Shiftgig Review – A Legit App for Finding Jobs, or a Scam?

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Hi, and welcome to my Shiftgig Review.

Shiftgig has always been known as a matchmaker for workers/freelancers and companies with on-demand jobs.

While they used to be a marketplace where people could directly apply for jobs, they’re now focusing on their Shiftgig software (the app behind the scenes that's responsible for making this type of setup work).

Now, workers need to access Shiftgig's app to look for shifts/jobs but they’re no longer hiring people directly, so you’ll need to be an employee of a staffing company (that’s powered by Shiftgig) in order to find temporary jobs in your area. More on that below and where you can apply.

Shiftgig Review Official Website
Shiftgig Official Site

The main purpose of this review is to help you determine if Shiftgig is for you, how to use it, and of course… what some people may be wondering, if Shiftgig is legit or a scam.

If it’s a scam of course, you’d surely want to stay away from it.

But if it’s legit, it might be worth considering if you’re looking for a way to earn some cash. And, if you can really make money with it, how should you go about it?

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. I'll talk about the following below:

  • What Is Shiftgig?
  • Is it a Scam?
  • How Does Shiftgig Work (and how you get started)?
  • Reviews and Complaints
  • What I Like About Shiftgig
  • What I Don’t Like About it
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Shiftgig. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Shiftgig?

Shiftgig was officially founded in 2012 (though it really started in 2011) by co-founders Eddie Lou, Jeff Pieta, and Sean Casey. They are located in the US with their main office address at 1 North State Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60602 USA, and their contact number is (312) 489-5666. 

Knowing the names of the founders, their address and phone number are a good sign you're dealing with a reputable company.

Shiftgig was first known as Bullpen (they rebranded in 2015). In the beginning, they mainly featured jobs for bars and restaurants that people can apply to (over the internet).

It was in 2014 when their mobile software for Shiftgig rolled in and they began offering hourly gigs for workers through their app. They’ve become really popular for this and is actually one of the pioneers of this concept.

Today, Shiftgig is no longer presenting itself as a marketplace like ShiftSmart where people can directly apply for jobs. Instead, it has taken on a SaaS-based image (Software as a Service) and is hosting their apps on the internet to make the services of getting on-demand jobs available to workers through their mobile devices.

What this means to you, is that you can use the Shiftgig app to find job opportunities within your area and apply for gigs whenever and wherever you want.

Shiftgig Review What is Shiftgig

According to their Facebook page, they’re a software company – and this is their mission statement: To transform the way people work by empowering workers with choice and flexibility.

Companies (staffing firms and businesses), on the other hand, can use Shiftgig’s software (they have two currently – Deploy and BookedOut) for managing, monitoring, timekeeping, etc.

As far as earning money is concerned, clients pay their hired workers on a per hour basis for as-needed jobs.

Shiftgig is quite reputable. Here are just some of the rewards and accolades they got through their many years of existence:

1. Top 50 Gen Y Employer

In 2013, published an article for the Top 50 Gen Y Employers in Chicago, and Shiftgig was included at #44.

2. Chicago Innovation Award

In 2014, they were awarded by Chicago Innovation for their Customer-Client Matching services. It was an up-and-comer award for the Business Services industry (note that they were still relatively new at this point).

Is Shiftgig a Scam?

If you’ve read this far, you know that Shiftgig is legit, and I honestly don’t see any traces of them being a scam. I’ve seen a lot of complaints, yes, and I’ll talk about that more in a minute. The thing is, having complaints doesn’t make them a scam.

I’d say they’re legit for a lot of reasons. They not only have an online presence but as mentioned above, a physical presence as well.

They have an official site, a Facebook page with 9,000+ followers, a Twitter account with 4,500+ followers, an Instagram account with 1,000+ followers, and a LinkedIn profile with 13,000+ followers.

As for their physical presence, they have an address for their headquarters and their main office is situated in a building (3rd floor) in Chicago.

Also, people have been working in their offices (Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and New York) for many years now. And a lot of people have already testified to have worked with Shiftgig (through their reviews all over the internet)… so they are definitely not a scam.

Having said that, depending on how you discovered Shiftgig, it may not be exactly what you were looking for or thought it was though.

If what you wanted was just a simple way to earn a few extra bucks from home, something like an online survey site may be what you're after.  Sites like and for example, pay you to do small tasks online and share your opinion.

Of course, they won't make you rich, nor do they pay as much as a Shiftgig job does… but they're a simple little side hustle you can do in your spare time (in addition to your Shiftgig jobs). 

For a more serious income, an online business is another option (for the right person)

You may be at home because of difficulties with your health for example, or young ones to look after in which case, something you can do remotely is what you want. 

