Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020 – SCAM or Secret To Making Money Online?

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So you want to make money online and you're curious if Wealthy Affiliate can show you how. You may be a parent with bills piling up, a student with debt, or you may have health issues that make working difficult. Maybe you're just sick of your job and desperate for something different.  

I get it, I've been there too.

Was Wealthy Affiliate the answer to all my problems? 

No, definitely not all my problems. But it helped me solve some…

You may have also noticed there are not many negative reviews. That's what I noticed too. It was October of 2016 when I sat down to look for a way to make money online and found Wealthy Affiliate.

Frustrated, I had hit a personal “wall” so to speak and I needed a change. I landed on a review just like this one. Confused about what Wealthy Affiliate was and fully expecting it to be another scam, little did I know four and a half years later I'd be sitting here at home earning a full-time income online. But here I am… 

Let me be clear though, it wasn't quick and easy.

My Wealthy Affiliate Profile Page Updated
My Wealthy Affiliate Profile Page- yes, that's me and my family

Wealthy Affiliate is certainly not perfect and it's not for everyone. If you're reading this review because you want more freedom and independence in your life, Wealthy Affiliate may be what you're looking for. Maybe, maybe not…

Once I go over what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it works though, I'll explain some of the things you're going to like (such as the updates and improvements for 2020 which in my opinion are game changers). 

I'll also go over some things you won't like (Wealthy Affiliate requires real effort. It's not a push-button “system” that funnels cash into your bank account. If that's what you're looking for, this is not it)…

… which brings us to an important question (and one of the most common questions I get) about Wealthy Affiliate. Are there any hidden costs?”

No, there are no hidden costs. Wealthy Affiliate is not a “sales funnel” type system with high-ticket products on the back end. It's a comprehensive training platform and community with built in tools that include content creation and keyword research software as well as advanced web hosting and domain registration.

Wealthy Affiliate Feature Examples

What does all of that mean? Well… I'll explain all of that in this review and why it matters to you.

But to be clear. Wealthy Affiliate's pricing is straightforward and upfront. They also have a free membership for those who are just getting started. What you see is what you get (no hidden costs), so I'll start this review with pricing below.  

Please note, this review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain as well as my personal experience as a member (four-and-half years and counting). Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

NAMEWealthy Affiliate

OWNERS: Kyle and Carson

(No Credit Card, No Cancelation Required) 

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: $49/month (two months free with additional bonuses when paying annually – $495/yr)  

Current Discounts: 59% discount to try all premium features

Wealth Affiliate is an online training platform founded in 2005 by friends Kyle and Carson, and has since become an industry leading educational system.  

Wealthy Affiliate co-founders Kyle and Carson
Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founders Carson and Kyle

What they've created is most importantly an online community of 1.4 million members who started out like you with a dream of earning an income from home and escaping the rat race. I get it, I was there too.

Wealthy Affiliate does this with extensive training and things like point-and-click web hosting that makes it easy for people of all skill levels to get started. 

They also give you cutting-edge tools to build a unique online business that stands out from the copy-cats and attracts the highest quality traffic there is… free search engine traffic. 

In addition to some other significant advantages (which I'll discuss below), Wealthy Affiliate is also unique with it's built-insocial network and 24/7 live members chat so you never feel like you're doing this on your own. 

If you've tried to make money online before, or even if you're just getting started, I'm sure you know it's not as easy as some people say it is.

The techie stuff is a piece of cake at Wealthy Affiliate, but where most people struggle when it comes to making money online is getting traffic.

How do you break through the noise and get noticed online?

That's the key, because traffic equals money and the free starter membership shows you step-by-step how to get it without spending a dime on ads or other forms of paid traffic. 

And, the reason I can make that claim is because it's the exact strategy I use. It's the reason you found this review and it's also the reason that last year, this site generated 757,128 pageviews (screenshot below).

Wealthy Affiliate Traffic Strategy Stats Aug 2019

I'm not showing you that to brag. I can't even take credit for it… I'm definitely not a guru or anything like that… I just followed the same step by step strategy that Wealthy Affiliate teaches. And if you want to make money online, traffic is what you need.

In August alone there were over 100,000 visitors.

So, how did I acquire more than three-quarters of a million pageviews last year? 

Like I said, it wasn't me. I mean, of course I had do the work… but I just followed Wealthy Affiliate's training. 

So, getting into all the juicy specifics, here's what you can expect from my review—I’ve broken it into two parts…

Part 1 – An overview covering all the important details.

Part 2 – An in-depth extensive look inside and breakdown of each feature.WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW (QUICK GUIDE)

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Part 1  (Overview)

In this Wealthy Affiliates review I'll talk about the good, the bad… share a few success stories, and near the end, answer some frequently asked questions. 

I'll also cover the strategies that Wealthy Affiliate teaches so you'll know exactly what you'll be learning, and how you can make money online.

WA Features
Wealthy Affiliate Features Overview

UPDATE: Please stick with me for a moment, just a few updates to mention.  

  • First, this is a long review. It has evolved and grown over the last couple years and is now the longest, and one of the most comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate reviews online. I'm not saying it's the best (there are many great reviews), but it's been written with plenty of breaks and headlines and I've added a quick navigation guide (above)… so feel free to skim through and jump to a topic as needed. 
  • The second thing I'll mention quickly are a couple recent Wealthy Affiliate updates… These are big!

    In 2018, Wealthy Affiliate implemented the first stage of their most significant update since 2005… a complete overhaul of their platform. In 2020 they completed the second stage. You can check it out for free so I'll resist the temptation to go over every detail and make this review even longer than it already is. 

    The other MAJOR update is that Kyle and Carson (Wealthy Affiliate's owners) have integrated their premier keyword tool Jaaxy into the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

    What's a keyword tool?

    A keyword tool is your secret weapon. It peels back the top layer of the web so you can see what people are actually searching for. It's like swinging a baseball bat and knowing exactly where the ball is going to be. It's not just an advantage. It's a necessity. 

    Without a keyword tool you're swinging with a blindfold on. 

    And now that it's integrated it into the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it has saved many members (myself included) hundreds of dollars per year (you now have access to it for free as a premium WA member).

    These upgrades are at ZERO cost to members.

    This year so far Wealthy Affiliate has integrated their own affiliate marketplace/platform where online marketers and companies with affiliate programs can connect (screenshot below).
Wealthy Affiliates New Affiliate Marketplace 2019
Wealthy Affiliate's New Affiliate Marketplace 
  • Finally… Due to a flood of misinformed comments on social media and forums, I want to deal with this question up front… “is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?”.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?


It's not a simple “Yes or No” answer. Some of those who are calling Wealthy Affiliate a scam have a legitimate point.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam… but (yes, there is a “but”), the way in which some people promote it can make it seem like one. Wealthy Affiliate has never claimed to be a get rich quick system, but some people have suggested (without using those exact words) that it could be.

Also, some have been accused of calling legit programs scams so they can sell Wealthy Affiliate instead. In some rare instances, that's true, but Wealthy Affiliate does NOT endorse that tactic.

The truth is however, that 90+ percent of those programs are scams and the vast majority of those reviews are honest. When you've been in this industry for a few years you get tired of seeing people throw hundreds (even thousands) of dollars away on endless upsells, multi-level memberships, and paid traffic schemes.

As someone who has gone down that road before, it's my opinion that a real argument can be made that those “half-legit” programs are scams. Some people might disagree, and that's fine.

So yes, it's true. Wealthy Affiliate has some bad actors. But, most members don't even promote Wealthy Affiliate (they're in an entirely different niche), and most who do are sincerely trying to prevent people from falling into the credit card funnel trap 

My goal with this review is to separate fact from fiction so you can decide the best online business path for you.

If Wealthy Affiliate doesn't sound like it's for you, you can also earn money doing surveys on sites like surveyjunkie.com. Another site that pays you to do things online is Inbox Dollars, and in addition to surveys you can make some money doing things like searching the web, watching videos and visiting websites.

Of course, with these sites you won't be able to retire on a beach with an umbrella drink, but if you've never made money online they can be a good stepping stone to something bigger later on. 

Another option, if a full-time income is you want… is to start an online business.

You may be at home because of health issues, kids to look after… or maybe you just hate your day job and need a change.  

An online business that generates passive income may be what you want, and in that case, knowing how (and where) to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Free Membership – A Quick Overview

Those of us who are a little older (although not much…) remember when there was no internet. We've only had the consumer web for about 20 years.    

Taking advantage of its opportunities however, is difficult if you don't know how. That's where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.

As an educational system, it teaches you how to build a completely independent business online… 

There's a lot of information on the Wealthy Affiliatehomepage, but the most significant detail in my opinion comes when you scroll down. Below the sign-up section, a little further down the page you find…

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

There are a lot of reasons Wealthy Affiliate has become the “go-to” platform for so many bloggers… and one of those is that it's truly a free membership. No credit card is required to join.

WA Homepage - no credit card req

There are so many scams out there… and two of the things I look for when researching scams are the size of the community (are people sticking around?) and can I join for free? Wealthy Affiliate checks both of those boxes.

They are also NOT a “sales funnel” that offers you a free membership and then hits you with expensive options and barriers once you're in. The most expensive option they have is shared up-front (and mentioned above) at $49/month… but you still get a ton of value with the free membership, including…

  • Free Website)
  • Beginner Training Courses
  • Affiliate Bootcamp (phase 1)
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Keyword Research Training and Search Access
  • Website Backup
  • Training Classrooms (2)

You also get access to entrepreneurs who have have been members for 5 to 10 years or more… some since the beginning (way back in 2005)… as well as 1-on-1 help and support from me.

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

Click Here For Free Membership

That's the free version of Wealthy Affiliate, or starter membership.

You can check it out in person… but if you'd rather learn more first, stick around because as mentioned, this is one of the most comprehensive reviews of Wealthy Affiliate you will find online. 

I'm going to take you inside the premium membership as well and show you what they teach.

Also, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

WA Success Stories

Let's get the most imporant question out of the way; Does Wealthy Affiliate work? I'll share some success stories of a few wealthy affiliates.

Obviously, there are never any guarantees to success. One of my favorite things about Wealthy Affiliate is that they never make such a promise. It takes time and effort, and your success is dependent on you.

Having said that, here  are just few examples of Wealthy Affliate members who have succeeded.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Update LM2019
$40K A Year
Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Update JH2019
$7,395 In A Week
3 Months To 14K WA Success Story
$14K in 3 Months
Made 51K WA Success Story
$51K with an Affiliate Program
9400 Dollar WA Success Story
A $9,465 Sale
A New Volvo From Amazon Commissions
Bought a Car with Affiliate Commissions
Sold A Domain For 2000 WA Success Story
Sold a Domain Name for $2000
Got A Job As A Blog Editor Because of Wealthy Affiliate
Hired as A Blog Editor Because of Wealthy Affiliate's Training

Another one of my favorite success stories is that of Alex Sol. You can read about him at his blog Extra Paycheck.

Testimonials: Read more reviews HERE

“I Never Expected To Build a Million Dollar Company”

Of all the Wealthy Affiliate Success StoriesDom Wells has one of the best. I don't want to give the impression that Wealthy Affiliate is turning out instant millionaires, because it's not that simple. 

But… it can be done. You can read Dom's success story HERE.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

I was trying to come up with a good way to explain how Wealthy Affiliate works, so here's a quick example. 

I'll use someone named Katie… 

Katie is earning $3000 – $6000 of passive income each month. She does this with something called affiliate marketing. I'll explain affiliate marketing in more detail below, but if you're not familiar with it… affiliate marketing is a way for you to earn commissions from companies like Amazon, Apple, Starbucks and even Home Depot, just to name a few.

These are just examples of the thousands of companies that have affiliate programs (that are simple to sign up for and join).

Potential Affiliate Partners You Can Work With

There are different ways to do this… but in Katie's example, she has achieved this by building six relatively small (and very simple to build) websites that each earn on average $500 – $1000 per month, providing her with that passive income (between $3000 and $6000 every month). 

She does NOT pay for online traffic or advertising.

Katie's Strategy Using Wealthy Affiliate

Katie's strategy started with a single website about a topic that she was interested in… in this example… Herbal Tea.

You can choose anything you want (it's recommended to choose something you have experience in, or are interested in learning). 

With Wealthy Affiliate's step-by-step tutorials, you are shown (in an over the shoulder style) how to choose your niche, set-up and build your website (with just a few clicks), and most importantly… how to get traffic and make money. 

By choosing herbal tea as her niche, Katie's approach was to leverage Google and Bing by creating a website that talked about specific teas, what their benefits are, how they tasted, best ways to make tea, etc…

And of course… she shares where her readers can buy tea (along with tea pots, steepers, strainers, and other related products).

NOTE: Katie's Herbal Tea website illustrates an important difference between what Wealthy Affiliate teaches vs. what some other programs teach.

Wealthy Affiliate has their own affiliate program (meaning you can promote Wealthy Affiliate)… BUT the focus is on finding YOUR OWN niche and creating YOUR OWN business (completely independent of Wealthy Affiliate).

Katie does NOT get paid by Wealthy Affiliate, and her business is NOT dependent on Wealthy Affiliate.

If this were an MLM or a “self-promoting” online business… she would be bound to that single program, company, and line of products.

Instead, Katie has a business that is 100% her own, completely independent of any single company, product, program or person. She has also diversified into several different niches, products and vendors so she is never dependent on just one. 

Another significant advantage, is that Katie is NOT competing with every other Wealthy Affiliate member (like members of “done-for-you” systems do)

Each niche is unique to her.

Keep It Simple – Build One, Rinse and Repeat

Katie started her business doing something she enjoyed which allowed her to earn a profit from her passion. 

With her first website established and earning income, Katie started a new website in another niche and followed the same process.

Wealthy Affiliates Website Manager
Wealthy Affiliate's All-in-One Website Manager – Easy to use (build websites in seconds)

Her second website made money sooner because she knew how to do it.

And, she used some of her earnings from her first website to outsource some tasks and speed up the process. 

With her portfolio of six websites, she is comfortably earning a passive income while enjoying a life she loves.

Do You Need Multiple Websites?

No, you don't need to follow the same strategy.

Some people choose to build a single large site that provides all of their income. 

There are also those who take what they learn from Wealthy Affiliate and sell their skills as a service. For example… if you can build a website and earn money… you can freelance and people will pay for your abilities. 

Whichever strategy you choose… Wealthy Affiliate can get you there.

