30 Best Transcription Jobs For Remote Work Freelancers

Important Notice: While some articles may discuss potential earnings, we do not make income guarantees or promises. Nor do we represent, endorse, or support exaggerated income claims. Please read our income claims disclaimer for realistic earning expectations.

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You're hunting for transcription jobs to work-from-home and put those fast typing skills to use.

You may be eyeing a remote work transcription gig for extra cash or a full-time hustle so you can ditch the office and be closer to family and friends.

But where do you begin? Especially if this is your first time dipping your toes into those cold freelance waters.

Let's not waste any more time. Below, you'll find 30 places to apply for home-based transcription jobs covering all experience, skill, and education levels.

But first, just a quick disclaimer: The transcription job market is ever-changing, and while we make every effort to provide accurate and current information, job availability and pay rates are subject to fluctuations. We encourage readers to do further research with each company directly for the most up-to-date information.

With that disclaimer, let's quickly go over transcriber salaries.

How Much Do Transcribers Make?

Transcription jobs range from a few hundred dollars per month to $6,000 or more, especially if you build your own client base.

With that said, according to Zippia (below), the average transcriber salary in the US ranges from $25,000 – $75,000 yearly, with the highest rates being paid in Alaska, New Jersey, and New York.

While it would be great to get into the $6,000 or higher club, a little better than the average ($56,250, also shown below) is knocking on the $4,700/monthly door.

Screenshot showing a salary information page for Transcribers, including a bar graph with median, entry-level, and top salaries. The median annual salary is prominently displayed at $43,541, which is a $20.93 hourly rate. Entry-level positions start at $25,000, and top earners make up to $75,000 annually. A highlighted callout shows 60% of transcribers earn less than $56,250. The page also features bullet points about salary ranges, hourly rates, and states with the highest salaries.
Source: Zippia

At the end of the day, it all depends on what your goals are and how committed you are to becoming a skilled transcriptionist. For some, this may just be a side hustle for extra money.

But for those with fast and accurate typing skills, who can meet deadlines consistently, learn specialized skills, and are persistent when applying for jobs, transcription provides a solid salary.

Okay, let's get started with this list of transcription jobs. First up is GMR Transcription…

GMR Transcription

Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

Based in California, GMR Transcription has been in the transcription and translation game since 2004. They cater to a wide range, from individuals and private organizations to public corporations and government agencies.

GMR Transcription offers general, business, legal, and academic transcription jobs. No prior experience? No problem. But be aware they require 99% accuracy even if you're to be a seasoned pro.

To land this remote job, submit your resume and complete an application. Then, pass their challenging transcription tests. The tests are tough but usually harder than the work you'll get later.

GMR Transcription pays between $0.75 and $1.00 per audio minute, roughly $15 to $23 an hour. As for training, they don't offer formal resources but provide valuable feedback to help you up your game.


  • No experience needed.
  • Multiple job types.
  • Good pay rate.


  • Tough entry tests.
  • No formal training.

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Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

Established in 2011, TranscribeMe uses its audio search and transcription platform to make audio content searchable. They serve a range of industries like medical, legal, and AI/machine learning.

Beginners are welcome, but you must be 18 with a valid ID and a decent computer setup.

To get your foot in the door, you'll need to register online and fill out an application. Next, you'll face an entrance exam that tests your typing and grammar skills. It consists of three sections, a grammar and punctuation test, a 15-minute audio transcription (requiring 97% or higher accuracy), and a questionnaire.

Pass those, and you're in as a part-time independent contractor.

Pay starts at $15 to $22 per audio hour. TranscribeMe provides training for those who pass the entrance exam and offers a community for ongoing support.


  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Good starting pay.
  • Training and community support


  • Stringent entry requirements.
  • The entrance exam is no cakewalk.

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Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

Based in San Francisco, Scribie has been providing audio and video transcription since 2008. They serve a global clientele and specialize in transcripts for things like interviews and podcasts.

Beginners are welcome at Scribie, but you've got to pass a test that might include strong accents. The test measures your typing, listening, and English skills.

