Team National Review – Legit MLM or A Pyramid Scheme Scam?

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Hi, and thanks for stopping by to check out my Team National Review.

I'll be honest up front, I'm not a fan of network marketing, but if building an MLM business is something you're considering… and it's a viable business opportunity for you, there are reasons Team National is worth looking at.

There are some good things about this MLM, and some not so good things. I'll discuss both. I'll also go over the Team National compensation plan, membership program, and the points system; hopefully providing enough information so you can decide if Team National is for you.

Disclaimer:Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Team National. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What is Team National (TN)? 

Team National is a network marketing company that sells memberships to their savings club. They also have a line of private label products (photo right). Located in Ft. Lauderdale, it was founded in 1997 by Dick Loehr and is now run by his daughter Angela Loehr Chrysler.

Dick Loehrs Secret Seasoning Salt
Dick Loehr's (Team National Founder) Seasoning Salt

Depending on how old you are, 1997 doesn't seem that long ago. In many ways it feels like yesterday… but it's now more than 20 years ago. When you consider giants like Google, Facebook and Tesla have only been around since the early 2000’s, Team National’s 20 years in business is a long time.

They are a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), as well as Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) and The US Chamber of Commerce.

While these associations, along with their 20 years in business add to Team National's credibility, there are still some concerns you should consider if you’re thinking of joining.

How Does Team National Work?

The Team National website provides very little information.

Just to access the Frequently Asked Questions section, you will be asked for your ID# and login information. So, unless you're up for some serious research, or you sit through the Team National presentation and sign-up, it’s going to be tough to get some solid information about them.

Having said that, I was able to track down the important details so you don't have to.

Get Started Team National Membership Brochure
Team National Get Started Brochure (Membership – Save Money)
Get Started Team National Membership Brochure Page 2
Team National Get Started Brochure (Independent Marketer – Earn Money)

How Much Does Team National Cost?

They make it clear that becoming a Team National Distributor costs nothing to join. However, the membership is not free, There are two options.

Premium Membership – $2195

  • This is a lifetime membership that covers your immediate family including Grandparents, Children and even Grandchildren, and if you own a business it can be shared with up to 5 employees.

Standard Membership – $795

  • With this membership you get 2 years of savings and it also covers your household.

If you’re deciding whether to pursue the Team National business opportunity, it's free, but there's a problem trying to sell a product (with enough conviction) to your friends and family that you haven’t purchased or tried yourself.

Of course, you can do it. A car salesperson doesn't have to buy every car he or she sells. It just makes it a tougher sell when it comes to something like this. 

And these memberships aren’t cheap. That doesn't mean they're not worth it. But if money is tight you may have to consider if it's the right time. There are alternatives ways of starting a business but the truth is, owning a home-based business isn't for everyone. 

Selling isn't for everyone. 

If it's just a few extra bucks you're looking for you can make money with market research companies like Survey Junkie. You can also do regular activities online like searching, surfing the web and watching videos with ​​​​Inbox Dollars and get paid.  

There are countless ways to make money from home these days and Team National is viable option. With so many opportunities though, it's a little overwhelming. A lot of them sound good, and of course… some sound too good if you know what I mean.

Then you have the ones that make you think, “Nope, not for me.”

So what do you do? 

Whether you want to make money from home because of health issues, children to look after, or you just want to escape the rat race, at the very least, a starting point is what youneed in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Team National’s Compensation Plan

Each membership also comes with “points”.

3 points for the premium plan, and 1 point for the standard one.

The purpose of these points is described below. Rather than me trying to interpret their compensation plan and almost certainly getting it wrong, I'll provide the document here for accuracy. You can read it in their words below, 

Team National Compensation Plan
Team National Compensation Plan 2nd image

Team National Membership Savings

1. Factory Direct

Under this furniture division of Team National, which bypasses retailers/wholesalers and goes straight to the manufacture, you can buy furniture at savings up to 65%. This includes indoor and outdoor furniture as well as things like spas, saunas and flooring.

The type of furniture here isn’t clear however. If you’re accustomed to buying your shelves at IKEA for a hundred bucks or less, then 65% off of an $800 custom oak shelf might not be of any value to you.

2. Group Buying Power

As a large group, Team National negotiates with wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers to secure exclusive discounts. One example they give is 5% to 30% savings through the Sears Commercial Online Program.

In addition, by logging into the Big N Auto Mall, there are discounts on cars, trucks and recreational vehicles such as watercraft and ATV’s.

BigN Auto Mall

I could not find specific discounts, and to be honest, big ticket items like these rarely sell for their sticker price anyway (which is the only price the discount would qualify for).

I wouldn't count on negotiating a price that you and the dealer agree on, and THEN using your discount. Likewise, if you use your discount first, it’s unlikely you will be negotiate additional discounts that wouldn’t normally be available to the general public anyway.

