other workout clothes. However, the name “Savvi Fit” in 2023 no longer shows up on their website.  

Along with their other lines like Savvi Everyday, it's unclear if they've fully retired the name Savvi Fit and pulled all of their product under a certain banner, but that seems to be the case.

Savvi Marketing and Sales Skills

As mentioned earlier, one advantage of multi-level marketing is that your upline's success depends on your success. Therefore, Savvi provides Brand Partners with the support they need to learn and grow in their business.

Savvi offers access to training programs, webinars, tutorials, and other resources that teach you how to build your list of potential customers and how to market yourself and your products effectively.

Here's one example…

In addition, some general sales and marketing skills can (and should) be used to help you grow your business. 

For example, know your audience…

Identify The Needs of Your Target Market

When it comes to Savvi products, identifying your target market is relatively easy. Your target audience is primarily women, particularly those who like fashion. 

When determining your target market or audience, it's good to start with an “avatar”. In marketing terms, an avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal customer. This profile includes demographic information such as age, gender, and income level, as well as psychographic information such as interests, values, and lifestyle.

By creating an avatar, you can better understand who your target market is, what they want, and how your product or service can meet their needs. 

This understanding can guide your marketing strategies and help you create more effective and personal campaigns.

So, as mentioned a moment ago, the Savvi target market is mostly women who value both style and comfort and who are interested in a community-oriented shopping experience. 

Here are three potential avatars for Savvi…

  1. Grace – The Busy Professional – This avatar is a woman in her 30s to 40s who balances a demanding career with a busy personal life. She values stylish, comfortable, and versatile clothing to transition from the office to a night out.

    Grace appreciates the convenience of online shopping and is likely to be interested in Savvi's range of professional yet comfortable clothing.
  2. Molly – The Active Mom – This avatar is a woman in her 30s to 50s who is always on the go, whether running errands, taking her kids to activities, or squeezing in a workout.

    Molly values durable, comfortable clothing that is easy to care for but doesn't want to sacrifice style. She would be interested in Savvi's athleisure line and the convenience of the Savvi Shop app.
  3. Sierra – The Fashion-Forward Millennial – This avatar is a woman in her 20s to 30s who is always on top of the latest fashion trends. She values unique, stylish clothing and loves to share her finds on social media.

    Sierra would be drawn to Savvi's trendy pieces and the Savvi Style Club community aspect, and would likely be a strong advocate for the brand on her social platforms.

Using avatars can help guide your Savvi marketing strategies.

For example, if you were creating targeted social media campaigns, you would highlight the aspects of Savvi that each avatar values most and make sure you choose the matching demographics provided by the platform's targeting tools.

Avatars like those above are also what companies like Savvi and others use to guide product development so that they continue to offer products that meet the needs and preferences of their target market.

Identify the Needs of Fashion Consumers

Understanding the needs of fashion consumers is crucial for every fashion marketer, particularly those involved in multi-level marketing. 

MLMs have a certain reputation that doesn't appeal to most people. It even turns some off. Therefore, appealing to someone's fashion sense and knowing what they really want, like comfort, is important to attract and retain customers. 

Some may show interest in joining your downline, but by focusing on the products rather than what most multi-level marketers do (pushing the opportunity, often desperately), you'll set yourself apart from the typical approach. 

Remember, if your potential recruit sees you promoting the opportunity and coming across as “needy,” they'll assume they must be that way too, which is unappealing. And they won’t want to do it. 

So, you'll want to know how to identify your potential customer's needs. Here are ways you can go about that…

Market Research

Market research typically refers to surveys, focus groups, and even one-on-one interviews. You could do these things, of course, and one thing I recommend are impromptu surveys by asking prospective customers (and recruits) for specific reasons why they did not buy or join. 

This is critical information that will help you modify your approach.

In the context of network marketing, market research can involve seeking out the most successful person in your upline and asking key questions about their customer's shopping habits, fashion preferences, and what they value in the Savvi brand.

This will give you a clearer picture of what your target audience wants.

Social Media Analysis

Social media is a goldmine of information about consumer preferences.

Analyze what your target consumers and prospects post and share about fashion and their lives.

What do they want?

What are they complaining about regarding other brands?

What are their worries, fears, and desires about money, career, etc.?