Sign up on their website and submit an application to get started. You'll be added to a waiting list for the transcription test. Pass that, and you're a certified transcriber ready to pick up projects.

Scribie's site says they pay $10 per audio hour. The industry average to transcribe 1 audio minute is in the 2 to 6 minute ballpark, putting your actual hourly rate as low as $1.50 and $5 unless you’re blindingly fast.

Scribie also offers a Transcriber Guide (but not an in-depth training program).


  • Open to beginners.
  • Global client base.
  • Transcriber Guide provided.


  • Low effective pay rate.

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Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

Founded in the UK, GoTranscript has been in the transcription game since 2005. Their clients are a who's who list, from top media outlets to Fortune 50 companies.

GoTranscript offers a wide range of transcription services, from general and academic to specialized medical and legal fields. Beginners can apply, but you'll need to pass a transcription test that checks your typing, listening, and English comprehension.

Sign up on their website, fill out an application, and you'll land on a waiting list for the test.

Pay per audio or video minute caps at $0.60. They offer transcription guidelines but don't expect a full-blown training program.


  • Open to beginners.
  • Wide service range.
  • Global clientele.


  • Limited training resources.

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3Play Media

Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

Born out of MIT, 3Play Media is based in Boston and specializes in making videos accessible. They cater to a wide audience, from educational institutions to big media companies.

3Play Media transcribes all sorts of audio and video files, such as online videos and podcasts. While they don't demand prior experience, they're on the lookout for individuals with solid communication skills and a knack for working independently.

Get hired by 3PlayMedia by applying online. You'll need to study their guidelines and complete some practice jobs. Then comes a series of online assessments. Pass those, and you're in.

Pay rates at 3Play Media are not explicitly disclosed, but some reviews suggest that the pay is adequate. They emphasize fair and ethical treatment of their transcribers.

As for training, don't expect a full course, but they do offer guidelines and practice jobs during the hiring process,


  • No experience needed.
  • Ethical treatment emphasized.
  • Guidelines and practice jobs provided.


  • Pay rates undisclosed.
  • Limited formal training.

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Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

Literably focuses on K-8 students, providing a platform where students record their reading. Transcribers, referred to as Literably scorers, then listen and score these readings based on errors and comprehension.

You don’t need experience, but they will provide a short sample task to test your skills.

Sign up on their website and read the instructions. Your sample task features six training recordings. Ace that, and you're part of the team.

Pay at Literably ranges from $0.35 to $0.85 per audio minute, translating to an average of $10 to $15 per hour. Payments are made weekly via PayPal. They offer training materials and instructions, but a full training program isn't in the cards.


  • Open to beginners.
  • Specialized, meaningful work.
  • Weekly PayPal payments.
  • Instructions and training materials provided.


  • Limited pay range.
  • Work is narrowly focused and may not appeal to all.

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Daily Transcription

Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

Founded in 2003, Daily Transcription is a pro in both transcription and translation services. Their specialties? Think Skype chats, interviews, and even sermons.

Daily Transcription offers general, legal, and academic transcription gigs. Experience isn't a must, but you better be good with words and able to handle projects solo.

To join the team, submit your resume and complete an online form. Then, you'll face a transcription test that gauges your typing, listening, and grammar skills.

Pay per audio minute ranges from $0.95 to $1.50, which is above average. While they provide training videos and style guides, it's not a comprehensive program.


  • No experience required.
  • Wide range of transcription types.
  • Above-average pay rates.
  • Training resources like videos and guides available.


  • No comprehensive training.
  • Strict skills requirement.


Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

SpeakWrite was founded in 1997 and serves industries like legal services, finance, and law enforcement. Their remote team cranks out over a million transcriptions yearly.

SpeakWrite also caters to general and Spanish transcription, but they've got some hoops to jump through. You need at least a year of office-based transcription or word processing experience and a typing speed of 60 WPM at 90% accuracy.

Apply by submitting your details, passing a typing test, signing a confidentiality agreement, and laying out your work history. Meet their experience requirements, and you’ll move forward.

