What Is Insight Global? Dream Job or Scam?

What is Insight Global Legit or Scam

When it comes to making money, I usually write about doing it from home, not about dragging yourself to an office job. But, sometimes a job is your best immediate option for financial security. If you've recently discovered Insight Global, you may be wondering what (and who) they are, and if they have a legitimate job to offer. I mean, there's a scam around every corner so what's the story with Insight Global, right?

In this review, l’ll explain why this may (or may not) be the right opportunity for you, and why some are calling it a scam.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Insight Global. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Insight Global?

Insight Global is a staffing agency based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They have grown from a single office in 2001, to forty-four branches today, located throughout the US and Canada.

They operate in a wide variety of industries from aerospace and defense, to healthcare and retail, satisfying an estimated 35,000 job placements every year.

Their mission… or core principles rather are to “foster hard work and superior customer service. To provide “deep care” for their clients and employees.  

There’s nothing wrong with their principles. They check off all the boxes… but these are the bare minimum any company should strive for, and they don't really tell us who Insight Global really is.

How Does It Work?

There are two reasons you may be reading this review. The first is to learn more about Insight Global as a staffing company (can they find you a job, and if so… what kind of job, what kind of salary and so on).

Job Interview

And the second reason is because you may have come across a job posting for Insight Global. They may have also approached you to become one of their recruiters.

If you fall into the first category, Insight Global works like most hiring agencies. They act as a brokerage, connecting employers and employees. 

Unfortunately… in this scenario, you could also say, buying and selling employees. Workers are a commodity.

In a staffing agency article written by Russell Huebsch, he explains it this way; “Employment consults (staffing agencies) help prospective employees find a job in return for a cut of the employee’s salary”  and “Often the agency receives the same amount as the employee.”

So, if you're offered a position through a staffing agency and you know your qualifications are unique, or difficult to match… there may be significant room to negotiation a fair salary.

As a disclaimer… each situation is different. There may be several people in line for that position. Holding out for a higher salary is something you do at your own risk because there is potential of losing the opportunity to another candidate.

Like any negotiation, it requires skill and sharp intuition.

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Recruiters at Insight Global

If you’ve been contacted by Insight Global for a job, you may be wondering what they (or the job) is all about.

There are two main positions at Insight Global. Recruiters and Account Managers. When you start out, you are a recruiter.

A recruiter is similar to a telemarketer. Your job is to find and qualify leads, which are then handed over to an account manager. You’re expected to work what some might consider long hours (usually 7:30 – 5:00). 

If you’re a recent graduated and your work experience is limited… these will be long days. Especially since you’re expected to make up to a hundred outbound calls per day.

Does Insight Global Scam College Kids?

With limited work experience, college students top the list of candidates hired as recruiters. And… since Insight Global often reaches out to you (rather than you searching out them), the obvious question becomes, “Is Insight Global a scam?”

The answer depends on who you ask.

Insight Global (the company) is not a scam. They’ve been in business since 2001 and have worked with Fortune 500 companies. However, their onboarding practices and promotion ladder may be questionable or what some might consider a scam. I’ll explain…

No one wants to be a recruiter (telemarketer) and make thousands of outbound calls month after month. There must be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Within the ranks of Insight Global, that pot of gold is a promotion to Account Manager.

As an Account Manager you are told you’ll make hundreds of thousands of dollars. This may or may not be true. I'll show you some Account Manager salaries in a moment.

It's the incentive, or promise of becoming rich, that (like any get-rich-scheme and sales gig like Inbound Closer) comes off as a scam. In addition, some have made the claim that they trick naive kids into working long hours for little pay… again with the promise of future earnings.

You may have already read the two reviews posted below (screenshots). These are just examples of how some have implied Insight Global may be a scam.  

Insight Global Scam College Kids
Source: Reddit
Insight Global Reviews witholding pay
Source: Better Business Bureau

Two other accusations I've seen from reading reviews on Glassdoor are one… they take advantage of and scam college kids, and two… that all the positive reviews you read online are fake… written by paid employees or somehow forced. 