To learn this process in detail and work with me personally (for those who sign up through one of my links), you can join by clicking  [HERE]

  1. Simply fill out your name, email and create a password.
  2. This will take you inside the back-office, and you'll be prompted to set-up your profile (as simple as setting one up with Facebook, Twitter, etc.). You do NOT have to share personal information.
  3. You can start building your business right away, check out the community and ask questions. If I haven't already welcomed you personally, go to my profile page and I'll be happy to help you and answer any questions you have.


Training For Long-Term Success

Don't get caught up in the hype of overnight success.

What's important here, is that Wealthy Affiliate's method of earning a living online is NOT the “latest and greatest shiny new toy”.

It's a sustainable strategy that people have been using for 15 – 20 years to earn an honest living online.

Many new tactics, gimmicks and funnels have come and gone…

Wealthy Affiliate might not be FLASHY with fast cars and luxury mansions. It's better…

Because it's REAL.

There have been people who have built dozens of profitable websites, each earning passive income year after year. These range from websites like The Modest Man to TreadmillReviews.com and here (at Wealthy Affiliate) you can learn how to build a home-business that stands the test of time.

Having said that… it requires work.

Like I said at the beginning of this review, Wealthy Affiliate may not be for you. If you're just looking for some extra pocket money, you can also online surveys with sites like Survey JunkieInbox Dollars is another site that will pay you for doing surveys, as well as things you may be doing online anyway like watching videos, visiting websites and searching the web.

They don't provide the earning potential that online business does, but as a first step to making money online they can be helpful. 

If you're at home because of a medical issue though, or you have children to take care of… a full-time income online might be what you want. In that case, knowing how (and where) to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Wealthy Affiliate's Pros and Cons

Warren Buffet once said, “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”  

Similarly, you can do a dozen things right, but screw up just one and you can absolutely ruin everthing. So, to get right into it, I want to go over Wealthy Affiliate's pros and cons. And, while they are far from perfect, they've done a good job of staying true to their original vision and not screwing it up.


  • There are no endless upsells, no spam, and joining does NOT put you into a sales funnel. 
  • $0.00 starter membership. No credit card and no commitment…find out if building an online business is even for you (before you pay).
  • Simple to follow step-by-step instructions. 
  • Two FREE WordPress websites with the free starter membership. (I’m not sure there’s another place on the web you can get two FREE websites with single-click installation)
  • The community. As mentioned earlier, the Wealthy Affiliate community is unmatched in the industry.
  • One on one help from the owners Kyle and Carson.
  • Work at your own pace. 
  • Everything you need (such as website hosting and a keyword research tool) are included in the premium membership. No need to use multiple programs.
  • Safe and spam-free environment.


  • It will require some effort on your part. (It's not necessarily difficult, but it's also not a done-for-you type system). Because they are an educational program that teaches how to build a business in any niche YOU choose, there is no way for them to provide “ready-made” websites, funnels or links for you to go out and promote. (But you will learn how to create those things yourself). If you're looking for something easier, you may prefer a work-at-home job rather than an online business.
  • Until you get used to it, the user interface can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to navigate (Just my opinion).
  • There is lot of material to get through. If you were hoping to learn everything over a weekend, it's not possible with Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Need to manage the “social media” aspect of the community. The community is one of the things that separates Wealthy Affiliate from other programs, but if you're not careful, it can become a significant time waster.
  • Starter members only get 7 days of the LIVE support.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

I built my first blog a few years ago because it seemed clear to me that our economic future was more uncertain than ever. While friends and family saw it as a simple hobby and couldn't care less at the time, I've noticed a big change. People are now worried about their own futures and asking me questions about what they can do.

There is a flood of people now turning to the web to start an online business.

The good news is, you're looking into it now. If there was ever a time to get in and establish yourself online, today is the day.

The bad news is, it's about to get more competitive… but, while comparing Wealthy Affiliate's training model to many others, it occurred to me whythey havea significant advantage.

Most (not all) online money-making programs today use an MLM type “recruiting” process (once you're in, your goal is to get someone else in and so on)…

Wealthy Affiliate is built on the premise that there are millions of untapped niches out there with relatively few competitors…

One reason they've been around since 2005 and are only getting stronger is because most Wealthy Affiliates are NOT all competing with each other and selling the same product (unless they've landed in a similar niche). 

And because Wealthy Affiliate members are not all competing directly with one another, they are more willing to share their stories and help you.

In my experience, I've have noticed they may be protective about the niche(s) they are in (I get that, I am too… nobody wants more competition)… especially when that competition has the same knowledge and training you have.

However, when it comes to actual strategies, technical help, and general support… they are exceptionally helpful because they're not giving away their best stuff to hundreds of direct competitors.

That makes Wealthy Affiliate (and your online business) far more sustainable in the long run, and this is extremely important… you've arrived at the right time to get in and establish yourself ahead of your competition.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Training Examples

Just a few examples of Wealthy Affiliate's hundreds of live training webinars

Summary of Why Wealthy Affiliate Is My Top Recommendation

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it. But, I remember when I first joined, I thought maybe, the entire community was fake. That all of the members were made-up avatars, and the comments were being written by a team of people in a room somewhere.

It’s funny when I think of it now, but my suspicions ran deep. As I said earlier, I was certain that every make money online program out there was a scam.

But, before I get deep into the details, if you’re just scanning this review to learn whether you should give Wealthy Affiliate a try, here’s a quick summary of the reasons I recommend it.

No Credit Card Required to Join

To be honest, this is the reason I originally joined. My expectations were not high, but joining was no different than signing up for a free Facebook account, so I had nothing to lose. It was a no-brainer since the other programs I was considering all had a fee to get started. Even if Wealthy Affiliate turned out to be a scam (it didn't), I could still try one of the others later.

Free Website

I already had a website when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, but a new one would be a fresh start. I never did build their free website though, since I upgraded to the premium account once I saw what they had to offer.

Massive Community and Support

The support I received from the community, and the one-on-one help I got from Kyle in the beginning was a game changer for me. Having had some experience already I started with some pre-conceived ideas (and habits) that were holding me back. I was finally meeting people who were doing what I had spent years trying to do on my own.

It Works For An Introvert

This reason may be a little different than most. But, one problem I've noticed with some other programs is that those who succeed are comfortable with public speaking, with being on video and podcasts, and doing outreach to others. 

I'm not saying that Wealthy Affiliate is “only” good for introverts… but it's methods don't rely on making sales videos, or doing webinars, or aggressively going after relationships with high level marketers. All of those things are fantastic additions to your business, but they are not required skills here. You can work well within your comfort zone if you choose, and ease into the other stuff (if you want) as your confidence grows. 

They Have An All-In-One Platform

Everything you need, from web-hosting and training, to marketing research tools and one-on-one help is all under one roof.

It's Simple

Notice I didn’t say it was “easy”. There is work involved here, but from a simple one-click website installation to over the shoulder type training… everything is made simple and it’s organized in a way that takes you from knowing nothing about digital marketing, to starting an online business, and then taking it into the advanced stages.

Wealthy Affiliate Is An Education Product

I had been sold on hype before, and get-rich-quick promises. Most of the Make-Money-Online programs out there offer a very narrow, sales funnel type training that's really just a “one-trick-pony”. The truth is that most of what other programs teach is just a small slice of what running an online business is. Having tried and tested dozens of programs, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the most comprehensive online marketing education I’ve found (and I’ve searched). There may be one or two out there, but complete training like this is definitely rare.

No Hype – No Promises – No Ridiculous Claims

This is another reason why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation. The reason most people fail at making money online is because they’re not told the dirty secret that most make-money-online programs and systems won’t tell you. It takes time, and it requires work. Some may say their program requires effort, and yet, at the same time they tell you that all you need is to plug into their “proven” system. It’s this preconceived idea that you can purchase a “done-for-you” package that contributes to the frustration people have when they hit a wall.

No Upsells

Every other make-money-online program (and I mean “every” other program) out there has an upsell sequence. Even my other top recommendations will hit you with an upsell once you purchase the initial product. That doesn’t mean they are bad programs, it’s just marketing (like putting chocolate bars in the checkout aisle). Wealthy Affiliate, however, has made the choice to be different and not do this.

For free member’s there is a discount offered to upgrade to the premium membership, but it is not pushed on you. More importantly however, if you become a premium member, you won’t have to purchase anything else. You have access to everything, and there are NO additional “VIP Packages”, “Black or Gold Membership Options”, “Topper-Uppers”, or “One-time Offers” to buy.

$49/month gets you everything, and you’re on the same level as every other Premium member.

Spam Free Environment

Members who try to promote their own products are quickly warned, it’s not allowed. If they keep doing it, they will be banned. Wealthy Affiliate is a place where entrepreneurs come to learn, to communicate with other online marketers, and to teach and help out other members as well. It’s not a “marketplace”, and a lot of effort goes into making it a safe and comfortable environment for people to hang out and learn. Not being able to promote your own products inside may be a disadvantage or deal-breaker for some, but for most of us it's a nice break from the constant “try this or try that” posts and emails.

Constantly Improving (without increasing the price)

There has been one price increase in recent years. From $47/month to $49/month. The main reason for this adjustment was to distance themselves from other make-money-online programs that stick to the x7 type pricing ($37, $67, $97, etc.)

There have been consistent improvements to the platform, the training, and most recently FREE SSL was added to the WA website hosting. SSL is a secure encryption for your website (“http” to “https”) that not only makes you and your readers more safe online, but it improves your rankings in Google and increases trust among your visitors.

Wealthy Affiliate recently brought their premium keyword tool Jaaxy into the Wealthy Affiliate platform and offers free (with a premium Wealthy Affiliate membership) to a Lite Jaaxy account which has saved many members hundreds of dollars a year.

And, in April of 2018 Wealthy Affiliate had it's biggest update with complete overhaul of the platform. It's a new modern design that is more efficient to navigate, allows for further expansion and overall a much better experience. Again… there was no price increase for this. 

Focuses on Free Traffic Training

Unlike most other programs, Wealthy Affiliate's training is focused on gaining free, targeted traffic. The reason so many other programs don’t tell you exactly what they teach (or what you'll be doing to earn money), is because the only way their “proven systems” work is if you pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to pay for advertising which drives traffic back to their program. 

Wealthy Affiliate tells you exactly what they teach (and what you will be doing) and provided the the fundamental step-by-step training for free.


Wealthy Affiliate Review – Part 2 (In-Depth)

I said this review was comprehensive, and this is where we get into specifics. 

If you are detail oriented, I'm going to open the book on Wealthy Affiliate and pick it apart.

I am a member, but this is an honest and unbiased review. Wealthy Affiliate can't guarantee your success, and despite knowing first hand the potential you have here, I don't mind telling you that it has it's flaws. 

Let's face it, people have their bullshit detectors on high alert these days and you probably have some doubts about Wealthy Affiliate. I can say in all honesty, I know exactly how you feel. Before I found WA, I had searched, started a couple blogs, and tried other programs, only to become more frustrated.

I was certain the only way people were making money online was by scamming others. So my automatic response was to expect the same from Wealthy Affiliate. 

Kyle and Carson, understand that people feel this way, which is why they open the doors to everyone for free.

The $0.00 starter account is a nice gesture. But, in my opinion, the real key to their success is that the free membership does NOT require a credit card.

It's hard to say how much that decision has led to their success, but one thing is certain… the only way that strategy works is if the product you're selling is good.

Kyle and Carson are not asking you for your trust up front (like a lot of other systems that charge at the door). They are only asking that you give them the chance to earn it.

I'll be brutally honest though, and unlike most Wealthy Affiliate reviews, I'm going to tell you that the free starter membership is not going to be enough to build your online empire. I don't think so anyway.

The premium membership is $49/month, and what you're getting for your money is absolutely worth it (as I'll explain why in this review), but the free starter membership is limited. 

What the starter membership is good for however, is the opportunity to try this online business thing out. Not just Wealthy Affiliate, but to get a taste of what running an online business is like in general, and see if it's for you.

If you've ever wondered how other people are making money online and creating that work from home lifestyle with more freedom and independence, that's what the free starter membership is for, and that's why I recommend it. But, in my opinion it will only take you so far.

What Will I Be Doing at Wealthy Affiliate?

The heart and soul of what Wealthy Affiliate teaches is building websites within a niche (defined by Wikipedia as, “the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused”), and getting good rankings and traffic through search engines.

The niche you choose is entirely up to you. This has already been discussed, but I'll get into the process with more detail here.

Choosing your own niche is extremely important, because the common make-money-online systems are similar to MLM's in that your primary method of earning money is to go out and promote the same program you just joined. Not only can this quickly lead to saturation… but every new person you bring in becomes your competitor. 

This is what I meant when I said at the beginning, they teach you the skills you need to build your business “independently” of Wealthy Affiliate. In much the same way a university teaches you the skills to pursue a profession on your own, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to create your own business in any niche, outside of (and independently) of Wealthy Affiliate.

To put it another way, the purpose of a university is not to teach you how to go out and recruit more students to join the university, who then learn themselves how to get more people to join the university and so on…

Wealthy Affiliate does have an affiliate program if you want to promote them, but that is not what their certification courses focus on. By teaching you the skills to market in any niche, not only do they avoid the saturation problem, but this encourages members to share their experiences and help one another because you are not direct competitors.

But building a website is complicated right? Not at all. It might sound intimidating if you haven't done it before, and years ago it might have been. But today, if you can point and click a mouse, building a website is far easier than you may realize.

This site, Gig Hustlers, was set-up at Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t know how to “code”, and I don't have any particular interest in computers. I wouldn’t even call myself tech savvy. I have a persistence to figure things out and I’m not afraid to break things, but I’m certainly no expert with computers or software.

Make Money With Your Website Through Affiliate Marketing

Search engines bring “targeted” traffic which is critical because that's the audience required to make money through affiliate commissions.

What are affiliate commissions? I'll get to those in just a moment.

Before earning commissions, it's all about putting your website out there so people can learn more about the products you recommend (and they searched for information about). These products are whatever you choose to promote, in any niche you can imagine.

By providing a value and a service that gives them the information they are looking for. You’re not out there hitting them with Ads, or blasting them with emails (although there is a place for advertising and email marketing later in your entrepreneurial journey if you choose).

How Do I Get Paid? – Affiliate Commissions

Let’s say you create a website about vinyl records and turntables. If someone visiting your site purchases something you recommend (a turntable from Best Buy or Amazon for example) you are paid a commission on the sale of that product. But that's not all.

If they decide to buy additional items (to save shipping costs for example) you receive a commission on those products as well.

All you've done is start a website that talks about something that interests you. You're not carrying any inventory, and you're not involved in the sales process. 