It might seem like you're getting a better deal, or maybe a discount for upgrading vehicle options, warranty etc. But dealers are good at negotiating and giving the illusion you came out on top. At the end of the day, they have a minimum price they're going to sell for, and they rarely drop below it. Discount or no discount.

With the regular discounts, incentives, and things like roadside assistance and extended warranties that dealerships and manufacturers offer anyway, I personally don’t see any added value in the Team National’s savings membership when it comes to vehicles.

However, if you’ve had an exceptional or unique experience here, please add your comment below my review, it would definitely be helpful for others.

3. Business Exchange

While it’s great to get discounts from big box stores and popular retailers, the business exchange is for small businesses in your local area to participate. Examples that Team National provides are in areas such as construction, home maintenance, real estate, personal care, automotive, insurance, travel and more.

Again, the benefits here won’t be the same for everyone, if you’re considering buying a membership for this reason, it would be worth doing some research to find out if local businesses in your area participate.

4. Online Shopping

Team National has their own private label brand of consumables such as nutritional, kids and automotive care products.

TN Nutritional Products

I did not find any specific products to compare, but the claim is that they are 50% lower on average than industry standard products. Without examples, however, and considering they’re competing against online retail giants like Amazon, I can’t say I’m convinced that claim is true… but that’s just my opinion.

On many items, 50% may be accurate. 

They also offer personal websites for $12/month or $99/year. 

There is also the Big N Marketplace where members can earn commissions on products they buy. It’s not clear if they can earn commissions from others, and if not… it’s not really a commission as much as a rebate.

Examples listed include things like restaurants and ink cartridges.

Co-branded credit cards are also mentioned although the benefits versus countless other credit card options aren’t clear.

Live Your Passion Everyday

Can You Make Your Money Back?

Although both memberships are on the expensive side, the pitch is that you will get your money back in savings.

In theory, this is true. But, the problem with most of these discounts is you’re not comparing apples to apples. Most percentage claims can’t be substantiated, and to do so would require considerable research.

To be clear, that doesn't mean their claims are untrue. They may very well be. I'm just not able to confirm them with certainty and therefore I can only speculate. 

And in some cases, if a discount convinces you to buy something you had no intention of buying anyway… it's an expense, not a savings. 

I believe if you were diligent, and paid attention to (as well as compared) everything you purchased, over time you can get your money back.

If you're making a big ticket purchase or you frequently spend money on travel for example, those are situations where a Team National membership will give you the most value. 

However, my gut tells me that what Team National has created here is a“walled garden” of consumers that purchase as much as possible within their own ecosystem, never really doing deep research to compare prices. Team National gets the benefits of the membership sales, private label products, and I'm making an assumption here based on my own business experience… rebates, gifts and kickbacks from the larger brands they negotiate with.

For the right person who takes the time to research products and prices, it's a win-win for both you and Team National.

I'm guilty of shopping within a “walled garden” as well, with Amway many years ago. Like most people who sign up for these opportunities, I would justify my investment, as well as my commitment to the business I thought was going to bring me freedom and riches.

So, when I was told the reason toothpaste was double the price of any other toothpaste because it was “concentrated”, I believed them. You just need a pea size amount I was told… which is true for any other toothpaste.

It's funny (if not a little embarrassing) looking back, but it didn’t stop at toothpaste. It was the prepackaged dinners I bought through Amway, the energy bars, the Amway voicemail system, and the overpriced “super” supplements I had to take… because my upline took them (I know… but I was young and gullible).

Similarly, if you commit to paying $2195 for a savings membership, you will probably find ways to twist realty and justify your purchase which is not Team National's doing, it's just human nature. 

But again, all of that is just my own opinion and my own thoughts regarding the membership price and benefits.

Is It A Scam?

Strictly speaking, no… it’s not a scam. They operate within the boundaries of the Direct Selling Association and follow the guidelines approved in the landmark Federal Trade Commission’s Amway decision.

Having said that, there is a legal definition of a scam, and there's also a personal one.

What do you consider a scam?

Companies push the boundaries of deceptive practices all the time. MLM’s are particularly susceptible, because the company is not there to supervise each and every distributor.

I have a negative history with multi-level-marketing so I'm not unbiased. I've been a victim of their subtle deceptions. I've also traveled throughout BC, Canada doing in-home insurance sales many years ago and quit because of the unethical tactics I was being asked to use. So, just because something is technically legal, doesn't always mean it's not a scam.

As far as Team National goes, from some of the documents I've read it appears they take a strong stance to operate within the boundaries of the law.

And, just because I'm sharing some of my negative experiences with MLM's, does NOT mean you won't have a positive one with Team National (as well as achieve your goals).

