TeleTech Review – A Work-At-Home Job That’s Not a Scam!

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Welcome to my TeleTech review

While doing research for my list of 200 plus work at home gigs, I stumbled upon TeleTech, and it’s turned out to one of the stranger reviews I’ve done. Not because TeleTech is strange, but because my research started out with bank fraud allegations and TeleTech being a scam… and ended up with TeleTech on a top 100 remote jobs list and their CEO ringing the Nasdaq closing bell.

I wasn’t sure where this review was going, but I'll share what I found. It seems this might be a tale of two companies… one legit, and the other a scam.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for TeleTech (TTEC). This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What is TeleTech (TTEC)?

TeleTech is a company that’s humanizing digital and digitally enabling humans.


Digital Customer Service

I often wonder if corporate marketers have an underground Fight Club where they sit in circles, throwing mouth-garble at each other. Who can out-jargon who? 

Who can say the simplest thing in the most complicated way?

You’ll also find things like omnichannel world, and integrated Humanify Customer Engagement in TeleTech’s corporate speak.

Their core message “should” jump out at you, but if it doesn’t… TeleTech is a company that helps companies connect with their customers.

Their business is simply being in the service of others.

As a freelancer for TeleTech, your job is similar to online gigs like Arise and Social Sale Rep…  to be on the frontline of that service… communicating with customers via phone, chat, or social media.

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TeleTech Negative Reviews

There’s a reason I started this review talking about TeleTech’s challenge in communicating who they are.

Big companies grow and evolve, they add services, take some away, change direction, and purpose…

Somewhere along the way the core message gets lost (or at least diluted).

But that’s not the only thing that gets lost…

As you research TeleTech, you’re going to find (if you haven’t already) a lot of negative reviews… because just as a company loses its core message, it often loses its ability to see people as people.

Employees become numbers… they turn into commodities who get bought and sold at a price that’s determined by supply and demand.

Unfortunately… work-at-home freelancers are in over-supply, in other words… cheap and expendable.

I’m sure there are many TeleTech employees that would disagree… and I wouldn’t argue with them. I’m only trying to explain the negative reviews.

Employee review treated poorly
Source: Indeed

This isn’t to paint a bad picture of TeleTech… it’s just to point out that I don’t think it’s TeleTech’s intent to treat people like “equipment” (as the reviewer above describes it).

Making sure their employees are always happy is not their business either.  

We could debate whether it should be or not… but that's a different article.

It doesn’t matter where you go, or what you do, it won’t be perfect. TeleTech is not the best way to earn an income at home… but if you’re just starting out, it’s a good place to begin.

You've probably heard the saying, don't let perfect be the enemy of good… Well, don't let perfect stop you from going after the work-at-home lifestyle you want either.

Is TeleTech a Scam?

In addition to the negative reviews, you may have read that TeleTech is a scam.

This is what I was talking about at the beginning. A few of the first comments I stumbled on when researching TeleTech were about fraudulent checks.

Fraudulent cashier check accusations
Source: Opportunity Checker

Those are serious accusations. I've reviewed a lot of flat-out scams… and I thought this was going to be another. 

So I searched Teletech work at home fraud”  and this is one of the first pages that came up…

TeleTech Bank Fraud Accusation
Source: Pissed Consumer

It’s not exactly clear, but it seems like the reviewer is implying there are some scammers out there using TeleTech’s name. So… is this a case of two companies (one real and one a fraud)?

It shouldn't be too difficult to prove that TeleTech is legit.

But, another search and this review popped up (maybe you've see it too)…

Teletech Is a Scam GD Review contradictions
Source: Glassdoor

At a quick glance if you're just skimming over it, the above review appears to say TeleTech is a scam (that's exactly what it says actually… but is that what it means?) 

If however, TeleTech was a real scam… the reviewer would not have worked there for six months, and they wouldn't have received a free landline. 

The fact that this person worked at TeleTech, is evidence the job is real. 

They're NOT saying it's a good job, or a fair job. Clearly this person has taken issue with a broken promise, and for that reason is calling it a scam. 

