3 Step Method Review – Is it Legit or Just A BIG SCAM?

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Welcome to my 3 Step Method Review.

You’re here because you want to know (or find out more) about a program called 3 Step Method, right? Well, you’ve saved a lot of time researching as I’ve already done all the work for you.

I’m going to tell you about all the facts and lies (if any) – so stay tuned.

Is it legit? Is it a scam?

In a nutshell, 3 Step Method promises to equip you with a system that will allow you to make money online in 3 simple steps.

3 Step Method Introduction Video

1, 2, 3… and boom! You can be financially independent. At least, that’s their promise. But can they deliver on this?

It sounds so easy, it’s exciting. Hey, it even excited me!

In this 3 Step Method Review, I’ll go over the following topics (including some other money-making options):

  • What is 3 Step Method?
  • Is 3 Step Method a Scam?
  • How Does 3 Step Method Work?
  • What I Like About It
  • What I Don’t Like About It
  • Where Do You Go From Here? – My Conclusion and Recommendation

So, is 3 Step Method your best option to finally gain financial freedom?

Is it the life-changing break you’ve been waiting for?

Read on to find out if 3 Step Method is legit or a scam.

Disclaimer: Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for 3 Step Method. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is 3 Step Method?

To put it plainly, let me say that 3 Step Method is a Clickbank product.

ClickBank is a reputable marketplace of vendors (product creators and developers) and affiliate marketers.

While ClickBank in itself is legit, a lot of the products you’ll find there can be considered as scams. For me, if a product doesn’t work as advertised (or as promised) – it’s a possibly a scam.

With 3 Step Method, they’re promising big earnings via an automated system. And your weekly payouts are guaranteed right from the very start.

Of course, you’ll need to be a member first (their current membership fee is $37).

Their promise: do almost nothing, just have internet or Wi-Fi – and you’re good to go.

But like I always say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is (take that as a hint).

3 Step Method Review official site
3 Step Method official page

If you're not certain 3 Step Method is your thing but would still like to make a little money online, survey sites like surveyjunkie.com and ​​​​inboxdollars.com won't make you rich, but they're an easy way to get started online.

They can also be a stepping stone to something more serious like an online business

You may be at home because of difficulties with your health for example, or young ones to look after. 

If that’s the case and a full-time income online is what you want, knowing how and where to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Is 3 Step Method a Scam?

Yes. I consider 3 Step Method a scam because I don’t believe it will convert as promised. I don’t even think it will convert AT ALL.

When searching for ways to make money online, you should know how to detect scams.

You’re supposed to get what they promised you on their sales page, welcome videos, and testimonials. But really, what can you expect from fake people who are just acting their parts on scripts? You read that right – they’re fake (and I have proofs below).

Will the Real Product Creator Please Stand Up?

Just think about it. Product creators are supposed to be proud of their work, especially if it can make A LOT OF MONEY quickly. That’s supposed to be a breakthrough – and the creator/ developer will surely be hailed a hero, to say the least.

3 Step Method Review Actor
Source: YouTube and Fiverr.com

But no, the person behind the 3 Step Method has chosen to stay anonymous to this very day. That’s highly suspicious, if you ask me.

The Fake Stuff

Now let me tell you about all the FAKE personalities used in marketing 3 Step Method.

The video guy on the sales page is a Fiverr seller – he’s actually good and very convincing. He’s got a nice smile and everything  – he’s a top-rated seller at Fiverr ( which is better than first and second level sellers).

Though this Fiverr guy never claimed to be the owner of the 3 Step Method, it’s somehow implied that he’s connected with the product (which he isn’t, as he’s just a voice actor).

Then there’s that Fiverr testimonial guy (with his fake testimony). He even used the same background (wooden wall with a large clock) from his Fiverr account on his video testimonial for 3 Step Method. LOL

3 Step Method Review Fake Testimonial
Source: YouTube and Fiverr.com

The other testimonial guy (the one in his luxurious car) is kinda hard to pin down because he’s wearing sunglasses (good for him). But I bet he’s a Fiverr guy as well (just a wild guess).

