Wonolo Review – A Legit Temp-Jobs Platform and Marketplace???

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Hello and welcome to my Wonolo Review.

If you’re looking for ways to make some money, you may be interested in Wonolo's platform, which allows you to work (on temporary jobs) whenever and wherever you like.

You may be be currently out of work and dealing with stress, or simply looking for an additional source of income. Is Wonolo can be the answer?

I get it, not having enough money is a big problem. I know what it's like to have money problems and who doesn't want a quick solution?

That’s what Wonolo claims to be offering its community.

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In this review, I’ll tell you all about Wonolo – what it is, how it works, and if it’s a legit opportunity for finding temp jobs. I’ll also help you find out if Wonolo is for you and if you’d like to work as a Wonoloer (their term for Wonolo workers).

You’ll also get to see for yourself if Wonoloing (yes, that’s a word in Wonolo’s community) is indeed worth your time.

So, let’s begin… I’ll cover these topics:

  • What is Wonolo?
  • Is Wonolo Legit?
  • How Does Wonolo Work?
  • Reviews and Complaints
  • What I Like About Wonolo
  • What I Don’t Like About It
  • Where Do You Go From Here?

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Wonolo. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Wonolo?

Wonolo means Work Now Locally, so its main purpose is to provide local jobs for individuals in a particular area.

They are a marketplace for on-demand jobs, and their staffing platform makes it easier for both employer and worker to find each other (for that perfect match).

Wonolo was established in 2013 by co-founders AJ Brustein and Yong Kim. Their headquarter is located in San Francisco, California, but their services are available in different locations such as the following:

  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Los Angeles Area
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Chicago
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Philadelphia
  • Tampa
  • Dallas
  • Nashville
  • Phoenix

As previously mentioned, Wonolo connects Wonoloers and Requestors. I’m going to define these terms to help you understand it better…

Wonoloers refer to the people working within the Wonolo platform (mostly for part-time jobs). If you’re a student or in between jobs, working at Wonolo can be an option for you. Also, if you’d just rather work for Wonolo than apply to traditional jobs (whether part time or full time), that’s okay too. In fact, I’ve heard of some people taking on Wonolo jobs full time.

Now, Requestors as you probably expect, are the companies/clients that employ Wonoloers.

Depending on their needs, they may request assistance for some of their large events or other immediate needs. Those in merchandising can experience an influx in orders for example (in certain seasons) and may need extra people to help them out.

And sometimes, employees with important tasks for the day are absent. Those are just some of the possible scenarios for companies (Requestors) to request for help from Wonoloers (through Wonolo, of course).

Is Wonolo Legit?

I’m glad to say that Wonolo is a real company with no signs of scam. I’ve seen a few complaints here and there (and I’ll talk more about those in just a little bit), but they don’t have many accusations (or proof) of being a scam or scamming people.

So, yes – Wonolo is as legit as it gets.

How Does Wonolo Work?

Finding work is made simple with Wonolo (especially if you live near the major cities in your area). Let's start with their requirements. 

General Requirements

Remember, working as a Wonoloer is not the same as working at traditional jobs where you need to go through strict hiring procedures. Still, there are some basic requirements that you should meet if you’re considering working for Wonolo such as:

  1. Smartphone with Wonolo app – This is a basic requirement because you’ll be using your mobile phone to look for jobs in the Wonolo app. You can download their app through Google Play if you’re using an Android device or through the App Store if you’re using an iPhone.