If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

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How Does Shiftgig Work?

The main function of the Shiftgig app is to help create a flexible working environment for workers (called Specialists in Shiftgig’s app).  This section will focus on…

  • How it works 
  • How to use it, and… 
  • How you can apply for temporary jobs using their services.

Shiftgig Jobs – Industries Supported

Shiftgig supports 3 main industries (listed below). Using the Shiftgig app is like having a digital staffing company – which works for the good of the workers and their employers. As jobs are chosen by the workers themselves, chances for success are relatively high. As a worker, you can pick jobs that you’re good at or something you enjoy.

1. Hospitality Staffing

This is a broad field that includes lodging and accommodation, food and beverages, transportation/traveling, and more.

The hotel industry falls under the lodging and accommodation category – and that can include jobs for housekeeping and guest relations.

The food and beverages category is also huge – job opportunities under this include working as a cook, dishwasher, bartender, barista, server, host, etc.

2. Light Industrial Staffing

The field of light industrial is mainly focused on manufacturing, production, and labor. Some examples of this include the manufacturing of clothes and creating electronic devices. It can also include warehouse jobs for administration and general labor.

3. Experiential Marketing

Jobs under this category involve events where a company can connect their brand to the consumers’ positive experiences. These are usually company events wherein Shiftgig Specialists can work as company representatives, hosts, and brand ambassadors.

Compared to the hospitality and light industrial categories, Experiential Marketing jobs usually pay more.

Shiftgig Application

Here are the steps to follow if you’re going to apply for work through Shiftgig:

1. Go to

Shiftgig Review How to Apply

2. Download the Shiftgig app for your smartphone (it’s available for iOS and Android). You can also skip step 1 and simply download the app from GooglePlay.

3. Apply to your chosen companies (in your area) through the app. Right now, the following companies are all powered by Shiftgig (you can apply to all of them):

Shiftgig Review Application

4. Pass the interview (phone or video call) and background check. For this step, you might need to submit additional documents and show up to their office for a face-to-face interview.

5. If accepted, the company will activate your account and help you build your profile. You'll then be able to see all the job opportunities in the Shiftgig app.

6. If your profile/qualifications match a company’s needs, you’ll be sent a notification through the app (and almost always, an email as well).

7. Apply for particular tasks (shifts) and wait to be accepted.

8. If accepted for a job, make sure that you show up to the job and complete the task/s as required.

9. Get paid (they have various payment methods inside the Shiftgig app).

It’s quite easy to apply for jobs in staffing companies that are powered by Shiftgig. As long as you’re qualified for a task, your chances of getting accepted are high (being accepted for temporary work however, doesn't mean there will be a gig available immediately).

Just keep in mind that a lot of people are subscribed to Shiftgig – so there’s some competition here. However, their app has an application status tracker that you can check on to monitor your applications.

Shiftgig Application Requirements

There are some basic requirements that you need to meet for you to qualify as a Shiftgig Specialist/worker. These are industry standards, so I don’t think you’ll have any problem with them:

  • Experience in the task/position you’re applying for
  • At least 18 years old
  • Legally authorized to work in the US
  • Live near the targeted locations for work
  • Smartphone with Shiftgig app

Shiftgig Interview Questions

Just in case you’re feeling a little nervous about the interview part in applying for a job via Shiftgig, know that you’ll just be asked the usual questions (like in traditional jobs). has some examples of interview questions from Shiftgig users’ reviews – here are some of them:

  • How did you handle a difficult situation at your last job?
  • Why do you think you’re the best candidate for the job?
  • Why do you want to work for our company?
  • What kind of work do you like to do?
  • What are your transportation means/options?
Shiftgig Review GlassDoor Positive Reviews

See, those questions aren’t that hard… you just need to answer them honestly. 

And… don't make the mistake most people make and wing it. Prepare your answers to those questions before hand. They might not be the exact questions you're asked, but you can count on a few that are similar.

Finding and Claiming Shiftgig Jobs

It’s very easy to find and claim jobs with the Shiftgig app. It comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to find and claim tasks/shifts right then and there.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Find Shifts section of the app to view available jobs. You can find (and claim) jobs scheduled for the day and for future dates (weeks and months in advance).
  2. When you find a job that you’re interested in, click on it and review the Shift details on that particular task.
  3. Before sending your application for a shift, you’ll first need to confirm that you’re qualified for the job. To do this, check on the box that says you’re agreeing that you meet all their needed requirements for the task. Just some quick notes regarding this step:
  • It's not good to lie (that you’re qualified, if you’re not) as this can disqualify you from future jobs (when caught).
  • You’re allowed to cancel gigs that you’ve already been accepted to. Just make sure that you do so within the app.
  • Arriving late at scheduled jobs is unacceptable.
  • Arriving at shifts unprepared is considered unprofessional.
  • Note that you can get “strikes” for unprofessionalism and bad/unethical behavior – and accumulation of strikes can render you unqualified for future gigs.