The 2 testimonial guys aren’t really that convincing anyway. I don’t think they’re top-rated sellers like the video guy. It’s also obvious that they’re just reading scripts and are not very sincere about their testimonials.

In their YouTube channel, note that all 3 videos have commenting disabled. Legit sales page and testimonial videos usually allow comments and discussions because they have nothing to hide.

As of this writing, I haven’t found any real testimonials or success stories on the 3 Step Method. And to think that the product is at least 1 year old.

How Does 3 Step Method Work?

When you go to 3 Step Method’s official site, you’ll see that their Homepage doesn’t reveal a lot about their product. In fact, to find out more about it, you’ll need to give them your e-mail first.

I always suggest having a dummy e-mail account for signing up for anything like this. However, note that in the case of 3 Step Method, you’ll find their welcome video on YouTube just by typing (you guessed it) “3 Step Method.”

Of course, the coveted 3 steps will remain to be hidden until you buy the product (they’re selling it, after all). However, entering your e-mail account will give you access to their video presentations and some testimonials (again, these are all available on YouTube).

Let me tell you all about it…

The Amazing Sales Video

Their video presentation is particularly interesting – or maybe, entertaining is a better word.

You see, the guy in the video is not the product’s creator. Heck, he’s not even a part of the 3 Step Method team. He’s the Fiverr seller I was telling you about.

If you don’t believe me, you can search for him on Fiverr (type in video spokesperson or video spokesperson male). I’m sure you’ll recognize him in one (or two, or three…) of the search results. LOL

So, you see, the real creators (or owners) of the 3 Step Method are unknown (or hidden). That’s another warning sign.

I really don’t recommend spending too much time on their official site as you might just get manipulated into buying their stuff. They do have convincing videos and testimonials, you know.

They’re even promising great results (consistent income streams) even if you’re just working 20 minutes per week.

Please don’t fall for that BS.

The 3 Steps

If you’re intrigued about their 3 steps (their magic steps, so to speak), I can tell you what they are right now. Also, let me just say that these are just generic information that you’ll find on the internet anyway (3 Step Method charges you at least $37 for these). The 3 steps are:

1. Choose your niche (topic or subject) – Note that effective niche research takes time (if you want to be successful at it). Therefore, don’t take this step lightly even if 3 Step Method is making it look trivial (if you notice, they’re actually making the whole setup trivial).

2. Create your digital asset/s – Digital assets on the internet can come in the form of websites, blogs, social media accounts, or digital products. In the case of 3 Step Method, they’re recommending the creation of websites or blogs as these are the best avenues for running Affiliate Marketing (yes, Affiliate Marketing – that’s their magic strategy to making money online).

3. Earn commission – Of course, they included earning commissions as the very last (and most sought-after) step. HOWEVER, they won’t show you how to do it step by step – at least not on their basic membership platform.

So, for the basic membership fee of $37, you’ll just get the 3 steps I listed above with very basic information (and instructions). You won’t be taught how to create a website (and the necessary expenses associated with it), and you won’t be taught SEO and marketing techniques either.

If you'd rather not spend $37 for this basic information, here's a FREE guide to making money online (that includes a 4th step, LOL) and not only shows you how to create a website, but also where you can get two for free 🙂 

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Get this. I actually recommend Affiliate Marketing for making money online. It’s one of the easiest and most profitable ways to earn money on the internet. Here are just some of the reasons why this is so:

  • Minimal startup cost (domain name and hosting are quite affordable).
  • There are no physical products to manage from your end.
  • You don’t need to purchase the products that you’re selling (no money out of your pocket).
  • Delivery and after-sales services are handled by the merchant or vendor.
  • Once set up, you get to earn from your sales page again and again – 24/7 (passive income).

