The Best Work-at-Home Chat Support Jobs – 15 Places To Find Them

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You’re looking for the best work-at-home chat support jobs and you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to share 15 legit sources to find them, and provide a mini-review for each one.

You may be frustrated in your current job or looking for a way to work at home for other reasons. I understand. I know what it's like to hate your job and I've also gone through tough times trying to find work. Freelancing from home saved me.

Hopefully, this list will help you work from home too.

The following places to find chat support jobs are not arranged in any particular order. Available opportunities with each one will change from day-to-day. And, working from home is not like having a full-time job. You're not limited to any one opportunity. You can combine multiple opportunities and work with different clients.

1. Flexjobs


Founded in 2007, Flexjobs is a paid freelancing marketplace. While there are tons of free freelancing sites, Flexjobs charges its members a fee. The reason behind this is that they vet all the job posts in their platform and guarantee they are legit (which is something free platforms can’t guarantee, so you’re paying for a valuable service).

I am including Flexjobs on this list because they’re very reputable and come highly recommended by their users. They have also been BBB-accredited since 2008 and currently have an A+ rating.

One of Flexjobs’ best features is their Advanced search function which allows you to find jobs by title. In this case, you can type in “work at home chat support jobs.”

You can also search by country, location, etc.

I searched for chat support jobs in the example below and there were jobs available. When you click on each result, a general description of the jobs will show up (often with salary information).

Chat Support Jobs Found at Flexjobs

Note, however, that you can only see the full description of the job posts on Flexjobs (and apply to them) if you subscribe to their site. Here are their pricing packages…

  • 1 month – $14.95
  • 3 months – $29.95
  • 1 year – $49.95

For each of these three options, Flexjobs offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Upwork

Chat Support Upwork

Upwork is one of today’s most popular freelancing platforms. They were born of a merger in 2013 between two other freelancing platforms, Elance (founded in 1998) and oDesk (founded in 2003) merged in 2013.

For a while, they were known as Elance-oDesk but rebranded as Upwork in 2015.

Although Upwork is not BBB-accredited, they have a profile showing an A+ rating. People from all over the world use Upwork, which includes both clients and freelancers.

You can open an account on Upwork and offer your services for chat support to the companies who are looking for this type of service on the platform. The nice thing about Upwork is you get to set your own rates when you offer your services. Keep in mind however that the projects on Upwork are rewarded to bidders, so sometimes you might have to lower your rates to be competitive.

When applying for jobs on Upwork, you need to use their system called “connects.” You are given 60 connects per month and you can use those when applying for jobs (job applications require two to six connects depending on the size of the project).

I have worked at Upwork and made money doing projects for clients on their platform. They are legit if you're wondering and you can really land jobs on the site. They may not always have chat support jobs available, but as I write this article they do. I found several posts looking for freelancers to do this type of work.

So there are freelancers earning money on Upwork as chat support agents.

Again, things will change depending on when you're reading this and at the moment though, the most common pay rate for this job (on Upwork's platform) is $5 per hour. Of course, you can charge more than $5, but there is competition to consider.

3. Fiverr

Chat Support Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace where you can buy and sell services. If you’re looking for work-at-home chat support jobs, you can offer this as one of your services on their platform.

Founded in 2010, Fiverr has gained a good reputation throughout the years and is one of the most popular freelancing platforms today. Like Upwork, they are not BBB-accredited, but they do have a BBB profile that currently shows a B rating.

As their name suggests, typical gigs on Fiverr cost $5, but you can charge more than $5. As a seller (of services), you can charge your clients anywhere from $5 up to hundreds of dollars per gig.

I did a quick search for chat support gigs and the results (screenshot below) showed people charging $5, $10, $15, and $300 for this type of service.

Chat Support Being Offered on Fiverr

With Fiverr, you can create your own packages to offer buyers (clients). Your packages can have rates per hour, per day, per month, etc. It’s all up to you, that’s why I like this platform so much (yes, I’ve used it before and have made money on it).

Personally, I think Fiverr is great for freelancers and beginners no matter what type of services you offer. You can sell multiple services in addition to chat support (provided you have other skills to sell).

Fiverr is free to join.

4. Outplex

Chat Support Outplex

Formerly called Talk2Rep, Outplex (as Talk2Rep) started in 2001 as a call center. Today, Outplex provides live chat and call center services to their clients worldwide. Although Outplex is not BBB-accredited, they have an A+ rating at this time.