But companies change policies and break promises all the time (which is why we recommend people start their own business instead)… but bad decisions and mistakes made by management does not make them a scam. 

To call the entire company a scam implies there is an elaborate scheme to rip people off, but there is no proof of that.

In fact… TeleTech (TTEC) is listed as number 4 on Flexjobs Top 100.  

TeleTech number 4 on Flexjobs top 100

So if it’s not a scam, what’s the real story behind TeleTech?

About TeleTech

In 2018, TeleTech Holdings changed there name to TTEC.

Headquartered in Englewood Colorado, Ken Tuchman (Chairman and CEO) founded TeleTech in 1982 as a response to his own poor customer service experience.

Today TeleTech (TTEC) operates in 19 countries with an estimated 48,000 employees.

I’m sure many of the complaints against TeleTech are legit… but that doesn't make them a scam.

Teletech is a publicly traded company with annual revenues over a billion dollars.

TTEC revenue reporting
Source: Wikipedia

As I mentioned above, no opportunity is perfect… but when you send in your application to TeleTech, you’re NOT applying to a shady group of characters ripping people off from their seedy apartment.

TeleTech is a real company. A big company.

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Medical issues might make a regular job difficult for example, or maybe you have children at home to look after. Maybe you just hate your job and need a change (now that's a pain I remember well).

With so much junk and misinformation out there there though, knowing how to get started properly is what you need in order to get what you want.

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How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, this is a customer service job. Depending on the client and the project, you will be communicating with customers through chat, phone, or on social media.

The pay varies, but in general, it’s a minimum wage job. Teletech doesn’t list specifics regarding pay, although some employees have reported around $8/hr for chat projects, and $10/hr for phone projects.

The application process takes approximately an hour and you are required to take MatchPoint Assessemts which measure your ability to perform specific jobs.

The minimum age is 17, a high school diploma or GED is required, and if you do get hired… TeleTech pays for your training.

Drug Testing and Criminal Background Checks

A background check and drug test are mandatory. I would assume this is to satisfy TeleTech’s clients (and who knows…maybe they’ve had issues with some employees in the past)… but I’ll let you decide how you feel about these requirements for a minimum wage job.

TeleTech apparently covers the cost of these tests, but they don’t pay for your time associated with them (which is not uncommon).

Technical Requirements

  • Windows PC (no MAC’s, no tablets)
  • Operating Systems (Windows 8.1 x64 (Home/Pro) / Windows 10 x64 (Home/Pro/Enterprise)
  • 3.3 GB of “usable” RAM
  • 8 GB free Hard Drive space
  • 2 USB ports
  • Sound Card
  • 17” or Larger Monitor (minimum resolution 1024 x 268)
  • Comfortable VoIP USB 2.0 Headset (must support Skype and/or Cisco)
  • Windows Defender Antivirus configured for Workbooth
  • Firewall software
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Hardwired broadband connection (no Wi-Fi) with a 99.99% stability score and minimum 120ms response time (yes… you may be calling your internet provider).
  • Distraction free environment (TeleTech has a strict NO Background Noise Policy)


Schedules are determined by what the client requires. You will however have to commit to working 4 to 6 hours consecutively for each shift… and the minimum number of hours you must work per week is 20.

You also need to be available on weekends and holidays, so although there are a lot of benefits to working from home… it might not be the right job if you have a family.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Some of the complaints I haven’t mentioned yet are…

TeleTech hires more people than they need, which means you think you have a job… but you’re left waiting, and waiting. And then…

You'll wait… which will eventually turn into more waiting… 

Okay, maybe it hasn't been said quite like that.

Some have also complained that they've purchased equipment to meet TeleTech’s technical requirements, but never received a call to actually work.

There may be some truth in those statements… it’s not uncommon for companies with a big payroll to be under or over-staffed by 10 or 20 percent at any given time.

But many of these complaints are typical of most online “jobs”. Real independence comes from having an online “business”, creating passive income so you're not dealing with schedules, waiting for calls, drug testing and so on. You're the boss.