Is it A Pyramid Scheme?

Again, we have a legal definition of a pyramid scheme, and a personal one. 

Legally they are not a pyramid scheme, but the law is only a result of decades of lobbying from these powerful companies. They’ve effectively written the legal definition of what a pyramid scheme is. If you’re comfortable with that definition, then there’s no reason to look any further.

My personal opinion is that it is a pyramid scheme, and here are my reasons why;

When a traditional company is looking for salespeople, whether they are employees, independent contractors, or part of an external firm… they have hiring standards. They don’t offer that job to anyone, and the only time they would ever “push it” on someone is if that person was exceptionally talented and qualified in their field.

Not only does Team National (or any MLM for that matter, I'm not just picking on them) overlook an individual’s ability to sell, but their entire business model is dependent on recruiting more salespeople, regardless of their qualifications. In other words, the business can’t sustain itself on retail sales alone. It needs to keep adding distributors and bringing new people into it.

Finally, each distributor’s compensation is directly affected by the people they bring in, and then the people those people bring in and so on (which is not the case in a traditional business).

I know, legally they are not a pyramid scheme, but in my opinion, they (as well as all MLM’s) are.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make money with them, or that they’re evil. It’s just calling it what I consider it to be. If there is an upline, a downline and the money you earn is dependent on the number of people you recruit… it's a pyramid.

But enough about that, I've shared my view.

Can You Make Money With Team National?

Statistically speaking, the odds are stacked against you, but you already know that.

Are some people making money with it? Absolutely… yes.

There are also events and contests you can take part in.

TN events contests

But, very few people reach the type of income levels that could create the lifestyle that there messaging implies. According their 2016 income earnings disclosure, the average income of the top .1% (1 in a 1000) was $272, 240.

What I found even more surprising was that number only accounted for 35 distributors in total.

The numbers get even worse though. The high end of that average exceeds a million dollars, so, for the “average” to only be $272K (relative to a million), quite a few of those 35 IMD’s would have had to make much less than that… with only a minority exceeding it.

To illustrate that point, there is a saying; If Bill Gates walked into a bar, the “average” net worth of everyone inside becomes 50 Million.  

So, if the average income for the top 35 distributors is $272,000… it's entirely possible that only 10 made over a million leaving the other 25 with an estimated 20K per year (which is not a big house and fancy car income). I'm sure the numbers are more spread out than that, but the overall takeaway here is that even the top .1% (only 35 distributors) are not necessarily living the lifestyle you may imagine.  

Continuing on, although there are various 4 and 5-figure income claims… 78.4% had an average annual income of just 30 cents. 

That doesn’t include expenses such as hosting and driving to/from presentations, as well as attending meetings and conventions.

So if making money is your goal, statistically speaking you're better off making money with an online job, driving Uber, or earning some quick cash doing surveys with Survey Junkie or ​​​​Inbox Dollars.

Of course, one of the reason for joining an MLM is the promise of passive income and living a rich independent life. An online “job” where you're trading dollars for hours or doing online surveys won't give you that passive income. 

A Team National “superstar” can definitely achieve that lifestyle, but again, most people are not cut out to be superstars when it comes to things like sales and recruiting.

If you're concerned about who you're going sell to, where you're going to find recruits, or even worried about what your friends and family might think (it is an MLM after all)… you're not alone. MLM's are not for everyone.

Another way of making passive income and getting the life you want may be what youneed in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

What I mean by “it's an MLM after all” is that even though I recommend Team National for the right person, multi-level marketing has a certain reputation and that may be a concern for some people. 

Is Team National For You?

The income disclosure agreement clearly shows that making money as an IMD is possible, but as I mentioned above, the odds are against you.

But to be fair, the odds are against you with any business opportunity. I certainly don’t think Team National is any worse than other companies in this respect, whether it’s MLM’s where talking about, or making money online. It's just a matter of finding the right opportunity for you.

What the real problem is, and reason most people fail, is a mismatch between a person’s personality type, skills/strengths to the business they’re trying to build.

If you’re not skilled at sales, then selling stuff is going to be hard. It's hard enough for those who are experienced and love doing it. If you're not good at it, and you hate doing it… what do you think your chances of sticking to it are?

The unfortunate reality is that you need to enjoy what you do (because starting and building a business is hard)… and the truth is, most people don’t like selling and they especially don't like recruiting.

They do it reluctantly because they believe in the dream of freedom and more independence… but when they run out of friends and family to approach, and they don't see results, eventually they give up. 

It's like trying to stick to a diet only eating things that disgust you. It's not sustainable.  

And the numbers prove this. Very few people make it.

It's Not Just MLM's

There are ways to make money that have nothing to do with recruiting and they don’t require any sales skills. In fact, they don’t require talking to people at all.