To apply for chat support jobs on Outplex, create a profile on their site by clicking the Apply Now button. They regularly accept applicants for their US and Dominican Republic offices, and they also accept applicants who work from home.

To search for available positions, use the search function on their site to find jobs that interest you. Clicking the results will take you to the application page where you can see the full description and specifications for the job. Once there, you can apply.

A common job description for a chat support agent is to assist customers by answering their problems and resolving issues concerning products and services. The job may also require you to conduct research and come up with alternative solutions to their problems.

Create a profile on their site and log in regularly to see the job opportunities as soon as these become available.

According to current rates, it appears Outplex chat support jobs pay anywhere from $9 to $15 per hour.

5. The Chat Shop

Chat Support Jobs The Chat Shop

Founded in 2012, The Chat Shop has been around for quite some time. I like to confirm that a legitimate Better Business Bureau profile exists when reviewing companies, but I couldn't find one for The Chat Shop. Having been in business for as many years as they have does provide some credibility though.

The Chat Shop is based in the UK, but they hire chat support experts from other countries. As long as you’re a Native English speaker, you have a good chance of getting accepted.

You can apply through their site, however, at the time of this article they are not accepting new applicants. This is temporary though, and they claim to be opening recruitment soon.

My suggestion is to check back regularly and apply when openings arrive. They provide paid training and from what I've been able to find online, pay in the ballpark of $10 per hour.

6. SiteStaff Chat

Chat Support Jobs SiteStaff Chat

SiteStaff Chat is an agency with clients in various fields such as Finance, Law, and Senior Living. They were founded in 2011 and have managed to keep a good reputation. They have a BBB profile with a current rating of A+.

If you go to the Careers page on their site, you will see they regularly accept new applicants for work-at-home chat support positions. That doesn't necessarily mean they are always hiring, but having your application in will put you further ahead in the queue when new job openings come available.

Qualifications for their different chat support positions will vary, but you should expect the following minimum requirements:

  • 65 to 75 WPM typing speed
  • High accuracy in grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Ability to multi-task (3 to 4 conversations)
  • Genuine compassion to help people

If you think you’re qualified, send them your resume and wait for a response. As for pay, reviews on the web show that SiteStaff Chat pays around $10 per hour.

7. Arise

Chat Support Jobs Arise

Founded in 1999, Arise is a platform that provides work-at-home customer service to agents and call center companies around the world. They are BBB-accredited (since 2005) and currently have an A+ rating.

Since Arise provides call center services from home using their technology, you can sign up for their platform and apply for chat support jobs there.

Arise's clients include Fortune 500 companies which you'll gain access to when you join their site.

Qualifications for Arise chat support jobs will depend on the particular company they hire you for. During the hiring process, you get the full job description and the pay rate. Some positions may require phone support (not just live chat) since most of Arise’s clients are call center companies.

Pay rates have been reported as high as $19 per hour, but if you're just starting out, $10 per hour is more likely.

8. Ginger

Mental Health Chat Support Ginger

Ginger is a behavioral health system app that’s made available to its users 24/7. Founded in 2010, Ginger is not BBB-accredited, but they have a credible profile with an A+ rating.

The types of services in Ginger include the following:

  • Emotional support
  • Therapy
  • Guidance
  • Psychiatry
  • Medication

As far as chat support jobs go, these are unique gigs. Unlike the typical tech or customer service type roles associated with work-at-home chat support jobs, these are online mental health coach positions. Ginger, therefore, hires professional coaches, licensed therapists, and psychiatrists to help people who are dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety.

If you do get accepted as a mental health coach, you will work within their app and offer help and support to their users. The role also involves tracking people’s successes and setbacks which are all documented in the app. It is also a part of your job to be able to provide their users with resources and strategies on how to handle their situations well.

Note that your work as an online mental health coach will involve the use of text-based chat – but it’s a live chat, so you will be chatting with people who are dealing with mental health problems in real-time.

Since working at Ginger is a serious job, they require at least six months of experience as a coach, therapist, or counselor. Their psychiatrist positions require a master's in psychology.

As for the soft skills required, you must be competent in the following:

  • Communication skills
  • Writing skills
  • Typing skills
  • Expertise in coaching
  • Empathy

If working for Ginger as a mental health coach through chat support interests you, apply through their site. Send them your CV/resume with your cover letter and they’ll respond if (and when) you’re considered for the job.