I'll defend Insight Global on the first claim, for two reasons.

First, this is an entry level position in a learning environment. There's an opportunity to develop skills that will not only help you in higher paying and more important jobs as you get older… but may also be the reason you get one of those jobs. 

The second reason is that these accusations may be limited to a single branch or person, and I don't know that it's fair to blame the entire company for these practices.

The second accusation about positive reviews being fake reviews… it's possible. I've had companies offer me free products if I'd go online and give them 5 star reviews.

A car dealership also tried to make me feel guilty once for not leaving a 5 star review, saying people may lose their job over it. 

If someone is aware of this happening at Insight Global, maybe they could share their experience in the comments sections below this review.

Insight Global Salaries

I can't argue that they don't make false promises… I simply don't know.

Will you someday make hundreds of thousands of dollars as an Account Manager? Let's start with what a recruiter makes.

Based on hundreds of anonymous claims, recruiters currently earn on average 32-52K (although that may change depending on when you're reading this).  

Insight Global Salaries Recruiter Salaries Updated
Source LinkedIn

I'm a skeptic when it comes to income claims (Glassdoor ranges show 35-37K on average) so I wouldn't take these as a guarantee. But, they're the only claims we have to look at and the chances we'll see someone prove otherwise with a pay stub is slim.  

So now that we know approximately how much recruiters earn (at least, how much they say they earn), the question becomes… what do the big dogs, the Account Managers, earn?

I was surprised to be honest. Although the goal is to reach this level and make phat stacks of cash, the reality may be different. 

As it turns out, at least from what I could find… Account Managers may not make as much as recruiters are told. Certainly not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Admittedly, these claims are from new  Account Managers, but like a recruiter… you can hear the hope and promise of six-figures in their comments. They've definitely been conditioned to reach this goal, but the numbers do not yet reflect the big money.

Account Manager Salaries at Insight Global

I have no doubt that some Account Managers are making big bucks. These are the few that stick it out, maybe had a little luck along the way… worked hard no doubt, and have an uncommon knack for what they do. 

So, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not Insight Global is scam. Does dangling a six-figure salary in your face to keep you dialing the phone make it a scam? It could be I suppose. It may depend on the way they say it, and how often…

If every morning starts with a pep talk about driving Ferrari’s and importing exotic rocks to build a wall around your estate… in my opinion, that’s a scam. If all they do is show you a commission chart with potential earnings after years of being there, it might be a little insincere, but not a scam.

It's also important to mention here that the company, Insight Global, is not a scam. I'm only talking about the recruiting and retention practices of some managers. Under certain conditions, they could be deceptive. 

There is another problem though. How do you get promoted to Account Manager?

Is Insight Global A Scam – Part II

The big money all hinges on getting that Account Manager promotion. But, what if… despite the promises, you never had a chance of being promoted to begin with?

That’s the accusation in the following comment.

Insight Global Reddit comments

So, the commenter is claiming that promotions only go to “hot women” and guys who “buddied” up to management. In other words, it’s a culture of nepotism and sexism.

Let me be clear… I’m not making that accusation, I’m just sharing what one person has said about Insight Global. And we can’t make assumption based on one person’s testimony.

I was curious however, so I tried to find proof of his claim.

The following is a video from Insight Global’s Raleigh NC branch. It wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that a certain age and “look” are being represented here. You be the judge…

In my opinion, this could be the cast of Big Brother, and it’s no secret the producers of that show prefer a camera friendly face and body.

I must admit though, it looks like they get along well and it's probably a fun place to work… if you are under the age of 30 that is.

But that’s just one branch… and we don’t even know if the entire staff is represented in this video. It’s certainly not enough to assume Insight Global promotes based on looks.

What about some of the other branches? Again, you be the judge…

Insight Global Staff pic 1

Insight Global Staff pic 2

Insight Global Staff pic 3

If I'm being honest, there does seem to be a trend here. As I said, most people over 30 would probably not fit in. So maybe there's some truth to the claim that promotions are based on age and beauty. Maybe…

And, if you’re thinking that may be true, you’re not alone. Here are some comments from one of those pictures on Instagram.

