China Cash Clone Review – Is it A SCAM or a Legit $5000 Per Day?

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Thanks for stopping by and reading my China Cash Clone Review. We all dream of having more money, more time and more freedom to do the things we love (and be with the people we love). The China Cash Clone promises you can have it all but if you're skeptical… I'm right there with you.

From the crazy income claims to the secret software that's supposed to be as simple as tying your shoelace, my first thought was scam. I'm guessing it crossed your mind too, but it's hard not to get excited about endless amounts of money coming in faster than you can spend it, right?

China Cash Clone Opening Video Screen

There's a few things here that don't add up though, and I'll go over those in this review. I'll also take the covers off China Cash Clone and show you what's underneath—what it does, how it works and whether it’s real or just another make-money-online scam.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for China Cash Code. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is China Cash Clone?

What China Cash Clone is and what China Cash Clone is “supposed” to be are two different things.

According to the sales video, it’s a money-making software that exploits a “glitch” on the internet which allows you to clone the exact method that thousands of people in China are using to get rich.

We’re talking about earning $5000 per day or more… or close to $2 Million a year.

China Cash Clone Opening Screen

The voice on the video, who claims to be someone named Daniel Barber, says there is a new billionaire created in China every 3 days.

That’s true, and China Cash Clone is supposed to allow you to tap into those riches. You know… because of the glitch.

I went through China Cash Clone training and I can tell you there is no “glitch”.

Which brings us to what China Cash Clone “really” is.

China Cash Clone is actually a series of 5 short videos (6 if you buy the upsell) that shows you how to set up a cookie-cutter ecommerce store with WordPress.

The videos range from 1 ½ minutes to about 6 minutes in length, so the training is not extensive.

There is no magic here, and certainly no glitch. WordPress is the most popular platform used to build websites on the internet and the e-commerce tools (or plugins) you are shown how to use (Woocommerce and Alidropshop) are also very common.

Note: This is not a Shopify Store.

You are shown how to source products from China through AliExpress and have them shipped directly to your customers (an online business model called dropshipping which you've probably heard about).

That’s what China Cash Clone really is and I’ll explain more about how it works below.

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Is China Cash Clone a Scam?

That’s a tricky question. You are getting some very basic (and quick) training here. China Cash Clone also provides you with a done-for-you store… identical to every other member’s store.

So, I can’t say you’re getting nothing for your money.

Does that mean it’s not a scam?

Not exactly. In my opinion, China Cash Clone is pushing the boundaries of what most people would call a scam. Some might even say they're crashing an aircraft-carrier through those boundaries and pummeling them into dust.

I’ll give it credit to China Cash Clone for offering a little bit of training, but what you’re actually getting is definitely NOT the promise you’re being sold.

I’ll go through the red flags one-by-one but just for an example, Daniel makes a claim that you can earn $30,000 per week with just 10-minutes of work.

China Cash Clone Ridiculous Claims

I’ve done a little dropshipping, and there’s a reason I’m not doing it anymore. You can definitely make some money at it, but an online store is still a store, which means you’re dealing with things like…

  • Invoices, credits and waybills
  • Cancelled orders
  • Tracking shipments and lost orders
  • Defective or damaged products, warranties and general returns
  • Customer complaints

To earn a profit of $30,000… your total revenue will likely be 5 times that amount ($150,000) or more.

There are product costs, shipping costs, advertising costs, unrecoverable costs such as defects, damages and lost shipments.

The only way you can move that kind of product through an online store without a massive headache is to hire someone to do it for you. And then you have even more costs.

Just getting traffic to your online store is a full-time job.

Like I said, there are more red flags I’ll go over below, but ridiculous claims like 30K per week with 10 minutes of work each day is a pipe-dream in my opinion.

China Cash Clone may not be an outright scam that takes your money and delivers nothing, but based on the promises they’re making… it’s definitely not legit.

How Does China Cash Clone Work?

Once you sign up for China Cash Clone, you will be hit with a couple upsells—a product called Cash Clone X and a VIP upgrade (that claims to increase your income by 785%).

Cash Clone X Does All The Work

These are optional products but one of them (Cash Clone X) teaches you how to get traffic to your online store. If you don’t have traffic, you don’t have customers.

If you don’t have customers… you won’t make money.