    Just search for “Wonolo app” and download it on your cell phone. Needless to say, internet or WiFi connection or data is also needed as you’ll constantly need access to your email and Wonolo app.
  2. Pass their background screening – You’ll need ID proof for this. They may also request for additional documents if they encounter any problem while checking your name and background.
  3. You must live in the US – Wonolo’s services are available in major cities in the US and since your physical presence is needed in all the jobs at Wonolo, you’ll need to be a resident of America. You also need to have a US phone number as they’ll use this to verify your account.
  4. Legally authorized to work in the US – This is another basic requirement for USA workers so I think you won’t have any problem with it.
  5. At least 18 years old – 18 is the legal age to work in the US under general rules of labor (requirements for minors are covered under the Fair Labor Standards Acts). The only exception to this rule is the jurisdiction in your place of work – in which case, you should still be of legal age to work at Wonolo.
  6. Others – It’s implied that as a Wonoloer, you’re not to perform your job under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Wonolo Application

What makes applying to Wonolo REALLY easy is that you don’t need to submit a resume to them. You won’t even get interviewed. Yes, you heard that right. I've listed the steps to applying to Wonolo below.

  1. Download the Wonolo app on your mobile phone – You can do this via Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).
  2. Open the app and sign up.
  3. Once you sign up, you’ll need to go through a sort of on-boarding process. This is your waiting period (for approval) as they’ll need to check on your identity and background first.
  4. After approval, you’ll be allowed to access the Wonolo platform and view all available jobs.
  5. At this point, you can start looking for open jobs that you’re qualified for.
  6. When you find a job that you’re interested in and want to take (of course, you should be qualified for it), you can click “Accept”.
  7. You’ll need to wait for the confirmation that you’ve been approved for the job you accepted.
  8. Once approved, report for work on the date and time of your shift/task.
  9. You’ll get a rating from your client (the Requestor) after you finish your job. Note that high ratings (especially consistent high marks) will give you a good profile (and you’ll get more jobs approved in the future).
  10. You’ll get paid via Stripe.
  11. Provide rating and feedback for the company you worked for.

It's as easy as that to sign up to Wonolo and apply for jobs as a Wonoloer?

Some key points to remember:

  • It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway, lol) that you’ll need to be physically present (and report on time) on Wonolo jobs. Therefore, choosing jobs that are close to where you’re at is always the best option.
  • As an independent contractor, you’ll be working as a freelancer and not as an employee of the company that hired you. You’ll be a Wonoloer alright, but you’re not their employee.

    Also, you’ll only be working on temporary jobs for your client – therefore, you’re not an official representative or agent or worker of the company. Keep those things in mind when it comes to wages, benefits, and responsibilities so as not to get confused with your job description.
  • In relation to the previous paragraph, you are under no obligation to work for Wonolo alone. You can join other platforms and staffing companies or something like ShiftSmart or Shiftgig or if you want. Wonolo won’t restrict you with your options, they simply want you to do your job well as a Wonoloer (since you’re also carrying their name when you use their platform).
  • When accepting open requests, make sure that you understand everything about the job and that you’re qualified for it. This is very important as failure on your part to perform the task well (or as required) can result in nonpayment due to breach of contract. You might even be required to pay for damages. Furthermore, getting low ratings can lead to fewer to no jobs in the future.

Wonolo Jobs

According to Wonolo’s official site, the following types of jobs are offered on their platform:

  • Warehouse operators
  • General labor
  • Delivery drivers
  • Food production staff
  • Event staffing
  • Washing and cleaning staff
  • Administrative staff
  • Merchandising staff

Looking at the above types of jobs, I can say they have job opportunities for almost everyone. Whether you want to work in an office, hotel, food-related industry, promotional events, and more – there’s bound to be some type of work available to you on Wonolo.

And like I said, you don’t need a resume (or even experience) to apply for jobs as a Wonoloer. All you really need is to be qualified for the job and know how to do it well. Note, there’s no training involved for these jobs so you should at least know how to do them. 

Wonolo Compensation

With Wonolo (and similar platforms), how much you can earn is dependent on how often you choose to work. In general, all things being equal (your hourly rate for example), the more hours you work (and the more you work) will result in higher income.

In a way, it’s like having an occasional source of income (like a tap you an turn on off) when you’re using a platform like Wonolo. Of course, a lot will depend on your location and the availability of work in your area. Because even if you’re willing to work, you can’t do so when there’s no available work. Also, there are competitors for these positions (from fellow Wonoloers in your area).

