SurveyJunkies Review – BIG SCAM or Legit $500 – $1,000 Today?

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Welcome to my SurveyJunkies Review.

You may have heard of SurveyJunkies before, or maybe not…  but if you have, it's because SurveyJunkies (that's “SurveyJunkies” with an “s” on the end) is a rip off of a completely different company called Survey Junkie (without an “s” on the end). 

And to be clear, Survey Junkie with no “s” at the end is the real deal and the original. They are legit. 

SurveyJunkies on the other hand is an imposter and has a lot of explaining to do. From the look and design of their website, this similarity is no coincidence. 

I know, it may be a little confusing, but SurveyJunkies (the imposter) is deliberately copying the original and hoping to piggyback on their legitimacy.      

SurveyJunkies Review Official Site

Unfortunately… when you look at the dollars SurveyJunkies is promising… $500 – $1000 today and every day… it's crystal clear they’re promoting a get-rich-quick scheme.

However, before I call them a scam, they deserve a thorough and honest review. 

If your gut is also telling you SurveyJunkies is a scam (my gut is), please read on. Together, we’ll dive in deep and look closely at We'll find out who they are, what they do and whether they're a scam. 

My SurveyJunkies review will cover the following:

  • What is SurveyJunkies?
  • Is SurveyJunkies a Scam?
  • How Does SurveyJunkies Work?
  • SurveyJunkies Reviews and Complaints
  • What I Like About SurveyJunkies
  • What I Don’t Like
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for SurveyJunkies. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is SurveyJunkies?

According to the site, they’re the #1 Influencer Network. This is a self-proclaimed title with no evidence. 

In fact, the evidence suggests the opposite. That they're a brand new fly-by-night scheme that very few people have ever heard of. 

But more on that in a moment…

SurveyJunkies also makes it seem like it’s easy money. That they’ll give you money just for signing up and when people click on your referral links and/or when they join. 

To be honest, I’ve seen a lot of sites like SurveyJunkies’ before and they’re all built on the promise that making money online is going to be easy. I mean, they say they’ll give you $50 just for creating and uploading a short YouTube video. 

Add that to the $30 sign up bonus and you've earned $80 in a matter of hours (even minutes) before you ever spend a single dime. 

It sounds great, but let's look at it from SurveyJunkies' perspective. 

SurveyJunkies is currently getting a lot of buzz on places like Twitter and YouTube right now. There are thousands of people promoting it which means thousands of people have joined, and thousands of people who currently joining. 

At $80 per person (just for showing up and uploading a very short video) SurveyJunkies is potentially on the hook for millions of dollars before anyone has ever spent a single penny with them. 

But we're not just talking about $80.00

SurveyJunkies says they're paying out tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars per member (screenshot below)

SurveyJunkies false claims

Ashlee N. has apparently made $21,000 so far, and Bryan S. has made $172,000. 

With numbers like these and thousands of members, we're talking about tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Where are they getting that money from? 

What SurveyJunkies Is Not

I mentioned this at the start of this review, but I should mention it again because it's VERY important. And, sometimes it's easy to miss things if you're just skimming over the article quickly like I often do 🙂

To be clear… (which this review is about) is NOT

In fact, the Better Business Bureau has recently posted an alert about this

Better Business Bureau alert about Survey Junkies
Source: Better Business Bureau

SurveyJunkie(with an “s”) is not to be confused with Survey Junkie, which is legit. They’re completely different from each other.

One is a legit site and you can be a real influencer when you join them. They will pay you. 

SurveyJunkies Review Survey Junkie
The “Real” Survey Junkie Homepage

This one is Legit 

The other one… SurveyJunkieis a cheap knock off who's website is a fake and was only registered a little over two months ago. 

October 24th, 2019 to be exact. 

surveyjunkies domain registration

This presents a big problem for SurveyJunkies

If their website is barely two months old (which it is), how can they afford tens of millions of dollars to pay their members who are not even buying anything or spending money? 

They say their money comes from sponsors and advertising, but again… if their site is barely two months old, what advertiser or sponsor is going to give them millions of dollars?

How can they be the “#1 Influencer” in just two months?

They can't…

And if they're so great, why did they rip off and copy the real Survey Junkie

Those are a lot of questions that are difficult to answer when your website was only registered about 60 days ago (at the time of this review). 

Now, you can definitely make money with REAL survey sites like the REAL and Inbox Dollars.

