6 Crazy Ways to Increase Your Income Starting Today

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Increasing your income doesn't have to mean working countless hours of overtime. There are many unique ways of increasing your income that you can do starting right now.

Today you can learn about 6 crazy ways to increase your income.

The extra money can be used for whatever you need – building savings, paying off debts, or buying that dream car you've always wanted!

6 Crazy Ways To Increase Your Income Starting Today

To get started here are 6 ways that you can increase your income. All these methods are legit ways of earning and accessible for anyone.

Please note – these are not get-rich-quick schemes as sadly they don't work!

However, if you are willing to put in the time and hard work these 6 methods are great ways to earn easy money. Plus, if you are successful, then in the long run you certainly could become wealthy!


Investing in crypto is hugely popular and you've probably seen many news stories lately featuring crypto investing. Many investors now seek to diversify their investment strategy and investing in crypto is fast becoming a key part of investors' portfolios.

Cryptocurrency enjoys many benefits that make it a desirable alternative investment over traditional strategies like stocks and shares.

One of the main benefits is that crypto is not linked to interest rates. Recent low interest rates have meant returns have been poor from traditional savings. As cryptocurrency is not linked to interest rates when there is an economic downturn it is not impacted as severely as other traditional investments.

Another great advantage of crypto is that it is not bound by physical locations. As it is entirely digital the crypto market is truly global. Investors can enjoy better returns due to a bigger market and more involvement than investments tied to individual countries.

One recent example of crypto success is Dogecoin. A $1000 investment in January 2021 would have been worth $121,052 in May 2021. An impressive 12,000% return!

With all of that said, I must include a disclaimer here: Because investing in cryptocurrency (which includes Bitcoin and others) is highly speculative, there is significant risk. The upsides can be extraordinary, but please do your research first. There is a real possibility you can lose your entire investment and there won't likely be anyone to bail you out.

Plasma Donation

One legit way to earn easy money is by donating plasma. The process is simple – at the donation center, they draw your blood, remove the plasma, and return the blood to your body.

The entire donation process only takes about 90 minutes, and you could earn up to $50 a time!

Most plasma donation centers allow you to donate your plasma twice within seven days. If you got $50 each time, then you could be earning $400 a month! In a year that works out to be $4800 – not bad for 90 minutes of work a time!

Find plasma donation centers near you to start earning extra income today.

Sell All Your Stuff

According to recent studies, a quarter of Americans have a clutter problem and the average home contains over 300,000 things!

The good news is that you can easily make money selling your stuff. It's the quickest way to flip money you've already spent (and no longer have) into money you can spend again.

Plus, your home will have less clutter! Go through every room, cupboard, and garage you have. Be thorough and you will find that most things you don't need to keep hold of.

Clothes, electronics, DVDs, books, and more can all be resold.

Selling your unwanted stuff has never been easier. Use sites like eBay or Decluttr to shift as much as you can. If you prefer you could have a good old-fashioned yard sale. Invite neighbors, colleagues, and friends to make sure you sell everything!

Make this an annual event to help get some extra cash and keep your home free from clutter.

Lend Money

Lending money may not seem like a great way to increase your income but if done right you can see some amazing returns!

Peer-to-Peer lending is a popular way to diversify an investment portfolio. You can start investing from as little as $1000 which makes it a good choice for anyone looking for a way to start investing with minimal risk.

You can always invest more when you have more available to invest and you are more confident in the returns you can earn.

Interest rates are low for traditional savings and investment plans. However, Peer-to-Peer lending can still see returns of 11% annually. You can spread investments between high and low-risk borrowers. Spreading the risk in this way means you can still earn fantastic returns, but your investment is more protected by having some of the money kept in the low-risk pool.

By 2027 the global Peer-to-Peer market is expected to be worth a staggering $558 billion!

Like all investments, there is risk involved but the possible returns mean that it is a risk worth taking. Investing in Peer-to-Peer lending has never been simpler due to many innovative platforms that utilize the latest technology allowing anyone to start investing.

Rent Out Everything You Can

Making easy money by renting your stuff has never been simpler. Technology means you can find a platform to rent just about anything!

Renting has some amazing benefits. For the renter, it saves buying an expensive item that they may only need once. The owner benefits by earning extra cash.

One more benefit is to the environment as fewer things need to be produced for sale. By sharing more and disposing of less there is less environmental damage.

With this in mind – what could you make money from?

The first thing you could think about offering for rent is any space you have. A room in your house, your driveway, or your garden are all possible spaces that can be rented.

Travelers love to rent rooms when on vacation as it's far cheaper than an expensive hotel. If you live in a large city there is often a shortage of parking – you can earn a decent amount of extra cash if your driveway is available for rent.

Lots of people love camping and will happily pay for a safe space to camp in. If your garden is big enough you could earn money from it by letting people use it as a camping ground.

Apart from renting any space you have you can also earn by renting out any stuff you own.

Clothes, your car or bike, tools, and almost anything else that you can think of can be rented out. Have a look around at things you don't use often, then search online for sites that allow you to rent them out.

Most rental sites include protection for you such as insurance and vetting of renters. Make sure you check all the conditions before agreeing on a rental to keep yourself fully protected.

Start A Side Hustle

It has never been as easy as it is now to start your own business or side hustle. The beauty of the internet is you can work anywhere and connect with a global audience to get work in practically any industry you can think of.

There are hundreds of potential ideas you could do that would increase your income.

Freelancing, blogging, eBay flipping, and more are all popular online side hustle ideas. If you prefer offline ideas you could earn by working as a delivery driver, an Uber driver, or a cleaner.

All these things can be started with minimal investment – some side hustles are completely free to get started!

How can you decide what to do?

Think about your existing skillset, how much time you have, and search online for suitable ideas. Make a list of ideas that you like the sound of and start doing them today!

Bonus Tips To Boost Your Income

Boosting your income isn't just about earning more. You can also boost your income in other ways with some simple steps.

First, it's essential you have a budget. Keeping a close eye on every cent you spend is a great way to boost your income. Use a detailed budget to find ways to cut spending – negotiate bills, cancel unused subscriptions, and cut the grocery bill.

All this is possible by creating a budget that you regularly review. Any money you save on spending can be used for whatever you like. Boost savings, pay off debts quicker, or treat yourself to a vacation!

Another way to boost your income is by paying off debts. There are lots of ways you could pay off debts including looking up two of the most popular methods – the avalanche or snowball method.

Once your debt is gone or at least vastly reduced that frees up even more of your hard-earned income to use on whatever you want.

Crazy Ways To Increase Your Income Summary

These 6 ideas to increase your income are all easily doable. Thanks to technology it's super easy to get involved in investing, renting, or any other side hustles you can think of.

When investing always take care not to invest more than you can afford to lose as it can be risky. However, the returns you can enjoy often make the risk worthwhile!

Increase your income today by starting one or all these ideas. If you budget and make a plan to pay off debt as well, then you could see your available income skyrocket even further!

One thing is for sure – if you do nothing, then nothing will happen! Do you want that dream vacation, home, or car? Get started right now and reach your goals!

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