Working part-time or full-time will also depend on the available work. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where there are always open jobs (major cities and industrial areas), it may even be possible to become a full time Wonoloer. I’ve seen reports of people working full time for Wonolo for years and it seems to work for them well.

Now, as far as payments go, your money earned will appear in your Wonolo account around 5 days (more or less) after completing a task.

Wonolo Pay

You might we wondering just how much you’ll get paid when you work at Wonolo. Well, I looked around, and so far I’ve seen $12 per hour as the lowest. I’m sure you’ll find Wonolo jobs with higher pay as this will depend on the type of work you apply to and the company (and their budget).

Wonolo Review Hourly Pay
Source: Glassdoor

Also, according to Wonolo’s records, Wonolo Requestors pay a little above the minimum wage in the US.

Wonolo Review Hourly Wages
Source: Wonolo.com

​Note that Wonolo is not the entity that will pay you – they’ll simply process payments from the Requestors after you’ve completed a job. And you’ll know how much you’re going to get paid just by looking at the details of the job (before accepting it).

With Stripe as their designated partner for payment processing services, you’ll also need to accept Stripe’s Terms of Service.

Wonolo App

Just in case you don’t know what the Wonolo app is, it’s simply the software that Wonolo is using to provide their services.

Right now, the Wonolo app is only available for download on mobile devices (not on laptops and desktops) – that’s why having a smartphone is one of their requirements in using their platform.

Wonolo Review App
Source: Wonolo.com

Canceling Shifts

If you’re already working at Wonolo and need to cancel a job you’ve already accepted, you can do so (technically). However, this is not advisable – and if you give Wonolo (or your client) less than 12 hours of notice, you can be penalized for this.

You see, even if you’re consistently getting high ratings, Wonolo can downgrade your overall rating just because of ONE cancelation incident. Yes, they’re very strict when it comes to canceling jobs. In fact, doing so more than once can even get you kicked out of their platform.

Overall, it’s not good to cancel jobs once you’ve already accepted it (and approved). If you’re going to sign up to Wonolo, you need to understand this and accept it as one of their rules – so avoid cancellations at all costs.

This is their way of maintaining high quality services for the companies who are using Wonolo. Surely, they want to keep a good standing with their clients as this will affect Wonolo with it's current contracts as well as future contracts. And while there are valid excuses for canceling on previous engagements, I’m sure there are always those who will abuse this option (that’s why they’re strict on it).

It’s worth noting, though, that companies (Requestors) can cancel approved jobs (at any time) without getting penalized. I don’t know why, but those are Wonolo’s rules (if I had to guess though, I'd say it's because Requestors are the one's paying the bills).

Requestor-Wonoloer Relationship

I’ve looked around and seen testimonies of workers (Wonoloers) having positive experiences with Wonolo and their clients (Requestors). It has actually become a common practice for Wonolo employers to keep hiring the same group of workers that they’ve hired before (those with good performances, of course).

Wonolo is one of those platforms where companies and workers can get together for temporary jobs – and if they like each other, they can engage in more businesses down the road. Requestors can even decide to hire Wonoloers for full time jobs in their companies. This process is called temp-to-hire, and it’s allowed in Wonolo.

So, as you can see, Wonolo can be a good platform for employers and employees to meet. For me, I also look at it as a good reason why you should perform well while doing tasks for Wonolo clients.

Wonolo Reviews and Complaints

I’m happy to say I found a lot of positive reviews for Wonolo. It’s almost overwhelming. It’s quite obvious that a majority of Wonoloers are happy with this marketplace for temporary jobs – I even saw reviews from people who have been working for them for many years.