There are thousands of companies with affiliate programs you can join and start earning commissions from, and there are millions of products you can promote.

Millions Of Products To Promote

Affiliate marketing is a commission based system of recommending and providing valuable information about products (from any niche or industry you are interested in). If someone purchases the product through your affiliate link, you are paid a percentage for that referral.

If you’ve ever read a tutorial or product review on the internet and went on to purchase that product online, there's a good chance you did so by going through an affiliate link (don't worry though, you did not pay more for the product. There are no additional costs to the consumer, commissions are paid by the product supplier).

Is Wealthy Affiliate What You're Looking For?

Despite being a member, there are some things I don’t necessarily like about Wealthy Affiliate, and I’ll get into those below. However, overall, the experience has been a positive one.  

As I mentioned above, before finding Wealthy Affiliate I was frustrated with all the scams out there. I was also frustrated with my life at the time, so scam, or no scam… I was willing to dig through them all to find something legit. Fortunately, I eventually found Wealthy Affiliate and things have never been the same since.

The main reason for that, is because there are no aggressive upsells, downsells, sidesells, etc. with Wealthy Affiliate and no “next level” memberships. I became a premium member almost right away and with that I had all the resources I needed. Typically, these types of programs have another level (or two or three) to which keeps success is just over the horizon.

Like I was then, you're probably asking the same question now, “Is Wealthy Affiliate what I'm looking for?”

It depends on what you really want, and if you're willing to put in the effort to achieve it. To succeed at affiliate marketing requires more than just know-how.

Wealthy Affiliate cuts through all the BS and confusion. Making money online is difficult enough as it is, the last thing you need is to feel like you're not getting all the information and training you need unless you pay more. With Wealthy Affiliate I simply went through the certification courses, step-by-step, and applied what I learned without any pressure to spend additional money on my business. Everything I needed was already there.

Some of those other programs have some good training, but for me at that time, Wealthy Affiliate's one-membership-for-everything approach was what I needed. 

I won’t bore you with my entire story, but I can assure you… if you’ve come here because you need a change and you’re tired of giving your best hours to a job you don’t like, I know exactly how you feel.

I’ll get more into my personal story below if you’re interested, but you came here to learn about Wealthy Affiliate, so I’ll get on with it.

You can try Wealthy Affiliate for free by clicking the button below, or continue reading if you want to learn more. 


Do You Need To Pay For Traffic at Wealthy Affiliate?

It's no secret that to earn money online you're going to need an audience. There are many ways to get web traffic, which can be classified into two types. Paid traffic, and free traffic.

One of the biggest advantages Wealthy Affiliate has over other programs, is that free traffic is at the core of their training. Most other systems depend on paid traffic sources. Wealthy Affiliate does not.

There is place for paid traffic (and Wealthy Affiliate teaches that too), but only after getting the fundamentals down and building a solid foundation.

Free traffic takes more time, but it’s a long-term investment that will pay dividends for years.

Paid traffic on the other hand is like feeding fuel into a race car. It comes at you like a missile… but as soon as you run out of fuel (or money in this case) it comes to an immediate stop.

This is a significant problem because traffic is only half the battle. Converting your traffic into sales is the real challenge… which requires testing, building relationships, learning about your audience, and trying new things…

This takes time, and when you're paying for traffic, you don't have much time. Most people run out of budget before they figure it out.

Free traffic on the other hand, is not only a valuable skill to learn, but it buys you all the time you need. You can test and try new things as often as you wish and not worry about burning through your savings, or piling up debt. 

Most make-money-online programs only focus on paid methods of generating traffic (because free traffic is more complicated to teach, and takes more time)… Wealthy Affiliate makes it the cornerstone strategy of your business because it's a smarter long-term approach.

The Training

What Really Matters – Will Wealthy Affiliate Help You Reach Your Goals?

Once you get past the community, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most reputable, and well-respected training programs you can find. There's a reason it’s referred to as Wealthy Affiliate University.

Because it provides a complete online education, and the depth of training is almost overwhelming.

To be honest though, the training is probably NOT the reason you're reading this review. I'll talk more about what is taught in a moment, maybe more than any other Wealthy Affiliate review you can find on the web. But ultimately, the important question you have… is whether or not Wealthy Affiliate will help you reach your goals?

Most people don't even care about making money online. What you probably want is freedom from your job, more independence, and time to do what you want to do.

If you're trying to live a healthier lifestyle for example, wouldn't exercise in the morning be better than an ugly commute. Would you rather practice meditation in the afternoon, or deal with the headache from a job you hate.

Or spending your most valuable resource… time… with the ones you love.

Not answering to someone else, and not living by some arbitrary schedule that society (or your industry) has set. 

As I write this, the sun is just coming up in the distance and I can hear the birds chirping outside. Since I was a kid, spending a few weeks every summer at camp near Lake Erie in Ontario… this has been my favorite time of day. Unfortunately, I've let decades slip by without appreciating those moments. Not because I couldn't get up early and watch the sunrise, but because my mind was occupied by the day I had ahead of me (in a career I hated). 

Why is it that getting paid to do something, somehow justifies the unhappiness it brings into our lives? 

Anyway, whatever reason you have for wanting to make your living from a laptop, the question is… will Wealthy Affiliate show you how?

The answer is absolutely yes!

For now, if you're a nuts and bolts type person… we'll talk about the technical mumbo-jumbo. 

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

Website Hosting, Daily Backups, Site Security, SSL, Keyword Research, Link Tracking etc.

I call Wealthy Affiliate a “platform” because it’s so much more than just a website with member’s area and some tutorials.

You don't have to shop around at Wealthy Affiliate and piece together mulitple tools that you'll need to build your business. You know, purchase a domain here, get web-hosting there, add on expensive security features, buy a keyword research tool, and so on… It's all here in one place.

Wealthy Affiliate is its own world-class web hosting platform, with daily back-ups and site security.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Is Secure Image

Premium members get managed hosting for 10 websites. In addition, they offer free one-click SSL (Secure website encryption) as well, which is becoming more important to stay safe online, and it's also crucial to maximize your search engine rankings.

If you’re not familiar with SSL (and didn’t read my quick summary above), it’s the difference between a website with the prefix http and one with https. It provides an added layer of encryption to protect you and your audience, which also increases trust.

Also, built into the Wealthy Affiliate platform are keyword research and link tracking tools. Everything you need to build your online business is housed under one roof, which means they all function together seamlessly. Full support and training are all in one place as well, with one single membership rate, and you won't have to mess with separate accounts and compatibility issues. 

These are things you won’t find in 99.9% of the programs out there. Even ones that cost significantly more.

There are a few others that have these tools available, but you will have to pay extra to access them.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who wants to earn a part-time or full-time income online. That’s just about everyone I know.

Most will never try, but whenever someone asks me what I do (and how I earn money) they respond with, “I wish I could do that.”

“You can do it”, I tell them, but I rarely get more than a shoulder shrug and “hmmph”.

Even crazier is that when I tell them (even show them) the potential, their eyes glaze over as they become visibly uncomfortable about the conversation.

The reality is, while the benefits of building an online business are good for anyone (who isn't already independently wealthy), affiliate marketing is not. It takes work and there's no way around that. But everything worth doing takes time and energy, and (in my opinion) the benefits outweigh the effort. 

Time is going to pass anyway. Whatever it is you are doing now, or are thinking of doing, is going to take effort… the benefits of building an online business however are pretty hard to beat.

Wealthy Affiliate is good for,

  • People who want to take charge of their financial future and not live at the whim of others.
  • Individuals who are afraid of losing their job (or have lost their job).
  • College and University students.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Business owners looking to build, or increase their online presence.
  • Stay-at-home and/or single parents.
  • Retirees.
  • People who just want to supplement their income.
  • Those who want to  (or need to) re-locate (to be closer to family for example).
  • Individuals who are physically unable to work, or deal with the aches and pains of an uncomfortable work environment.

Really… Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who is not already independently wealthy and wants to more freedom and control of their life… which is most people.

Is Wealthy Affiliate For YOU?

Although Wealthy Affiliate can benefit just about everyone… whether it's for you is a different question.

It can absolutely change your life, but it requires an honest effort. Myself, and so many others are proof of the impact it can have, but one thing is certain…

It won't happen overnight. It might not even happen in the first few months. It's a process, and you inch closer towards it everyday. 

When I started I didn't care if it took me 5 years. I knew I didn't want to be doing what I was doing (working a job) in 5 years… so striving for something that could provide the lifestyle I wanted was an easy decision for me.

And, what legitimate business doesn't require time and effort?

The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through every step of the process and with their massive community of home-based entrepreneurs, you will never feel alone.

So much is said about making stacks of money online, but for many people… even $500 of passive income every month can transform their lives and take a big load off their shoulders.

In that context, Wealthy Affiliate is for just about everyone. I’ve worked with people from single parents to lawyers, and even business owners who want to build a life that frees them from their daily grind.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the most common way to make money online, and the best way to start an online business.

  • You don't need to purchase or carry inventory.
  • It does not require product creation or a “clever” problem solving idea to get started.
  • There are no customer complaints, returns or warranty issues to deal with.
  • You don't have to invoice, ship or receive anything.
  • Little to no start-up cost. (With Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter membership you can start your own affiliate marketing business with $0.00. As mentioned earlier, the free membership is probably not enough to make you rich, but it takes you far enough to learn the fundamentals and see if affiliate marketing is for you).
  • The products and industry you choose to market in are endless. Amazon alone is estimated to have 235 million different products available for you to market. And there are tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of companies that have their own affiliate programs. From Home Depot and Microsoft, to firms that offer online legal services and companies that sell video games.
  • Passive income. I’m not sure there is a better benefit to affiliate marketing than this. A passive income means living wherever you want, working from wherever you want, and taking vacations whenever (and for as long) as you want. You make your own schedule and most importantly, as passive income comes in you can use your time to work on the next stage of your business instead of spinning your wheels at job exchanging time for money (1:1).

Negative Wealthy Affiliate Reviews and Complaints

So, I’ve talked a lot about the positives of Wealthy Affiliate and why I recommend it. If all of those things are true, why are there negative Wealthy Affiliate reviews and complaints?

To be honest, if you’ve already done some research on Wealthy Affiliate you have probably found that negative comments, complaints, and reviews are hard to find.

It’s understandable to get some however. With 1.4 million members, someone is going to be happy. 

There are a few reasons why some might have complaints.

First, Wealthy Affiliate is not an immediate path to riches. If you’ve got money and an appetite for risk… a paid advertising system with a “done-for-you” sales funnel can potentially get your there faster. 

The problem is, we're talking about a lot of money. Thousands of dollars with no guarantee of success. 

Wealthy Affiliate takes a much more conservative approach and focuses on developing free traffic though search engines. This doesn’t happen overnight. Some people get frustrated and just give up, never finding success or making money online. Therefore, they claim that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work.

Myself, and others are proof that it works, but I can also tell you, it absolutely won’t happen overnight. And that's frustrating for some people. 

A second reason is that they’ve never actually tried Wealthy Affiliate. They’ve heard some things from others and just repeated the same talking points. 

A third reason, is that there are some Wealthy Affiliate members (they are rare) that are dishonest, or just overly aggressive in their marketing, and have given WA a bad name because it appears (on the surface anyway) that the methods they are using to market their products is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

These are few reasons for the negative Wealthy Affiliate reviews out there. Having said that, it doesn’t cost you a single dime to check it out for yourself and to see if their criticisms and complaints are legitimate.

Wealthy Affiliate Strategy (4-Steps to Making Money Online)

Yes, there is a ton of training available at Wealthy Affiliate, there are tools, support and a community… but despite all that, I don’t want to give the false impression that all of this is complicated.

Simplicity is important to Kyle and Carson, and creating a system that makes online marketing accessible to everyone is the vision they had when they founded Wealthy Affiliate.

The basic process is ultimately a simple 4-step process

4 Step Process To Make Money Online

1. Choose An Interest

This is the best step, because maybe, for the first time ever you will have the opportunity to earn an income by doing, researching and writing about something you already love to do. There are an endless number of niche's you can go into. If you’re into sports, you can build an online business that talks about sporting goods, training programs, and even recommend travel packages to events.

Maybe you’d like to start a travel blog, or a website that includes style, design and fashion. I’ve worked with people in the industrial tool niche, solar energy niche, health and wellness, and even one considering a website about Lego. Whatever your passion, you can find your angle and make money from it.

You can also choose something purely for profit if you choose, although it can be difficult to keep up with something you’re not interested in.

2. Build A Website

Building a website is much easier than it sounds. In fact, you can watch Kyle build one in 30 seconds. This is the exact process I’ve used to build all of my websites since joining Wealthy Affiliate. My older sites were relatively simple once I figured it all out, but nothing as easy as this.

3. Attract Visitors

Here is where it starts to get fun (and I won’t lie… a little frustrating at times too). Wealthy Affiliate takes a very easy approach to getting ranked in the search engines and bringing in targeted visitors. This is where I had most of my doubts, but following Kyle’s process and talking to him one-on-one I just did what he taught, and in time I started seeing my articles showing up in Google and Bing.

This process (known as SEO, or search engine optimization) can become extremely complicated if you let it. Kyle (and Jay… who does all the live training) use a straight forward checklist approach. Next, it's simply a rinse and repeat process.

4. Earn Revenue

Okay, I said step #1 is the best step because you can make money by following your passion. Maybe I was wrong, because earning money is pretty good too. 😀

This is unlike any job you’ve ever had, because there is no ceiling to how much you can earn. In fact, for most people, it’s hard to wrap their head around that concept if they’ve never experienced it before.

YOU are the only limiting factor, but once you earn that first dollar the sirens will going off and an entirely new world of possibilities will open up.

So that’s the simple 4-step process. Of course, within those 4 steps there are new concepts and skills you will need to learn.

In the following section of this review I’m going to peel back the curtain and get into the finer details of what Wealthy Affiliate Teaches.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach? (A Complete Look Inside)

I hesitated to reveal this much about what Wealthy Affiliate teaches (something should be left for Premium Members), but I decided to do it anyway. I promised a complete review, so let’s go inside the member's area where you'd normally need to sign-up.

You can find pages and pages of Wealthy Affiliate reviews out there, but this is a little different.

I’m confident that Wealthy Affiliate is among the best online marketing training programs out there, and I’d go as far to say it IS the best.

But before you make any decision (or take my word for it) I want to really show you what’s inside so you can compare it to other programs if you choose.

This is a complete walk through focused specifically on WA's training.