Affiliate Marketing is indeed a good money-making technique, that’s a given. It’s just that 3 Step Method trivialized the whole process with their ineffective teachings (and made claims that it's sooo easy). In training courses like Wealthy Affiliate, you'll see that more time and effort are required within each step to earn affiliate commissions from any type of product.

How Much Does 3 Step Method Cost?

Initially, you’ll be asked to pay the basic membership fee of $37. However, you’ll find a lot of upsells within their program.

You can expect these upsells when you choose to buy their product:

  • $97 – To (supposed to) triple your earnings.
  • $147 – For your ready-made income stream website.
  • $47 – To gain access to their insider secrets to 6 figures per year.

Note that the above add-ons don't include traffic strategies (which is important in an online business). Also, let me just warn you that a lot of similar products use this tactic of teasing you with possibilities to make you buy their other offerings.

Money-back Guarantee

Oh yes, they do have a 60-day money-back guarantee (which is a standard among Clickbank products) – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll really get refunded. Remember, you don’t even know who the people are behind this product.

And don’t even think about getting your refund from those Fiverr guys (LOL). Perhaps they led you on – but they’re just doing their job, ok?

So no, I don’t recommend 3 Step Method even if they have a money-back guarantee. Don’t waste your time and energy on something so useless. You’ll just end up blaming yourself, believe me.

There really are better alternatives out there. If you’re willing to put up the time and work required (and accept the ups and downs) of creating an online business, it’s really possible. I’ve done it and also had my own shares of failures and scams.

If your current situation makes 3 Step Method difficult, you can also earn some extra money with online survey sites.

Market research companies like Survey Junkie are a simple way to get paid for your opinion. ​​​​Inbox Dollars is another site that pays for doing things you may be doing online anyway, like searching the web, watching videos and visiting websites. 

Of course, you won't be able to retire by doing online surveys, but if you've never made money online before, they can be a good place to start.

For something more significant, an online business may be what you're looking for.

Making money from home might be something you need because of medical issues, children to look after, or maybe you're just tired of working for a boss. 

If that’s the case, knowing how (and where) to get started is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

What I Like About 3 Step Method

OK, in spite of all the bad things I’ve said about 3 Step Method (so far), there’s still something to like about it. I found one:

  • The 3 steps to successful affiliate marketing are actually true (well, just not the way 3 Step Method is teaching them).

A lot of today’s most successful Internet Marketers are in fact earning large chunks of their income through Affiliate Marketing. I can also say that there’s no limit to how much money you can make when you go into this type of online business.

HOWEVER… picking a niche, creating content, and promoting your chosen product will surely take more than 20 minutes.

What I Don't Like

  • Lack of how-to stuff – It doesn’t teach you how to pick a niche, how to build a site, how to create content, how to promote your product, and how to rank on search engines (among other things). And hey, there are no video tutorials either. The information on their membership site is comparable to a blog post (and I’ve seen more informative blog posts on the subject of Affiliate Marketing, all for free)
  • Under-deliver on promises – If you’ve read this far, you already know that 3 Step Method is one of those over-promising yet under-delivering products.
  • Lack of transparency – Like I said, I really can’t find any information about the program’s creator.
  • Fake representative – Their spokesperson is a hired talent (voice actor/ spokesperson from Fiverr).
  • Fake testimonials – Their testimonial videos are made by hired talents as well (also from Fiverr).

Where Do You Go From Here?

If you’ve been to 3 Step Method’s official site, you’ll see that they have a very clean presentation of their homepage (which is quite nice – but it’s not very nice that EVERYTHING is hidden).

Sure, they have all those basic website stuff like Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Help and Support. I doubt, however, that you can get decent help from a hidden (secret) support team.

Let me tell you this…

Hard work is required to make money online (it certainly doesn't happen overnight). While Affiliate Marketing really does work 24/7 (passive income while you sleep as they say), you need to set it up first.