Wonolo Review Glassdoor Reviews
Source: Glassdoor
Wonolo Review Indeed Reviews
Source: Indeed.com
Wonolo Review Indeed Positive Reviews
Source: Indeed.com

Of course, I’ve also seen some complaints about Wonolo. Personally, I think it’s only natural as companies will always have employees/workers that are unhappy. In Wonolo’s case, most of the complaints are about these things:

  • Low pay
  • Delayed payment
  • Poor customer support
Wonolo Review Indeed Negative Reviews
Source: Indeed.com

For the issue of low pay, I think it’s just a matter of not accepting jobs you don’t think are worth your time.

If the terms are unacceptable (and you’ll get to review the details of the job before accepting it), simply look for a better deal. Research also shows that Wonolo clients are giving minimum to above minimum wages – so I don’t think it’s too bad (for temporary work). 

Having said that, it depends on what you're expectations are. For example, if you're an unemployed trades-person who normally makes $30 or $40 per hour, of course you're going to be unhappy with their pay rates. 

For delayed payments, I agree this is an important issue. And, I hope Wonolo can improve on this part of their service soon. For now, I’d say be ready for such situations when you decide to sign up for Wonolo. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.

Wonolo’s feedback for poor customer support is a bit disappointing. Unfortunately, they don’t have phone support available (as of this writing), so your only option for help is via email (through their Help Center). Emails can take time (compared to phone calls), so again, be prepared for this possible scenario. 

What I Like About Wonolo

  • Great concept – I think it’s great that Wonolo’s platform can provide the flexibility and freedom to work on your own terms.
  • Easy to get in – You don’t need a resume to apply and there are no interviews either.
  • A wide range of industries are involved – Various positions are available to Wonoloers.
  • Availability of job opportunities – Hundreds of companies are already using Wonolo (including Coca-Cola, Papa John’s Pizza, and UNIQLO). Also, more and more companies are joining the platform as we are now entering the Gig economy (and it’s working for a lot of people).
  • Free to join – You don’t need to pay fees for signing up to Wonolo and applying to jobs in their platform.
  • Flexible working schedule – Part-time workers and students will find Wonolo’s platform convenient to use.
  • Reliable payment system – Wonolo is using Stripe which is a reputable company.
  • Their app is easy to use – The Wonolo app is designed to be user-friendly and easy to figure out. 

What I Don't Like

  • Pay is not that high – Don’t think of Wonolo’s clients (also your clients) as employers on a traditional job. Wonolo is a platform for temporary on-demand jobs and pay is simply in that entry-level range… especially for jobs with minimal qualifications.
  • Customer support issues – According to Wonolo’s official site, they have around 300,000 Wonoloers now. That’s a lot if their customer support team is comprised of only a few people. However, while it’s understandable, I think it’s ironic for Wonolo to have problems related to being understaffed. So, if that’s the case (I really don’t know if that’s the case), I hope they’ll just hire some Wonoloers to help with their customer support (to improve their service).
  • Work is not guaranteed – Because of the competition among Wonoloers themselves, it’s hard to say if you’ll always find available jobs when you want to work. And like I said before, the availability of work will also depend on your location. So if you’re OK with such a set up (of not having available work guaranteed), you can still consider Wonolo.
  • Last minute cancellations from clients are allowed – Honestly, I think this is a bit unfair. After all, workers are severely penalized for canceling jobs. I hope Wonolo would consider charging Requestors that cancel jobs some fees (cancellation fees) so as not to waste a Wonoloer’s time.
  • Reports on payment problems – I really do not think Wonolo intends to scam Wonoloers of their hard-earned money. I can only guess that these are system errors and the like. Still, I hope their customer service team can be swift with their answers and assure workers they’ll get their money soon. Also, I wish they could fix the system (the technical side of it) so that there will be fewer cases of payment problems.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Wonolo is legit and it’s a great help to the Gig economy. They are providing people with flexible times to work.

And while temporary jobs are mostly intended for part time work, there is potential to use Wonolo for full-time work if you wish to do so (there are already people doing this).