But, they also require more time at a computer screen and hammering on they keyboard.

For those who prefer getting out there, talking to people and shaking hands, these methods of making money may not be for them either.

To shift the odds in your favor, it's absolutely critical to choose an opportunity that suits you. Find something you don’t mind doing, especially when it gets difficult (because it will).

What I Like

  • A very big plus here (and the reason I first mentioned that Team National is worth trying) is that there are no products to deal with. You’re simply selling memberships, which means there are no inventories, deliveries or physical returns.
  • Although they can’t control every distributor, Team National is diligent about staying within the legal boundaries of the network marketing model.
  • Team National provides a system of support and mentorship. 
  • The membership can offer significant savings. If you're making a big ticket purchase or you're a frequent traveller for example, you will benefit even more from the membership. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Like all MLM’s, the business you build and the organization you develop belongs to them. If the product or price changes in a way you don’t like, there’s nothing you can do. You can’t change suppliers without going to a different company and starting over. In a way, you are building dependence… not independence. 
  • Although the membership can offer significant savings, I’m not certain those savings are as big as they claim. Comparative shopping can be tricky because you're not always comparing apples to apples.
  • Lack of transparency. The website offers very little informaton regarding their products, membership, sales training etc. Even after reading what seemed like a hundred or more comments and testimonials, specific details are hard to come by.

Next Steps…

Success in network marketing requires a unique skill-set, and let’s face it… certain personalities are better suited to it than others. Not everyone is comfortable and has the confidence to recruit people, especially their family and friends.

In addition, you need a thick skin and the ability to handle a lot of rejection.

Having said that, if you’re a good fit and you're considering a network marketing business, I would definitely recommend giving Team National a try. While I have concerns regarding the true value of their membership, you can’t overlook the fact that there is no physical product to deal with.

This is a huge benefit that allows you to skip the logistical headaches of a company like Amway or Avon for example… and get straight to building your organization. 

What To Do If You Don't Like MLM's?

If nothing above interests you, you may prefer a simple way to make some extra spending money. Online surveys are a great way to participate in market research and get paid with sites like You can also earn money for things like watching videos, surfing the web, and playing games with ​​​​Inbox Dollars

To earn a full-time income from home though, my recommended method is a 4-step formula that I use to generate passive income online.  

If you've read this far then it's obvious you're more serious than most people about earning an income from home. It might even be more than a want. 

It might something you need.

I get it, I've been exactly where you are. It's almost as if it's not a choice anymore, you have to find a way. I cannnot tell you there's an easy answer. There are “simple” methods for sure, but that doesn't mean they are easy. 

Either way, if making money from home is more than just a “want”… maybe you have health issues for example, children at home to look after, or you just need your own independence, a place to get at least get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

As I said, doing your own thing whether it's with Team National, at-home freelancing or you're building an online business, it's not going to be easy, so it’s important to find the right method that works for you. 

I hope this Team National Review was helpful and thanks for stopping by to check it out.

Please leave a comment below; I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you a member or have you tried Team National in the past? What is your opinion of MLM's?

If you found this article useful, or think it might be helpful for others… Please share 😀


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29 thoughts on “Team National Review – Legit MLM or A Pyramid Scheme Scam?”

  1. I’m so sorry , I read your post and it’s very disheartening that you have several of your “facts” wrong… Every section you had multiple things wrong with your facts… It very hard to explain something you know nothing about.. I’m very sad that we live in a world that has lost all touch with human connection. What happened to the Bible.. I think it says , I’m mean you can fact check me here but that Love one another thing was for real. Why can’t we get back to another principle… Treat everyone how you want to be treated.. Let’s follow God’s orders and join a community of like minded people that Believe in God’s word. What sounds bad about saving several hundreds of dollars every month. Everyone likes saving money on everyday activities.. Everyone Needs a membership. It’s costing you a fortune not having it… let’s face the truth we all spend money. Just simply by using my membership at places I eat every week , I’m on track to save $4800 over the next 10 years… now who on earth wouldn’t want to save where he is already spending. Let alone we are allowed to add all our adult children for free… that’s right Free… each adult child gets their own account and they get to take advantage of all the savings as well.. Sounds like a wonderful organization.. but it gets better… each premium package member has countless ways to same money for themselves, their children and their Parents wow. That’s right.. you can add all yours kids and both spouses parents…Now why isn’t that in your review? Now onto the good part..Each premium package sold, for a typical American family will save on average over 250,000 dollars over the 10 year span. Now let me ask you Who wants to invest $2195 so they can help save their family that kind of money.. Hey if you have an investors number that can tune 2k into 200k in 10 year please send me his number.. Perhaps the smart ones will read this and want to see this established cutting edge industry. Please txt me for an appointment [removed for spam] God Bless My Friends

    • Hi Chris, thanks for sharing. Our reader’s feedback and insight is valuable to us (and to our other readers). I’d be happy to make updates to those sections if you can clarify which facts exactly are incorrect.

