Timewall.io Review – Legit Way To Make Money or a SCAM?

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Welcome, and thank you for reading my TimeWall.io Review.

If you're scouring the web for ways to earn some extra cash, you've probably stumbled upon a variety of Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites. The temptation is real. Simply earn money by clicking ads, taking surveys, and completing tasks. How hard can it be?

But there are some nagging questions, like…

Does TimeWall.io actually work?

Is TimeWall.io legit?

This review will answer your questions. We'll dive into what TimeWall.io is, how it works, and the nitty-gritty of earning points and cashing out. We'll also weigh the pros and cons so you can decide if TimeWall.io is worth it or just another digital rabbit hole.

Here are the topics I'm going to cover:

  • What is Timewall.io?
  • Is Timewall.io Legit?
  • How Does Timewall Work?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Timewall Reviews and Complaints
  • What I Like and What I Don’t Like About Time Wall
  • Timewall Alternatives
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

Please note, I am not an affiliate for Timewall.io. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Timewall.io?

Timewall is a GPT (Get Paid To) site or “offerwall” that partners up with other websites and advertisers.  These partners embed their offers into Timewall's platform.

Similarly, websites such as Faucet Pay running offerwalls can monetize their users by integrating Timewall.io into their websites or mobile apps.

Timewall Embedded on Faucet Pay Website
Source: FaucetPay

Users can then access various earning methods provided by the partners, such as micro-tasks, clicks, and surveys.

From the advertiser’s perspective, they can start their own microtask or click campaigns targeting users on the Timewall member network, which is relatively large.

Basically, they operate as a middleman or broker, connecting you with opportunities, handling the payment infrastructure, and of course…

… taking a cut for their trouble.

On the one hand, Timewall saves you time (pun intended) by consolidating all of these offers into one place.

On the other hand, it makes more sense to sign up to GPT (Get Paid To) sites and complete offers directly. When it comes to reward sites like Timewall, especially those with red flags, it’s better to diversify so you’re not relying on one platform to get paid.

So, does Timewall.io have any red flags?

Let’s talk about that…

Is Timewall.io Legit

As far as earning platforms go, Timewall has surprisingly few red flags. That doesn’t mean there are none, but the ones I found are relatively minor compared to what I usually see when reviewing make-money sites.

To answer the elephant in the room…

… Timewall.io is legit and can be trusted.

To be honest, when I was first introduced to Timewall, I thought it was a scam. Having been in this industry for many years, this one claim (shown below) seemed suspicious to me…

TimeWall 25 Year Claim

As you can see, they claim to have 25 years of experience in the affiliate marketing game. I’ve researched and reviewed hundreds of these programs over many years, and if they had been around for 25 years, it’s likely I would have heard of them (not that I know of every platform).

So, I had a quick look at their domain registration, and Timewall.io was only registered in May 2020…

Timewall.io Domain Registration Inconsisitency
Source: Whois.com

To be fair, sticking around for even just a few years in this business is a good sign. But 2020 is not twenty-five years ago.

So, that was the first red flag and had me thinking Timewall was a scam.  

But there’s another possibility.

This claim may be true, and although Timewall.io is a new website, the owners of Timewall may have 25 years of experience in affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, this question only raises another red flag. Who are the owners?

At the bottom of their website, it says Timewall.io is owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd.

Timewall.io Parent Company

Australian Clearing Party is a limited liability company based in Australia (with a legitimate Australian Business Number: 26 625 700 156, and possibly operating address at 235 Main Street, Osborne Park, WA 6017, Australia, according to Timewall’s website.

The business number checks out…

So, Timewall’s parent company is legit. Whether their address is, isn’t so clear…

They may be located at 235 Main Street in a rear office or subletting an office in one of the businesses at that address.

But as of 2023, when the below image was captured, they don’t appear to have a front-facing business under that name.

Whether this is the correct address or not isn't really a big deal. Many businesses operate without a sign on their door.

It’s just that I'm not able to verify their claim of having 25 years of affiliate marketing experience, which is what made me suspicious in the first place.

And according to their ABN status, Timewall’s parent company has only been active since 2018.

The specific individuals behind the company and the platform remain unknown.

These minor deceptions (if that's what they are) may not matter to you, but to be thorough, they're worth mentioning.

Despite those small red flags, Timewall is legit.