SpeakWrite pays by the word, with rates starting at 1.5 cents per word for single-speaker audio and 2.25 cents per word for multi-speaker audio. Average monthly earnings can be $450. While they lack a full training program, they have a support team to help you during shifts.


  • Established company with a large client base.
  • Offers work in specialized fields like law enforcement.
  • Support team available during shifts.


  • Strict experience requirements.
  • Limited training resources.

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Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Established in 2005, eScribers specializes in legal transcription for courts and government agencies. They hold the unique distinction of being the only company to hold exclusive statewide court reporting and transcription service contracts in the U.S.

eScribers serves various federal, state, and municipal bodies, focusing on legal transcription. While the experience requirements are not explicitly stated, some sources say they work with contractors with and without prior experience in the legal transcription and reporting market.

Experience and having AAERT, NCRA, or other related certifications are helpful.

With that said, there is an intensive onboarding process, as expected for high-level transcriptions and clients. There will be confidentiality requirements.

eScribers does not disclose its average pay, but with high-profile clients and specialized transcription skills. While they don't spell out a training program, they emphasize that intensive onboarding and quality technology are part of the deal.


  • Exclusive statewide contracts.
  • Good for those who are specialized in legal transcription.


  • Pay rates undisclosed (although assumed higher than average).
  • Experience required.


Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

CrowdSurf is all about community. They've got freelancers crafting video captions for the deaf, hard of hearing, and those mastering a second language. The transcription work includes short tasks you can pick up day or night.

They specialize in video captioning, covering everything from exclusive interviews to Saturday morning cartoons. Newbies are welcome at Crowdsurf. Show off your skills with a quick sample test, and you're in the running.

Sign up through Work Market, submit an application, and ace a transcription test to get started. Once in, you've got a buffet of projects waiting.

Pay is based on the length and priority of the task, with base rates varying. Weekly bonus payments are also available. Payments are credited to your Work Market account. While they offer guidelines and training materials, don't expect a full course menu.


  • Open to beginners.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Community-focused mission.
  • Weekly payments through Work Market.


  • Limited training.

Allegis Transcription

Experience and Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Allegis Transcription specializes in the property and casualty insurance market, offering freelance gigs for those looking for a stable team.

In terms of work, it's all about insurance and legal transcription, serving some big-league clients.

They're open to rookies but emphasize work ethic and aptitude. To jump aboard, apply online and go through a structured coaching program.

Pass that, and freelance transcription jobs are yours for the taking.

Allegis pay averages around $16.67 per hour, but the actual income can be inconsistent as transcriptions must meet accuracy standards, and mistakes affect your payment rate. They also provide a quality development program, pairing newbies with a coach to get them up to speed.


  • Specializes in insurance and legal sectors, which is beneficial if one is your specialty.
  • Open to beginners with strong work ethics.
  • Structured coaching program for new transcriptionists.


  • Pay can be inconsistent due to accuracy standards.
  • Limited client base (property and casualty insurance market), which is a drawback if this is not your specialty.

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Casting Words

Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

CastingWords taps freelancers to transcribe a variety of online media, such as interviews and other audio content.

The gigs include video captioning for a wide range of online content. If you're a beginner, no sweat. They'll give you a short task to show off your skills.

To get in the game, freelancers can register at CastingWords Workshop, submit an application, and pass a transcription test. Make the cut, and you're good to go on their project list.

Pay starts at 8.5 cents per audio minute, which works out to between $1 and $5 per hour. While they don't lay out a detailed training program, they do provide very detailed guides and promise intensive onboarding and top-grade tech for accurate work.


  • Open to beginners.
  • Variety of transcription types.
  • Intensive onboarding.
  • Technology provided for accurate work.


  • Low pay rates.
  • Onboarding could be intensive for some (particularly for the pay).

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Focus Forward

Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

Focus Forward Transcription has been in the game since 2003, providing transcription solutions across multiple industries. They roll with a U.S.-managed team to boot.

They cover audio and video transcription, serving a wide array of industries. Strong English skills and a keen eye for detail are required.

Apply by downloading their instructions and audio test files. Complete that, fill out an application, and you'll hear back within 48 hours.