  2. I’ll put it like this, if you want research I’ll show you the exact presentation that took me from hopeless to targeting debt free ( including mortgage, student loans) by 40 in 3 years. I stopped keeping up with the savings and earnings myself because the focus is helping others. I have changed my family’s life and others with this company and and have yet to “Sell” a single thing.

    • Hi Tim, thank you for sharing. I agree, for the right person, an opportunity like Team National can be life changing in a positive way. Your experience and insight are important and bring a lot of value to others who want to learn more about Team National. Thank you 🙂

  3. Hi, I just purchased the lifetime membership last week. I’m a very thrifty internet shopper, an I travel a lot so I am a member of all of the online hotel sites. I just booked a 5 day hotel stay, Booking through Team National saved me $53 per night, another 10% with the TN coupon code and a 5% rebate on the total. Total savings for me for that one trip was $309.36. Also I love the option to purchase gift cards from all of my favorite stores, restaurants and even gas stations at a discount AND get a rebate just for buying them.

    • Hi Nikki, thanks for sharing. Definitely for the right kind of shopper, I agree Team National can save you a lot of money. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment 🙂


  4. I have been a member of Team National for over 4 1/2 years, in that time I have saved my lifetime membership back at least 3 times, i quit keeping up with it after that and have the savings for the rest of my life. As far as the automobiles purchasing, all i can do is tell you my experience, i went to a local dealer, picked out the car i wanted and got the best price i could, I then went in to my website, found nearest dealer with same car, called them, they priced exact same car $2300 cheaper, sent me an email to that and offered to deliver car to me. I went back to the local dealer, showed him email and he matched the price. As far as extended warranties go, dealership tried to sell me one for $3000, exact same warranty through TN, $1500. i have also made well over 6 figures sharing this with others, i have worked and i have went out and put forth effort. i am proud to be a part of this company. I have also met some of the finest people in the world from Angela and Phil Chrysler, the corporate staff as well Team Members on my team as well as many others throughout Team National.

    • Hi Winky, thank you for sharing. This is awesome information that will be helpful for others… it’s very much appreciated 🙂


  5. I am looking into the Team National plan along with others. I do like your relatively balanced article with the Pros and Cons , Strengths & Weakness. Type of person and type of business skills that needs to go into “success”. So far the DNA of the local group (Central Illinois) is consistent and helpful. Everyone including visitors, newbies, and old salts have found ways to support our respective day jobs. (mine is Commercial and Investment Real Estate)

    One point I strongly disagree with is the idea that Survey Junkie can be a “money maker”. I recently tried it and found that the time to do the survey vs the points earned and the actual value of each point yielded a pathetic level of compensation.

    • Hi Joe, thanks for stopping by and reading, as well as sharing your insight. I think every biz opp has it’s pros and cons (some a little more unbalanced than others of course) but success occurs when the right person is matched to the right opportunity.

      Also, I agree with you about Survey Junkie not being a “money maker” which is different I think than making you some money. It gets back to the topic of not every opportunity is right for everyone. I used to have a bad opinion of online surveys in general, and I’ve written negatively about them in the past as well. But I’ve learned over the years that for some people, the time, effort and commitment required of online surveys is where they are at. They’re not ready for an online business or an MLM for example, but doing online surveys or small tasks online is perfect for them at the given moment and can lead to bigger things down the road…

      Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  6. Hi Jay,

    I spent some time with a TN dealer today and the deals seemed to good to be true (a red flag in my mind). So I started some research and came across your article. I have to say that it was very well written and informative. I really loved your articulation, conversational style in writing and your candid yet soft-spoken responses to all the comments. I wish I could write like you or even handle negative responses with a level head like you did. I am learning from your style. There was a section with repeated points though that you might want to edit- ‘What I don’t like’ section. It came across as trying to make the negatives look more, which I am sure was not your intention as the rest of your article is very well written.

    A bit about my business, I am an interior designer and I own a design company, right now a single member LLC. The ‘group buying power’ attracted me and gave me some ideas. Also I was informed about how I can network through their events and spread the word about my business. Local word-of-mouth advertising has worked best for me so far, so I was considering giving them a try. Also, the platforms for connecting to my ‘Power Partners’ aka real estate people, others buying furniture and home products could be a good exposure and resource. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I know this is not what most people would use TN for. But I thought it might be beneficial for my own business in ways that they didn’t intend it to be. What do you think?


    • Hi Aditi, thanks for reading and sharing your insight and thoughts.