Insight Global Instagram Comments

These observations do NOT indicate Insight Global is a bad company, or a scam. But, if you do join their team as a recruiter and your goal is advancement… you may want to observe who they promote (and based on what criteria) before deciding if this is a company you should commit to.  


Unless you’re a potential client or represent a company, this may not be of interest to you. But, in addition to employee placements, Insight Global also offers business services such as port folio management and analytics.

IG Services

Insight Global Reviews

It’s not all bad news.

Despite accusations and negative experiences, there are many employees with good things to say (provided these reviews haven't been faked or paid for as some have suggested).

Insight Global Positive Review 2 Updated
Source: Google
Insight Global Positive Review 1 Updated
Source: Google

And there are other positive reviews with employee statements such as,

  • “Great work atomosphere…”
  • “My manager and I sit at least once a month to determine what my goals are…”
  • “Our culture is something I am proud to be a part of!”

I also noticed that even though you can easily find negative Insight Global reviews and complaints, they have quite often taken the time to respond to those complaints.

Insight Global Responds To Being A Scam

What I Like About Insight Global

  • They offer a decent work environment and if salary claims are true, the money isn't bad for an entry level position.
  • No cap on commissions and Account Managers have significant earning potential.
  • They are an established company with a clear path to success… provided you’re the right person for the position.

What I Don’t Like

  • As mentioned, it’s the right opportunity for the right person. But, this is a high-volume sales grind. If you don’t enjoy sales, this is not the job for you. And, of course… from what appears to be a relative lack of diversity, your chances of promotion “may” be limited.
  • There is a danger in promising high salaries to young people, which I have learned from experience. I started out in sales and management at an early age. But, because I was caught up in that lifestyle, I did not realize (or admit to myself) that I hated what I was doing. I was well into my thirties with a family when it occurred to me that chasing immediate gratification (which is the promise of sales) and backing out of school (architecture) a decade earlier was a serious mistake.
  • Quotas and a high-pressure environment. This type of work has a high turnover rate and very few people can sustain it long-term. That might be why ninety percent (or more) of the employees you see in staff photos look to be under thirty.    

Where Do You Go From Here?

I started this review by saying I usually write about entrepreneurship and home business, particularly affiliate marketing… but the truth is, quite often what you really need is a job.

Insight Global may not be a long-term career ambition for most, but if you’re an outgoing person and you enjoy sales, you could do much worse.

It’s indoor, so you're not out in the wet cold or extreme heat. The hours belong to the living, so you can have a regular life not working evenings and weekends, or constantly switching shifts.

Again… if you’re the right person, you could do worse.

But… if you’re not an outgoing person and you don’t thrive in high-pressure sales environments; a sales job (any sales job) has the potential to make you miserable. 

Stress and Anxiety

It might take a few weeks (in my personal experience… a few years) before you realize it, but the stress and anxiety of sales will eventually set in. Constantly making calls, giving the same pitch over and over again, and having a manager breathing down your neck to reach your quotas… it's not pleasant for most.

If you consider yourself more of an introvert and enjoy working at your own pace, you may be better suited to something else (that's not a criticism of Insight Global or sales in general, it just means sales is a unique career that's not suitable for everyone) . 

You may prefer working at home for example and doing your own thing instead of working in a high-paced sales environment and if that's the case, making money online might be what you want.

With all the hype and misinformation out there though, knowing how (and where) to begin is what you need to get what you want.

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If none of the above methods interest you… you can also make money doing surveys on sites like surveyjunkie.com  and inboxdollars.com. For a more substantial income you also have the option of starting an online business.  

There are also many companies looking for someone to manage their social media accounts and marketing… which can be done as an employer or a freelancer.

My final verdict on Insight Global? Worth a shot if it suits your personality.