Pay rates are in the $0.29 to $1.00 per audio minute ballpark. Language translation gigs pay more.


  • Open to beginners.
  • Quick application turnaround.
  • Wide range of industries served.
  • Higher rates for language translation.


  • Intensive onboarding.


Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

Babbletype has been serving the market research industry for over two decades, with a history dating back to more than 10 million minutes of transcriptions. Specializing in audio-to-text services, they meet the needs of market researchers dead-on.

Their transcription work focuses on market research, including single speakers, interviews, and chatty focus groups. If you're a beginner, you're welcome here. Just bring your English A-game and a sharp focus.

Join online, submit an application, and pass the transcription test.

Pay starts at 8.5 cents per audio minute, which may result in low hourly rates depending on your speed and accuracy.


  • Open to beginners.
  • Market research focus.
  • Structured onboarding with tech support.
  • Quick application process.


  • Low pay rates.
  • Intense onboarding could be a hurdle.

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Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

Speechpad hires freelancers to transcribe various types of audio, but they also hire captioners, translators, and reviewers.

Begin the process by signing up on their website and taking a transcription test. Note that Speechpad is not always accepting new applications. You may have to check and recheck periodically.

For transcription jobs, the pay ranges from $0.25/min for entry-level work to $1.00/min for jobs requiring more experience.

How much you earn per hour depends on how fast you can transcribe. An experienced transcriptionist could typically finish 15 to 20 audio minutes per elapsed hour, but this can vary greatly depending on skill and audio quality.


  • Open to beginners.
  • Diverse range of transcription work.
  • Quick hiring process.
  • Tech support during onboarding.


  • Low-ish pay rates for beginners.

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VIQ Solutions

Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

VIQ Solutions is looking for experienced independent contractor typists and editors for transcription work. They offer jobs covering various industries, including legal and law enforcement.

While experience is preferred, VIQ Solutions is beginner-friendly. To apply, sign up, submit an application, and pass a test. If you meet the requirements, you'll be added to their roster.

Pay rates for VIQ Solutions transcriptionists vary, with some sources suggesting an hourly rate of $21-$36. However, it's important to note that these are independent contractor positions, and pay may depend on the specific project and your experience.


  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Varied transcription gigs.
  • Quick application process.
  • Efficient transcription technology.


  • Pay rates may vary.
  • Intensive onboarding.


Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Quicktate hires freelancers to transcribe various audio files such as voicemails, memos, and legal or medical files. They're big on diverse audio types like phone calls and conference recordings.

Experience is required and they expect you to have your own equipment.

To join, fill out the form on their website and list some references. A quick heads up, there's a $20 background check fee, and you'll have to ace a few transcription tests.

Quicktate pay is 1 cent for every four words for general transcription and 1 cent for every twowords for medical transcription. Being a per-word gig, your income can be unpredictable and depend on the audio files provided.

As for training, Quicktate doesn't provide formal resources. But they're known as an easy company for beginners to get started with.


  • Diverse audio file types.
  • Simple hiring process.


  • Relatively low pay for specialized transcription.
  • Background check fee.

Dictate Express

Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Dictate Express promises 99% accuracy and quick turnarounds to its clients. They are also committed to quality and client confidentiality.

Transcription work from Dictate Express comes from various industries, but legal transcription is their primary focus. They use both straight transcription and voice recognition for big legal accounts.

At Dictate Express, one to two years of transcription experience is a must. They also expect you to be proficient with words. Great grammar and proofreading skills are non-negotiable.

To get hired, you can check for Dictate Express job openings on Indeed. You'll need to be U.S.-based, and like most transcription companies, you’ll need your own hardware, including high-quality headphones, foot pedal, etc. They do offer voice recognition and FTP software.

Unfortunately, Dictate Express does not provide detailed pay information. Also, they don't offer formal training and expect you to know your way around transcription tools.


  • High accuracy standard.
  • Specializes in legal transcription.
  • Provides some software.


  • Experience required.
  • No formal training.
  • Must be US based.