But… and it's a big “BUT”… these real sites pay realistic dollars. In other words, the won't make you rich. Not even close.

What they will do though, is actually pay you (unlike SurveyJunkies)

They can also be a stepping stone to something more serious like an online business

You may be at home because of difficulties with your health for example, or young ones to look after. 

If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Is SurveyJunkies a Scam?

Again, we’re talking about SurveyJunkiebeing a scam here, and if the red flags mentioned above were not enough, there are several more… 

Red Flag #1 – Unknown Founders/Creators

Just running some loose numbers it's easy to calculate that SurveyJunkies would need tens of millions of dollars to pay what they claim to pay, maybe more. 

How many companies worth tens or hundreds of millions don't have any CEO or Founders listed?

Not declaring who the people are behind such a platform is a huge red flag because this is what scammers do. Of course, they don't want to be exposed so they either hide behind a false identity, or in the case of SurveyJunkies (again with an “s”), they have no identity at all.

Of course, this isn't the smoking gun that proves they're a scam. But it's a start…

Red Flag #2 – No Social Media Presence

Since SurveyJunkies is claiming to be the #1 Influencer site, it’s only natural for you to expect they'd have a strong social media presence, right?

Well, they don’t.

In fact, at the time this review, they have none.

They do have some social media icons on their website, but they lead to nowhere. Look (below), I hovered my mouse on their Facebook icon and you can see that it only redirects back to their homepage.

SurveyJunkies Review No Social Media Presence
Source: SurveyJunkies

Maybe they'll set up some social media profiles and have them set by the time you read this, but as of now, while they're calling themselves the #1 Influencer site… they have none. 

Maybe they'll set up some social media profiles and have them set by the time you read this, but as of now, while they're calling themselves the #1 Influencer site… they have none. 

Red Flag #3 – Fake Founding Date

We already went over this but I'll mention it again because it's such a blatant lie. SurveyJunkies claims they've been around for years… since 2015 in fact. 

SurveyJunkies Review Fake Founding Date
Source: SurveyJunkies

But we already know the truth… was only registered on October 24, 2019 (just a little over 2 months at the time of this writing).

SurveyJunkies Review Registration Date

Red Flag #4 – SurveyJunkies is a Clone of Tap2Earn?

Looking at SurveyJunkies’ About Page, I quickly noticed what's going on here. They made some references to something called Tap2Earn (screenshot below).

This is a dead giveaway that SurveyJunkies is a scam because Tap2Earn has already been exposed as a scam! In fact, Tap2Earn is one of several dozen scams that belong to an entire network of schemes including sites like Click4Kash, Money Genie, Buxify, PaidNova and CashInfluence just to name a few. 

But not all of these scams have names as creative as Buxify. There's even one called Use2Earn. 😀

The same people behind this network of scams are the same people behind SurveyJunkies.

SurveyJunkies Review Clone of Tap2Earn
Source: SurveyJunkies

SurveyJunkies gives you an entire timeline of their “success” from 2015 until present… but none of it is true. It's 100% fiction. 

Red Flag #5 – Fake Payment Proof

When I did a little research into SurveyJunkies’ Payment Proof, I found some more fake stuff as expected. There were some payment proofs with these dates:

  • Jan 29, 2019
  • May 30, 2019
  • June 29, 2019

All of these dates are prior to's registration date of October 24, 2019 – therefore, these payment proofs somehow occured before SurveyJunkies (with an “s”) even existed. 

And here’s another thing… They’re using Survey Junkie’s (the legit Survey Junkie) logo and brand in their fake payment proofs! They obviously ripped these off of the legit site and are passing them off as their own. 

SurveyJunkies Review Fake Payment Proofs
Source: SurveyJunkies

It's clear that SurveyJunkies (NOT the legit one) is trying to deceive people on purpose by making it seem like they’re the real Survey Junkie… but they are not. They’re just hoping to ride on Survey Junkie’s good reputation to get more members.  

Below is another screenshot of their fake payment proofs. This one also carries the legit Survey Junkie’s official logo but it says the payment came from, which is another one of their sister scam sites. 

SurveyJunkies Review Fake Payment Proofs SwagPay
Source: SurveyJunkies

When you lie as often as SurveyJunkies does, it's hard to keep those lies straight. 

Red Flag #6 – Fake Testimonials

There is also proof that is using fake testimonials.

Below are screenshots of the fake testimonials on SurveyJunkies and Cash4Clickz (one of their sister scams).