By the end of this part of my review, you’ll have a complete picture of Wealthy Affiliate's training. And, if you've been on the fence about whether or not to join, or wondering if they are in fact legitimate, this should provide you with the information you need to decide.

The training can be broken down into the following sections, and I'll provide the lesson outline of each as we go along.

Training and Support Sections

  • The Certification Courses – 5 courses (49 lessons) 
  • The classroom sections (from how money is made online and building a website to advanced SEO and Social Media training) – 13 classrooms (hundreds of videos and tutorials)
  • Members training, search, Q&A
  • Live Chat – 24/7
  • Live Training – (hundreds of hours)
Wealthy Affiliate Certification Courses

Certification Courses

The certification courses are the bread and butter of Wealthy Affiliate's training. In an “over the shoulder”, step-by-step process you will learn exactly how to set up an online business. From learning how money is made online to establishing your website… from writing articles that turn readers into customers to growing your business with social media networks… and a lot more.

The certification courses with lessons are structured as follows,

Course 1: Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1)

1. Getting Rolling

2. Understanding How to Make Money Online

3. Choose a Niche

4. Building Your OWN Website

5. Setting up Your Website

6. Getting Your Site Ready for SEO

7. Finding Content Ideas from Keywords

8. Understanding Website Pages & Creating Your First 3

9. Creating Quality Website Content

Course 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2)

1. Your Own Domain, Your Brand, TRAFFIC

2. Building Out Your Website Theme-Based Content

3. Setting Up A Domain Specific Email Account

4. The Traffic Breakdown

5. Making Use of Visuals

6. Getting Crafty With the WordPress Editor

7. Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit

8. Making Face as a Real Person

9. Amplifying you Google Love with Google Plus

10. Boosting Your WA Rankings

Course 3: Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money! (Level 3)

1. Understanding the MONEY in Online Business

2. Understanding Affiliate Programs and Networks

3. Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere

4. Adding Affiliate Links to Your Pages

5. Instant Access to a Million Products

6. Leveraging Product Reviews

7. Getting Paid for Ads on Your Site

8. Earning Pennies OR Dollars?

9. A Brilliant Way to Track and Understand Your Traffic

10. With Help Comes Financial Success

Course 4: Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement (Level 4)

1. What Does Social Engagement Mean To Your Business

2. Making Your Website a Place to Engage

3. Using Facebook the Right Way

4. Pinterest and the Visual Social Hemisphere

5. Incorporating a Sound Tweeting Campaign

6. Google Plus or Minus?

7. The Benefit of Being Social at WA

8. Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals

9. Using the Wealthy Affiliate Social Community

10. You Cannot Be a Master of Everything

Course 5: The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (Level 5)

1. Content is YOUR Business

2. Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

3. Improving Indexing Speeds

4. People Need to Read Your Content

5. A Year is a Short Period of Time, yet BIG for Business

6. Writing within a Devised Plan Architecture

7. Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent

8. Injecting Comments with Intent

9. Bing and Yahoo, They are Still 33%

10. Articulating a PLAN for The Months and Year Ahead

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s the path that gets you started. As we continue you'll begin to see why Wealthy Affiliate has hundreds of thousands of members and is so well regarded.

Wealthy Affiliate “Classrooms”

You have 13 Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms in the Premium members area. These are areas that organize and categorize the various courses and training modules.

You will find an extensive library of Tutorials, Q&A, and Videos. This is a screenshot of the Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Classroom. As you can see there are 16,749 Questions and Answers, 60 Tutorials and 94 Videos. This is just one of 13 broad topics.  

Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Classroom

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a reason it’s often referred to as Wealthy Affiliate University. It’s a comprehensive education and you will learn all you need to know about building an online business as you make your way through the “Classrooms”.

These Classrooms are organized to teach you how to build a strong foundation, something many programs neglect.

A Strong foundation?

Let's first talk about what a strong foundation is NOT.

Many programs teach affiliate marketing through email campaigns, and some teach it strictly through social media.

Both of these methods will further your success and compliment your business, but they DO NOT provide a strong foundation on their own.

An email campaign involves reaching out to your audience through various channels like Facebook and Youtube as examples. The goal is to get your readers onto a Landing (or Squeeze) page where you offer what is called a lead magnet, a free gift such as an in exchange for an email address.

Usually (but not always) there is good value in these free offers (I’m usually happy with the ones I sign up for).

This is how you build your email list, which is helpful for your long-term strategy. The problem with this strategy however is that without a strong foundation, you’re dependent on social media platforms and paid advertising to not only get started, but to continue building your email list.

For many people this is a non-starter because paid Ads can be a quick path to either going broke, or getting into severe debt. Most people don’t have the money to begin with and I’ve tested some programs that recommend  you sell things like household items, your car, and even re-mortgaging your home just to get the ball rolling. 

This type of behaviour is absolutely insane. Even the best online marketers lose money with Ads that don’t perform as well as they expected. The difference is, they go in already knowing this. And they have the money, the experience, and the resources to keep testing and adjusting those campaigns until they eventually become profitable. Someone new to online marketing should not be borrowing or remortgaging their house to fine-tune a sales campaign.

Don't Build Your Business On Rented Property?

There’s another problem with this type of marketing, which is that you don't own the platform you’re building your business on.

It might not sound like a big deal now… but imagine building a 6 or 7 figure business on YouTube for example, and having them change the rules… or kill your page entirely which has happened to some online entrepreneurs.

YouTube is continuously tinkering with their suggested video algorithms. Recent complaints by some popular YouTubers are that their videos are no longer showing up in their subscriber's feeds anymore.

According to a June 2016 statement, Facebook also announced they'd be making changes to people's newsfeeds.

Relying on other people’s networks to build your business is not a good a long-term strategy. Your brand should be built on your own platform. Your own website. And this is why Wealthy Affiliate is my number one recommendation.

In the physical world, this would be the difference between building your business on a property you own, vs. a property you rent.

For a durable business and strong foundation that will provide you with an income for many years to come, it’s critical that you OWN the digital property (the website) that you’re building your business on.

Social media, paying for advertising, and building an email list are all critical tools that will help you drive traffic to your website and grow your business, but they should not be confused with being a business in and of themselves.

Every top online marketer has their own websites and receives thousands of visitors every day. It makes perfect sense to emulate their success and strategies. Wealthy Affiliate believes strongly in teaching you how to build that type of solid foundation from the start.

Getting Started (Classroom 1)

In the Getting Started classroom you will find 13 Videos, 11 Tutorials and more than 21,000 Questions and Answers. The Certification Courses that I mentioned above are also categorized here.

You will also find Member Training in these classrooms as well, which I'll come back to in a moment.

In addition to Getting Started, there are 12 more “classrooms”. While each of these have unique training content, there is overlap between some of the courses and videos. For example, a lot of the material in classroom 4 (Everything WordPress), also applies to classroom 8 (Website Development). Here are the 13 Topics covered in this section of the training.


2. Getting Started

2. WA Affiliate Program

3. Keyword, Niche and Market Research

4. Everything WordPress

5. Authoring and Writing Content

6. Search Engine Optimization

7. Social Engagement and Marketing

8. Website Development and Programming

9. Local Marketing

10. Video Marketing

11. Email Marketing

12. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

13. Pay Per Click Marketing

Member Training

Premium members… once they've reached a certain point, can create their own training on topics they have particular knowledge in. No single person is a master of everything, but with Wealthy Affiliate's member training you have access to the deep well of knowledge shared by experts.

Here are just a couple examples of member training.

Course: SIMPLE7: Seven Steps to Building a Successful Niche Website

1. Setting Up Shop

2. Install Tracking Codes and Why They Are Important

3. Mail Subscriptions

4. Powerful Helpful Content

5. Lace Your Content with Affiliate Offers

6. EARNING Traffic

7. 7 Stages of Testing, Tweaking, Optimizing, and Improving

And another…

Course: Local Marketing Training: All Under One Roof

1. Local Marketing Training – All Under One Roof

2. Local Keyword Search

3. Getting Your Site Ready For Local Search

4. Ranking Blueprint for Local Websites

5. Social Media

6. Running a Successful Local Marketing Business

7. You've Made It

I don't know how many courses have been created by members, but every time I search for something, another turns up. If it's not in the thousands, it's well into the hundreds.

I’ve seen several new ones added this week alone. For example, this one on PowerPoint Training.

The other videos in this training series are,

Wealthy Affiliate Powerpoint Training

Lesson 2: How to Make Characters ‘Blink'

Lesson 3: Push-Over ObjectText Animation

Lesson 4: How to Simulate Drawing on the Screen

Lesson 5: How to Simulate A Rocket Blasting Off

Lesson 6: How to Create Vehicle Driving Across the Screen Animation

Lesson 7: Open PowerPoint With ‘Video & Curtain Reveal' Effects

To be honest, I don't see myself using this PowerPoint training in the near future. It's just not part of my online strategy, and it may not be for you either. But I wanted to share it just to illustrate how deep Wealthy Affiliate's training goes.

Members can also write there own blogs inside of Wealthy Affiliate, and many write daily. These can be about anything. From technical or marketing advice, to talking about their first sale. There is a ton of knowledge in these blogs such as success stories, inside tips to finding FREE online tools, and tricks to writing timely reviews that coincide with product releases (just to name a few).

Accurate Search

With all the training and information, the obvious place to get answers is by searching. Your results are broken up into Training, Questions and Blogs. As you can see from these screenshots, it is rare that you can't find an answer to your question.

Here are the immediate results when I typed in “How to install…”

WA How to Install Query

Of course, your search would be more specific, but you can see how many topics come up as the results are populated in real time. If I'm looking for something specific, it may take some digging… but I usually find what I'm looking for.

Still… there are questions that I couldn't find answers to. These are usually issues related to a particular product or tool.

For example, when I bought my first paid website theme I had trouble installing it. There are thousands upon thousands of themes out there so finding accurate information on one (unless it's extremely popular) can be difficult.

When my search turned up nothing, I turned to the Live Chat.

As I've said (too many times by now), Wealthy Affiliate goes into more detail than any other program I've seen, but Live Chat really sets them apart from the competition. When they say 24/7 they mean it. I've been up in the middle of the night (stuck on a technical issue), and there are members present who are happy to help out.

Even Wealthy Affiliate's owners can be found hanging out in the live chat. Here's a screenshot of Kyle joining the conversation.

Kyle Taking Part In Live Chat

Live Training (With Recordings Available)

As if all the training I've shown you up to this point wasn't enough, there are weekly live webinars put on for premium members. They air live on Friday evenings and recordings are made available a few days later. 

Each of these is at least an hour long, and goes into great detail accompanied by a live chat during the webinar and a Q & A session after.

Most Recent Live Training At Wealthy Affiliate

The library of these recordings goes back for years and their are hundreds of them. Here's a partial list of random topics covered in 2016 and 2017.

Examples of Live Webinars

  • The Fundamental Foundation of Online Success in 2017
  • Taking Advantage of Seasonal Events in any Niche
  • Landing Page Hot Seat (FALL 2016)
  • Let’s Build a Landing Page LIVE!
  • Content & Conversion Hot Seat
  • Hello: Local SEO
  • Hello: Google My Business
  • Humanizing Your Brand
  • Hot Seat 2016: May the Traffic Be With You
  • WA LIVE Niche Case Study Series: Week 5 of 5
  • WA LIVE Niche Case Study Series: Week 4 of 5
  • WA LIVE Niche Case Study Series: Week 3 of 5
  • WA LIVE Niche Case Study Series: Week 2 of 5
  • WA LIVE Niche Case Study Series: Week 1 of 5
  • Writing Awesome Reviews for Conversions
  • Pushing Through the 3 Month Wall
  • The Ultimate SEO Survival Guide
  • Finding High Traffic Keywords LIVE!
  • Split Testing for Maximum Conversions
  • Be Great at Something in 2017 (Not Everything)
  • Hello: Google Webmaster Tools
  • How to Promote Your Landing Page
  • Working with Parent Pages in WordPress
  • How Site Speed Affects Rankings
  • Like a BOSS: Social Media Management
  • Hello All In One SEO
  • Ask the Expert LIVE! Full Q & A Session
  • Crafting New Content from Your Existing Posts
  • Branding
  • Social Media Breakdown
  • Content Writing + Editorial Calendar = Winning
  • Digital vs Physical – Which to Review?
  • Diversifying your Niche Website
  • Getting Started with Email Marketing 2016
  • Ask the Expert – Full Live Q & A Session
  • Jays 10 Step Process on Getting Content to Rank
  • Elements That Rank Local Websites
  • Power of Google Web Tools & Analytics

Since the majority of programs out there depend on buying traffic, I've been asked a few times about Facebook Ads. Yes, you can learn all about Facebook Ads at Wealthy Affiliate too.

Wealthy Affiliate Teaches Facebook Ads As Well

Is Wealthy Affiliate Multi-Level Marketing?

No, it's not an MLM.

Wealthy Affiliate, and affiliate marketing is generally not structured that way, although it can be.

There are pyramid type affiliate marketing programs out there, but Wealthy Affiliate is not one of them.

They have their own affiliate program if you choose to recommend it to others, but there is no downline or upline. Commissions, bonuses etc. are not paid to you based on the businesses other people build. Your business is 100% owned by you and independent of Wealthy Affiliate (or anyone else for that matter).

For example, if you were to build a 6-figure business marketing fitness equipment and supplements… that income is 100% yours, as is your relationship with your customers and product vendors. Wealthy Affiliate (nor anyone in Wealthy Affiliate) have anything to do with your business.

Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s members are simply the education and support system that helped you get there.

Pricing and Discounts

So, I’ve mentioned that there are 2 tiers to Wealthy Affiliate. The free starter membership, and premium version for $49/month.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter to Premium Comparison Table


What I haven’t talked about are the discounts.

Free Starter Membership

Free is self-explanatory, but I should mention again that you don’t need a credit card to join. There are no future commitments, and no cancellation is required.

With that you get,

  • Your own free website hosted by Wealthy Affiliate so you can put into practice what you're learning.
  • Live chat and private messaging for 7 days. This is an incredible opportunity. You will get the opportunity to message with Kyle and Carson, 2 very high profile internet marketers who will help you get started online. This alone is worth signing up.
  • Level 1 of the certifications courses.
Starter Members Training Outline
  • Community support and advice. Gaining access to the community is not only important for your business, but you can ask as many questions about Wealthy Affiliate and learn from others before upgrading to premium (if that’s something you’re interested in).