I hope you found my Insight Global review helpful, and if you have and questions, comments or even a review of your own… please share in the comments section below. 😀

Thanks for reading.

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27 thoughts on “What Is Insight Global? Dream Job or Scam?”

  1. Greatest advise that I ever heard.Thank you so much for such a great informative work.Well done sir!!!!
    Felix Zurita

  2. I ran across this review as my daughter just got a job at Insight. A couple of things coming from a person who has worked in the orthopedic industry for 35 years. 1. It is not unusual for companies to hire attractive sales persons. Look at the Orthopedic or pharmaceutical industries. These industries have a very heavy representation of young attractive female sales persons. Right or wrong it is the norm. As far as high pressure… Welcome to sales. It is the nature of the beast. If you can handle the quotas and performance goals you are rewarded with high compensation. That is what sales positions are typically comprised of. So far my daughter loves working there. She works remotely except for one day a week when she reports to the office with everyone else on her team… I will update you once she has more experience at the company.

    • Thank you for your feedback and insight. You make some strong points, and as you say… for right or wrong, it is the norm. I agree. I appreciate your feedback and wishing your daughter success in her new job.


  3. I've been a contractor for IG for about a year and a half now, could not be happier. I almost passed on the opportunity the first time they contacted me, but am SO glad I took them up on it. My Account Managers are fantastic, love working with them. I have no idea what size cut they make from me, and don't care. They work hard and earn it just like the contractors they represent. They were outstanding through the COVID transition, and I can not complain about my salary. I'm a 2 time college drop out with on-the-job experience only and they're paying me as if I have the degree. IG has been a God sent. Test if you're skeptic.

  4. I can only speak from customer’s side. The people that they screened and provided for us where ok. Some more successful hires than others, but this is expected. What I absolutely detest is their billing. Invoices are a mess, and takes a lot of time for us to untangle and code it right, so it would go to right place internally. This tells me that experience is not there, and learning how young most IG employees are explains a lot. This brought me to the point of stopping using them completely – can’t have a dedicated person on staff just to deal with their invoices. Pushy marketing is very annoying too. Constantly invites us to lunches, meetings “to catch up” even if I clearly say that we don’t have any hiring needs and don’t have time for lunches out of politeness. My advise is to focus on improving the actual service (invoices!) and less focus on being a “buddy”.

    • Hi Cleo, thanks for your valuable insight and feedback. I spent many years in automotive parts sales, as well as management… so I can sympathize with both sides. I know what it’s like in sales trying to build relationships and connect with clients, and I also know what it’s like having sales people calling on me constantly and lingering in my office, lol.

      And your comment about improving the actual service is spot on. That’s the “real work” and you build those relationships with clients not simply with lunches and meetings… you build those long-lasting relationships by doing “real work” and providing a service that makes your client’s job easier, not harder (by taking up their valuable time).

      Anyway, that’s been my experience and I didn’t understand it when I was younger either.

      We see slick sales people on TV and in movies doing what we think “sales stuff” is. What we don’t see in those movies are the sales people sitting at their computers for hours doing research for their clients, optimizing their inventory for them, sourcing difficult to find products or services, working with logistics and the warehouse to make sure the client gets what they need in a timely manner, streamlining and improving the transaction process to make their life easier and so on. It’s when you consistently do those things for you client they become your “buddy” 🙂

      Thanks again for sharing and taking the time to comment.