      I appreciate your comments on the review and I’ll have a look at the section you mentioned. Sometimes unrelated frustrations come out in our writing and we don’t realize it 🙂 There could have been something going on my head at the time that had me in a particular mood, but I’ll go over it again to get an idea of what you’re saying. I always appreciate the constructive criticisms.

      Also, I do try to give a fair and unbiased review as best I can while also being honest about my opinion… which I hope I’m clear about – that it’s just my opinion. And that I do respect other opinions and welcome them here for discussion.

      As far as networking and spreading the word about your business… I’d keep all strategies on the table. The things you want to pay attention to though are relevancy (you don’t ever want to push someone towards something they don’t otherwise want simply because the the opportunity exists. What you want are people who are already interested in what you’re offering) and the value of your time. There are a hundred ways to market your business but you only need to be good at one or two… the others can be time wasters. Even though it feels like you’re working hard, you might be better off spending your time somewhere else. Just some food for thought 🙂

      Thanks again for reaching out and sharing your thoughts,

    • Simply put
      600.00 off a recliner
      Orginal cost 1299.00

      Monthly health insurance was
      About 1450.00
      Now 470.00
      The old deductable with blue cross only 10,000.00 per person
      With health sharing is now 2500.
      Per family household not as it was per family member
      Now that is serious cash saving right due the math
      About a 1,000.00 per month

      Now. Friend reduced her student loan debt by
      Is this real
      You be the judge
      By small business I process credit card averages savings per each month is about 300.00
      Each month from old company was square
      3,600.00 per year
      Is that real yes
      Call me any time I will be glad to produce documents
      Heres my contact information

  7. Ive been approached about Team National but for a totally different reason. The person talking to me about it reveals that is pays for your healthcare. Is this true?

    • I would think they provide their employees with healthcare, but not their distributors. What they do have are discounted health insurance plans. Here’s a screenshot from a customer talking about their experience with the plan.

      It seems like there are some big savings.

  8. Greetings, I have some friends involved with this organization and have attended a meeting or two. As a Christian, I believe in prayer and as well I believe the Lord does provide wisdom. What was presented was a spirit of “Gain” almost to the point of greed. The people sitting in the room were small farmers, contractors, builders and retired folks. The message presented was that “we are just living the life/dream by being in this program. They ended that most would not join or would say they were just going to think about it. The truth, I think research like this could save many bad feelings towards this business simply waiting and thinking.
    Often the desire to make money is always hitting those who really never had anything… it isn’t strange that most of those folks never made over 100,000 in their lives and here someone is seeking to take their money so they can get a check.

    Like you, I review and researched this and your facts are valid, very little is presented on their site to show real savings. If a person isn’t into the sales, the saving should carry the business alone and sell itself. Where this organization falls weak is that, they promise the unknown and can’t enforce their own vendors to give rebates.. to me … this is a red flag. and should be considered.

    Lastly, what angers me is that the rich prey on the weak again… based on your report, the amount of monies made as an average is not what is being presented. The guy last night stated he is making over 200,000 per year… well lets look at him… previously a corporate man.. wife life insurance… and on the side building custom homes… this sounds like money already.. not some poor retired husband and wife who just want to save what they got. And I truly believe that a good product will sell itself, the hard work of selling tells me that we live in a time where people are not a fluid with their money as our leaders would have us think, rough times are ahead and it might be wise to tighten up the belts now… or you could be losing more than you gain.

  9. I was involved for three years and bought into their “people helping people” BS. I made checks. The fact is that if you work hard (and I did), they will work only on their other leg out of greed so your upline can get checks while you do all the work…I decided to start selling another product totally unrelated (a health product that is phenomenal and does what it promises). I intended to continue using my membership to save pennies here or there (these discounts can all be found for free on the internet if you look very hard) and the second the fat cats worried that they were losing my “points” that I was producing, they had the lovely Christian folks at the home office start sending me certified letters threatening to SUE me. Said that I had signed on with them and had a 3 year non compete. I signed no such statement. As an additional insult, they started sending those same threatening letters (and eventually emails) to my daughter in college! WHO DOES THAT? Please stay far away from these people…

    • Wow! That’s crazy… threatening letters to your daughter in college? Of course, I don’t know the specifics of your situation so it wouldn’t be right for me to comment negatively about Team National, but threatening to sue you is definitely extreme.

      Situations like this are a big reason I don’t like MLM’s (not specifically Team National). I think the entire business model breeds greed. Not necessarily for selfish reasons, but desperation. You’re constantly being fed the “dream life.” You’re told to build that vision yourself, and eventually your current life begins to feel unlivable (I was there with Amway many years ago). For a lot of people that turns into depression and desperation…

      And then, because of the nature of MLM’s, when you leave… everything you’ve built and all your effort belongs to them. You can’t take your organization to another opportunity, and you’re not supposed to approach them either.