Transcription Hub

Experience and Skill Level: Beginners

Transcription Hub offers affordable, accurate, and secure audio and video transcription. They cover a lot of ground, serving industries like academia, law, healthcare, and media.

The work here varies from audio and video files to interviews, conferences, and meetings. It's a wide net, so you won't get bored.

Experience isn't necessary at Transcription Hub. They're open to beginners. You'll just need to crush a sample task to show off your skills.

Start by signing up on their website, submitting an application, and passing a test. Once you're in, you can jump into available projects right away.

The pay at Transcription Hub varies, but has been reported at an average rate of around $0.75 per audio minute, which is relatively high. Keep in mind that this rate may change depending on factors such as your experience, typing efficiency, and the specific project you are working on.

As for training, there's no formal guidance. But they do say their transcribers go through intensive onboarding (which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your perspective) and get the best tech for the job.


  • Open to beginners.
  • Variety of work.
  • Relatively high pay rate.


  • No training resources.


Experience and Skill Level: Beginner

WayWithWords delivers a range of transcription solutions globally. Quality and client privacy are their top priorities.

This transcription company handles various audio files, from interviews and podcasts to other media recordings. It's a mixed bag of transcription tasks.

WayWithWords is also open to beginners. You'll just need to nail a sample task to prove your skills.

Register on their website, fill out an application, and ace a test to get in the door. Once approved, you can dig into the available projects.

WayWithWords pay ranges from $0.45 to $1.73 per audio minute. Using an industry average of four minutes to transcribe one audio minute, you're looking at $6.75 – $25.95 per hour.

Of course, it never works out that cleanly. You'll whip through some audio minutes and get hung up on others for what will feel like an eternity.

On the training front, WayWithWords does provide some training resources. However, they expect you to be familiar with the tools of the trade.


  • Accepts beginners.
  • Variety of audio files.
  • Global reach.


  • Potentially low rates.
  • Limited training resources.

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Audio Transcription Center

Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Audio Transcription Center has been in the transcription game since 1966. They offer fast, high-quality services and claim a 99% accuracy guarantee.

Interviews, podcasts, legal materials, academic materials, and even military histories are transcribed by Audio Transcription Center.

To work here, you must type 80 words per minute and keep accuracy above 98%, which is not easy, at least not for me. I can hit stints above 80 but not with 98% accuracy. At least, not sustained accuracy.

Audio Transcription also needs you to know your way around language and punctuation, as any transcription company does.

Getting hired requires applying as a freelance transcriptionist on their website. You must be a U.S. resident and legally able to work as a 1099 contractor. Bonus points if you're bilingual or multilingual.

Pay details are not mentioned on their website, but one source suggests that transcriptionists at Audio Transcription Center earn up to $22 per hour.

Training is also not mentioned, but they will expect you to follow their style manual and any project-specific instructions.


  • Long-standing reputation.
  • Wide variety of work.
  • Brownie points if you're bilingual or multilingual.


  • High skill requirement.
  • U.S. residents only (a pro or a con, depending on where you're standing).

Tigerfish Transcription

Experience and Skill Level: Beginners

Tigerfish has been a transcription industry player since '89. They cater to global clients, offering both audio and video transcription.

From interviews to podcasts, the work is varied and beginners are welcome.

Getting started is a three-step process. Register on their website, complete the application, and pass a test. After that, you're free to tackle any project that comes your way.

While exact pay rates for transcriptionists at Tigerfish are not publicly available, some have reported that the average pay ranges from $7 to $15 per hour. Having said that, please check current rates directly with Tigerfish.

Tigerfish does not provide specific training programs for new transcriptionists. However, they do expect you to be tool-savvy.


  • Newbies can apply.
  • Diverse project types.
  • They've been around for a long while.


  • No training or training guides.

Transcription Divas

Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate

Transcript Divas is a UK-based transcription company that sets the bar high with a 99% accuracy guarantee. They're all about speed and precision, serving clients around the globe.

The work spectrum is broad. They deal with everything from interviews and podcasts to other kinds of media recordings. Keeps you on your toes.

While they lean toward hiring pros, sources say that Transcript Divas doesn't shut the door on beginners but you'll need strong language skills and a good grasp of transcription.

