Why Swiss Watches Are Still the Most Coveted Timepieces in the World

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Have you ever wondered just why Swiss watch brands fetch such a high dollar amount when there are literally thousands of American or Chinese-made watches that can be found for a fraction of the price? Yes, everyone knows that Swiss horologists (watchmakers) have a long history of specializing in the art and science of timepieces, but do you know what is so special about that? Every country has experts in the field, but there are none like the Swiss for several reasons. Here are just a few of those reasons, and by the way, not all Swiss watches carry a five-digit price tag!

Swiss Watches Are More than Timepieces

The first thing you need to know about Swiss watches is that they are more than just a timepiece. Yes, you can get a Japanese-made digital watch that keeps time just as well, in many instances, but the inner mechanisms aren’t made with the same precision and care. Have you ever seen a Swiss watch ‘factory’? If you just do a bit of browsing, you will see that everything is done in many of the same ways as in days gone by. While Swiss horologists take advantage of advances in technology, each Swiss watch is personally assembled by a master horologist so that quality is always assured.

Watchmaking Is Strictly Regulated by Government

Perhaps you’d like to view Swiss watchmaking in another way. To the Swiss, horology takes on a huge amount of national pride and so the government set specific regulations as to what can and cannot be promoted as a Swiss made watch. Until recent years, the government only required 50% of the inner workings to have been manufactured in Switzerland, but now, with so many knock-offs on the market doing damage to the long and illustrious reputation of Swiss watches, any “Swiss Made” timepiece must have no less than 60% (known as the Swiss Made law) of the inner workings made in Switzerland. While many companies order parts from abroad, many still exceed that 60% cutoff to uphold a long tradition of excellence.

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Affordable Swiss Made Watches vs. High-End Designer Pieces

Keeping all of the above in mind, you are probably questioning how some Swiss watches can still sell for less than $1,000. Some of that involves the jewels included in the design and inner workings. For example, a Rolex with a case carrying several karats in diamonds and a long history (longer than many companies still in business) is priced on those factors. The housing bears a huge amount of cost. The inner workings are, indeed, among the finest in the world, but it is the case that quickly escalates cost.

How Prices Are Kept Lower on Affordable Swiss Made Watches

Going back to the mechanisms within the watch that qualify each timepiece to be marketed as “Swiss Made,” lesser known brands are able to offer affordable watches because they are designed with the important mechanisms all manufactured in Switzerland, but are able to acquire certain parts from reputable manufacturers in other countries at a lower cost to them. The inner workings that provide Swiss precision are the same as those in the higher priced watches, but some parts are ordered elsewhere – parts that have no impact on the quality or efficiency of the watch.

Lesser Known Brands of Superior Quality at Affordable Costs

So then, let’s look at a few exquisitely made authentic Swiss Made watches to see that you can still wear a watch with the seal of excellence at much less the cost than some of the better-known designer brands. Of course, everyone wants to wear an Omega or a Rolex, but few can afford the price. Consider looking at Swiss Made watches designed and crafted by:

  • Movado
  • Tag Heuer
  • Victorinox
  • Swatch
  • Mondaine

Each of those brands qualifies to be promoted as “Swiss Made” because they meet with strict regulatory practices in horology. They also have specific design elements that set them apart from other watches of lesser quality and you can always be assured they are authentically Swiss made. You can find a lists of affordable swiss watch brands online which can help with your purchase. They can help you meet in the middle of quality and price.

Brands of Swiss Watches Tag H

Even Swiss Watches with a Long History Can Be Affordable!

By now, you may be thinking that Swiss designer watches sold at lower costs must be newer companies formed somewhere in the 20th and 21st centuries. That is not the case! Take Tag Heuer, for example. This company has been in business for over 150 years and continues to produce Swiss timepieces with the same expert precision as they always have. Movado is another brand dating its origins back to 1881, while Mondaine came about in the 1940s, but the craftsmanship dates back many centuries prior to the launch of what we now consider to be one of the finest and most affordable Swiss Made watches in the world.

If you are in the market for a watch that is more than just a timepiece, you can never go wrong with a Swiss Made watch. Each and every timepiece carries a stamp of excellence and although designs will vary, the same care and precision are given to each watch that leaves the manufacturer. How can you go wrong with those kinds of recommendations? In short, you can’t!

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3 thoughts on “Why Swiss Watches Are Still the Most Coveted Timepieces in the World”

  1. Never realized so much went into the manufacturing of Swiss watches. In the last 5 years I have stopped wearing wrist watches as doing so resulted in a pain in the wrist. Perhaps it is because of my age.

    Mind you I am a historical dressed volunteer at Fort Edmonton Park and I do have a historical correct pocket watch for my vest.

    • Hi Roger, thanks for stopping by. That’s such a unique thing to do… we try to get out to Fort Edmonton Park at least once a year… part of our annual get out of the house and do something schedule 😀 I didn’t realize the historically dressed people there were volunteers… just assumed paid staff.

      I stopped wearing wrist watches also as my phone became my timekeeper, but have since started wearing a smart watch (with a digital/faux swiss watch face, lol)

      Thanks for reading and I appreciate your comment