Premium Membership (First Month is only $19)

Right now, when you sign-up for the free membership there is an offer for those who upgrade to premium during their first 7 days. The discount is currently 59% off your first month so you can try it for $19.

I wouldn't push anyone into a premium membership, and even Kyle and Carson would frown on it if I tried. It’s not my style anyway. I will say however, if creating an online source of income is something you’ve ever wanted to do, the premium membership is absolutely worth it!

Annual Membership (Get 2 months free plus additional bonuses)

Like most people who start out online, I questioned my ability to do this. I wondered if it would work, or at least… if it would work for me. I had doubts early on, and if you're just getting started online, I'm sure you know what I mean.

I had joined some other programs with monthly fees, and every month I questioned whether it was worth it.

With Wealthy Affiliate though, I purchased the annual membership so I would not have to worry about monthly fees. I realize an annual membership is not for everyone. For those who do choose that option though, the biggest benefit in my opinion is not having to question every month if it's worth it, because during those first few months, you probably will. 

But that's not the only benefit to having an annual membership. 

At $495/year, you are essentially getting 2 months free ($93 savings). You also get…

  • A free .com domain ($14 value)
  • 100 community credits
  • Bonus live class with WA co-founder Kyle

Fear of Failure

You can't fail… you can only quit. 

But “fear of failure”… that's a legitimate enemy. 

I realize, this isn't a typical review topic, but the following story is recent and relevant, so I thought I'd share it. If you rather skip ahead, I understand (Wealthy Affiliate FAQ is below). 

We often justify our status quo, because change can be difficult. Wealthy Affiliate challenges your status quo.   

I mention this because I had an interesting conversation a couple days ago and I haven't been able to get over it… 

I made a casual comment to someone 20 years younger than me. I said to her,

I wish I was your age, so I could do it all over again.

What do you mean?“, she asked… “What would you do different?

She seemed legitimately perplexed by my comment, which I found interesting… as if she didn't see any reason I wish my life had been different. 

What was even more surprising was my response. It's as if I had an out-of-body experience and someone else had said it…

I wouldn’t be afraid.” 

She was just as surprised as I was. 

What do you mean?” she asked.

Holy s***, I thought. I just had an epiphany.

At that moment I found the source of a lot of pain… pain I had been carrying around for decades. Regret.

My twenties, and most of my thirties were spent in fear… afraid of failure (of course, I only realize this looking back).

From relationships, to career and finances, to staying consistent in the gym (I became horribly out of shape by my mid-30's)… all those negative “what ifs” that swirled around my mind day and night, had led me to a mountain of regret.

I was afraid of going after what I really wanted because… what if it didn't work. Now, approaching my mid-40's I realize how stupid I was. Playing it safe was a miscalculation that cost me decades of life I'll never get back.

To be clear… I'm NOT telling you this because you should join Wealthy Affiliate. It's a great system, but it's not a miracle worker… 

What I am saying, is that if you've read this far… it's probably safe to assume you have dreams and goals that can't be satisfied by your current path.  

And, if you've read this far… I figured my story might be relevant to you. 

I'm not saying that online marketing is for you (maybe your dream is to open a surf shop somewhere warm and sunny). Maybe it's to approach that girl or guy and risk your ego for a life of true happiness. 

What I'm saying is, don't let the fear of failure stop you from finding the right path, and doing everything you possibly can (and more) to realize the life you want. 

Regret is a horrible thing… and if you're a little older, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean.

Wealthy Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions
(Click on a question to open up answers)

Q: Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

A: It's been addressed already, but it is one of the most frequently asked questions… and again, if you’re just skimming this review quickly and looking for answers to key questions, this is probably one of them.

The answer is No. Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legitimate. In fact, it is one of (if not THE) best online marketing education you will find on the internet today.

Q: Is the free membership really free, or are their hidden fees I'm not told about?

There are only two membership levels at Wealthy Affiliate, free and premium. There are no other charges or fees, and no credit card or payment method is required to join.

Q: Will I have to “sell” Wealthy Affiliate to make money?

A: No, you absolutely do not have to sell Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, I don’t even recommend it. When you’re starting out the most important thing you can do (next to learning) is to get a few small wins. The best way to do that is to start out in a “micro-niche”.

These are niches with a relatively small audience, but more importantly low competition. It’s much easier to get rankings and become an authority in these areas. They won’t make you rich (with low traffic volume), but they are much easier to dominate and once established, you can build another… and then another.

That’s just one strategy, and it’s a great way to get started. On the other hand, if you start out promoting Wealthy Affiliate, you’re entering the “make-money-online” niche, which is extremely competitive. The learning curve is steeper because it’s dominated by experts who really know the ins and outs of online marketing.

Eventually, you will know what they know, and I would never discourage someone from starting their business in an area that interests them… I just like to let people know it’s a longer journey and tougher climb than going after the low hanging fruit where you can find success sooner.

Q: What’s the catch?

A: There is no “catch”. I definitely understand the skepticism because I had the same thought when I signed up. It’s a free membership, right? Who gives this stuff away for free?

It’s easy to suspect a bait and switch here, but there is none. Wealthy Affiliate only has the two membership levels (free and premium). There are no upsells (or downsells), and there are no tricks that lock you into their system.

There is also no spam or selling allowed inside Wealthy Affiliate so you won’t get flooded with sales offers of any kind from other members.

Kyle and Carson know that the best way for you to learn about Wealthy Affiliate, is to experience it for yourself. Some people will remain free members and some will upgrade to premium and take their businesses to the next level.

It’s a pay-it-forward community, and that attitude starts with the owners.

If you’ve spent much time looking at other programs you’ll notice they typically use sales pages and webinars to get you excited. Rather than talk specifically about (and show you) their programs, they spend most of (your) time telling you about their amazing lifestyle, showing you travel pictures, big homes and fast cars. Some don’t even reveal the price until then end.

Kyle and Carson have chosen a different path. Wealthy Affiliate is nothing like those other programs. They are up front with the price, and transparent with their training (to the point of providing free websites so you can really try it out).

You won’t have Kyle or Carson telling you about the lifestyles they’ve created for themselves, and you won’t watch any “dream-building” videos or webinars. The Wealthy Affiliate platform speaks for itself, and the free membership is there so you can learn all about it and decide if it’s for you.

Q: Will I lose my websites if I decide to leave Wealthy Affiliate?

A: This was one of my primary concerns before joining. I had built websites prior to Wealthy Affiliate, and I had an active blog with another web-hosting company. I didn’t want to spend my time building another only to find out I didn’t really own it.

My fears were completely unnecessary. Your site is built on the WordPress platform, and if you leave you can bring it with you to any hosting company you like. Wealthy Affiliate has no ownership of your website or it’s content.

If you cancel your membership you have one month access to your dashboard so you can move your site to a new host. Wealthy Affiliate also keeps a back-up of your site for 6 months so you have time to get it moved if you are unable to do it right away.

Q: How long does it take to start making money?

A: This is probably the most common question, and unfortunately, no one can answer it.

The time it takes you to make money depends on several factors, including the niche you choose, your work ethic, how much time you’re able to invest in your business, the products you recommend, the keyword research you do…

It also depends on how teachable you are. I was a little stubborn myself at the beginning because I thought I knew better, and I didn’t completely trust the system. So, I ended up wasting a ton of time trying different things on my own.

My best advice is to stick to the Wealthy Affiliate certification training, and ask questions when necessary. Another important thing you can do to help speed things along is to take notes and create checklists.

There are certain best practices to optimize your site so Google can find you on the web. I didn’t use a checklist when I started and realized (sometimes months later) that I had forgotten something critical, which is why that particular post did not show up in the search engines.

So, there is no definitive answer here. Some people have made money within weeks, others took several months. It was almost 3 months to the day before I earned my first dollar.

Q: How much money can I expect to make?

A: Like the question above, there is no definitive answer. How much money do you want to make? How much time are you willing to invest?

How much you make will be completely up to you. It can take some time to get the ball rolling, but once you earn $10, you will know that you can earn $100. Once you earn $100 you realize that you can just keep repeating the process and eventually $100 becomes $1000 and so on…

Some people reach a certain point and coast, while others keep their foot on the gas and keep going.

Q: Does Wealthy Affiliate discriminate against other types of businesses, like network marketing?

A: Wealthy Affiliate is an educational program. I have never heard or talked to Kyle or Carson about any other type of business (other than some of the scams out there) so I don’t know what their personal opinion on other types of businesses are. Either way, it’s not reflected in the training.

Having said that, Wealthy Affiliate is also a community with hundreds of thousands of members. That means there are hundreds of thousands of opinions, but no single person speaks for the group.

The MLM, or “pyramid scheme” thing comes up often because I think it’s the thing people are afraid of the most.

Even here in this review, I explained that Wealthy Affiliate is not a network marketing program. I certainly don’t mean that as a judgement against MLM’s, but it's a question I often get asked. People are suspicious and we’ve all been approached by someone we know who wants to tell us about an opportunity.

So, when people learn about Wealthy Affiliate and an alternative method of making money (other than a job), their first thought (and fear) is that they’re going to have to sell to their family and friends.

It’s strange. I've had family and friends ask what I do and how I do it, but I don't think hear my answer because they immediately put there defenses up when I start talking… as if I’m going to do some Jedi sales hypnosis on them. Also when they ask, the make it clear… they are NOT asking for themselves.

It’s an irrational fear of being sold to. But I’m not selling them anything.

I have done the network marketing thing before, and I’m not particularly a fan, but I have nothing against MLM’s in general. I just wasn’t very good at them is all. This was in the 90’s when few people had access to the web, and most had never even heard about it.

I would meet people by hanging out at the magazine rack in supermarkets and strike up conversation with people. I’m sure it’s quite different now. But, regardless of my opinions (on business or anything else for that matter) I don’t speak for Wealthy Affiliate or it’s other members. Likewise, other members don’t speak for me or for Wealthy Affiliate either.

Q: If I promote products from other companies such as Amazon or Walmart, do I get paid commissions from them, or from Wealthy Affiliate?

A: The relationship you have with your affiliate partners is between you and them. There are tutorials within Wealthy Affiliate that will show you how to become an affiliate for other companies but that is all. The actual connection you have with those companies is direct, and no money passes through Wealthy Affiliate. I’m not even sure something like that would be legal.

Also, other than Wealthy Affiliate itself, and a separate keyword tool called Jaaxy (not required for premium members), Kyle and Carson don’t have any products to sell. You can purchase domain names through Wealthy Affiliate, but that’s not a product you would go out and promote.

So, the only payments you would get from Wealthy Affiliate are through their own affiliate program (recommending new members), or from sales of Jaaxy.

Q: I don’t have my own product to sell and I don’t know what to create. Will Wealthy Affiliate still work for me?

A: Yes, Wealthy Affiliate absolutely will work for you. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need your own product, and you don’t need to create a product. You can market anything from wristwatches to badminton rackets and earn commissions. Whatever your interest or passion, you can build a business around it and recommend related products from thousands of suppliers.

Q: Is affiliate marketing saturated and does Wealthy Affiliate still work today?

A: There is a reason these are frequently asked questions. This is a common fear and one that I struggled with early on as well. If it’s so great, why doesn’t everyone do it, right?

To be honest, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t do it. I can’t imagine spending my life at a job I don’t like and trading my time for money at a 1:1 ratio. But that’s what most people choose to do.

As far as saturation goes, let’s look at some statistics.

There are an estimated 3.5 billion people online today. But what does that really mean? It's difficult to put that into perspective, but I’ll try. 

Let’s say you can only reach 1 billion people online (instead of all 3.5 billion). Alternatively, your friend opens up a local pizza place that has a potential market population of 100,000 people.

No one would say that opening up a pizza place with a potential of 100,000 customers is approaching saturation.

And yet, with a billion potential customers online, there is a fear of saturation.

What’s the difference between 100,000 and 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)? Is it only 4 zeros?

The difference is staggering. To make the point, imagine that your friend served pizza to every one of those 100,000 customers at a rate of 1 per minute.

It would take him 2.3 months to run out of customers. 69.44 days to be exact.

Now, your business is online, and you have one billion customers to take care of at a rate of 1 per minute. How long would you say it would take before you ran out of customers?

Remember, it took 2.3 months to get through 100,000 customers.

1 billion would take 1901.32 years! That’s 694,444 days. In other words, it would be the year 3918 when you finally served that last customer.

So, affiliate marketing is far from saturated. On top of that, programs like Wealthy Affiliate have streamlined the process of website set-up, training and support to make it easier than ever to get started. If anything, there has never been a better time to get started.

And yes, Wealthy Affiliate still works. It is continually being updated, new training is constantly being added and new features keep coming as well. They have endured this industry since 2005 and won’t be going anywhere soon.

Next Steps

Of all the great things Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, I keep coming back to the community as it's strongest asset that sets it apart from everyone else.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers, and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself.”  – Edmund Lee

Finding Wealthy Affiliate was honestly a life changing moment for me. As I mentioned a few times, I wasn’t completely new to online business when I joined, but I also didn't have all the pieces to the puzzle either.

With Kyle’s help, everything came together and I haven’t looked back since.

But that’s my story. Yours may be different. What are your reasons for wanting to join Wealthy Affiliate? How much time and effort are you willing to invest to change your life?

Where do you see yourself one year from now, five years from now, and so on…

Hopefully you were able to get what you needed from my Wealthy Affiliate review. 

I'm obviously a big fan of the program that Kyle and Carson have created here. I invite you to check out Wealthy Affiliate yourself. It's 100% free so you have nothing to lose and once you're on the inside please stop by at my profile and say Hi… or feel free to ask me any questions you have, I'd love to help you build your business.

Also, if you found this review useful, or think it may be helpful to others, please share 😀

Kindest Regards,


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  1. Thank you Jay for putting so much time and effort into this review, literally shocked myself that I read it all, it truly made me want to stay and read on… I think is the first ever review that actually makes me want to sort my life out and start making a living for myself and my family, not for someone else.

    • Hi Amy, thanks for reading. I’m kind of shocked too that someone read it all, lol. I’m planning to update it soon and clean it up as it’s grown to be quite long. I’m glad you found it helpful though and are motivated to sort your life out 😀

  2. I don't think that wealthy affiliate is scam. Actually it is learn and earn platform, that's why i like it a lot. You can start affiliate business even without membership, and that's awesome.

  3. I’m interested but curious. Having just read your reviews about whether or not some specific websites were scams, you stated that real companies are transparent and provide information about their owners, address, location, and valid contact information.

    However you never introduce, give specifics or even the last names of these owners, “Kyle” and “Carson”? It’s as if they are mysterious mastheads.