If it's the immediate income of a job you need though, it should be pointed out that there are many positive reviews about TeleTech as well.

I think (and this is just my opinion) that if you join TeleTech with an awareness of these issues (complaints), as well as realistic expectations of what the what the job is, you can benefit from the experience… and even use this opportunity to design a good life.

Working remotely can allow you to live closer to family (or further away from family if that’s what you need) 😀

It doesn't pay very much, but… you're expenses are less. Depending on where you live, you might be able to move somewhere that’s both nicer and less expensive.

All food for thought…

Another way you can add to your income if you choose an “at home” lifestyle is to do online surveys. They won't make you rich, but a little extra might be all you need. 

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I hope this TeleTech review was helpful and If you’d like to apply, you can get started here.  

Now it’s your turn. Have you worked for TeleTech before? Do you have experience working in customer service from your home?

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62 thoughts on “TeleTech Review – A Work-At-Home Job That’s Not a Scam!”

  1. This is a great blog post! I have been looking for a work-at-home job that’s not a scam and this looks like it might be it.

  2. I contacted TTEC directly. They said they do not use Telegram for an interview and that is all I needed to know! The Quyana Bailey on Telegram is a scam.

    • I just got disconnected from my “interview” process all because I stressed to them that I have ALL the equipment they want me to buy. I currently have a remote job and I have had others before, so I know my equipment is good. I understand that we have to download software for IT departments to do their thing, but sending me an iPhone 13 max with a MacBook and other stuff (NEEDED to perform data entry duties) for $211 is way to good to be true. And getting paid $25 an hour? I was really interested in the data entry position though. But why would I need a laminating machine to do that? Quyana Bailey was the person’s name and the interview was text to text on telegram.
      TeleTech is a real company and from what I’ve gathered, it’s a pretty chill place to work. But their own people will tell you that they don’t conduct interviews through telegram or anything like that. And no proper recruiting agent will terminate a conversation just because you tell them you have the proper equipment already and you’re not comfortable purchasing over text. Also . . . the grammar was horrible.

      • I believe I’m in that same fake interview. Nobody’s asking me to buy anything, yet! I wouldn’t fall for that, either.. thanks for the heads up. Same name of Quyana Bailey on Telegram.

  3. Same thing for me I’ve been talking through someone through Telegram now they’re telling me I need to do a vanilla card and then like a fool sent them my drivers license and Social Security card not realizing it was a scam but I was so desperate for a job and in need of income. Do not send them information as I have filed a legal and formal complaint to the company and to the US department of justice

  4. I was just hired by manager Quyana Bailey thru ICQ, advertised online thru Jamee Southern. Went thru the interview questions. Seems legit, but then asking credit card info and need to go to Walmart to purchase a vanilla card. I declined, I know for sure it was a scam.

    • Yes, I just encountered the same today by the same person. Once she asked me for my routing, account number plus my user ID and password, I laughed at her.

  5. Anyone recently told they were hired as payroll clerk and got all info to log into their bank and now have access to finances then told I.T needs their bank info?nervous

  6. I have also been in contact with Mr William through telegram I just want my 300 back I will not continue talking to him and he needs to quit using your companies name I was told all my materials would come by fed ex I was getting sent an apple phone 11 a scanner a jet printer and some other stuff now it’s not even processing what can be done

  7. I have been talking to one of your representatives names Gabson William he said to get a 300 apple gift card to process my portal this was 2 weeks ago no text from him until today now he is telling me the system was hacked by scammers and I need to get more cards I can’t and won’t until I know if he really works for you if he doesn’t I want my 300 back by end of the week

  8. Well. I was told that the Work at Home position is $25 an hour/$15 for training. The part I feel is sketchy, is that I was referred to a Hiring Manager for an interview at almost 11pm EST on Telegram…..Their wording on here sounds like a scam….The interviewers name is Quyana Bailey….She asked me a bunch of questions. The last thing she said was: “I need you to hold on online because I need to forward our conversation to the Head Dept to enable them see if you are committed and good for this job.I need you to hold back online okay?” Bad punctuation, bad grammar and just sounds fake.