According to various sources, it looks like Ginger is currently paying mental health coaches around $20 per hour.

9. LiveWorld

Chat Support Jobs LiveWorld

Liveworld was established in 1996. In the online world, that's a long time.

As I mentioned earlier, I always look for a credible BBB profile when researching work-at-home companies. Although LiveWorld is not accredited, they do have a profile and a good reputation.

As an agency, LiveWorld provides services to clients by helping them improve their customers’ experiences. In other words, your job as a chat support agent is to help companies improve their relationships with consumers.

LiveWorld is always looking for full and part-time workers to join their site. They offer office-based positions as well as work-from-home opportunities for the right candidates. They also accept both US and non-US applicants, so it’s worth checking them out wherever you’re located in the world.

At the moment, they have openings for customer care agents who can answer questions and deal with issues using social media – and in some cases, you must use messaging apps to respond to queries.

Of course, there may be different opportunities available when you're reading this. Based on their current job openings though, you must have the following competencies:

  • Communication skills
  • Typing skills
  • Ability to compose well-written messages

Also, as with other job applications, having experience in similar jobs is an advantage.

To apply, send your application through their site.

It should be also be mentioned that based on some of the LiveWorld reviews I've read online, their pay rates may be low (although I did not find any specific numbers).

10. ModSquad

Chat Support Jobs ModSquad

ModSquad is an agency that works with different companies. It was founded in 2007 which for an online company, is a lifetime.

You can find different types of jobs on ModSquad – some office-based and some home-based.

ModSquad has a careers page with current job openings for community support experts. I can't say for certain if those openings will still be available when you're reading this.

The current jobs listed though, require customer service experience.

You can apply directly on their by submitting your CV/resume along with information about yourself such as languages spoken, location, etc. Screening questions are also laid out as part of their hiring procedures.

Pay depends on the company that hires you.


Chat Support Jobs

Another longtime business, was founded in 1997. They provide technical support and call center services.

Having been in business as long as they have I was certain they'd have a credible BBB profile with reviews, complaints, and resolutions… but I was wrong. Their years of service are a testament to their durability and good evidence that they’re not only legit but also well-established.

To get the most from, create an account on their website. This way, you can easily get connected with companies that are looking for work-at-home chat support agents.

You can also use their Careers page to see available jobs on their site and because promises the best customer service experience (for their client's customers), you can expect their various job openings to involve live chats, answering emails, phone support, etc.

Qualifications for include written and oral communication skills and previous experience in related jobs are preferred.

Simply apply by clicking on the Apply Button (obviously 😉).

Reported pay rates online are around $12 per hour and if you get hired directly (as a employee), you may also get medical, dental, and vision benefits.

12. Apple

At Home Advisor Apple Chat Support

Apple needs no introduction. They've been around since the '70s, they're worth a bajillion dollars, and yada yada yada…

Now, you don't need to love Apple products, but it would certainly help if you were to get hired as an Apple chat support agent.

As an At-Home Advisor for Apple, you can share your Apple knowledge and expertise with other Apple users. The job requires that answer questions about Apple’s products and services.

Needless to say, you must have some knowledge and interest in technology if you're planning to apply. Apple also requires that you have a distraction-free workspace at home.

I did not find any exact figures regarding Apple's pay rates, but their hiring page claims to offer an attractive package. They also provide paid training.

13. Indeed


Indeed is a job listing service that was founded in 2004 and has been BBB-accredited since 2017. You've most likely heard of them before. In fact, you've probably applied to jobs through Indeed before so this is nothing new.

You can either search for chat support jobs and/or post your resume so employers can find you.

At the time of this article, there are chat support jobs available (screenshot below).

Chat Support Jobs on Indeed

To apply to a particular job, click on the link which leads to full job descriptions, qualifications, requirements, etc.

14. SimplyHired

SimplyHired Search

SimplyHired is another job listing service you can use to find chat support jobs you can do from home. It was founded in 2003.

Like most job boards, you can search for jobs using industry and type. You can also search by location. SimplyHired is available worldwide.

I did find some chat support jobs currently (screenshot below) but I can't say whether jobs of this type are always available. For job description, pay rates, etc. click on individual postings.