      It’s far better to build a business of your own that doesn’t rely on any single organization or source of income (which is relatively easy today with the internet). A business with security built in, like the ability to switch vendors quickly for instance.

      Anyway… I really appreciate your insight and thank you for sharing your story. Hope everything works out.


  10. I am a very excited relatively new Team National member and I saved over $1000 on my car insurance the first week getting exactly the same coverage as I had with the other company. If you go to the Team National Savings Facebook page you will hear tons of testimonies. I have gone on to save much more buying things on our site that I am buying anyway (household, personal even tires) and at minimum get rebates, save time and gas traveling and avoid paying for their membership fees (Sam’s club is part of team national so I can order from them without having to buy their membership) I have been with several MLM’s in the past….some that were shut down for not being ethical…on the contrary, Angela Loehr Chrysler sits on the Ethics board of the Direct selling industry to ensure the high standards we follow. I failed at the other MLM’s because I am no good at selling but I am great at sharing an incredible deal and I can’t NOT share this company. All I have to do is tell my friends I found this great company and those who have gone before me are the ones sharing their experience and that is what “sells.” HOPE!

    I am a Career Counselor and I agree with you that it has to be a right “fit” because there are some people who are always going to look at the negative and quit when things get tough. And there are tons of people who say “no I am not looking to save any money” how nuts is that? But it’s real. We don’t get stressed about it you move on to the next one who wants to help others save and earn. I have my first check and my team mates have made the majority of my “sales” because this company has structured their payment plan that way. You are NEVER alone in this business. I am saving and earning money and that’s what they promise to do if you CHOOSE to use the benefits and share the concept.

    Online marketing wasn’t for me….costs way more than I had to invest to maintain websites, hire geeks, learn autoresponders and pay for facebook ads etc. I paid more for 1 “program” to teach me how to succeed in an online business than I paid for Team Nationals entire lifetime membership and my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, parents and grandparents can all enjoy the membership for the rest of their lives without paying a dime. Can you beat that with the cost of your training? I’m guessing you don’t offer a lifetime of learning, saving and earning for $2195 for 6 generations of people for life. No offense…overall you did a thorough review but I believe you would do much better if you just joined up with us ::) .

    • Hi Linda, thanks for the comment and awesome insight. It will definitely be helpful for others and who are considering Team National. Your review here may be more thorough than mine 🙂

      I would like to clarify a few things regarding an online business though, which, like MLM’s… come in many shapes and sizes.

      I’m not sure which program you paid more than $2196 for, but that’s something I personally would never recommend (especially for people just getting started). In fact, one of the reasons I started Gig Hustlers is to let people know they don’t have to spend their life savings on those expensive programs. Most people don’t have hundreds of dollars every month which is why I don’t really recommend spending any more than $50 unless you have the financial resources to do so.

      And, as someone who tests and reviews online business training, when you say sales funnels, autorepsonders, and Facebook Ads, etc… I have a good idea of which online businesses you may have been involved in (not mentioning names). In that context, I can also understand your comment about lifetime memberships, 6 generations, etc…

      But, I do not consider those programs to be online businesses. At best, they are a franchise and even that’s a stretch. For most people, they’re not sustainable because they rely on expensive tools and paid advertising. They are prone to saturation because they are self-promoting programs… The only real product is the program itself, although some do get into products such as water ionizers and such. But still, everyone in the program is marketing the same thing which becomes a big problem.

      So when you refer to “my training” or my business… in that context, I would agree with you 100%. But that’s not what I do, nor do I recommend it.

      When I talk about an online business… I’m referring to a real online business. Meaning, I own my business independent of any other person or entity. This website, for example, is mine. It’s part of my business that includes other websites, client services, collaborations with other companies who may pay me to write an online tutorial for example.

      And far as generations go, like anyone who owns a business, I can will it to my kids or my grandkids (if I had grandkids). I could give my business to my mother or a friend if I wanted to. I can also hire them to do work for me, or I could take them on as partners, or create another division and let them run it. Unlike an MLM, I’m not bound to any one company or product. I don’t have an “upline” or a “downline” and if I wanted to create my own product, market new ones or stop promoting a product… I’m entirely free to do so (it’s my business after all).

      You also referenced “my training” with 6 generations of learning, earning, and saving. I don’t sell a program like that. I do recommend an educational program and web hosting platform that teaches you how to build a business exactly how I have… but it’s an educational product. If you wanted your parents, grandparents, kids, grandkids, spouse, friends or whoever to learn from it, they could easily have access to it.

      Your earnings are not “tied to your membership” as they are with an MLM (which is what you may be referring to) no more than your work salary is tied to the school you went to. For example, the platform I’m referring to is Wealthy Affiliate… and one thing you can learn here is how to start your OWN business in any niche you want (could be fishing, curtains or guitars for people with big hands… just as random examples).