  5. I worked there for a couple years. The “certain look” thing is DEFINITELY true. Anyone that’s seen this group at their national conventions or all hands meetings would think it’s a modeling event. The verification came literally when we were all drinking (which is literally what most of these folks do at these events) at a convention, and the guy who recruited me into the company LITERALLY told me that they stalked my social media before interviewing me, decided that I had the “look”, and that my “wife is hot”, so they knew I’d be a good fit (which I also assume means I was considered “bro” material”). What did a lot of the guys do when on business trips? Eat expensive meals, drink (a lot), and check out the strip clubs. If that’s your thing, you’ll fit in great. And if you’re a female, if you’re hot, you’ll easily get interviewed – they’ve probably selected you by rating your LinkedIn or social media photos after getting your resume/application. Oh, and their office culture is LITERALLY antithetical to many of the industries they serve – no flexible or remote working – you’re expected to be IN THE OFFICE from 7:30 to 5:00 PM EVERY DAY, you MUST wear business formal attire (guys – that means a conservative tie and literally a white or pale blue shirt and dark, conservative suit – every day, NO facial hair, and a short, conservative haircut). Oh, and you also have to have an acceptable vehicle – you’re not going to cut it if you have a car that’s too old or too cheap. Caveat Emptor. There are FAR better companies to work for (in my opinion) that don’t force you to fit a mold to be lucky enough to be part of their “culture”. Well, at least they get the “cult” part of “culture” right….

  6. I answered an ad from them saying they were representing Nabisco in recruiting people who would be paid for an advertising wrap on their vehicle. The pay is $600.00 a week. The first check they sent me was for $2,100.00. I haven’t deposited it yet. Real concern is that the check is not real. Have you heard anyone bring this up?

    • Hi Cliff, I haven’t heard of any issues with payments. Insight Global is a legit company and there shouldn’t be any general concerns about their checks clearing. Issues such as name misspellings or incorrect amounts are always possible, as they are with any company, but I’ve definitely NOT heard of anything such as fraudulent checks or illegal activity.

      Having said that, a common tactic being used by scammers is to impersonate a legit company and post fake jobs. I don’t know if that’s what’s happening here (and no reason to suspect it is), but it is something to keep an eye out for when answering ads for remote work.

  7. I’ve been working under Insight Global for 3 months as a contractor for a long term assignment. The Boca Raton Fl and Miami offices are top notch. These guys “don’t play” when it comes to treating the contractor great as well as the client. I’m African American and there’s a ton of diversity at insight One “yeah but” picture doesn’t tell the whole story- and neither does one article. They have offices nationwide wide and several best places to work awards for a reason. I like your article and the research and detail that you put into it. Any candidate just needs to research- why work here and why work for.

    • Thanks Patrick, awesome insight and I really appreciate you taking the time to share your point of view. And I agree, one picture (or one review or one opinion etc.) does not tell the entire story and I hope I was able to convey that in the review. I always appreciate when others share their experience and counter-perspectives so thank you 🙂


  8. This is a recruiting company that provides a service in finding people jobs. As a Consultant I am employed by Insight Global. Yet none of the comments here are from the Consultants, so I thought I’d chime in. I have only been employed for a few months and thus far my immediate recruiter has been most responsive. I must say though as far as consulting companies go they are lacking in taking care to keeping consultants happy and working here. I had to fight tooth and nail for PTO, no training is offered, no Life insurance is offered and Health insurance is absurdly high. Social media blasts their recruiters but they do not seem to hold any importance in the consultants, aren’t we the ones making the company money? There are a ton of consulting firms out there today, and many offer just as good of benefits for their consultants as their direct employees.? Why don’t I just go with one of them you may ask. I am actively looking,

  9. I have worked for IG for 2 years now and I think alot has to do with what office you work in. Overall, IG has started to shift our focus to our Shared Values instead of Metrics and this has been instilled by our new CEO.

    I am currently making 100k and have been here for 2 years. Hard work will get you there and every job is going to be stressful but you get what you put in.

    • That’s awesome and I agree, the office you work in (for any company, not just IG) will make a big difference in the way you perceive and experience your job. Glad it’s working out for you and I appreciate you sharing as it’ll be helpful information for others looking into Insight Global.


  10. I worked at Insight Global for approximately two years and it was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Not because this was a dream job, but because it taught me so many intangible skills and instilled a work ethic that will carry me forward in the future. This is an incredibly demanding, fast paced environment and Insight Global prides itself on that. The line we were fed every day was that we should be “sprinting throughout our day.” This is a good first job right out of college, but it will only be a long term option for maybe a quarter of the people hired. Typically, if you can stick out a year or two you will end up making more money than your peers, but you will have to weigh how much six figures means to you. I ultimately chose a flexible work schedule and PTO, but I have Insight Global to thank for starting me on path to a fulfilling career in IT and for introducing me to some of my best friends.

