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Six Lee Inspirational Story

I'm forever fascinated by people who follow their passion in life and become successful. Artists, designers, musicians, authors… creative people in general, face a tough challenge trying to make it in a world that values “production” more than “creation”. At least in an economic sense.

Inspired by a previous article I wrote, I find Six Lee's story inspirational not only because of his success, but because he did by following his passion for creativity, for love and for life. 

Six Lee is the founder and chief designer of the brand “SixLee”, which draws inspiration from his romantic nature, as well as what he describes as the most diverse genres of music and film. 

“The difference between working for other designers and my own brand”, Six says, “is more related to myself. I can see everyday how I'm growing up as a person, also in my work.”

“I just want to show my creative work and my own point of view to the audience which doesn't know me. If they like it, I appreciate it. If they don't​ I couldn't counter it because it's just like love.”

My daughter, soon to be 11 has said she'd like to be a fashion designer one day. Being the person I am, I have no choice but to encourage her. As a father however, I can't help but wonder if I should go against my own advice and suggesting a more traditional path… into the health industry for example. 

But, designers like Six Lee are an inspiration to all creatives. It's easy to say “I just want to show my creative work and my own point of view”. But to actually live it, and build a career (and life) around those words is something we can all aspire to. 

Here's Six Lee in his own words…​

Building a life around your passion isn't the easiest thing to do, but it also doesn't have to be the most difficult thing. In fact… spending years (or even decades) doing something uninspiring, or worse… something you hate, is not exactly easy either. It's a different pain… a dull pain.

Breaking free of your situation might require a side hustle, a deliberate strategy to shift your life from one you're not satisfied with, to one that you look forward to every day. And, there are hundreds of options. From an online business to a local gig teaching guitar… 

There are also work-at-home hustles which might not be your dream job… but they can start you on a path in the direction of something you love. As Six Lee points out, or at least his story points out… there's a world of difference between spending your life in alignment with your passions versus a dull sense of misery wishing you were somewhere else. 

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