Shopper’s Voice Reviews – Survey Scam or Legit?

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Thanks for checking out my Shopper’s Voice review. One of the most common questions I get about earning money on the web is about online surveys. Yes… many are legit, and you can make money doing surveys, but unfortunately… you won’t make money with Shopper’s Voice.

It’s not exactly clear on their website… but when you start digging into the Shopper’s Voice reviews you find out that the best you can hope for are some coupons and maybe a product sample. You might also become the target of a check cashing scam…

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Shopper's Voice. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What is Shopper’s Voice?

Shopper’s Voice is a marketing research company that rewards members with coupons, samples and special offers. It’s not your typical online survey site… there are no points, no gift cards, and no cash payouts.  

There is also no steady stream of survey's into your inbox. Shopper's Voice publishes one survey per year.

What you get for doing that one survey (in addition to coupons and the odd sample) is an entry into a monthly sweepstakes draw. A chance to earn $1500… but I’ll come back to that in a moment, because it’s a really small chance.

Online surveys are becoming a popular method to generate extra money, but along with the good, come a bunch of the bad…  

Shopper’s Voice, headquartered in Toronto ON Canada, is among the older survey companies and according to the Better Business Bureau website they were established in 1985. Of course… in the era of mesh shirts and feathered hair, their surveys were mailed the old-fashioned way.

In 2013 Shopper’s Voice discontinued their paper surveys and they are now exclusively online.

Is Shopper’s Voice Surveys a Scam?

People know it's possible to make money online, but it's still one of those mysterious places full of fraudsters. You wouldn't be the first person to believe it's a scam.

There are a lot of great make-money opportunities online, and there's also a lot of garbage. When it comes to Shopper’s Voice… I hate to say it, but I’m leaning towards garbage.

In fact, I’m even tempted to call them a scam, and I’ll explain why.

To be clear… I am not talking about an absolute scam, the kind that defrauds you out of hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Shopper’s Voice does not ask you for money.

The reason I’m temped to call them a scam is because their big selling point (their promise) is that you have a chance to win $1500…

But when I checked their website I found this…

Shoppers Voice Sweepstakes Winners Not Yet Contacted

As you can see… I took this screenshot in July of 2018. Are they still in the process of contacting the winners as far back as January of 2017?

So… They're a Scam?

Not necessarily…

There may be several reasons to explain the screenshot above. Maybe they’ve attempted to contact the winners, but have never received a response. Or, maybe they’ve just neglected to update their website (although they do show one winner for 2017).

Who knows… but if your motive to sign-up and fill out their survey is for a chance at winning $1500… you probably won’t. And, if by some act of miraculous luck you do… they’ll let you know in a couple years.

So… that’s why I’m only “tempted” to call them a scam.

I don’t have enough information to actually call them a scam, and I always try to be fair and give the companies and products I review the benefit of the doubt.

There’s obviously an issue with their $1500 draw… but they do list winners from previous years as well as current winners of other offers they’ve sent out.

Shopper’s Voice has also been proactive in educating people about real scams that are using their name to rip people off.

One is a mystery shopping scam that sends you email, text messages and presumably asks you for money (Shopper’s Voice discusses this on their website), and the other is a check cashing scam that they have warned people about on various blogs and forums. [note: if you receive a check in the mail claiming to be from Shopper’s Voice…DO NOT deposit it. This is the same warning that Shopper’s Voice has given]

So… for the record, I’m calling Shopper’s Voice legit. My personal opinion is that they should communicate their intentions a little better on their website, but that doesn’t make them a scam.

Who Is Shopper’s Voice For?

Just because I’m calling them legit doesn’t mean I’d recommend them.

So, who is Shopper’s Voice for? It has to be for the person who is exceptionally bored and has nothing better to do. I’m not a fan of online surveys in general because the pay is so low… but if you’re going to do them, you should at least get paid something.

At best, you’ll earn a few coupons here, and potentially some product samples.

Who Is It Not For?

If you’re looking to earn actual money online, Shopper’s Voice is not for you.

If you’re interested in earning serious money online… full-time job-replacing income… then it’s definitely not for you.

The internet is a powerful tool that gives you leverage. You can create something once and get paid many times for it. In some cases, for years.

Online surveys (even the ones that pay) provide zero leverage. For every survey you do, you only get paid once.

No matter what your financial goals are (big or small), you can't beat passive income when it comes to achieving a truly independent lifestyle. Paid surveys will never provide that.

Shopper’s Voice Reviews and Complaints

There are enough Shopper’s Voice reviews to paint a picture of what’s going on… but for a company that’s been around since 1985, you’d think there would be more.

Unfortunately, the comments you do find are not promising. Among the complaints, people are saying…

  • Shopper's Voice is always sending them spam emails, or more offers for surveys that don’t pay anything.
  • The survey is a lot longer than the 15 – 25 minutes they claim it to be, and again… you’re doing it for coupons.
  • That Shopper’s Voice shares (sells) your information to 3rd parties who just send you spam. (This is probably where the scammers who pretend to be Shopper’s Voice are getting your information as well)

Final Thoughts

I’d like to provide a list of things I like and don’t like about Shopper’s Voice, but truthfully… I can’t see much point.

As I mentioned above, I don’t put a lot of value in online surveys to begin with (it’s just not my preferred method to make money online)… but to spend your time sharing opinions and personal information for a sweepstakes entry (that’s a year-and-a-half behind in announcing its winners)… I just can’t recommend it.  

There are far better ways to make money online.

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  1. Arely at CVS EAST AND THought was by herself, She was friendly, kind, professional, proficient. Arely went over and above helping me.
    Arely is an asset you your company.

  2. I did do the survey and I chose an offer for a free year of “Men’s Health” magazine. As I entered my address for delivery; I came across “province”, not state. There’s no way to change it to states. I don’t live in Canada.
    I have to say, it looks like a scam. They take your info and answers with absolutely no reward.

  3. Looks like quite a few things have you wrote this article. I just received a good old fashioned paper survey in the mail from Shopper’s Voice. The “2022 Television, Online Video and Internet Survey”. The sweepstakes is for a $500 gift card (not $1500). Of course, I have no intention of sending the survey back because

    A) I’d never heard of this company
    B) And, like the 20 other scummy marketing companies that have been sending me junk in the mail, they acquired my name & address by scouring public real estate listings. All this crap goes right in the trash.

  4. I find it extremely interesting that your company provides a comment area for those concerned if they’re getting scammed or not. Actually sounds to me like it’s just a company of a bunch of cheap bastards trying to cash in on the ignorance of the mainstream public and doing so quite gingerly with a carrot on a stick ( the certainty of definitely not winning $1,500)

  5. I received a paper survey in the mail today. So apparently the online survey didn’t do much good for them and they’re picking up their old ways from 2013. Thank you for the info.

  6. I gave my email address, name and address for free samples hopefully everything will be ok
    It you can cancel any time if it is a scam that won’t be nothing. I can only cross my fingers on this one.🤞

  7. Hi Jay,

    It seems that Shoppers Voice is gone for good…
    The site hasn't been up for weeks now.