As you can see (in the screenshot below), the testimonials on these clone sites all come from the same people – Ashley N., Michael D., Bryan S., and Jaysen L.

The only difference in the testimonials is that SurveyJunkies is using avatars while Cash4Clickz has stock photos.

SurveyJunkies Review Fake Testimonials Cash4Clickz
Source: SurveyJunkies and Cash4Clickz

This is another HUGE red flag and since Cash4Clickz is a proven scam, it's a pretty safe assumption that SurveyJunkies is too. 

Red Flag #7 – SurveyJunkies is also a Clone of ViralMarket?

The screenshot below shows the Testimonial sections of SurveyJunkies and ViralMarket.

SurveyJunkies Review Clone ViralMarket
Source: SurveyJunkies and ViralMarket

As you can see, their testimonial sections are exact copy and past clones of each other.

And you can probably guess it… ViralMarket has also been exposed as a scam.

Red Flag #8 – SurveyJunkies is a Clone of SpudBucks?

ViralMarket isn't the only site SurveyJunkies has copied their content from. 

Below, you’ll see screenshots of the testimonials on SpudBucks and yes, again, they’re exact clones of each other and they even carry the same logo.

SurveyJunkies Review Clone of SpudBucks
Source: SurveyJunkies and SpudBucks

Please note that SpudBucks is another scam and it’s just one more of SurveyJunkies’ sister clone sites.

Actually, you can see references of SpudBucks on SurveyJunkies’ homepage…

SurveyJunkies Review Clone SpudBucks
Source: SurveyJunkies

Do the lies and deception ever end?

Red Flag #9 – Mistakes and Errors on SurveyJunkies’ Site

This is just nitpicking now, but legit multi-million dollar sites rarely have simple errors because they’re professionally made by people who get paid a lot of money for building and maintaining them.

But not SurveyJunkies. Nope, they can't even spell Testimonials correctly…

SurveyJunkies Review Incorrect Spelling Testimonials
Source: SurveyJunkies

Here's another big discrepancy…

It seems they’re not sure if their signup bonus is $30 or $25.

SurveyJunkies Review Fake Sign Up Bonus
Source: SurveyJunkies

Their payment amounts for referrals is also inconsistent. On one page it says from $10 – $15, and on another page they say $25.

Which one is it, really?

SurveyJunkies Review Error Referral Fees
Source: SurveyJunkies

Again, when you're running dozens of scams and each on is a flat-out lie, it's hard to keep everything straight. 

Red Flag #10 – No Terms and Conditions

At the time of this SurveyJunkies review, I didn’t find any Terms and Conditions on their site.

I mean, c'mon…

The lie is they've been around since 2015 and they're so good they've become the #1 Influencer in record time. 

But they're not good enough for a legit Terms and Conditions page like the kind required by any real business? 

And yet… when filling out their registration form, you must agree to their (non-existent) terms and policy.

SurveyJunkies Review Sign Up Form
Source: SurveyJunkies

Not only is this dangerous because you don't know what you're agreeing to… but it's also a serious oversight. 

I suppose they could argue they just haven't finalized it and posted it yet, but that doesn't work if you've been around since 2015 (5 years). 

Of course, we know that's a lie, and not having terms, conditions and policies is further proof it's all a lie. 

it’s like signing on a blank piece of paper.

Red Flag #11 – No Contact Information

At the time of this review, SurveyJunkies didn’t have any legit contact information on their site either.

Their address simply says Houston, Texas. That's great, but Houston, Texas is huge!

If they scam you and don't pay, it's going to be pretty tough just driving around Houston knocking on doors.  

SurveyJunkies Review No Contact Information
Source: SurveyJunkies

To be honest, I could go on all day picking SurveyJunkies apart and exposing their seemingly endless BS, but there's no point.

SurveyJunkies is 100% a scam!

I wish I could tell you it wasn't, but unfortunately, it is.

On other hand, real online survey sites don't pay the amount of money these guys are claiming to pay. The economics simply don't add up. 

If you're just looking for some extra pocket money though, sites like official Survey Junkie (the one without an “s” at the end) are a simple way to get paid for your opinion. Inbox Dollars is another site that pays you for doing small tasks you may be doing online anyway, like searching the web, watching videos and visiting websites. 

Of course, you won't be able to retire by doing online surveys. If you've never made money online before though, they can be a good place to start.

For something more significant, an online business may be what you're looking for.

Making money from home might be something you need because of medical issues, children to look after, or maybe you're just tired of working for a boss. 