    Please advise as this sounds promising.

    • Hi Lori, that’s a fair observation. I know Kyle and Carson personally and it’s out of respect that I don’t publish their last names (and to be honest, I’ve never asked them if they would have a problem with it). Actually, I think at one point I had mentioned their last names in a few posts but then questioned myself, whether I should have or not. I can’t remember of I ever changed those or if those posts are still up here somewhere on the site, lol. But, when you join Wealthy Affiliate (which you can do 100% free and there are no credit card details or anything required), you are able to message them directly as well and quite often they’ll reach out to you first to welcome you and get your feedback.

      It’s a great question though and I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. If there’s anything I can help with, please let me know 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this information on WA. I must admit that I read every single line of your article. I even read every comment. I am so excited about getting started. I looked years ago at an affiliate program and paid some expensive monthly amount but it did not have a step by step process and I never did figure out how to do it. In addition, I was dreading writing a blog. You helped me to realize the sky is the limit and I could write a blog on my passion which made me reflect on what was my passion. I have been so focused on making money, I didn’t know what my passion was. As I read your article I started to jot down thoughts, ideas and things that I enjoyed and that made me excited. I am now excited about blogging. In addition, I have three businesses that I needed to create websites for but thought it would be to expensive (insurance (residual income), vending and a staffing center). I now have a way forward that is affordable and understand or have some idea how to tie an affiliate programs to them. I thank God for you. I now believe from past experiences and looking back on life that the only reason I was not successful at things was because I quit. I will not quit and I will be success at this business. I am so excited about this great opportunity.

    I am an entrepreneur at heart. My husband would call me a serial entrepreneur. I have tried so many businesses, including 2 online businesses. Some I have been successful at, some I have not been successful in operating, and sometimes have been scammed. I have failed on occasion because of the market, lack of knowledge, lack of systems, or lack of money. For instance, I had a very successful real estate and property management business that fell during the real estate bubble, had an after school program for inner city youth, and currently have a vending business to name a few. Usually after I fail or it does not produce the money I desire, I go back to corporate America. I am tired of how they treat me in corporate just as you were and of others always judging me and putting me down and of the stress and snatching my job when they got ready or if they did not like me. It is tough to work for someone else once you have worked for yourself as someone once said a mind once stretch never returns back to size or something like that. I was so touched by the 78 year old looking for an opportunity for something new to create a legacy. I have been trying to help my mom and my 70 year friend to find a business that will generate their current cashflow and help them to leave a legacy. I see this as vehicle that will allow them as well as me to create a legacy, generate residual income and provide something that they can leave the grandkids that the grands might just want to keep or can easily run without being actively involved. I also am excited because it offers a complete system or package. God answered my prayer to get everything I needed for a website in one place. Thank you again for doing the work God put on your heart if you hadn’t I may have never found this hidden gem. I will be joining WA if God says the same.

    By the way, your article is NOT too long it is just right 🙂

    • Hi Jamya, wow… thank you for the kind words and for sharing your insight and experience. Failure is worn proudly by the entrepreneur. We earn our failures, they are not given to us. More importantly, we learn the lessons our failures teach us… and they are our greatest teachers. You have a ton of experience and while we’re not always certain why we’re learning something or when we’ll ever need it, it lays the foundation for our next steps forward.

      Again, I really appreciate you sharing your story and for taking the time you have to read and comment. Let me know if I can help in any way 🙂


  5. I started on Wealthy Affiliate as a complete beginner and I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing means. Since then I’ve learned to make a full-time income online, traveled around the world and enjoyed the laptop lifestyle. Wealthy Affiliate literally changed my life.

  6. Your website is a plethora of information and was very good. Wealthy Affiliate changed my life. This is a reputable company that provides the answers and training to help you be successful and achieve your dreams.
    I am a newbie but my passion and belief Wealthy Affiliate has given me again will help me do that. Reach my dreams.

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for reading and for the kind words. Wealthy Affiliate has definitely changed my life as well. It certainly wasn’t overnight and I still work hard at it everyday, but working for yourself is a crazy feeling that’s difficult to describe until you experience yourself. It’s not just the “cliche’s”… more freedom, wake up when you want, and so on… You could say those things are true but you’re still accountable to yourself.

      It’s the things you don’t necessarily realize… for example, the constant anxiety of either trying to please someone else and do the right thing, or worrying about pleasing someone else and doing the right thing. Your ability to succeed at a “job” depends on keeping your boss happy, and your boss’s boss happy and so on. And, if you’re the kind of person who’s always working towards a promotion and the next level as I was, you’re spending so much time and energy competing with your co-workers… not consciously though, but out of habit.

      It’s actually disorienting and you have to find a new place for that time, energy and anxiety… which I know sounds weird (and crazy), but I spent a lot of time with my coffee staring off into space wondering what the heck this feeling was, or more accurately… wondering what was missing.

      Anyway… sorry for the rant, it was just your comment that Wealthy Affiliate changed your life that got me thinking about how different my own life is now because of Wealthy Affiliate ?

      Thanks again for reading and sharing your insight,

      • Dear Jay,
        appreciate your in-depth explanations. enjoyed them. I have some more questions though. how can I contact u in person.

        Best Regards,

        • Hi Mohammad, the best place to get in touch with me is [HERE] where I hang out and chat daily with others who are just getting started or have questions 🙂

  7. Hi,
    Great review! I want to join WA too. Want to start with free first then go for premium. But I can’t seem to find the $19 for first month offer. Can you please help me with that?


    • Hi Sarah, once you join for free which [you can do HERE] and set up your profile you’ll have access to the first month special offer. It should show up along the top of the page once you’re inside but if not just send me a message and I’ll make sure you have access to it. 🙂


  8. Hi Jay,

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing such an in-depth review, this made me sign up for Wealthy affiliate. It really feels like a community that wants to help each other succeed and are getting such valuable insight wirhout spending 1000’s of dollars and it is your own thing. I resonated with your section about fear and regret and I have spent a good chunk of time working on my ‘roots’ and I know I have the foundation to succeed, you just need to actually start. Many thanks again.

    • Hi Sarah, glad you found my review helpful. Don’t hesitate to get in touch inside Wealthy Affiliate if there’s anything you need help with 🙂 You can find me here and follow if you like.

      As far as fear and regret… these are definitely two emotions everyone one of us go to battle with, but they don’t have to define us. Glad you’re starting your journey,


  9. hi jay ,

    well i read a lot reviews about wealthy affiliate ,i think your has more details and informations that can convince anybody interested to go ahead and sign
    my question is : can i have a niche about water fasting stuff or diet? if yes how can i promote it and which affiliate will work for me to generate an income
    thanks again

    • Hi Omark, thanks for the kind words. 🙂 You can definitely have a niche related to water fasting or diet, however… you may have to narrow your focus a little. I did quick search on water fasting and that term is currently dominated by corporate blogs like Global Healing Center and MindBodyGreen. When I say “corporate” blogs I mean blogs or websites that have a large budget with a staff of writers and industry professionals behind them… and when I’m doing niche research that’s one of the first things I look for. There is a one blog dedicated to just fasting which is ranking in the number 7 spot for the search term water fasting, but still being outranked by those bigger health blogs.

      But that doesn’t mean there is no opportunity. There are all kinds of search terms you can explore such as “how many days should I water fast?” or “can I drink coffee while water fasting?” Doing some keyword research it looks like the search term “water fasting rules” gets a decent amount of searches but not many relevant articles. Similar articles… but no one is addressing that specific search term. An article like “The 22 Water Fasting Rules” you need to know has a good chance of ranking well and getting traffic.

      These are just examples…

      The diet niche in general is tough, but with some research you can find sub-niches within that broader niche with opportunity. Examples would be “dieting for acid reflux” or “diets for arthritis sufferers”.

      As far as affiliate programs, you would first consider what your audience would need. Someone who is doing a water fast might be interested in books on that topic, multi-vitamins and other health products. If they’re doing a water fast, they’re doing it for a reason. To lose weight or to cure something that traditional medicine might not be curing.

      They may be interested in the anti-aging benefits of fasting which triggers autophagy, and increased levels of HGH… which can lead to affiliate programs for courses and membership programs. In addition to water fasting, they may be looking at a juice fast as well which opens the door to affiliate programs for blenders and juicers. Vitamix has an affiliate program and of course Amazon does as well and sells just about every product on the planet.

      Just some ideas… hopefully they can be helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.


    • Hi David, to be honest I’m not certain how the WordPress comments engine is integrated with Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting. If you’re following the certification courses though, you’ll find that your traffic grows substantially and readers will be commenting daily 🙂


  10. Thanks for the detailed information, its really made sense,I am sure I am going to learn and do wealthy affiliate program I am a newbie affiliate, Most of the unsuccessful affiliates are keep shouting that, affiliate marketing is a scam, you will not able to make money on the business, but I am not going to give up, I know money not come at one night, it takes some time, keep sharing with us.

    • Hey Harish, thanks for stopping by… and, definitely don’t give up. There is a multitude of reasons people feel that making money online is a scam. They may have been burned by a scam in the past. They may have gone in with false expectations (probably because some guru told them it was easy) and gave up to soon… thinking, “if I can’t make it work, it must be scam.” They may have just bumped into scam after scam on social media or somewhere else and assume everything is scam. All legitimate reasons, and most of us have been there before as well.

      It sounds like you’re committed though and realize that it can be a tough road ahead, but the rewards are worth it.

      If you need any help along the way Harish, please to don’t be afraid to ask. I created this website specifically to help people escape the rat race, protect themselves from economic uncertainty and build a life they enjoy waking up to each day. I’m more than happy to help if you have any questions.

      Thanks again for stopping by and reading…

  11. Hi Jay,

    First off this is the most comprehensive and detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform that I have ever read. It’s nothing short of remarkable!

    You have described affiliate marketing in a manner that makes it understandable to anyone who might be curious as to how to go about securing a legitimate online income.

    And the most important part of your review is that you make it clear that you are not a computer person and therefore subtly pointing out that absolutely anyone can do this.After reading this review I believe that to be true.

    Thank you so much,

    • Hi Howard, and wow… thanks for the kind words. It’s true I’m not a computer person… although I wish I was sometimes. Not necessarily for Wealthy Affiliate projects, but some other projects for clients with different hosting platforms (not the fault of those hosts either… just incompatibility issues), but anyway. My point is yes, computer skills are still helpful, and there are still things to learn, but they are definitely not something you need to worry about at Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Thanks again for compliment 🙂


  12. I am really glad I found you, HELP ME!

    I have a question that how can I make money from wealthy affiliate???
    Is there only one way and that is by promoting there’s link ??
    or there are also other ways to make money like by blogging or to promote other’s affiliate program like Amazon and get a commission or like getting a commission through Clickbank??

    tell me some other ways also pls!!

    and also how can I make money through affilorama…

    hope to have a reply soon please help!

    • Hi Sonu, glad to help.

      No, you do not have to promote your Wealthy Affiliate link to make money. In fact, their affiliate program (link) is a secondary course altogether. Their primary training (and what most people do) is build businesses around a niche that they have an interest or passion for. I’ve seen everything from fishing websites, to guitar, industrial tools and legal services (and everything in between). Really whatever you want your business to be about is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do. The first or second lesson (which is part of the free membership)is all about how to choose your niche.

      By lesson 4 your website will be built and it will be about whatever you choose it to be.

      You can then earn money through all kinds of programs. Amazon is one, Clickbank is another… but there is also Shareasale, Etsy, and niche specific affiliate programs like guitarworld (I was helping someone in this niche last year and I think that’s what the company was called), and there were also online guitar courses that paid very high commissions. Even companies like Apple, BestBuy and Home Depot have affiliate programs.

      Affilorama is similar to Wealthy Affiliate in that it’s niche focused and it’s not about selling other people into the Affilorama so those people can get more members and have the cycle keep going… Like Wealthy Affiliate they also have an affiliate program and you can choose to promote them if you like, but it’s not primary reason that Affilorama exists.

      It’s a good program. But there are couple reasons I think Wealthy Affiliate is the better program. Wealthy Affiliate’s top (premium) membership which includes all the tools you need (last month they even updated the platform and now Jaaxy, a very good keyword research tool is included with your membership) is less than Affilorama’s “base membership”. And then Affilorama has several upsells, while Wealthy Affiliate does not.

      Again, Affilorama is a good program, it’s just a little more expensive. And the other main reason I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate is because the owners are very active in the community (Kyle regularly joins the live chat to speak with members and answer questions) while Mark Link (Affilorama’s founder) is less involved. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a really good affiliate marketer… he just has several other projects he puts his time into. The community overall in Wealthy Affiliate is just far more active.

      But, both are very good programs and among the best you’ll find to learn ‘proper’ online marketing. I say proper because both of these are complete educational programs. They are not copy and paste systems where all the members are selling the exact same thing in the exact same online places and ultimately just competing with one another.

      Hope that answers your question, and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have more. Also, if you do decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, please visit me on here -> on my profile page and say Hi… I’d be glad to help you start your online business.


      • Hi Jay, i have read through your review and i really thank you for sharing all these with us!

        But as i read through the comments section i really can’t help but to truly commend on your patience and kind helpfulness which shows your great love for people in general!
        When i reading what was asked in this particular comment, what i can only think of is “have you not read what’s been written in the review?” But your reply totally amazed me! Not only were you patient enough to reply what was being asked, you even gave a customized response instead of copy and paste what was already written in the article. And you even took the effort to elaborate with added examples plus doing the comparison with such great detail! You must be either super knowledgeable in this or you took extra time to find out more just so to give the best informed answer! Just bravo man! I salute your attitude and your willingness to serve the community! RESPECT~!

        • Hi Darren, thanks for your kind words 🙂 I remember what it was like when I was just getting started and I was lucky enough to find others who were willing to help me so I do my best to provide as much help as I can for others. It’s also a pretty long review and even I forget if I’ve covered a particular topic. In all honesty, it would probably take me more time to find what I’d need to copy and paste than it does to just share what I can when readers have questions.

          As far as being super knowledgeable… I definitely wouldn’t go that far, lol… but I’m extremely passionate about building online businesses and spend by far most of my time doing it, reading and learning about it, talking to others about it and so on… so things inevitably get stuck in the back of my mind and it’s usually not until I’m asked about something do I think of it. I’ve also made more mistakes than I can count and had so many failures that I’ve been forced to learn things I wasn’t really planning on learning… hopefully those mistakes can be helpful to others.

          Thanks again for reading and for compliment, it’s very much appreciated.