I’ll come back to Cash Clone X in a moment.

The other upsell is a package of 3 more ready-made stores.

Again, more stores are not going to help you if you don’t have any traffic going to them.

China Cash Clone Dashboard

Once you get past the upsells, you find yourself in the back office. This is what your dashboard looks like…

China Cash Clone Dashboard

China Cash Clone Dashboard

You have a Welcome Screen (which is the one shown above), followed by 3 Steps.

Step 1 – VIP Member Workshop

Inside here you will find a link to a webinar put on by paid-traffic expert John Crestani. It’s actually just an affiliate link to John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System which costs $997.00.

Step 2 – Get Started

This section included the 5 short videos that show you how to set-up and install your online store.

The videos range from 1 ½ minutes long to about 6 minutes and cover the basics of buying a domain and hosting from GoDaddy, installing WordPress and the necessary plugins, and then importing your China Cash Clone store.

Importing Your China Cash Clone Store

Importing Your China Cash Clone Store

From there you’re going to learn how to install WooCommerce and a Chrome Extension called Alidropship.

There’s also some customization available for your store which includes 3 different homepage layouts and you are quickly shown how to access those.

Finally, there’s a quick 1 ½ minute video showing you how to process your orders.

The British instructor (I think… I’m terrible with accents) on these videos speaks very fast and runs through each step as quickly as possible. I suppose you can pause and re-watch the videos but as far as the information you’re getting… it’s as basic as can be.

There are no insights as to why he does certain things or potential challenges you might run into.

One thing is certain though, this is not as easy as tying your shoe (as the sales video claims). You also won’t be jetting off to some exotic location within two weeks of this nine-dollar training.

China Cash Clone Members Go On Vacation

Step 3 – Vip Upgrade Products

If you purchased the upsells (Cash Clone X and the ready-made stores) you will find them in this section.

Getting Traffic to Your Chine Cash Clone Store

Now that you have your store, you’re going to need traffic.

Like 90% of all make-money-online schemes, this is where they fall apart. The set-up is generally pretty simple. Whether it’s a website, a sales funnel or how to send an email sequence… it’s all relatively easy and there are endless systems, programs and courses that show you how to do it.

But, they always beat around the bush when it comes to getting traffic, because getting traffic is not easy.

You can get free traffic which is going to require time and effort.

Or, you can buy traffic which is expensive and very risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

China Cash Clone on its own has zero traffic training.

To learn about traffic you must purchase the Cash Clone X “upsell” for $177.

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If a full-time income online is what you want though, a commission based approach with “free traffic” training is what you need in order to get what you want.

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Cash Clone X 

Cash Clone X is handful of courses that in theory teach you how to get traffic to your online store.

I have no idea what “Daniel” is talking about in the upsell video when he says it does everything for you. It's a bunch of courses and the last time I checked, courses don't take themselves…

And even then, taking the course is only half the battle. Learning how to get traffic to your store and actually doing it are two very different things.

Think of it this way…

You can watch a ½ hour video on how to play a guitar. You know… hold it this way, put your fingers that way, this hand is for strumming… and so on.

Simple right?

But of course… knowing how a guitar is played does not mean you can play it.

Getting online traffic is like that. It’s not just a course you take, it’s a skill you develop.

And the courses that come with Cash Clone X are probably not going to help you anyway.

Upsell Courses

It comes with courses on search engine optimization (SEO) which are useless for China Cash Clone.

First, Google, Bing (and all search engines) do not rank “duplicate” content, and the online store you get with China Cash Clone is the exact same store that every other member gets.

It’s a clone… a duplicate.

If there are 100 China Cash Clone members, there are 100 identical China Cash Clone stores. You can modify and customize these stores to a certain extent, but from a search engine’s perspective, there’s nothing that makes one stand out from the rest.

The second (and most important) reason search engine optimization is useless for China Cash Clone is that you’re competing with the biggest ecom-stores on the planet. Stores with million dollar budgets!

Just as an example, I took a random product from China Cash Clone’s demo store and searched it in Google.

China Cash Clone Demo Store

Of course China Cash Clone is nowhere to be found (I went back through 20 pages of results).

The first result is AliExpress and you can’t compete with AliExpress because that’s where you’re buying your products from.