If that’s the case, knowing how (and where) to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

How Does SurveyJunkies Work?

Scam sites like SurveyJunkies are making it easy for people to supposedly earn money. You just need to join their site and you’ll make some money through the following:

  • Just join and they’ll give you $30 (or $25… they don't even know).
  • Share your referral link on social media and you can make money $10 – $15 (or $25… again, if we go by their website, they don't even know).
  • You’ll also earn $30 to $50 per task when you perform any of the things on your Task Wall. These can include completing surveys, answering questionnaires (they can ask for your phone number, bank account details, credit card information, etc.), downloading apps, and creating YouTube videos. You can make $50 per YouTube video.
SurveyJunkies Review How Does It Work
Source: SurveyJunkies

We’ve already established that SurveyJunkies is a scam – so the truth is, they won’t pay you.

You’ll just see your money accumulate in your SurveyJunkies account, but you won’t be able to cash out.

When you try, they’ll either close your account or block you when you try to withdraw your money, using excuses like they've detected fraudulent activity. 

How SurveyJunkies REALLY Works…

Here’s what’s really going on behind the scenes…

Scam sites like SurveyJunkies and their clones are simply out there to collect information.

Here’s how they actually work:

  • They’ll get your information.
  • They’ll get your referrals’ information (your friends, and anyone who registers through your link).
  • They’ll sell your information to third parties or use your email and password combination to hack into your accounts.
  • They can also send you viruses and malware when you download apps (as tasks).
  • They can steal your money and steal your identity when they get their hands on your sensitive information. 

SurveyJunkies Reviews and Complaints

SurveyJunkies is new (despite what they say) and there are no legitimate reviews yet (at least at the time of this writing). New members are still busy performing tasks and accumulating money in their accounts.

However, what we can look at are reviews from the other scams in their network that work the same way.

Here are some complaints from a couple of their sister scams, Cash4Clickz and Tap2Earn. You can expect to find the same type of complaints on SurveyJunkies when their members start “trying” to withdraw their money.

SurveyJunkies' Copy-Cat Scam (Cash4Clickz) Complaints

SurveyJunkies Review Cash4Clickz Complaints
Source: Cash4Clickz Review –

SurveyJunkie Copy-Cat Scam (Tap2Earn) Complaints

SurveyJunkies Review Tap2Earn Complaints
Source: Tap2Earn Review –

As you can see, there are a lot of people who complaining about these guys once they realize they're not going to get paid.  

What I Like About SurveyJunkies

I would have liked something about SurveyJunkies if they were legit, but they’re not… so I don't. 

What I Don't Like

  • SurveyJunkies (with an “s”) is a scam and they’re getting people’s hopes up.
  • They’re stealing sensitive information from their members.
  • They’re selling their members’ information to third-party entities.
  • They’re impersonating the real Survey Junkie and piggybacking on their good reputation. This hurts you, and it also hurts the real Survey Junkie. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

SurveyJunkies is a fake website selling false promises. I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy. I wouldn't even recommend them to a close friend if I was playing a prank.

I certainly can't recommend them to you either.

The red flags are very clear – SurveyJunkies is indeed a scam and I would advise you to stay away from it (and its clones).

If you’ve already registered and joined them though, my apologies you're only reading this now. My recommendation would be to change any and all passwords that may be shared with other platforms or accounts. Especially if you used the same email/password combination as your critical accounts like your email or bank for example.

And if possible, you can also try deleting/closing your account.

Personally, I think it’s not only a waste of time joining sites like SurveyJunkies, but its also extremely dangerous. You could be making money with legit sites instead… like the REAL Survey Junkie

I you're looking for serious money though, the kind that replaces your income, online surveys are not the answer. 

You might be a student in school or a single parent at home. You may have health challenges that make regular work difficult, or maybe you just hate your job and you’re desperate for a way out.

If that's the case, an online business is what you want. 

With all the scams and schemes out there though, knowing how and where to get started the right way is what you need in order to get what you want

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

If you're just looking for a simple way to make some extra spending money though, online survey and get-paid-to sites may be exactly what you're looking for.  

Sites like the REAL Survey Junkie are a great way to get started. Inbox Dollars is another legit site that offers rewards for doing things like watching videos, visiting websites and searching the web.  

As mentioned earlier, they won't make you rich, but if you've never made money online before, they can be a good first step.

I hope my SurveyJunkies review has been helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with SurveyJunkies (the fake one with an “s”), please share in the comments section below.