Also, pay attention to the brands they follow, the fashion influencers they engage with (if any), and the clothing they wear and buy. This can give you insight into the styles they prefer and the fashion trends they are interested in. 

Regarding the Savvi business opportunity, look for people in your social network who follow financial gurus, motivational speakers, side hustle channels, etc. 

Monitor Fashion Trends

Stay updated on the latest fashion trends by following fashion influencers, attending fashion shows if possible, and reading fashion magazines and blogs.

This can help you connect Savvi styles and items to current trends.

Understand Their Lifestyle

Understanding the lifestyle of your target consumers can give you insight into their fashion needs. For example, if your target consumers are busy professionals, they may value versatile clothing that can transition from work to evening wear.

On the other hand, if they are active moms, they may value durable and comfortable clothing.

Feedback and Reviews

Pay attention to the feedback and reviews that people give about other brands. This gives you direct insight into what people like and dislike about the apparel they buy, so you'll know which Savvi features and benefits to highlight…

… and which ones to downplay. 

That does not mean to be deceptive or dishonest. It will, however, give you advance notice to gather positive information about Savvi's products to counter what might give potential customers pause.  

Competitor Analysis

Look at what your competitors are doing. What types of clothing are they offering? What marketing strategies are they using?

This will help you identify what is working and what is not. You might even find things that make you cringe, and this insight will keep you from falling into a similar trap.

Remember, the needs of fashion consumers can change quickly, so it's important to continually monitor these factors and adjust your strategies accordingly. 

Leverage Savvi's Marketing System

Savvi focuses on women's empowerment, and while that's not necessarily unique among women's fashion MLMs, it's an element of Savvi's vision you should leverage. 

While it works to Saavi's benefit for the purposes of recruiting and could be considered by some to be a gimmick, building a successful brand partnership undoubtedly empowers women and increases confidence, which aligns with their mission.  

As a Savvi brand partner, you can leverage your upline to develop your marketing skills and cater to the specific needs of your target market, as mentioned earlier.

And Savvi also provides tools and marketing resources such as share codes, marketing brochures, and a decent compensation plan to help you build your business. 

Savvi Reviews and Complaints

Alright, I've focused on many positives, and there certainly are positive Savvi reviews. 

But one of the challenges of researching MLMs though, is that you often get overly positive reviews from members who are promoting the opportunity and selling the products. 

Or, you get disgruntled reviewers who gave up on the opportunity after months (or years) of false promises and lifestyle dreams. 

Usually, the truth is somewhere in the middle, so I'll try to provide a view from both sides. 

First, let me echo what I mentioned earlier about the statistical success of participants in multi-level programs. The success rates are abysmal, and according to studies, 99% lose money. 

To be clear, that doesn't mean that 99% do not make any money. Many do, but when you include the cost of joining, travel to customers' homes and events, inventory, subscriptions, and even the premium prices for personal volume… most lose money. 

Also, because many commission levels and bonuses are part of the compensation plan, that money must come from somewhere. Depending on the MLM, that might mean higher than store equivalent prices or cheaper and lower quality. 

In some cases, it leads to both higher prices AND lower quality. 

MLMs also make money through things like monthly auto-ship programs, training and promotional materials, events, and even by limiting customer service, which is also costly. 

Add to those aggressive recruiting tactics and bad experiences (with bad MLMs), and you often get preconceived ideas and misdirected frustration toward good MLMs. 

With that said, here are some complaints and frustration people have reported about Savvi on Glassdoor…

  • Quality doesn’t match pricing.”
  • “Pilling happens on nearly every item.”
  • “Overpriced clothing that no one was interested in purchasing except me to stay in the program.”

Again, to be fair, there are many positive comments on Glassdoor, for example… 

  • “Amazing product line that keeps getting better and better. Leadership team takes care of their people.”
  • “Good quality, fast shipping, great community”
  • “…personally life changing for my family.”

Their current rating on Glassdoor is 3.3 (out of 5 stars), which has improved over the last year or two. 

The Savvi reviews, and complaints on Trustpilot seem to be a little less optimistic from a consumer's perspective.

Savvi's current ranking on Trustpilot is 3.1 (out of 5 stars). 