      Whatever interests you. And then you will learn how to earn an income from those niches which could be partnering with a music supplier such as The Guitar Center or even Amazon or Walmart. Your “earnings” have nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate. They (Wealhty Affiliate) are just the educational product (and community of entrepreneurs) that taught you how to build that business. Your relationship with your affiliate partners is between you and them… doesn’t cost you a penny and if you so choose, can last you a lifetime (or for as long as you and they are around). If you give your business to your children, that income belongs to the business as do those partnerships and is therefore also handed down to them. That’s as many generations and lifetimes as the internet exists. You don’t need a membership with Wealthy Affiliate to maintain your business, your income, or those relationships… therefore, there’s no need for lifetime memberships or multi-generation access.

      Another thing you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate is not only how to build your own business, but to use those skills and strategies to open your own local agency and provide those skills to clients. Your dentist, or daycare provider for example, might need someone to build them a website, to maintain it and get it to on the first page of each search engine when someone looks for that service. Again, you can learn how to build this type of business at Wealthy Affiliate… but running that business is 100% between you and your clients. If you want to maintain your membership at Wealthy Affiliate to be part of the community as many of us do that’s awesome. And, there is a real pay-it-forward mentality there and the community is more than happy to help new members. But it’s not necessary. Wealthy Affiliate has no connection to your actual business.

      They do have an affiliate program, no different than other web hosting companies or even companies such as Microsoft or Apple who also have affiliate programs. But again, your participation in that program is separate from your “business”. If you decide not to be part of that program, it does not affect your business or relationship with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Sorry to spend so much time on this, I just wanted to clarify (in part because I was feeling a little defensive) and explain that the type of program and business you may have been thinking of is NOT what my business or what Wealthy Affiliate is [Learn More]. As I said, I don’t even consider those to be real businesses as they don’t really belong to you. They are someone else’s product and company, you are just promoting them. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate on this site because it’s related to the content here, and in my experience, it’s the best program out there for starting an online business. If something were to change and that was no longer true, I could simply search for an alternative recommendation (which would have to meet my standards) and my business would go on relatively uninterrupted.

      In fact, if Wealthy Affiliate went out of business tomorrow (after 12 years in business it’s not likely, but if…) my website and my business would still be here fully intact.

      If Team National closed it’s doors tomorrow (not saying it would) what would happen to your MLM business? I don’t mean to pit them against one another in that way… in fact, I have good things to say about Team National… I’m just demonstrating that comparing the two is like apples and oranges.

      Back to Team National, I think it’s awesome that you were able to save as much as you have… and I was hoping to get some real-world insight here exactly like that so others can benefit from your experience… so I really appreciate you taking the time to share as you have 🙂

      Kindest Regards,

  11. I’m a member and been so for two years. I was drawn to TN for the savings, which are real, and they have paid for my premium package twice. I save $1200.00 a year on my cell phone alone. I’ve shared this operation with a few of my friends and they have done the same, low and behold I received a check just like I was told would happen. Now, with that said let me explain something, this is not a get rich quick scam. You get paid on your activity. No activity=no money but that’s not any different than a conventional job. If you stay persistent it will pay off and darn good. Hope this helps and take a look with an open mind, you might like what you see.

    • Hi Will, thanks for stopping by. Really appreciate the insight. That’s great to hear of your success… it’s such a great feeling when our hard work and investments pay off.
      All the best in your business and thanks for your comment.


  12. I have been involved in TN for about a year and have totally paid for my membership with savings from all different areas. I have started sharing with my friends and have earned points from their purchasing a membership. I will receive a 1500.oo check with a few more joining in. I love this company, their integrity, values and desire to help people to save and earn.

    • Hi Mary, I really appreciate your comments and insights. Glad to have a member share their experience as I’m sure it will help others who are looking into the TN opportunity. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share. 🙂


      • Jay I doubt you’ve ever seen the presentation about the membership. You are correct that the website accessed by nonmembers doesn’t give much info. The members only website gives the specific information. The company continually adds value to the membership with new and innovative ways to save- and contrary to a previous commenter you cannot find these same savings just by doing online research. I would suggest that to give a fair assessment you need to see the presentation. I’ve been a member of Team National since 2010 and have enjoyed saving much more than the cost of my membership on things I purchase anyway for my home and my husband’s business. There are no purchasing requirements. No requirement to share the membership either. My sons have saved also without having to pay a dime because they are covered under my membership. Your assessment is lacking and one sided because you don’t have all the facts.

        • Hi Ann, thanks for your feedback. I’d be happy to revisit any part of the review you felt was an unfair assessment. The insight and experience you’ve shared is also part of this review and helpful for others who are considering joining.