To throw your hat in the ring, head to their website, fill in an application and pass a test. Once you're greenlit, you can dive into available gigs.

Pay details vary depending on the project. The average per-minute rate for transcribing is £0.87/minute of recording, with the highest rate at £2.86/minute and the lowest at £0.59/minute.

Transcript Divas are commonly seen as paying the highest or near the highest rates in the UK, but they do expect you to come equipped with some know-how and the right tools.


  • High accuracy standard (a pro for clients and skilled transcribers).
  • Broad work spectrum.
  • Open to skilled beginners.


  • High accuracy standard (a con for newbies).
  • Prefers experience.

Transcription For Everyone (TFE)

Experience and Skill Level: Beginners

Transcription For Everyone, or TFE, specializes in high-level English Torah, legal, and general transcription with a team of over 250 pros.

TFE offers a range of transcription gigs such as legal, medical, general, and Torah transcription fields, which are all in their wheelhouse.

At TFE, previous transcription experience isn't a must. But you should be tech-savvy, particularly with Word and email, and type at least 75 words per minute.

Apply by sending over your CV. They often look for go-getters to manage extra work from regular clients.

Pay details at TFE vary depending on the position. For example, the average annual salary for an editor is $66,852, while a transcriptionist earns an average of $44,864 annually.

TFE also offers free training. Their crew goes through an extensive program in various transcription fields.


  • Large, skilled team.
  • Offers free training.


  • Somewhat specialized and may not be suitable for everyone.

Landmark Transcription

Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Landmark Associates has been in the transcription business since 1987. They serve global clients and specialize in interviews, panel discussions, and focus groups.

The company covers a variety of audio formats and also hires captioners and translators who work from home. Interviews, panel talks, and focus groups are the kinds of audio files that'll keep you busy.

While Landmark Associates leans toward experienced hands, they're not closed off to newcomers. If you have a strong grasp of language and style, you might have a shot, but newbies could have a challenge getting hired.

Transcribers in North America can apply on their website and complete an application.

Pay at Landmark Associates is estimated to be around $21 per hour for a Transcriptionist, according to Glassdoor. Their transcription services start at $1.89 per minute for standard English transcription and $2.69 per minute for group interviews or focus groups with three or more speakers or special formatting instructions.

As mentioned, Landmark Associates prefers experience and expects you to come in already knowing the ropes and the right tools for the job.


  • Decent Pay
  • Diverse transcription work.
  • Well-established company


  • Prefers experience.
  • North American transcribers only (this can be a pro or a con)

Cambridge Transcriptions

Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Cambridge Transcriptions has been offering transcription services since 1989. They have a global clientele and focus on interviews, panel discussions, and focus groups.

The work variety at Cambridge is solid. You could be transcribing anything from interviews to panel discussions.

If you're a beginner but have strong language skills, Cambridge might give you a chance. They generally prefer those with experience.

Check for Cambridge Transcription jobs on Indeed. But remember, they only hire North American residents.

Pay details at Cambridge are not widely available. However, one source mentions a pay range for a Transcription Coordinator position, with a salary between $41K and $59K. Specific pay rates for transcriptionists are not provided.

Cambridge Transcriptions expect their transcriptionists to come prepared with experience and the necessary tools.


  • Long history in the industry.
  • Broad range of work types.


  • Experience preferred.
  • Limited to North American Transcriptionists

Pioneer Transcription

Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Pioneer Transcription Services has been around since 1990. They were early adopters of digital transcription, handling all digital formats and even old-school tapes.

The work demands good English skills and attention to detail. They want experienced folks, so beginners might find it tough here.

Applying for Pioneer Transcription jobs, start by completing the online interview sheet. They like candidates who have the necessary equipment including a foot pedal and can start right away. Microsoft Word skills and good grammar are also on their wish list.

Pay at Pioneer starts at $1.75 per audio minute for up to four speakers. But it's project-dependent because you're hired as an independent subcontractor.

On the training front, they don't offer much. But they do recommend the Transcribe Anywhere course for those looking to specialize.