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing your experience. I agree, it doesn’t sound like TeleTech. Instead, it sounds like someone may be using TeleTech’s name to appear legit. If you’re serious about the job, you should contact TeleTech directly and confirm that they employ someone named Quyana Bailey. You can also ask if they are conducting late night interviews on Telegram. I suspect they would say no. Here’s >> Teletech’s contact information

      • Hi ….
        I have been talking to Gibson William. He said that I would be getting all my equipment sent to me . He even confirmed my home address and now he has my face book. When I called him through telegram all I would get is call failed. Can anyone tell me what I should do now?

    • yes I had the same thing happen to me …..they hijacked my facebook page and she is now telling me i have to buy a 300 dollar prepaid card through some website to complete the process so regain pocession of my facebook ….I told her she is a scammer and now she says she is not replying to any of my messages

    • Same exact thing just happened with me. Then Quyana Bailey wants my Facebook password. That’s where I drew the line.

    • I fell for the same exact thing..same person too. I gave more of my personal info than I’m comfortable admitting. But I did just call my bank and hopefully everything is fine.

    • This happened to me toowith willi gabson. He then said I was offered the position and they need all my info ssn and all. I haven’t sent that because now I’m nervous reading all these …..

    • I just had the exact conversation with the same person. All along it felt like a scam but I wanted to see how far it would go. Once she asked me for my routing and account number PLUS my user ID and password, I laughed at her. Told her I had taken screenshots of the entire conversation and would be reporting her.

  9. Omg…I think I just got scammed big time…and something in my gut was telling me something isn’t rite and I should have listened to myself…the same thing happened to me as you but I gave them my social and sent a pic of my license front and back…now I’m flipping out knowing that I got scammed…what is wrong with people…I am very upset and mad at the same time as I was really looking forward to work from home…Pete are just so wrong

  10. September 28, 2021
    I interviewed via Telegram for the position of with I thought was legit. I got the information from a post in a trusted group on Facebook. I contacted the lady and she got me connected with HR who interviewed me via Telegram and introduced himself as the Materials and Quality Manager @TTEC. Well our conversations went well and understanding of what to expect was explained, then a few days later I was welcomed to the TTEC family as a Customer service representative.

    All was great and appeared to be moving alone until the HR manager asked me about my bank and if I could do deposit, it got kinda concerned at that point, then I was told that they would be sending me a check to purchase needed equipment from a vendor they used which I asked would it be easier to just do a purchase order and have equipment delivered but no. So a few days ago I was provided with the tracking number of the package with the check and was asked to purchase a $500 Vanilla prepaid MasterCard and that I would be reimbursed from the check coming that I needed to deposit via the ATM in my bank, well the check arrived for a huge amount and was written on BOA so what did I do, I decided to call first to make sure it was not fraud by using the account number on check and too my surprise the account number could not be found in their system after three attempts so I immediately knew I was not going to deposit into my bank so I went to BOA with the check and as it thought they informed me the check was in fact frequently and they retained the check. So I immediately notified the HR department about the scam and my my how upset the HR manager became telling me I was suppose to do this or that and contact him before doing anything for his instruction but it was too late and he still tried to convince me that the bank was lying that the check was good. He even told me to get the check and deposit it via ATM at my bank because that who it was written for or to send him my user name and password for my account so they can revive the account for which I refused and told them I was done.

    I know that not everyone is a scammer and sometimes people can be caught up in something without knowing but when the signs are there please don’t ignore them and end up in jail and loosing everything. I was really disappointed because I was really looking forward too working from home and making some money through this Covid-pandemic.

    People please be careful and if TTEC is legit there are honest people like me looking for employment.

  11. Just wondering if anyone else spoke with a Teletech representative through the telegram app and then was offered a job. And then they requested name address DOB SS# driver’s license # and picture of photo id front and back

    • Yes that is how my process went but they never asked me for my social but yes for a picture id and I was so excited as I thought I had finally found what I was looking for but it appears to be yet another scam.