  13. I feel like you are my universal counterpart in regards to how you reviewed wealthy affiliate because I have had an upsurp of very similar feelings with my journey on wealthy affiliate.

    In the beginning 2-3 months, I too actually considered the possibility “what if none of this is actually real. What if all the chatting and communicating is just done by a planned team sitting in a room somewhere. I am doing a lot better now though, and I am still learning every day. You are right, you can’t learn everything in a few weeks. I’ve been around here for over a year, and I probably still don’t know 10% of all the different variables to affiliate marketing.

    • Jacob, I agree. The challenge I think is rooted in all the hype about making money online. There are so many false promises and catch phrases out there like “six-figures in six months” which imply you can learn this in a few weeks. I was so excited when I started I thought I’d be retired around the 3 month mark lol. Of course it’s nothing like that. It takes time to get your rhythm, to settle in and treat it like a business, to ask for help when you need it (which was one of my challenges), and to appreciate the process… not just the target.  As they say, it’s not a sprint but a marathon. 

      Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate your insight 🙂



  14. Just spent the past hour or so looking over your review. November 2nd 2017 I will turn 78 years old. So, no one wants to hire an old man which means I need a good new way to earn a decent income. Today is Saturday October 21st. If I can enter into this program and learn to put it to work between now and January 1st 2018 it would be great. If I can get this program up and running it would be great to pass it on to my children….. When I decide to retire in ten or twelve years. Thanks for your presentation

    • Hi Keith, thanks for the comment. I see that you joined WA, so please don’t hesitate to contact me whenever you have questions or need some help. I left you a welcome message on your profile page there so you can just hit reply. You’ll also find the community quite helpful too.
      Looking forward to working with you,

  15. Hi, Jay. Fantastic review of Wealthy Affiliate. I can’t think of anything you didn’t cover. I agree that the Free membership without asking for a credit card has led to phenomenal growth. It’s just nice to be able to take a program for a free spin around the block for absolutely nothing. I always believed that once someone made it through the free stuff, they would naturally want more and sign up for the Premium Account. Thanks for all the great information.

  16. I have a business idea that I want to launch for a few years now, but many people think that it would not work because it’s not one of those evergreen niches that you commonly see.

    Even some experts think that it isn’t a good idea, but you mentioned that this program will teach you to build a business in any niche. I don’t mind starting from scratch but how does the training actually support my endeavor? Thanks for the clarification.

    • Hi Cathy, every niche is different. It depends on whether you’re marketing physical products, digital products, a service etc. And then you have different audiences. Some niches lend themselves to community type followings, where your business is built primarily on developing relationships, rather than a commerce type business with many single transactions from people you never meet.

      So, it’s hard to answer your question specifically without knowing your niche (and of course, it’s understandable not sharing it).

      Having said that, I can talk about some general ways that Wealthy Affiliate would be beneficial. The certification courses are focused on affiliate marketing. In this case, you would earn commissions on products related to your niche. There are literally millions of products you can earn commission on. Amazon alone has a selection of a few hundred million different products and a very easy affiliate program to join, as do other large retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot just to name a few.

      Wealthy Affiliate provides step-by-step training, as well as help and support along the way. They’ve been around since 2005 so you can imagine the community is quite large with a lot of experience you can tap into.

      Of course, you are not limited to affiliate marketing. Many people start out in affiliate marketing because it’s relatively easy. You don’t need your own products, and you don’t need to deal with inventories, shipping, invoicing, returns, etc. That’s why it’s so easy to scale up and become quite lucrative.

      But, along the way you’re learning important marketing strategies, and you are developing the skills needed to build the online ‘infrastructure’ needed to operate a business… such as a website (built to rank high in the search engines), social media pages and groups, as well as email marketing funnels etc. Those skills are critical for any business. So even if you already own a small business, what you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate will give you to ability take it to the next level.

      If you don’t own a business, what many Wealthy Affiliate members do (in addition to affiliate marketing) is start their own online marketing agencies. Your skills are highly marketable. 90% or more of business owners will not know how to do what you do. From building a website and getting it to rank high in the search engines to setting up social media accounts and local services such as Google My Business. In fact, I just met a small business owner a couple weeks ago that paid $2000 to have a website built that would take you no more than a couple hours. In addition, to manage the updates and make sure everything is working he pays the developer monthly (he didn’t say how much).

      So that’s another way you can build a home based business with Wealthy Affiliate.

      If you wanted to become an author and self-publish, or create your own guitar lesson course and market it for example… or you name it… the skills you learn at Wealthy Affiliate will open all kinds of doors for you.

      Not sure if that answered your question or not. Again, without knowing your niche it’s difficult to talk about specific strategies but these are some general ways you can use what you learn to start your business.

      Thanks for you comment and question as well 🙂


  17. If it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate, I wouldn’t be earning a monthly income from multiple affiliate programs in various niches. 🙂

    Without the websites, tools, training, and ESPECIALLY support at WA, I very much doubt success in the affiliate marketing arena would be possible, particularly for newbies.

    The whole WA platform is a godsend, in my opinion.

    Blogging and free traffic from the search engines is definitely where it’s at!!

    I appreciate your take on Wealthy Affiliate.


  18. You mention the free traffic part of the training to which I’m currently learning is what spurred me to join Wealthy Affiliate. I currently don’t have the funds to pay for traffic into my website plus I would prefer in the long run to do the process organically and achieve first page results status in the search engines.

    My query regards how long it generally takes to accomplish a high ranking website.

    Is this down to how long your website has been established, writing regularly, the amount of words a website contains or purely down to visitor numbers rolling in before the like of Google takes notice how active a website is? Hope it’s not the latter because the initial process does take some time.
    Looking forward to your reply, thanks,

    • Hi Simon, yes, yes, not necessarily, sort of and yes. It’s an experience that all of us online can share (we’re together in this my friend)… and it’s not a good one. Although building a website is relatively easy, and gets easier the more you do it, that first one takes some time and effort. And then, after everything… you are nowhere to be found in the search engines.

      Here’s the thing. I don’t have any specific numbers to back this up, but it’s probably safe to say that 80% or more of all websites that startup, get abandoned, ignored or forgotten within the first 3-6 months. Everyone begins with good intentions, but life gets in the way and some people probably lose interest. Quite often people just want to figure out how to do it (build a website) and then once they do they move on to something else.

      Google, Bing, Yahoo… they are aware of this, which is why they are reluctant to give new websites a chance. However, if after 3-6 months (depending on how competitive your niche is) you’re still regularly updating and adding new content to your website, you’ve shown the search engine Gods (aka – algorithms) that you’re serious about your website, and that’s when you start moving up the rankings. If your content is good, those pages that rank well enough to get noticed will get good engagement, visitors will spend time on them, and the way people interact with these pages will let the search engines know that you are providing quality content that people want.

      Of course, it gets a little more complicated than that, you have to do your keyword and competitor research, structure your website and articles in a search friendly way, and learn strategies that engage your readers… but these are all things (as I’m sure you know) you learn at Wealthy Affiliate.

      On a personal note, I chased all kinds of strategies when I started, thinking there had to be some super-secret method of getting my website to rank… and years ago when search engines were not as smart as they are today, that was true. But not so much today. When I finally settled in and just followed what Kyle was telling me (to consistently put out quality content backed by good keyword research) that’s when I noticed a real improvement in my rankings and traffic numbers. Of course, time played a big part as well.

      So to answer your question about how long it takes… it’s difficult to say because it depends on how much time and effort you put into your website, how good your keyword research is, the niche you’re in, and so on… However, it’s fair to say you should expect at least 3-6 months. But, even though this takes time, the benefits of free traffic coming from visitors who looked and found you (instead of you going out and advertising to them) are huge, and well worth the effort. The work you put in early on can end up paying you back for many years to come and that’s really what we all want 😀

      Hopefully, I was able to answer your question. And, I really appreciate you stopping by.


  19. Now that my afternoon is gone lol. Seriously though, I heard about wealthy affiliate on another website and thought I’d look at some reviews. I wasn’t expecting to get this far into it. I think I want to sign up and try but I still have a few question. Sorry. There are so many scams and this looks legit, but I think if I make a wealthy affiliate website, they will own it. I don’t want to be locked into something that I can’t get out of and have it be a waste of time. It does sound good though and I’m pretty sure I’ll give it a try but if you can provide some more information on this it would be helpful. tx

    • Lol, sorry about that 😀 I can totally relate to your question Darrin. This was a really big concern of mine as well. But it’s also one you don’t have to worry about. Your website is built on WordPress (which you do NOT pay for) and is not owned by Wealthy Affiliate in any way. Although you can host your website with Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to. You can build it there and move it to another host later… or you can build it somewhere else right from the start if you’d like. It’s a common misconception that Wealthy Affiliate is like a middleman between you and your business. This is not the case, no more than school is a middleman between you and your job.
      They are simply a platform that provides training, tools (such as hosting), and a community of entrepreneurs… that help you build your business from nothing, to as big as you choose to take it. Your website belongs to you, the connections and relationships you build with your affiliate partners are 100% between you and them. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have anything to do with those. The training and community will give you examples of affiliate partners, as well as how to find and join them, but that is all. If you want to build a business around power tools for example, and earn commissions on products at Home Depot… that’s between you, your website visitors, and Home Depot. It’s your business. Wealthy Affiliate has nothing to do with it, other than showing you how it’s done and supporting you along the way.
      Hopefully, that answers your question, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any more. Also, I really appreciate that you took the time to comment and hope to see you inside 😀

      All the best,

  20. I’ve read a lot of Wealthy Affiliate reviews since joining, and I must say that yours is the most thorough. You said it was going to be long at the get go, and you kept your promise.

    Another thing I appreciated that set your review apart is that you were honest about the free membership. Many reviews just post about the free membership and gloss over it as if it’s the end all be all. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just come out and say what you did. That the $49 is well worth it for all you get.

    Anyway. Thanks for the info. It’s a great post.

    • Hey Dustin, yes, a lot of reviewers will gloss over the free membership… and maybe on the other end of the spectrum, I’m being a little critical of it (although I still believe it’s the best deal anyone can get for $0.00… in fact, it changed my life). Thanks for your kind words as well… There’s no reason to be afraid of honesty. If you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate, the $49/month premium membership is something to brag about… not to shy away from.

      Really appreciate your comment,

  21. Hi Jay:

    1st off, this by far is simultaneously the longest and most comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate that I have ever read. You have presented it in such an easy to read format and have managed to cover every conceivable question for anyone who might be sitting on the fence about joining Wealthy Affiiate and learning how to start an internet business. I was glued to the page from beginning to end.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Howard, thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed my review and hopefully you get out of Wealthy Affiliate everything that I have if you decide to join.

      Really appreciate the kind comments,

  22. Hi, Jay. This is absolutely most thorough and complete review of Wealthy Affiliate I have ever seen. I love the part where you get down to where the rubber meets the road and reveal what happens when you get a commission from Wealthy Affiliate. I feel very vindicated for every comment, review and opinion that I have had about WA and that is that it takes WORK. To me, it’s a college level course for a fraction of the money. Well done, sir. Well done.

    • Hi Warren, thanks for the kind words. It does take WORK as you say. And it can’t be said enough, because I really don’t like programs that mislead people into thinking they’re going to get rich with little effort. Personally, I like that it takes work because hard work eliminates a lot of competition. I might not know as much as someone else, and I’m definitely not as intelligent as most… but one thing I can do is work just as hard, and even harder than the best ’em. 😀
      Thanks for stopping by,

  23. Hello, and thanks for sharing your post is well detailed and has so much information. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be when you look at how this community has and is helping so many people it is just so amazing. I would encourage anyone to become a member of this awesome community.

    • Hi Norman, thanks for checking out my review. I agree… one of the most overlooked aspects of online training is the community. WA definitely has one of (if not the best) one out there.

      I appreciate your comment,


  24. Hey Jay,
    This is a superb Wealthy Affiliate review, I must say. You have left nothing out here.
    Your title asks the question whether this training program is the real deal or a scam.

    I joined the Wealthy Affiliate platform to accomplish a new career in affiliate marketing and although you learn something everyday I am constantly building my website around my passion, attracting visitors through the knowledge I have learnt and have already started receiving the odd commission, nothing regular however there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

    I joined on their free membership initially and have since joined their full membership where everything is included to achieve success.

    The reason this is the real deal and not a scam relates to Wealthy Affiliate’s honesty and legitimacy to which I found on their freebie starter membership. Running a successful online business in affiliate marketing is purely down to one’s determination to write regular posts and share the links on Social Media to gain a presence for your website’s business. This shareable society is what gains rankings within the Search Engines.

    I have shared you excellent post on Google+ with my followers and followed you,

    • Hey Simon, thanks for stopping by and really appreciate the share and follow. The free membership is what got me in as well but it wasn’t long before I upgraded. That’s awesome that you’re starting to see some commissions. It does take time to get the ball rolling, but it sure is nice when it does 😀 I really appreciate your insight and kind comments.


  25. Hi Jay,
    Well that review was massive!!! What can I say, but agree with probably everything you have written here! It is a brilliant program and I love the fact there are no upsells as like you said, with others, success seemed to be just over the horizon. And it seemed you had to buy “that next course” to get the success. I was so over all of that B.S so was thrilled I found WA.

    Yes, it takes work but anything that is worth having is worth your time working for it. Lucky for us, WA gives you the right training and tools to do it, you have to come with the passion and drive for your own success.

    Again, wonderful review!
    Cheers, Sharon

    • Lol, yes… massive is a good word for it. I prefer to say thorough 😀

      I agree Sharon, the upsells and not needing additional tools is a big deal for most people I think. I don’t want to speak poorly of other systems. In fact, I belong to some other programs as well and even recommend some (depending on a person’s goals) but for those systems to work you will need landing page builder’s, email autoreponders and often have to pay for traffic. Put into perspective, they are minor expenses compared to starting a traditional bricks and mortar business.

      But they are expenses nonetheless and if you’re just starting out and not expecting them, it feels like a big risk. Once you start earning money online and realize that this online thing works, you’re a lot less hesitant to invest in yourself and your business. And that’s one thing that makes Wealthy Affiliate so great in my opinion. You are fully aware up front of what the free membership offers and what the premium membership has. And when you consider that the tools required to make some of those other systems work can cost $100+ per month, plus your membership cost to the program which ranges anywhere from $50/month and on up into the thousands… plus, paying for traffic that’s not likely to convert into customers on your first few attempts… All of a sudden WA’s $49/month seems pretty good.