Chat Support Jobs on SimplyHired

When you find a job that interests you, simply click the Apply button and you will be taken to the company’s official site where you can communicate directly.

15. AboutJobs


AboutJobs is a less known job board but has been around a long time. They were established in 1999 and although not accredited at the BBB (probably because it costs money to be accredited), they do have a profile with an A+ rating.

Like the other job boards listed here, depending on when you're searching, you may or may not find any home-based chat support jobs. If there are none at the moment, you can return every few days and continue searching. Or, every day if you're worried you may miss an opportunity.

Chat Support Jobs on AboutJobs

You can search by keyword, location, etc. Choose the positions that interest you and you'll be taken to companies that posted the job. Hiring procedures and requirements will vary by company.


​What Do Chat Support Agents Do?

In general, chat support agents operate live chat channels for the companies they’re working for. Live chat is text-based, so there’s no need for a telephone and a quiet environment (which is why this job can be done from home). However, we all know that it’s more efficient (and easier) to work in a quiet, distraction-free environment.

As a chat support agent, you may also be required to answer emails. Questions and complaints can be addressed through live chat, emails, and even on social media.

Some chat support positions also require you to take phone calls.

​What are the Different Types of Chat Support Jobs?

The different types of chat support include:

  1. Customer support – Your tasks include helping people with concerns about certain products and services. This type of chat support can come in the form of live chat.
  2. Email support – Email support is how it sounds. Your main job is to answer emails for the company or client you’re working for. In a lot of cases you will be dealing with pre-written emails and templates.
  3. Technical support – For tech support, you'll either need a background in technology or have time to go through a company's training program. Not all training programs are paid however, which means you'll have to do the training on your own time. As a tech support agent you will help customers with technical issues that range from simple to complex.
  4. Sales agent – Sales agents are the “upsellers” of chat support. You may be dealing with both incoming and outgoing chats, tasked with upselling your customers on extended memberships for example, or offering deals to retain customers. These positions are commonly compensated through commissions rather than hourly pay.

​How Do I Qualify to Become a Chat Support Agent?

Different companies have different qualifications and requirements for their chat support agents. However, below are some of the common things they ask for:

  • Typing speed should be at least 35 to 60 WPM (on the slow side), but some companies may require more. You definitely have an advantage over your competition if your typing speed is greater than 60 WPM.
  • Typing accuracy is also critical, with minimal typos and proper grammar.
  • Communication skills are very critical.
  • Some may require you to multi-task, although “task switching” is more accurate. During live chats you will often be handling multiple customers simultaneously.
  • A professional attitude.
  • In some instances, experience in a similar job position is required.
  • You may be required have a degree in some cases.

Companies have different requirements so it’s important to check a job’s full description before applying, but of course, I don't need to tell you that.😀

​How Much Do Chat Support Agents Make?

Based on the companies, agencies, and freelancing platforms included in this list, the range for chat support agents is anywhere from $5 to $20 per hour. It will depend on the type of work you're doing and the required qualifications.

With that said, chat support jobs that require a technical degree or a master's in psychology, for example, will pay significantly more than those that don't.

For reference, though, let's look at specific examples based on current sources…

Of course, these numbers vary based on factors such as experience, education, and location.

And because you'll be working from home, you should also consider the cost savings. You won’t be spending money on fuel or other transportation, expensive lunches, office clothing, etc. Therefore, although the pay rates may seem low compared to what you currently make, it's not always an apples-to-apples comparison.

You might also consider your commute time. If you're sitting on a bus for two hours every day and not getting paid, making less at home and saving those hours may be worth it to you. Especially if you hate your current job.

There are also tax benefits. An Independent contractor or freelancer, if set up correctly, can qualify for significant deductions.

On the other hand, they rarely qualify for benefits of any kind, such as paid leave, healthcare or 401K matching.

​What are the Technical Requirements for Chat Support Jobs?

Again, the technical requirements for home-based chat support jobs can vary from client to client (or company to company). Listed below are some of the basic requirements of these types of jobs…

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Distraction-free work station
  • Desktop or laptop computer (Smartphones don’t work)
  • Landline (for phone support)
  • Headset (for phone support)

Where Do You Go From Here?

There you have it – more than a dozen sources for finding work at home chat support jobs.

Please keep in mind, not all of the companies or agencies mentioned above are hiring continuously. If you're not having any luck, keep checking back with them. The time and independence you gain from working from home are worth it.

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