  12. I have been employed by TTEC almost a year now, June 2, 2021 will be a year, and I also worked for them for about 6 months in 2016-2017. I did not like the project I worked on the first time I worked for them, but I do like the project I'm currently on. I'm a full-time employee, I'm paid a very decent hourly wage, I earn vacation time and wellness time, I'm can request planned time off. I have a very good management team that is always there for me and my team. I used my own person pc. Yes they ask you to download software so your pc can be scanned to ensure it meets requirements. It is a good job. I've been working from home since 2009, since before "working from home" became a "thing" because of covid. I've worked for several W@H companies, but TTEC is the only one I've worked for twice. This is a job, just like any other job, and if you don't want to work and cannot commit to a schedule and always have complaints then don't apply. They are not a scam, but if you have a "poor me" attitude then you're not going to be happy with any job you get!!

    • Hi Tammy, thanks for the great insight. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and it will be helpful for others.


    • I sure wish I the contact information to the TTEC manager you had and just wondering if you were asked to purchase a prepaid card or sent a check to deposit into your personal account via ATM only? I know that there are people out here using other’s information but if this company is legit I would love to reach out too them.


    • I’m very glad I read this article because I am currently going through the hiring process and I was still thinking it was a scam even though I read through all this. I hope it works out for me and all the other future employees of teletech.
      This is what O keep thinking too. Why nit pay for the equipment there and just send it to me. Right. I also was wondering about the bank info. I already gave him my fb info so idk he asked for cashapp email n password or pin I gave it but few hours later changes it all. I still am not sure about it.

      Thank you for this review I keep thinking it’s a scam but I really need this and I was also told I got hired for the company so 8 hope it works out.

  13. im enjoying my beginnings with ttec..the "system" is always difficult to navigate…a million hoops to jump thru and hard to know if ur hard work makes a difference..but I believe gaining competency is an honor and I'm so suprised at this new opportunity for myself..It isnt easy but I REALLY agree that its a real opportunity to develop ur work from home career from ttec. But spoilt pple with high expectations need not apply! lol

    • Thanks for your feedback and insight Leila, and I like your wise comment that those with high expectations need not apply, lol.

      That’s the case for most, if not all online jobs and opportunities, and that’s okay. We should all have the same expectations with jobs and opportunities “online” as we do “offline”, and the world of “making-money-online” would be a better, more logical place 🙂

  14. I just had a job interview with ttec through text messages. They haven’t asked for any bank info yet and they said they want to hire me. But is it weird that I’d get a interview through text messaging on not over the phone? I’m just a little iffy on continuing with it. I need advice.

    • Hi Kelly, I’d be wary of communicating through text, it’s difficult to know who’s on the other end. Teletech is commonly used by scammers to pretend they are from a legitimate company, and because it looks shady communicating with a public email (like gmail for example) they’ll often use text. I’d contact Teletech directly at and confirm the identity of the person you’re texting with. Let them know you’ll only communicate with their official email that ends in

      • I just was almost scammed by someone who was posing as Teletech company. At the end of the “hiring process” they asked for money to start using software. Stupid scammers. They used Google Hangout to communicate.

        • Oh my they legit just tried the same thing with me. The whole process was strange, then came the picture of the mac book they promise that will be delivered to you.
          Same, used hangouts to communicate too!

    • Email me I got the same today nothing about a check just that they would pay for all the equipment sent and my pay is 20$ an hour it just don’t seem right!!! At alll telegram messenger is what it’s on said I scored 86% on the questions there was 12 of them sounds like bs to me

  15. I applied for a job online and I received an email from the “TTEC Hiring Manager” with a horrible looking logo, no contact information, and it was sent from a Gmail account. I had actually applied for the job on what I thought was a reputable site but it was definitely a scam. I was an hour and a half applying via Google Hangouts. I know, I know, that should have been the first clue but they made it seem like an interview for a work at home position. Finally, he got around to the check and it felt off. I kept asking for paperwork and he wouldn’t send anything. TTEC may be a real company, but there are definitely people scamming with their name.