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  1. Hey,
    Just came across this website or I did receive a txt message – wow it is so easy easy for people to get trapped.

    I was about to join it and realize wait a minute let me check this. Than I found your website and I should new this is a scam.

    I really like your review and also you have review on Wealthy Affiliate which I am part of.

    Thank you for the review I wish you all the best. I am looking to earn an income online any advice are welcome
    To your success

  2. I was actually put on this website by a friend of mine. He told me the site was legit, he showed me how much money he had made, even how many friends he had signed up, the commission earned and everything. So I started to do the same I found 5 friends to sign up, I put tasks in the wall in, I did all the requirements. Finally I got up to $1,150.00 and I was able to hit “cash out request” they told me it would be 30 days for payment (Jan 13th 2020,) my payment was due Feb 14th 2020, and now here it is March 15th 2020 and I have not gotten a thing. I can still log in my account, the cash is still growing in the account, the payment however still says pending. I’m glad I used a dead card that I never put money on, and I changed all my passwords to all my emails (I have 3 of them), I changed my bank account info and everything THIS SITE IS A 100% SCAM. IM SORRY I FELL FOR IT and I’m sorry for anyone that did too. They try to make you believe people are actually getting paid but I want to meet ANYONE WHO LEGITIMATELY GOT PAID FROM THIS SITE…ILL WAIT….yeah I dont think anyone has ever gotten paid I think they are stealing money out of people’s account they have access to and attempting to pay people then when they go try and take it off their card, transaction DECLINED. Yeah that’s what I thought. I fell for it I sure did but I will not fall for it again. If it was that easy to make 1200 online in a matter of days NONE OF US WOULD HAVE A DAY JOB IM SURE….100000000000000 PERCENT SCAM maybe some day all of us who got scammed can find some way to burn this site to the ground that way no one else or more people fall into this trap….

    • Hi Tara, thank you for sharing your experience. Sorry you had to go through that. Your story will be a big help for others looking into this though and I appreciate you taking the time comment.

    • I have completed all tasks i am owed 2000+ dollars it keep denying my cashout i am 100% completed such a waste they need to be called out

  3. Survey junkies are a complete scam. Im owed $1100 was to be paid 3/4/20 on pay date they send out bogus mesg about fake referrals and surveys which all of my referrals and surveys are legit and 100% real. Dont waste your time…I hope whoever is behind this that you and your mother rot in dog shit while ablaze!!

  4. I’m owed 4200 in 6 payments and 2 of my payments dates have passed sent email no response I just wasted energy is there anything that can be done?

  5. I wish i would done more research before spending hours taking surveys and running apps. Now i receive 100 phone calls and emails a day. Im owed over $2000 what a complete waste of time. How can you find out who is responsible. I want justice.

  6. I fell like my life has been exposed to every company to see. My Name, Address, phone number for colleges, health insurance companies, and my kids for the workld to see. With the world the way it is today has hackers ready to attack.
    People are calling me all the time day and night asking if i want this or that. My email has so spam mail in it from this company rewards. This company have me thinking I was to recieve $1800. on th 17th 0f February 2020., and just like the rest I never recieved the payout. BUT REST ASSURED i do have the headache from this mess. My friends and family have been doing this crap too.
    Man, what have I done to them all because of the all mighty dollar.
    And the bad part is I DON’T EVEN HAVE A JOB…..

  7. Iv been signed up,,and tried to cash out and it said feb 1st it was sent out then it. Says 48 hours to 72 hours and it’s still pending ,,,i would like to get help in finding someone to go after them,,,,

    • I signed up a month ago (already feeling like it was a scam, but boredom and curiosity ????????‍♀️ ) & was supposed to be paid Feb 1st. They made a post on Jan 30 that, “all payments were processed today Feb 1st and will be receive in the next 48 to 72 hours ???? im thinking “but today is January soooo are you like 2 days a head of me because it is not even February yet.”. Long story short it’s feb 5th and It’s “still pending”. SCAM!!!

    • Unfortunately I dont think there is anyway you can go after them legally because no one knows who is actually doing it. I tried to send emails to them but it kept coming back as “nondeliverable” or “email blocked” so I don’t think there is way to do anything but just stay away from the site and encourage anyone else you know to do the same….

  8. Thank you for this information. I was actually sucked into this scam and have been keeping it transparent so that people will not fall prey to it. I would like to do everything within my power to make sure this company doesn’t get anyone else’s information.