      Again, I’m not knocking all other programs because some are really good, but I don’t think there’s any better bang for you buck the WA.

      I really appreciate you stopping by to check out my review, and thanks for the kind comments 🙂


  26. Hi Jay,
    Well that review was massive!!! What can I say, but agree with probably everything you have written here! It is a brilliant program and I love the fact there are no upsells as like you said, with others, success seemed to be just over the horizon. And it seemed you had to buy “that next course” to get the success. I was so over all of that B.S so was thrilled I found WA.

    Yes, it takes work but anything that is worth having is worth your time working for it. Lucky for us, WA gives you the right training and tools to do it, you have to come with the passion and drive for your own success.

    Again, wonderful review!
    Cheers, Sharon

  27. This is the longest review I have ever read. But it is also the perfect one – answering all of my questions and clearing all of my concerns and doubts. Having my own website seems to be a lot of fun and also a lot of hard work but it is definitely worth it. Do you think it is possible to succeed in any niche?

    • Hi Arta, thanks for the kind comments. It is long, yes… but I wanted to provide a complete review for everyone who is curious about Wealthy Affiliate. There’s so much BS online, my goal was to be thorough. But, I do get asked questions all the time about things that never occurred to me, lol. So I suppose it could have been longer.

      Is it possible to succeed in any niche? That’s a good question… and I’d have to say yes, and no. It depends on how far you “niche down”. If you’re just going after weight loss for example, as a general target, it’s going to be difficult due to the competition. If on the other hand you get more specific and focus on one specific aspect of weight loss… weight loss for pre-teens who refuse to eat vegetables (just an example, and you’d have to frame it properly) then yes, you can succeed in the weight loss niche.

      So, I do believe it’s possible, but you have to do your research first (which WA teaches you to do, and there are others who are always willing to help). I’m always happy to do help people as well 🙂

      Another niche you may find it difficult to succeed in is a niche that you don’t like or care about. Further along, once you have a few websites in different niche’s working for you, you will probably start outsourcing some or even most of the work. In that case, any niche is fine. However, if it’s your first or even second website it’s going to be tough if you’re going after something that doesn’t interest you. This happened to me when I started out. I usually don’t share publicly all the niches I’m in or working on (it can take a lot of research sometimes to find a non-competitive niche), but one that I started out in was sleep aids. I also started one with swag for a TV character. But I wasn’t particularly interested in either and I lost interest to be honest. I may revive them one day but just outsource the content… but anyway my main point was that it’s tough to start out and succeed in a niche you don’t care about.

      So it’s a difficult question to answer, and obviously there are a million+ niches I have no experience in so I can’t necessarily say yes for all. But, like I said… I do know that WA teaches and has people who will help you out (myself included).

      Hopefully that answers your question.


  28. Hey, Jay!

    Awesome review! Lots of great information! I appreciate your honesty in the beginning, especially with answering the question about the reason for very few negative reviews of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I joined WA a few months ago simply because WA offered a free membership and didn’t ask for my credit card. I probably wouldn’t have joined if they asked for my credit card information and gave me so many days for a free trial before charging my card. I don’t like having to worry about my card being charged, especially when I’m trying something out. Like you, I had my doubts after already trying several other online opportunities out only to be disappointed. But, WA is completely different from every other opportunity I’ve seen.

    It’s always encouraging to read a Wealthy Affiliate review because it reminds me of how amazing this opportunity is! Like you said, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t take you through a quick riches system or make big promises, they train you to take the longer, but more successful route. Yes, it takes more time, but it is worth it!

    Thank you for promoting such a trustworthy opportunity!


    • Hey Weston, I’m with you. I originally started out for the same reason. I had no idea what to expect (and I thought it was completely fake… even the member comments, which is a little embarrassing to admit now). But since no credit card was required I didn’t feel like I was committing to anything. Now that I review a lot of programs my credit card gets charged all the time for the reasons you mention. I have to keep a spreadsheet of all the programs and tools I’m trying out so I can cancel payments or even ask for refunds if they turn out to be duds.

      As far as quick riches goes, I can definitely agree with that as well. Some programs are funny, because their sales page or video will talk about making thousands of dollars (sometimes 6-figures) within 90 days. Even have testimonials of people who have achieved it. At the same time, they are saying “this is not a get rich quick scheme”. 6-figures in your first 3 months in my mind is get-rich-quick… but that’s just my opinion.

      I’m not saying it’s impossible. It can be, but what those programs don’t tell you is that to earn 10K or even a 100K, you will either need a massive email list of “warm” leads, and/or spend thousands of dollars on paid Ads. That’s fine if you have it to spend, and they will teach you how to split test and scale your campaigns but it’s a huge gamble and you have to be willing to lose thousands of dollars. So, it’s possible to do for sure, but it’s also a very good chance you will be throwing money out the window. I read a comment from someone once that they had spent over $50,0000 on Ads before finally giving up. Most (if not all) of those other programs don’t include any of the tools you will need to get started either. By comparison, $49 a month at Wealthy Affiliate for absolutely everything you need to build a long-lasting and diverse business is quite reasonable in my opinion.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I really appreciate the comments.


  29. I have always wanted to have my own blog to help other people, but I lack the skills to build the blog site. Since this is for people who are interested in a business website and not a personal blog would this be something I could join or not?

    Maybe later I would be interested in promoting products, but for now my goals is to help people by starting a blog online?

    • Hi Jeffrey, that’s a great question. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is great whether you are creating a business site or a personal blog. From a technical standpoint, the process is pretty much the same. A business site may have a few more things such as contact information, maps etc. But you can build either through Wealthy Affiliate. The only real difference is the type of content you create for your website and the audience you are writing for.

      And, setting up your blog doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge. That may have been true years ago, but now you can have a website up and running in as little as a few clicks. This video [link] demonstrates how easy it is.

      That’s awesome you’re interested in helping people start a blog. Although it’s quite easy today, we all need someone to help us out in the beginning. I first started online with my own blog as well. It was just a place for me to write, it had very little direction and I definitely wasn’t earning any money with it. I was able to use those skills a couple years later though to start my online business, so if that’s the route you decide to take, you will be building a great foundation to start making money down the road.

      If you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I will be more than happy to help you out and answer any questions you have.

      Thanks for stopping by and I really appreciate your input.


  30. This is one of the best WA review out there. It’s comprehensive and precise. This article certainly helps to clarify all the doubts one might’ve about Wealthy Affiliate. Your honest approach towards presenting facts is highly admirable. Keep it up.

    You’re right, WA is an all-in-one platform. It’s the best place to start your business. I also like the fact that they’ve no upsells unlike other programs out there. As you said, I can’t thank them enough to constantly improving and updating without increasing the price.
    Being an introvert (that’s evident in my gravatar), WA suites me well and I hope all my hard work pay off.

    Thanks for this awesome article, Jay 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind comment. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I still had a ton of questions, so I wanted to put a review out there that was as complete as possible. I get you about being an introvert… I didn’t consider myself an introvert when I was younger but at some point I realized that I really like doing my own thing and having my own time. An online business is perfect for that. Just like now, it’s a peaceful morning and the breeze is blowing in my office window here. I love it 😀 My favorite part of day. I did B2B sales for 10 years. Thousands upon thousands of sales calls, and this is so much better.
      Glad WA is treating you well I do believe you hard work will pay off. You can’t fail… all you can do is quit 😀 But it takes time, yes.

      Thanks again,

  31. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over two years, and must say that signing up for WA have been one of the best decisions in my life.

    Thanks to WA I have learnt how to learn money online and make money online regularly now. In my opinion it’s the best place to learn affiliate marketing.

    • Thanks for your comment Kristof. I agree. Although there are other good programs out there, and I don’t mind recommending those either, I haven’t been able to find one that provides the level of education and tools that Wealthy Affiliate provides. Even more than that though is the community. It’s crazy how many people are there at WA and willing to help you with whatever you need.
      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my review,

  32. Hey there! I found your article very interesting and informative to read. I’m actually interested on trying wealthy affiliate. I heard good things about it that it is a good way to earn extra money. But my problem is that I don’t know how it works and I don’t know if its really legit and not scam. Luckily I found your article that talks about wealthy affiliate. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Hi John, thanks for checking out my review. I know exactly what you mean. Before I got started online I was convinced everything was a scam. It all sounded too good to be true. And, in a way… it is too good to be true because there is still a misconception out there that making money online is easy… if you only knew the secret. Some programs are aggressive in their marketing and as a result, imply that they have the “secret”. There are a lot of done-for-you systems as well that imply that it’s easy. Unfortunately, there is no “secret”, it takes work and it requires learning… both of which take time. The rewards are worth it, but I always like to be clear when recommending any program to go in expecting to put in the effort. What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s a complete program. From knowing nothing to earning a full-time income. And all the tools you need are there as well.

      If you decide to try it out, don’t hesitate to look me up at my profile, I would be more than happy to help you in any way I can.


  33. Hi Jay,
    Wonderful review you have written here regarding Wealthy Affiliate, you’ve left no stones unturned here.
    I too joined and am delighted with the program.
    The help and support is excellent, essential for any newbie like myself. I have asked through live chat and received instant answers and written more detailed questions out for the community. It always amazes me how many people help out. Everybody helps each other succeed, a powerful platform I must say.
    Thanks for your informative review,

    • Simon, I couldn’t agree more. Live chat has been helpful, and even Kyle has kept in touch with me regarding some questions. I’ve tried some other programs (and have reviewed them on my site here as well), and I think the biggest thing that they are missing is the live chat, as well as the dynamic community. I think the biggest challenge people will have, and I mentioned it several times in my review… is that it requires a lot of work. There are so many “false guru’s” on the web promising quick riches with little to no effort, that they’ve given the entire online business community a bad reputation.
      Thanks for stopping by Simon. Let me know if I can be of any help.

  34. Wow, great review! I love how you are so down to earth and honest. And yes, I feel the exact same way about WA. One thing, you could probably break down the post/page into 2 or three more pages. It is quite lengthy, but is packed with great information if the reader is dedicated. Really great article overall! Not just saying that. You right well and you are definitely going to succeed in the long run… I feel it! Thanks for this great review!

    • Thanks Charienna, really appreciate your comments. I agree, it is quite lengthy… but I figured if someone is honestly interested in WA then I should provide as thorough a review as I possibly can. The funny thing is, I took some stuff out already because it was getting so long. But I definitely hear you, and I’m on the fence about it 😀
      I’ll look for you on the inside (of WA) and if there’s anything I can help with let me know.
      All the best,

  35. Hey Jay,
    This was a very informative and not to mention motivational read. Most people (me included) nowadays are used to the instant gratification the online world can provide. I was actually shocked, when I found that the business side was practically the opposite of that. It takes more than a few clicks ? What? Preposterous. And as you said, we know we have the tools (like WA), but our mindsets can be quite stubborn. Break trough this hurdle and it can be a revelation.
    Thank you for this awesome review,

    • Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words. I’m with you on this one… I like my instant gratification 😀 . But, really… when it comes to business (online or otherwise) it’s the hard work that separates us from others. As I said in my review, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. You can separate yourself from 90% of the people looking for a quick buck online by just doing the work… and making your mark in the remaining 10% is just going the extra mile. If there’s ever anything you need or have any questions that I can help with, don’t hesitate to comment or send me an email. I’d be glad to help out.

  36. Hi Jay,

    This is really a thorough review about Wealthy Affiliate with an emotional touch that would inspire those who wants to learn about online business. I agree that the “WHY” is very important because it gives you the willpower to continue with what you have been doing despite all the obstacles and roadblocks that can come. It’s also good that you have mentioned that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme because it is simply not. People who are interested in affiliate marketing has to do their work. Great job there.


    • Hey Eli, I appreciate that. I completely agree with what you’re saying. I can’t think of anything more important than the WHY. The HOW is available to everyone… Wealthy Affiliate can provide that, but what they can’t do is provide us with is the WHY. That’s what gets us up early (or keeps you up late at night if that’s your preferred time to write). It’s what forces you to push through, or pivot when you’re up against something you can’t figure out or you’ve just hit a wall. I wish you all the best on your online journey and hope you find the success you’re looking for. If there’s anything I can be of help with, don’t hesitate to ask.

  37. This is a wonderful review you have here Jay! I agree that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone, you need a great deal of discipline to create and run a successful business like this, and if someone is looking to make their bills disappear in the blink of an eye, then they should look else where. It is true that no one will do it for you, and you won’t be wealthy overnight – but if you set realistic financial goals for yourself, follow each step and ask for help when needed, you will be able to successfully work from home! And the more your business grows the more your wallet will grow as well 😉

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Darcy. You’re absolutely right. I know my bills haven’t disappeared in the blink of an eye, wouldn’t that be great through? Nope, they’re still there. I think the toughest part for anyone starting out is the beginning. There’s so much to learn, so much to do and of course… to pay those bills you still have to get up and go your job every day. It definitely gets easier as you gain momentum, but those early days, weeks, months… they can be a challenge. But, if you aim for a little progress each day you’ll eventually get there. So I definitely agree with you about setting realistic goals.
      As far as the pricing, before I found Wealthy Affiliate I was ready to spend a lot more on a program. I had put in a lot of time setting up a website on my own, and trying to figure this thing out with the bits and pieces of free information I could find online. I learned more with just the starter membership than the previous 1 and half to 2 years of working on a blog with no direction. I can only imagine where I’d be if I were 2 years farther along than I am now. But, here we are now.
      I really appreciate you stopping by and wish you lots of success in your online journey. If there’s anything I can help with, let me know.

      • Hello!
        I have a great passion in making money online and thumbs up for your great review and because of it I’ll try WA someday but my question is,Am currently living in Kenya, do you think I can succeed in making money online in this geographical location? The reason am asking this is because currently I’ve filled alot profiling surveys but to date have had none to fill and earn because of my geographical location!
        Please advice!

        • Hi Albert, I absolutely think you can make money online living in Kenya. The great thing about building an online business is that you can do it from anywhere you have an internet connection. Having said that, there may be local challenges such as finding a payment processor or bank where you can safely receive money. I’m pretty sure Paypal is available in Kenya. My apologies though, I’m not too familiar with the specifics of local laws and policies when it comes to transferring money so I’d recommend doing your research on that. And don’t rush it either. Try to get information from multiple sources. You can join the free Wealthy Affiliate membership and ask the community (which has members from all around the world). You can also do research in forums and places like Reddit to try and connect with others in Kenya who are already making money online.

          I appreciate your comment and for stopping by and reading my review as well 🙂