    • Hi Sandhya, no one should ask you for your password to anything (and please do not give it them). There are a lot of scammers out there pretending to be from legit work-at-home companies. They post an ad using the name of a legit company and then try to gain your trust through correspondence before asking for things like passwords, bank information, etc. They may also ask you to buy things like a laptop and they’ll promise to reimburse you, just as soon as you send it to them so they can install the “company” software. These are all scams. It’s not companies like TeleTech doing this though, it’s people pretending to be from those companies.

    • They did me n I just went on their n I think he changed my pw now I can’t get back in if I get logged out well google will let me in but thts BS

  16. TTEC wants me to download something to scan my computer to make sure it’s compatible? This just sounds like someone trying to gain access to all my personal information! Anyone know?

  17. Ttec wants me to buy a $100 gift card and give them the verification code so they can load the apple computer (that they are supplying me with) with the correct software and then they will mail me the laptop loaded up. I have a hard time with sending someone $100 to work at home.

    • Please make sure any and all communication you receive from Teletech is from their official email address with their domain extension

      Scams like the one you mention are very common. The scammer posts an ad online pretending to be from a legitimate company, You reply to the ad, but the correspondence that follows is not with the actual company.

      This is similar to home rental scams,where someone posts ad with an apartment for rent, but they don’t actually own the apartment. They’ll try to drag you along and at some point ask you to send them money and they’ll send you the keys and documents (in this case, it’s an Apple computer they’re promising to send you).

      It’s 100% a scam, but it’s not actually TTEC.

  18. I worked for ttec as its now called and for two different times. First was a WAH sales and service basically inbound phone calls for over 50 companies andbthose included most of the tv infomercials items and services and i had to use my own equipment. It takes a remote software platform through your PC. The scripted dialogue allowed for quite an easy time. It would pop up on ur screen and u had to go verbatim or else…..myself it was not the right match as i did not often feel comfortable doing certain scripts for sales but thats a personal issue. A positive was i started when i lived in Georgia and had to move to home in Florida so I packed up and work came with me. At the time. Project i was on was more a test mode and constant issues with ttec software was always blamed on our personal internet provider and fell apart almost weekly. Pay was 7.25 an HR which is from the fact u dont require things as travel to work using ur own vehicles fuel etc…..slowly the hours for agents became almost less than worth the time. 5 hrs here one week and none others. And shifts became only available say over night amd thats why I couldn’t afford to stay. Later I had a job for a company in my town partnered with ttec but the partner was in charge of everything. MUCH better job to have and was more in line with wages and i worked in center etc. Today I have applied to 2 diff jobs located in a ttec center in my town. Im in line for hire on a project for a way much bigger digital product company with paid trajning and some sales with a expected pay rate plus an actually surprising commission thats well worth jt so I hope my lack of sales skills will be improved upon in training of 5 weeks. They do still use online assesments im sure it’s simply easier due to the vast volume of applicants applying…so I look at this as it all depends what project you are applying to and hired for. Some issues may always appear however overall i keep going back to ttec as well a means of a almost gaurantee of work despite starting to dislike the field in general….hence the reason ive worked elsewhere between ttec jobs and taken times away from the customer service type industry. Hope this helps….they are NOT a scam and all jobs have issues as for ttec being vastly huge in the field you most likely should just set job alerts aand do your job searches as much and deep as u can to find one that fits what you are hoping to find for your needs. Good luck out there!!

    • I recently found a ttech LLC job, hey want to give me 15 an hour but, they want me to get 3 phones and than send them to a vendor to be programmed? Is this them or is this the scam??

  19. My boyfriend worked as a security analyst at TTec for a bit (he almost immediately left for employment with a more reputable company); we always got a kick out of how incompetent the SOC management is. They got hacked to the point where employees were told to not even bother coming in because the management couldn’t figure out how to unlock their computers about 2x/month. It makes sense that the government contracts with TTec… incompetent, meet incompetent! ??☹