Is Wonolo for you? Only you can answer that question.

But if you want to earn money while working on your own terms (flexibility is truly one of Wonolo’s greatest advantages), I’d say it’s worth considering.

I’ve also listed the pros and cons of joining the Wonolo community. So, if you’re ready to accept the ups and downs of using their platform, I say go for it.

The biggest challenge you'll face is the availability of work. Depending on your local economy and the number of Wonoloers in your area, you may have a tough time competing for jobs. 

Another way to supplement your income is with online survey and get-paid-to sites. Sites like Survey Junkie will pay you for your opinion and ​​​​Inbox Dollars offers rewards for doing things like watching videos, visiting websites and searching the web.  

To be clear, these sites will not replace your job. They are simply a way to earn a few extra bucks online if a few extra bucks are all you need. 

If something bigger is what you have in mind, an online business might be what you're looking for. 

You might be a student in school or a single parent at home. You may have health challenges that make regular work difficult, or maybe you just hate your job and you’re desperate for a way out.

With all the scams and schemes out there though, knowing how and where to get started (the right way) is what you need in order to get what you want

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

I hope my Wonolo review has been helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with Wonolo, please share in the comments section below.

You can find work at Wonolo and become a Wonoloer here 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Wonolo Review – A Legit Temp-Jobs Platform and Marketplace???”

  1. I found this review to be very informative and helpful in understanding the benefits and drawbacks of using Wonolo. As someone who is looking for temporary work, I appreciate the platform’s focus on providing flexible and remote jobs. However, I do have some concerns about the pay and the potential for scams. I appreciate the reviewer’s honesty and will definitely consider using Wonolo in the future.

  2. I missed a work assignment. I was going to arrive late, and this client does not allow late arrivals. I was new to Wonolo, and was unfamiliar with the process that I should have withdrawn (even though it was less than 12 hours} , and took 1 breach point; instead of getting 3 for no call-no show; and cancelling my access.
    Wonolo apparently understands that these types of things can happen. Therefore, they offer a Second Change Program. I completed it. But my access was not restored. When I contacted Support, they responded that they had no record of me completing the program. I completed the program a second time and sent screen shots. Wonolo has declined to respond, nor restore my access. Wonolo Support does not support.