We also checked to make sure their website passed virus and malware checks, which it did…

Avira AviraPass ✅
Bitdefender BitdefenderPass ✅
Kaspersky KasperskyPass ✅
Sophos SophosPass ✅
Virus and Malware Check for Timewall.io

Another positive sign, is that Timewall doesn't make unrealistic claims, like making hundreds of dollars a day, for example.

They also have a significant social media presence, which is not what you find with most scams, especially regarding online surveys, micro tasks, etc.  

So, once again, I was surprised to see that Timewall’s Facebook page currently has over 90K followers and 84K likes.

TimeWall Facebook Statistics

So, while I can't say Timewall is perfect or the best GPT platform to join, it's fair to say that they are not a scam.

How Does Timewall.io Work?

Let's break down how Timewall operates.

Timewall isn't your typical earning platform. As mentioned earlier, unlike most Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites, it's a middleman that partners with other GPT sites. In a way, they are an aggregator site like Survey Compare and Survey Spotter.

They don't operate exactly that way, but for the most part, you can join Timewall's featured platforms and survey sites directly.

But back to the point, you perform tasks like clicking ads or doing micro-tasks and earn points on partner GPT sites, but your payment comes unified directly from Timewall.

From my understanding, which may go against what others have said, you're not transferring points to other GPT sites. Instead, you accumulate points with Timewall (even if embedded on other sites), and once you reach the minimum threshold, you can cash out through one of Timewall's payment methods.

With that said, if you know how points can be transferred to other GPT sites, please let us know in the comments section below.

How to Join

  • Sign Up and Login – Registering is straightforward. You'll need an email and password. Keep those credentials safe; you'll use them to log in to various GPT sites that Timewall partners with.
  • Countries Restrictions – Not everyone's invited to this party. You are eligible if you live in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and several other countries. However, if you're in countries like Iran, Russia, or North Korea, you're out of luck.
  • Age Restrictions – You must be at least 16 years old.

The full list of countries Timewall is currently unavailable are…

  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • Cuba
  • Russia
  • Somalia
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Myanmar
  • Zimbabwe
  • Some regions of Ukraine

How To Make Money with Timewall?

  • Earning Points – The name of the game is points. You earn them by completing tasks, clicking ads, and participating in surveys. But remember, these points aren't dollars. One point equals $0.0001 USD.
  • ID Verification – Once you hit 1,000 points, it's selfie time. You'll need to snap a pic holding a paper that says “Timewall” and include a government ID. They want to make sure they're not paying a bot.

If you're uncomfortable with the ID verification (as I was), survey sites like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars are also great sites to earn some extra money.

Or, if you're waiting for new offers from Timewall, or a payout, they're both good alternatives for the meantime.

However… if you're looking for a full-time income online, an online business is a better option.

You may be at home because of difficulties with your health or young ones to look after. Or maybe you're just tired of your job.

If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

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How the Money Shakes Out

  • User Payout – After verification, you can cash out. But here's the twist: the points convert to the currency of the GPT site your account is linked to. So, 1,000 points may not necessarily be $0.10 USD.
  • Minimum Payout Threshold – The minimum payout for users is 1,000 points and $10 USD for site owners.
  • Payment Methods and Frequency – Timewall pays every Thursday. They offer a variety of payment methods, including Wire Transfer, ACH Transfer, AirTM, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and USDT.
  • For Site Owners – If you own a website, you can also earn money, but Timewall gets the final say on whether your site makes the cut. For more information about this, you can chat with Timewall.

Timewall Rules and Other Details

Like all GPT and survey sites, the rules are strict. There are so many bots and fraudsters with ill intent that it’s both time-consuming and challenging to make sure users are real and honest.

Unfortunately, this often leads to suspended or permanently banned accounts (which I’ll discuss further below) and unpaid rewards.  

Here’s a breakdown of the main rules…

  • No Cheating – Multiple accounts, selling accounts, and fake IDs are a no-go. Break the rules, and you can kiss your earnings goodbye.
  • Data Deletion – If you want out, you can request to have your data deleted. Just make sure you've settled any negative balances first.
  • Arbitration Clause – If you have a dispute, it must be settled out of court (the payment amounts we’re talking about here don’t wouldn’t make financial sense to fight about in court. There would be no winners).
  • Terms Acceptance – Simply by using Timewall, you're agreeing to their Terms and Privacy Policy. So, if you’re iffy about anything, it might be wise to not sign up. That’s not to discourage you at all. It’s just that you’ll want to make sure that you read the terms and you’re good with them.  