    That being said, know what you’re getting into and the type of people you’re getting into it with. You won’t survive if you aren’t willing to make your job your life and take constant feedback.

    • Hi Courtney, thanks for your “insight” (pun intended) 🙂 Seriously though, your perspective and experience will be a huge help for others who are interested in and considering Insight Global. I appreciate you taking the time to share…


  11. I worked at Insight Global for a year and I have never seen a more terrible work environment. They set these ridiculous metrics and make you give unemployed people the hope of finding something but really they just to get leads from them so the account manager can get more jobs instead of filling the ones they have.

    Upper management just cares about making money and is not interested in helping anyone else besides themselves. They have a cult like environment where if you don’t get lunch or happy hour with everyone they will harass you or think you are interviewing somewhere else and will pass you up for promotion because of it. They do not care if you have personal issues that come up and will make you feel bad if you are really sick or have family issues. You are forced to wear a suit, tie and heels to just sit at your desk and if you don’t look like a super model they will make you feel bad.

    This is an awful company, I am happy to have moved on to a recruiting agency that cares about their employees, is professional and ethical. No one should ever work here.

    • Wow… it sounds like you have some experience there. I appreciate your insight as an employee and surely it’ll help others who are looking for more information.

      Kindest Regards,

      • I have worked at Insight Global for 10+ years and honestly think I have seen it all. By no means is Insight Global perfect, but I do believe we do a great job of setting expectations during the interview process. For some, it’s not the right fit and they usually leave after 3-6 months. In my opinion, almost every one of those people will say that they learned more in those 3-6 months than any of their peers taking similar entry level jobs. For others, they go on to make 100k+ salaries with loads of incentives year over year. My advice, find some people in your network that are successful at Insight Global and some that aren’t. Compare your personalities and decide for yourself. As far as fake reviews, I’ve never heard or seen anyone paid for a review, recruiters and account managers are encouraged to share their stories and participate in surveys but no one is paid for posting.

        Lastly, it’s not a telemarketing job. We ask that you make around 40 calls per day to candidates that have their resume posted online and are actively seeking jobs. If we have a position that fits, great, we will work with you to get you submitted to the client. If we don’t, we will keep you in mind for future positions. Do we ask for “leads? We ask for references and do due diligence in the recruiting process to ensure the candidate is a good fit. If that reference happens to need staffing services, of course we are going to try and introduce them to Insight Global as a services provider for future needs.

        • Thank you for sharing your first-hand knowledge and insight. I agree, jobs like these are not for everyone… but no job is for everyone. Everyone can learn something though and there’s tremendous value in trying something you haven’t tried before. I’ve worked in similar environments as well and although the turnover rate was high, the right person can easily make (like you say) 6-figures. And if you’re unsure whether it’s for you or not, it doesn’t hurt to challenge yourself and find out.

          Thanks also for the specific details you provided, they’ll be helpful for others looking into Insight Global. I appreciate you taking the time to comment,

    • I had a very similar experience but much less time working there. My office was actually picture three shared in the article. I could tell right away that they don’t put heart and soul into what they do… they simply throw random people into positions and hope it works out and move on to the next candidate. I couldn’t stand the sorority/fraternity feel and the “get rich” talks all the time. It was insanely toxic.

  12. Well, it does seem like it’s possibly a legit opportunity but all the negative reviews come in for a reason. Definitely something fishy is going on there and I think it’s not really worth wasting your time in something that could possibly be a scammy opportunity. I would much rather build my own business online and be my own boss!

    • I agree, there’s no question it’s a legit opportunity and if you’re just entering the workforce there will be plenty to learn here. It might not pay much, but doing the sales grind, especially outbound calling will either teach how to become great at sales… or inspire you to do what it takes to go after a career you really want if you find sales is not your thing.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your insight.