4. To claim a task/job/shift, go to the Claim Shift section and click on the Claim button. Here are some things to remember:

  • If a shift is successfully claimed (by you), it should show up in your Upcoming section.
  • Clicking on the Claim button doesn’t necessarily mean that you already got the job. If it doesn’t show up in your Upcoming section, it means that you did not claim it successfully (somebody might have beaten you to it).
  • Don’t report for a job that you haven’t successfully claimed (you will not get paid for showing up to a shift that’s not yours in the first place).

5. Show up and work on your scheduled tasks. Now, this is mandatory. But here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Think of Shiftgig jobs as a regular job (as far as professionalism is concerned) – you’re expected to show up on time and in proper attire. Of course, your mind and body should also be prepared to handle the job well.
  • In cases of repeated tasks (for different days), you should successfully claim all the shifts in the Shiftgig app. These should all show up in your Upcoming section.

Unavailable Shifts on Shiftgig

When you see unavailable shifts (unclickable) on your Shiftgig app, it means you’re not qualified/fit for the task. The reason/s can be any of the following:

  • Your skills don’t match the job’s requirements.
  • You have an existing/approved shift that runs at the same time.
  • You’re far from the job location (your location should be within the 60 to 70-mile range requirement).
  • The shift is already claimed (by another person). If you’re interested in the job, you can put your name on the waitlist so that they can notify you when the task is dropped (and made available again).

Shiftgig Compensation

Shiftgig companies pay by the hour. Upon checking some of the reviews from (from Shiftgig users themselves), I can say that pay ranges can be anywhere from $10 to $20 per hour.

Shiftgig Review Hourly Pay

Of course, the pay can be more as this will depend on the type of industry, the company, type of work, and your qualifications.

Shiftgig Pay Schedule

The typical payment structure in companies that are powered by Shiftgig show that workers are paid every week via direct deposit in their account.

You also have the option to get paid every day as they have a partnership with DailyPay. When you go for this option, you can get your payment within the day (after your hours are confirmed by your client).

Note that all Shiftgig payments are based on the hours reported by a worker after finishing his/her task. However, the final approval happens on the client’s end. There’s a timecard within the Shiftgig app that both employer and worker can access and refer to for these things.

Possible Reasons for Not Getting Paid

Before I go into the review section and discuss the many complaints on Shiftgig (such as people not getting paid), let me just list some of the possible reasons why a Shiftgig worker might not get paid.

  1. If your client reached out to you before your scheduled gig and you failed to acknowledge it, it could be a basis for not paying you (as there might be some additional instructions or requests that you intentionally/unintentionally missed).
  2. You arrived late.
  3. You didn’t come to your scheduled gig.
  4. You didn’t wear the right attire for the job.
  5. Failure on your part to carry out the job as required.
  6. You accepted an unpaid training job (that’s why you should always check the details on a particular shift first before applying for it).

Of course, there are always those situations when an error is made, but generally speaking, the reasons for not getting paid have more to do with the worker than they do with the client (not always, but in most cases). 

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Shiftgig Reviews and Complaints

Reviews on and Shiftgig’s own Facebook page reveals a mixture of both good and bad experiences from Shiftgig users. Unfortunately, a lot of reviews are bad. Most of them in fact. 

Now, it’s not that I don’t believe those who left bad reviews… It’s just that people tend to leave bad reviews more often than good reviews. Typically, if one is satisfied with a product, he/she will just feel happy about it and not broadcast it to the world (maybe to a few close friends and family members).

It's not the same with bad experiences… When people feel aggrieved or taken advantage of, they usually vent this on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that we have the internet for these kinds of things – but sometimes they just don’t paint the whole picture of what’s really going on.

Anyway, you can look at some of the reviews I found on Glassdoor and their Facebook page…

Shiftgig Review GlassDoor Negative Reviews
Shiftgig Review Facebook Page Reviews
Source: Shiftgig Facebook Page

Again, to be fair… it must be said that there are two sides to every story, and that it's not always an accurate overall picture when negative reviews outweigh the positive. 

For example, some of these complaints are not specifically about Shiftgig.