At the end of the day, Timewall is a point-based platform with a bunch of rules and a unique earning model. Whether you're a regular user or a site owner, understanding how the system works is critical to maximizing your earnings.

Timewall FAQ

What Are The Different Types of Offers Available on Timewall.io?

Timewall.io offers various types of offers for users to earn money, including:

  • Micro tasks – These are small tasks that users can complete to earn points or rewards. Timewall.io claims to be one of the only offerwalls that provide micro tasks[1].
  • Surveys – Users can participate in surveys to share their opinions and earn rewards in return[2].
  • Clicks – Users can earn money by clicking on ads provided by advertisers[2].
  • Advertising campaigns – Timewall.io has its own advertising platform with direct advertisers that no other platform has. Advertisers can start their own microtask or click campaigns targeting users on the Timewall network.

What Are The Payment Options on Timewall.io?

Timewall has several payment options, including Wire Transfer, ACH Transfer, AirTM, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and USDT.

How Often Does Timewall.io Pay its Members?

Timewall pays out every Thursday. However, you must meet the minimum payout threshold. Offerwall users must reach a minimum of 1,000 points to be eligible for a payout. For site owners, the minimum withdrawal amount is $10 USD.

Is there a Minimum Payout Threshold on Timewall.io?

Yes, as mentioned above in the previous question, the minimum payout for users is 1,000 points and $10 USD for site owners.

Does Timewall.io Have a Referral Program?

Currently, Timewall.io does not have a referral or affiliate program. That may change in the future, but on the positive side, it prevents what you often get with GPT site referral programs. An overwhelming number of spammy recommendations on every platform imaginable.

Are There Any Success Examples from Timewall.io Members?

There are not many specific examples of members making money on Timewall, with regard to payment proof, video demonstration, etc.

However, there are many members on sites like Reddit, Facebook, Trustpilot, etc., claiming they are successfully making money from Timewall.io

For example, one Redditor says that they are earning $3-5 a day easily through the platform's “Tasks” tab.

However, as with any make-money-online claim or endeavor, you should take all of them with a grain of salt. That does not mean they’re untrue. I know many people who make money on these types of platforms.

But the amount you can make and how “easy” it is to make it, is not only subjective but also relative to your living situation and previous online money-making adventures.

For example, if you've made money with something like affiliate marketing, e-commerce, etc., the income you make here will feel insignificant.

That said, you can earn money with Timewall and other GPT Sites, it’s just not going to be a full-time (or even a part-time) income. They can provide you with some extra spending money though.

And, as mentioned earlier, survey sites like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars are also a great way to make some simple money.

Or maybe, you're looking for more than what online surveys and GPT sites offer.

For a bigger income, an an online business might be what you're looking for.

You may have medical issues keeping you at home, kids to care for, or a job you no longer like.

If that's the case, with so much junk and misinformation out there, knowing how (and where) to start is what you need in order to get what you want.

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Timewall.io Reviews and Complaints

Let’s talk “the good, the bad, and the ugly”. For this, we’ll look at what some other members are saying.

According to a Reddit user's experience, they have raised concerns about Timewall.io's ID verification process, which requires users to submit a photo and a government-issued ID. The user expressed skepticism about the way they handle sensitive information. And I agree.

We don’t know who the owners or Timewall are, so there’s a significant risk.

It wasn’t my intention start with “the ugly”… but here we are. I don't know that Timewall is selling anyone's information, nor am I making that accusation. All I'm saying is that when it comes to sharing your personal information (especially photos, official ID, etc.), you must make a measured decision.

Is the risk worth it?

Only you can make that decision.

Moving on… let's talk about the not so ugly. “The bad”.

I’ve seen numerous complaints about Timewall.io being a scam because of false VPN use claims or suspicious activity that leads to accounts being shut down.

Here’s one example…

Timewall.io Negative Review
Source: Facebook

The concern here is the same as every GPT and online survey site I’ve used (for personal use) and tested for a review. There’s an assumption that you spend your time doing tasks, surveys, and so on… but before you can claim your cash, they pull the rug out from under you.