  3. Look I don't know who wrote this stuff but I want people considering to work for this company to read this. I work for him I did I only did about 12 jobs 14 something like that. Constant problems with pay constant they short you they say the company said that you only made this much money and that maybe it was because you didn't work as many hours or maybe it was the quality of your work well I'm sorry but you don't adjust my pay because of the quality you tell me I'm getting $10 an hour I want my stupid $10 an hour somewhere along through here you guys said that you saw $10 an hour was about the lowest I've seen $9 an hour offered I have seen where I worked for whenolo and got 10 and all the other temp services were paying 12 and 13 and 14 hands down with no low gets beat on pay there's a job this weekend at Nordstrom's when it was offering 20 everybody else is offering 23 and 24 and then you might not get your pay they may doc you then they tell you it's going to take forever for you for them to you know get a response from the company well if you're waiting for a response from the company why did you dock my pay $18 the first day because you said they said I didn't work the hours sounds like some sort of confirmation happen there for sure yet you took the money and gave it and then took it and then gave it and then ended up taking it again and in the long run I lost money that was it for me I'm done cuz I can't spend every day of my life fighting you over my checks they say they're going to pay within a certain amount of time that's not always true you might get a portion of your check you go to work for a company and they send you home because there was a a scheduling air they tell you I will pay you no problem we'll give you your 8 hours pay winola says we only get four of it and they don't pay the rest they don't have a phone number you can call this is a serious issue they want everything to go through the support website or email address excuse me well that's really difficult if they say the guy got 300,000 employees now which I seriously doubt because there's only a few people working there therefore they're not going to answer those emails for a long time and if you do dare to say hey I'm supposed to get paid within 72 hours you're going to get a lecture about how long it could possibly take and then you're really going to wait for that money cuz you will have the audacity to say something okay then they're apps don't work all the time you go to punch in it says you punch in at 6:00 but OG there's no service in the area so now you're automatically not going to get paid because we're no low is going to have to research it and that's behind everybody else their researching so it's going to be a while and then there could possibly be an air none of this is any fun because there's no telephone you can call and go hey I want a quick resolve here you know working for a company that pays you the next day or within 48 hours is truly a benefit but if it never happens what's the point especially when the guy next to you is getting way more money than you are and he gets his right away so then the company tells you oh we're going to have you come in at 10:00 and we'll know Lowe's got you scheduled at noon so you go ahead and try to punch in at 10:00 it won't let you it tells you you're not due till 12:00 so it won't let you schedule in now the damn application marks you is late and puts a ding on your on your profile saying you're late that's not fair especially since I've never been late to a job in my life and then of course that causes a pay problem since the app wouldn't let you punch in and there goes your paycheck you're not getting that in 72 hours I could go on forever at the stupidity of some of this stuff I mean what good does it do for you to offer me directions when GPS doesn't always work that's real clever and you can't punch in when you get there cuz maybe the GPS is maybe the Wi-Fi doesn't work in that area there's so many things they don't think of then they give you this clever little machine that you can get your photo taken and punch in at work well that's really cute but it doesn't do lunches so there's always you know a reason that everything needs to be adjusted and looked at that's not fair why would you tell me that you have to confirm with the company that I worked those hours when you got a machine sitting there in their building that you made me punch in and out of every day and by the way it won't let you punch in either if they no this is not a perfect staffing company and I'm going to try another one and I hope that I can find something that will work cuz I really like this but this this is so dysfunctional it's not even funny nobody likes to sit around and try to figure out why they didn't get paid all the money and then they charge you a fee every single job you do that's around five bucks and they call it accidental insurance of some sort but if you've got 300,000 cut people working every day 300,000 employees whatever you want to call it and you're nailing them for five bucks a piece I think your insurance is a little steep and you should be paying it and by the way nobody verified my social security number they asked me for number I gave him one but they don't have any clue who really belongs to cuz they asked for no identification to verify that was actually mine so you end up working in these places with a whole bunch of people that can't speak English and make you feel like they're absolutely illegal is all get out and yeah makes it very difficult to communicate oh I can keep going but I think I've had enough

    • I’ve had the same problem with not being able to Start or Complete the job; or receiving message indicating that I need to be closer to the site; when I am in the parking lot, 10 feet from the entrance. I was lucky that the company had us sign-in/out sheet; and would enter our time before we left the premises. I met someone at a worksite for another company, where the Wonolo employee had worked 3 hours of an 8 hour shift. Was sent home early due to lack of work; and Wonolo did not pay him for the 3 hours that he worked. He said Wonolo never got his pay corrected. He showed up again, because he really needed money. Wonolo seems to be okay … until something goes wrong. There is absolutely NO SUPPORT.

  4. How do I get in contact to get paid. I am member. I am owed for 2 jobs and a bonus. Wonola tells me to contact my bank. Bank tells me there is no problem.

    • Hi Laura, that’s a great question. Was Wonolo able to provide you with documentation that a transfer to your bank was made? If so, you could take that to your bank (hopefully it as a confirmation or transaction number) and have your bank follow it up that way.

      • Laura I went through this with winola so many times you have to write them at winolo at support.net and that is the only way that they'll respond to you first they'll send you a little thing that says that they got it it'll take him a while but they'll get back to you when they when they get around to it don't push him because if you do it'll take him a while every time I got upset about waiting I got an extra 10 days on there was ridiculous it be best for you just to find another company to go to work for because wanolo certainly doesn't have accounting payroll correctly and they just are not on the ball and not being able to communicate with somebody on the telephone is absolutely ridiculous that's just my opinion good luck