Heck, it took me a couple of years to set up my online business on Affiliate Marketing – and it wasn’t a piece of cake. It takes a lot of work, but it really does pay well once established.

Again, I urge you to stay away from 3 Step Method – it’s just not worth it. I know how it feels to get scammed. It’s not a good feeling – I know because I’ve been there (I remember getting my hopes up and having my heart crushed). I don’t want you to go through that as well.

The good news is, you can make money online. 

You might be a student in school or a single parent at home. You may have health challenges that make regular work difficult, or maybe you just hate your job and you’re desperate for a way out.

If that's the case, an online business is what you want. 

With all the scams and schemes out there though, knowing how and where to get started the right way is what you need in order to get what you want

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

If you're just looking for a simple way to make some extra spending money, online survey and get-paid-to sites are good way to get started. 

Sites like Survey Junkie will pay you for your opinion and ​​​​Inbox Dollars offers rewards for doing things like watching videos, visiting websites and searching the web.  

Of course they won't make you rich, but if you've never made money online before, they can be a good first step to bigger things down the road. 

Again, if something bigger is what you want, an online business might be what you're looking for. 

I hope my 3 Step Method review has been helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with 3 Step Method, please share in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi thanks for the information it was very helpful.
    If I may ask since you done all the research can you point us to the right way to do online work?

  2. Hi,

    I have already registered my membership by paying in clickbank. But now I can not log into the membership area with the same password what I made at the opening time. I really need this job.

    Please help me.


  3. Hi all,
    I joined 3stepmethod and now feel it is a waste. I am well under the 60 dy money back guarantee and have had major problems contacting their help and support people per their instructions to cancel my membership, quite legit.
    I honestly do not know what to do next as I do not want to continue. Any suggestions.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Leonie, sorry to hear you’re having issues with 3 Step Method. 3 Step Method is sold on the Clickbank network and rather than dealing with them directly you may get a better response from Clickbank directly. You can contact their support HERE

    • If you used your debit card to buy it tell your bank that you didn’t receive the product you paid for and that you cannot get ahold of anyone to help you with a refund. They’ll reimburse your money and go after clickbank themselves for reimbursement.

      • I need help, I called my bank and told them I got scammed but they said they couldn’t help me because I don’t know product I paid for is. Can someone please help me.What exactly is 3step plan and product are they “selling”?

  4. Thank Goodness for your site. I paid 37 dollars for the 3 step programme and got well and truly mugged off and recieved no help whatsoever. I also got other requests like be an online assistant for a one off price of 26 dollars, become a tester of products for a one off fee of only 6dollars and 99 cents AND ITS ALL BULLSHIT!!. Now thanks to you I can carry on living a future no scam life. Please keep up the good work helping others to see the folly of their ways. God Bless You. Im 67 and semi-disabled and bored, bored, bored and just trying to find a way to make an extra income and keep myself amused and committed.

    • Hi Jeffrey, thanks for reaching out. My apologies though, we are not affiliated with 3 Step Method in any way and therefore have no way of processing or cancelling orders.

  5. Since researhing and looking for ways to earn money from home via pc and internet I have received numerous emails from set ups – promising me the earth! If I believed everyone I would be a millionaire by now LOL.
    Thankfully I have never been scammed because I always check out the Company and claims online (and would advise anyone tempted by these people to do the same).
    After being flooded with emails from 3 step method (at least 6 or 7 per week) I researched and found your site online – it immediately told me all I needed to know – all further emails from 3 step now go direct to my junk folder.
    Thanks and keep up the good work of advising us all about these dubious offers and scams.

  6. hey thanks, my hart has been crushed several times before with these kind of presentations. I am glad you were scamed, .Because i know the feeling, ,,but didn`t know how to help or explain to other people.. by reading your page i`ve learn alot and now i know to go forward and what to do. THANKS I REALLY ENJOYED YOUR COLUME THANKS AGAIN