Here are some Savvi complaints…

  • “Poor customer service and none of their policies are clear. Beware that they will make returns very difficult and try to avoid returning anything at all.”
  • “If I could give zero stars I would.”
  • “Cancelling it returning an order is almost impossible! What company operates like that?”

Having gone through the pages of reviews, the primary complaint (including the reasons for those above) are all related to customer service and difficulty with shipments and returns. 

There are some complaints about quality, but not many. 

Among the positive reviews are…

  • “Easy to shop, beautiful clothing and support right at your fingertips!”
  • “Beats big name pricing and quality just as good or better.”
  • “Everything I’ve tried I have loved.” 

So, as you can see, the reviews range from very good to very bad, and there are actually very few in between. 

One reason is that people who are neither completely happy nor unhappy with the brand are not particularly compelled to leave a review. 

So reviews usually go to both extremes with all companies and products, not just Savvi. 

Overall, Savvi is a decent fashion MLM with many happy customers. Having said that, your experience with Savvi will be unique. It will depend on the particular items you purchase, your direct upline (or brand partner you purchase from), and unpredictable circumstances like lost shipments, for example. 

What I Like About Savvi

  • I'm not a fan of MLMs, but I am a fan of side hustles. Despite the business model, Savvi can be a great opportunity for the right person to build a home business in an industry they have a passion for. 
  • Savvi has a large catalog of clothing with better reviews than its predecessors, Piphany and Honey & Lace. 
  • There are no inventory requirements.
  • Flexible schedule, and you can work at your own pace.

What I Don't Like

  • Recruiting. Very few people are good at recruiting, and even fewer enjoy it. And people also don't like being recruited. It can put pressure on friendships, family, and co-workers and, in some cases, ruin those relationships. 
  • The success rate is low. To be clear, this is true of all MLMs and business opportunities. The challenges in network marketing, however, are somewhat unique because success requires a rare personality and, in many cases, uncommon circumstances.  
  • Monthly subscription cost to be part of the Savvi Style Club.
  • Relatively high prices. Savvi products are getting up there in cost, close to those of Lululemon. While quality comparisons are subjective, it would be difficult to say that Savvi has the reputation, clout, or brand recognition of Lululemon.

    Other brands like Old Navy or those you can buy at Target and Amazon are as much as 50% less.

    Of course, Savvi will say they are a premium brand, not a “fast fashion” or bargain brand. And while that may be true, as a brand partner whose income depends on sales (and the sales of their downline), the premium prices can be much harder to sell. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

If you're passionate about fashion and community, Savvi is definitely worth considering.

The cost to join Savvi is on par with other fashion MLMs who also have a commission-based approach, and you don't need to worry about purchasing and managing inventory. 

Another fashion-oriented option to consider is J Hilburn, a custom-tailored men's clothing company, though many of their stylists are women.

Ultimately, joining an MLM like Savvi involves building a downline, so if you're outgoing and charismatic, it could be for you. 

It's also worth mentioning that MLMs can help you develop sales and marketing skills that serve you elsewhere in life. Many people focus on their income as a measure of success or failure in an MLM (or any business), but often the real successes are the skills you develop and the person you become along the way.

As I've mentioned multiple times, I don't like MLMs. But I can't ignore that the training and, what felt like painful recruiting efforts over the years, could be the reason I've succeeded in other areas of life.

However, if you're an introverted person and not as comfortable putting yourself out there, so to speak, you may find it challenging. And you're not alone. 

One of the biggest reasons (if not the biggest) that most people struggle with network marketing is that most people don't like selling and recruiting. And their relationships with friends, family, and co-workers are often incompatible with that dynamic. 

Again, many people can relate. Most people, in fact.

You may be a single parent at home or a student in school. You may have health issues keeping you at home. Or maybe you just hate your current job, and the idea of recruiting isn't for you.

If that's the case, an online business is what you want. 

With all the scams and schemes out there though, knowing how and where to get started the right way is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

If you're just looking for a simple way to make some extra spending money, online survey, and get-paid-to sites may be what you're looking for.  

Sites like Survey Junkie are a great way to get started. Inbox Dollars is another site that offers rewards for doing things like watching videos, visiting websites, and searching the web.

I hope my Savvi review has been helpful, and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with Savvi, please share them in the comments below.  


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