  • Well-Established company.
  • Fixed starting rate.
  • Quick start preferred.


  • No in-house training.
  • Experience required.


Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

SyncScript is a firm specializing in transcription and translation services. They focus on quality, fast turnaround, and customer service.

They offer a variety of transcription work, including interviews, medical content, and podcasts in multiple languages.

The hiring process is not clearly outlined, but SyncScript does post jobs from time to time. For more details, you might have to reach out directly.

SyncScript pay, according to Glassdoor, ranges from $45K to $76K and Indeed estimates an average hourly pay of $20.21 for translators at SyncScript.

There is no mention of training resources, but that's not uncommon for transcription companies looking for experienced workers.


  • Boutique firm.
  • Wide range of work.
  • Decent pay.


  • Experience required.
  • Many jobs are non-English (which can also be a “pro” for some.

Ubiqus on Demand

Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Ubiqus On Demand, formerly known as Verbal Ink, is a division of Ubiqus. They've been hiring transcriptionists since acquiring Verbal Ink in 2016. Their wide service range covers academic, media, medical, and more.

From interviews and focus groups to media recordings, Ubiqus on Demand covers a wide range of topics and experience is preferred.

The hiring process is a little vague but does involve a proofreading test and a transcription test. After that, there's a contract to sign. With that said, the process begins by applying online.

Pay details are unclear. One source says Ubiqus on Demand pays 0.00588 per word for legal and $0.00695 per word for medical transcription, but it sounds to me like a decimal may have been misplaced.

Another source puts the average annual salary for a Transcriptionist at Ubiqus Ltd between $54,666 and $66,359. However, individual pay rates may vary depending on the type of transcription and experience.


  • Part of a larger firm.
  • Varied work opportunities.
  • Tests before hiring.


  • Prefers experienced applicants.

Ditto Transcription

Experience and Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Ditto Transcripts offers transcription services across multiple sectors like law enforcement, medical, and legal. They rely on U.S.-based human transcribers for quality and accuracy.

They offer a variety of transcription jobs, from law enforcement to medical gigs. Experience requirements aren't clear, but since they specialize in specific fields, it's likely a requirement.

The entire hiring process isn't laid out, but you'll need to do a proofreading and transcription test, followed by signing a contract. With legal and law enforcement clients, confidentiality will be a must. Start by applying online.

Pay rates vary. In law enforcement gigs, they pay between $0.80 to $1.10 per audio minute.

Their average salary is around $43,191. General services cost $1.50 to $5.00 per audio minute. Medical transcription pricing ranges between $0.07 and $0.14 per line, based on a 65-character line.


  • Multiple sectors.
  • Specialized fields for trained transcriptionists
  • Decent pay


  • Experience requried
  • US transcriptionists only

Transcription Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Does A Transcriber Do?

A transcriber, also known as a transcriptionist, is a professional who converts audio or video content into written text by carefully listening and typing what they hear. This process involves accurately transcribing spoken words, meeting deadlines, and ensuring the final text is clear and readable. Transcribers may work on various types of transcription, such as general, medical, legal, captioning, and translating.

Do I Have To Work In An Office?

No, many transcription jobs offer the flexibility to work remotely, allowing you to work from home or any location with a reliable internet connection. Remote work, work-from-home, home office, and home-based opportunities are common in the transcription industry.

What Types Of Transcription Can I Do?

There are several types of transcription you can specialize in, including…
General transcription – Involves transcribing various audio or video content, such as interviews, podcasts, or webinars.
Medical transcription – Focuses on transcribing medical records, patient histories, and other healthcare-related documents.
Legal transcription – Involves transcribing legal proceedings, court hearings, and other law-related content.
Captioning – Entails creating captions for videos, movies, or television programs.
Translating – Involves transcribing and translating content from one language to another.

How Do Transcriptionists Get Paid?

Transcriptionists typically receive payment through various methods, such as PayPal, direct deposit, or other electronic payment options. Payment frequencies may vary, with some companies offering weekly or bi-weekly payments. The exact payment method and frequency will depend on the company or platform you work with.

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