  • Few available shifts
  • Low pay
  • Unsuccessful interviews/schedules
  • Inability to claim shifts
  • Poor management
  • Technical problems with the app

These are valid complaints of course, but many of them are simple due to circumstance. 

If there are more workers than on-demand jobs, there will surely be fewer job opportunities for everyone. Still, I think everyone has a fair chance of getting shifts (and maybe sometimes people are just luckier than others). With new (and more) companies using the Shiftgig platform now, I believe this problem will potentially be resolved.

As for the low pay, well, I don’t think you should accept an offer or a shift if you think it’s too low for your standards (or qualifications). You see, Shiftgig functions in a way that they’re transparent with their pay. You’ll see your estimated earnings before applying for a job.

The cases of unsuccessful interviews/schedules can also be caused by a lot of things. For these kinds of things, you should follow up with the hiring company itself (just like if you were applying to a traditional job).

Now, I already talked about the possible reasons why a shift you’re interested in may not be available. And again, I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault. If a task is unavailable, simply put your name on the waiting list and hope it becomes available to you (they’ll contact you if the opportunity opens up again and you’re qualified for it).

When it comes to poor management, I can’t vouch for Shiftgig and the companies that use their software platform because I've never worked for them. All I can say is that there are no perfect companies and there are no perfect people. But then, there are more good people (I hope) than bad people. You'll see this in some of the positive reviews (screenshots) I posted.

As far as technical problems on the app are concerned. I guess Shiftgig needs to listen to their reviewers/users and work hard on improving this aspect on their app.  

As for the technical hiccups, I think even the best companies go through that. Heck, even my cable company can’t make it through the month without technical difficulties. Also, it’s possible that in some of these cases, the users of the app could be doing something incorrectly as well.

Note too that there are also positive reviews from people who have worked for Shiftgig for years! I think these screenshots (below) from also say a lot about how the company operates in general (that it's not that bad).

Shiftgig Review GlassDoor Jobs

What I Like About Shiftgig

  • The Shiftgig app is easy to use.
  • You can choose when (a convenient/available time) you want to work.
  • You can choose where (area/location) you want to work.
  • You can choose which company to work for.
  • A wide range of temporary jobs are found in one place and you can apply to them through your mobile phone. 

What I Don't Like

  • Limited sources of work (there’s no guarantee of always having available work for you).
  • Low pay in some gigs (the hiring companies have predetermined rates for their on-demand jobs).
  • Shiftgig is no longer functioning as a public marketplace (complaints, if any, are taken up with the staffing companies or clients themselves).

Where Do You Go From Here?

I like Shiftgig – it’s not a scam. It’s a legit business that’s empowering freelancers to earn extra money with a flexible schedule. I think it’s really helpful for a lot of people and they’ve successfully delivered on their promise of providing a technology that would benefit staffing agencies, business clients, and workers alike.

I'll let you decide if it was a good idea that they transitioned their matchmaking marketplace for workers and clients to staffing agencies.

On one hand, it's a little easier when workers can directly contact their clients about anything (questions, grievances, etc.). And, it could be tough for everyone if Shiftgig get's caught in the middle.

On the other hand, it's helpful if they can act as a mediator when issues come up. And in some of the reviews I’ve seen, it seems that this is not always the case.

Should you use Shiftgig? Is it for you? I think it’s a good idea to have it as one of your options. It depends on how badly you need to make some money.

In any case, as a gig worker (or freelancer) it's always good to have more than one option – because really, there are a lot of ways to earn money today (if you know where to look). 

You might be a student in school or a single parent at home. You may have health challenges that make regular work difficult, or maybe you just hate your job and you’re desperate for a way out.

If that's the case, an online business is one of those options.  

With all the scams and schemes out there though, knowing how and where to get started the right way is what you need in order to get what you want

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Of course they won't make you rich, but if you've never made money online before, they can be a solid first step to bigger things down the road. 

Thanks for reading and I hope my Shiftgig review has been helpful. If you have any comments, questions, or experience with Shiftgig, please share in the comments section below.

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  1. Shiftgig is a scam now. The website doesn’t even load and says it’s unsafe and then forbidden. This app is also not on the playstore anymore. Please update your info to reflect the truth and stop giving false hope and wasting time of workers. This is simply not true that this app exists under the shiftgig name and I have not found any site that actually lists the locations they offer jobs which. Also is a waste of time likely u were getting paid by them to promote. Any app that is only done loadable via their unsafe site is not safe . Do not download any app that way.

    • website not loading = scam?

      their business is just closed or acquired perhaps.

      the people worked hard to get their business up and running, they raised millions of dollars, managed to create hundreds of jobs for years, I’m sure they’re not doing all of that to scam you a few bucks.