Why The Best Make-Money-Online Systems are Colossal Failures

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I used to give away a free guide called The Beginner’s Blueprint to Making Money Online. The information was spot on, and it was helpful for a lot of people… but there was a problem. The title…

Let me explain…

There’s an abundance of make-money-online articles out there… guides, courses, systems and so on… And yet, most people who put these resources into practice are not making money.  


Because you can’t copy and paste success.

And that was the problem with my free guide…

It wasn’t (as the title suggested) a Beginner’s “Blueprint” because there’s no such thing as a “blueprint” for making money online.

Not really…

While one definition of the word blueprint is a detailed plan or program of action, the word itself implies a consistent outcome.

Many houses can be built using the same blueprint… by people who have built houses before.

The process of making money online doesn’t work that way. It’s technically simple… and in theory, anyone can do it. In practice however, the results are anything but consistent…

The web changes at a pace that building materials and land do not. Make-money-online programs are sold to newbies… not experienced tradespeople and contractors.

The Real Reason Make-Money-Online Systems Don't Work…

These seemingly innocent words we use, like blueprint, proven, done-for-you, step-by-step, and even the word system may be genuine… but often misleading, suggesting everything you need comes in the package.

But that’s not true. At best they account for 20% of your success. The other 80% is you.

I still use the term step-by-step when describing the process (that I follow and teach)… because for the most part, it is.

But there are countless reasons for a variety of outcomes.

What takes one person 2 months, might take another 2 years. Things like effort, ability, consistency, prior experience, ego, persistence, resilience, resources, responsibilities, support from family and friends…

The ability to focus, to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them…

These are things you can’t buy. They come naturally to some, but for most of us require systematic improvement.  

To fix what we can, and to change our attitude and approach to the things we can’t.

Identify your weak spots and improve them.

  • Overwhelmed with other responsibilities? Simplify (this alone might take months or years).
  • No prior experience? Now is the time to get some.
  • Constant distractions? Eliminate them or remove yourself from distracting environments.  
  • No motivation? Focus on your reasons and fuel them with emotion.

The reason make-money-online systems don't work is not because they’re junk (although many are), it’s because they can’t work. At least… not on their own.

They don’t include the self-improvement program that’s unique to you. They don’t come with the required habits and attitude. They can’t turn off the TV or wake you up an hour earlier.

When I say “collossal failures”, I'm not talking about quality or content. I'm talking about outcomes. Even the best of the best have massive failure rates… but it's not their fault.

Toy companies learned that packages labeled with “batteries NOT included” reduced the number of angry parents and disappointed kids.

Perhaps the make-money-online industry should do something similar. 

… a standard disclaimer that says “perfect circumstances and work ethic NOT included”.

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