They ban your account for some fictitious reason, like VPN use.

In many cases, that happens. There are a lot of real scams out there doing this.

When it comes to Timewall, though, I don’t think that’s what they’re doing. I could be wrong, but the positive reviews and comments significantly outweigh the negative ones. And the amount of money a company like Timewall would make from falsely shutting down the odd account would be pennies.

It’s just not worth it.

But I’m also not saying that those on the receiving end of an account suspension are wrong. I’m just not sure there’s a nefarious reason behind it.

Of course, the end result is the same. Whether Timewall is doing this on purpose or not won’t bring comfort to those not getting paid.

Here are some similar complaints found on Trustpilot

  • “I earned lots of coins. First time I redeem it successfully. Second time they asked to verify Id or my Facebook link, I did everything they asked me to do. I can't withdraw my earrings from Timewall.” 
  • “I like everything about it, and I'm truly having fun, but they need to improve their support system.”
  • “I had going well on Timewall but suddenly I Timewall account got banned on for they say “You can no longer use Timewall.”

Again, I’m not sure this is happening on purpose. And I’m familiar with getting accounts banned. I use a VPN regularly and have been kicked out of several platforms because of it. I wasn’t trying to hide my identity from them. I just forgot to turn it off.

So, although I wish the support was better and that they were more forgiving, I also can’t say it was their fault.

With that said, I’ve also seen good sites and platforms turn bad over the years. And vice-versa. So, although my opinion of Timewall today is relatively positive, I may think differently in the future.

This leaves us to discuss “the good”. Here are some comments from Trustpilot, this time a few positive ones…

“If you want to make money, here you have found the solution. The withdrawal took a few seconds.”

“I loved Timewall experience I really enjoyed a lot and I easily withdraw my points…”

“My experience is my first withdrawal. Very smooth. Instant.”

Facebook also has many positive reviews. Here are a few examples…

Timewall.io Positive Reviews
Source: Facebook

Like most legitimate GPT sites, there are both positive and negative reviews and complaints. Timewall.io is no different.

What I Like About Timewall.io

  • Simple and straightforward, although I’m not a fan of GPT and Online Survey “points”. I’d rather they just pay a flat rate in USD so you can adjust for currency at the current exchange. But overall, there are no hoops to jump though. Simple and straightforward.
  • They’ve been around for a few years and are still operating.
  • The positive reviews and comments far outweigh the negative.

What I Don’t Like

  • Relatively low payouts. Not necessarily compared to other rewards sites but to other online opportunities and work-at-home jobs.
  • As mentioned above, I’m not a fan of the “points” accumulation and payment system.
  • Risky verification process. I stopped at the point where I was required to share a government-issued ID. I’m not saying they’d sell my information, but I don’t know that they wouldn’t. To be fair, you can’t necessarily trust the biggest and more reputable companies either… but that’s a topic for a different article.

Timewall.io Alternatives

There are several Timewall.io alternatives, not limited to GPT sites and taskwalls. In addition to reward platforms, some user testing platforms are potentially worth checking out.

Alternatives include,

Where Do You Go From Here?

TimeWall.io offers a unique approach to earning online, acting as a middleman between you and various Get-Paid-To sites. It's a convenient way to accumulate points that can be converted into cash or rewards.

However, let's be real. TimeWall.io isn't going to replace your 9-to-5.

If you're drowning in bills or need to pay off debts, the extra cash from TimeWall.io can be a nice cushion, but it's not going to be a financial game-changer.

You might be a student in school or a single parent juggling responsibilities at home or facing health challenges that make regular work challenging. Maybe you just hate your job and need an escape.

If that's the case, an online business is what you want. 

With all the scams and schemes out there, knowing how and where to get started the right way is what you need in order to get what you want

Now, I'm going to give you a Free Workshop for becoming a proofreading freelancer and you can get it by Clicking Here

However, if it's just a simple way to make money some extra money, Timewall, online survey and get-paid-to sites may be exactly what you're looking for.  

Sites like Survey Junkie are a great way to get started if you've never made money online before. Inbox Dollars is another legit site that offers rewards for doing things like watching videos, visiting websites and searching the web.  

I hope my Timewall.io review has been helpful. Please share any comments, questions, or experience with Timewall in the comments section below.

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