Your customer can buy it directly from AliExpress at the same price you’re buying it for. Why would they buy it from you?

Search Results for China Cash Clone Product

The second result is DHGate—a 15-year-old website with a domain authority (DA) of 86.

To put that into perspective, domain authority is calculated on a scale of 0 – 100 and sites like Wikipedia and YouTube have domain authorities in the high 90’s.

Brand new sites with no authority (like the one you get from China Cash Clone) have a domain authority of zero. It takes time to build up authority, and it takes work.

Getting ranked in Google and other search engines is absolutely possible, but you need to be unique, to come at a topic from a different angle. A generic online store that sells the same products as everyone else is not going to generate traffic with SEO.

It doesn’t matter how good the Cash Clone X courses are, there is no possible way for a brand new “duplicate” store to outrank ecommerce giants like AliExpress, Amazon, DHGate and so on…

That leaves you with free social mediatraffic or paid traffic (advertising, solo ads, etc).

Free social media traffic is incredibly time consuming and difficult. Paid traffic is very expensive.

So I fail to see how China Cash Clone members are jetting off to sunny destinations within weeks of signing up. Or, how they're clearing 30K per week with 10 minutes of work each day.

How Much Does China Cash Clone Cost?

The entry level price (Core China Clash Clone) is $9.00 and there are two upsells…

Upsell 1 – $177 (Cash Clone X)

Upsell 2 – $147 (3 more ready-made stores)

China Cash Clone Red Flags

As I mentioned earlier, China Cash Clone might not be an outright scam because you are getting some training, but there’s also a lot of deception and dishonesty here.

Red Flag #1 – False Scarcity

From the moment you land on the China Cash Clone homepage you see a scary timer… did I say scary timer? I meant scarcity timer 😀

Oh no… what happens when the timer runs out?


China Cash Clone False Scarcity Timer

I let it run down to zero, reloaded the page, and the countdown started again.

You’re also told that the page might not be available if you leave it. I left it and came back many times.

These timers and warnings and just a scare tactic so you take action quickly. One thing they don’t want you do is to leave the page and come over here to read my review.

Red Flag #2 – Fake Testimonials

There are endless programs like China Cash Clone promising crazy amounts of money while you sit on a beach somewhere with an umbrella drink.

And they all have the same testimonials. Regular people who signed up and started making tens of thousands of dollars within weeks.

Here’s one of them…

China Cash Clone Fake Testimonial

I actually recognized her from another scam I reviewed called Viral Bucks. She’s a paid spokesperson from a freelance site called Fiverr.

Paid Spokesperson For China Cash Clone

Whenever you come across make-money programs like this that make ridiculous claims, there is a 99.9% chance the testimonials are fake.

Red Flag #3 – Flat Out Lies

I already touched on this, but the entire premise that this software is based on an internet “glitch” that you can use to exploit the same system that’s making people in China rich, is false.

Building an online store with WordPress and plugins such as WooCommerce is not exploiting a glitch. It’s the same process that thousand of dropshippers use and thousands of courses teach (most of which are far better than China Cash Clone).

And the story of Ammar and Mr Fong?

Maybe there is a real Daniel Barber who was once scammed by a guy name Ammar. I doubt it, but it could have happened somewhere in the world at sometime. Who knows…

But one thing I do know, is that Mr Fong did not create the software to do this.

More websites are built on WordPress than any other CMS (content management system) in the world and the main person behind it is an entrepreneur name Matt Mullenweg.

Woocommerce was created by two developers named Mike Jolley and James Koster.

I could on, but the point is… none of the software that makes up the China Cash Clone system has anything to with a Mr Fong.

In my opinion, from the impossible income claims to the “awe shucks” simply guy who bumped into a guru at a bar story… the entire tale of China Cash Clone is fiction.

Which brings us to our next red flag…

Red Flag #4 – Is Daniel Barber Real?

You can find many Daniel Barbers online, but not one of them has anything to do with China Cash Clone. As far as this Daniel Barber goes… I could find no digital footprint.

For someone who’s bringing the world a machine that pretty much prints money, that’s weird.

Of course, the voice on the video is not a normal person’s voice. It’s clearly someone who speaks professionally which doesn’t line up at all with Daniel’s story.

According to him he’s an average high school graduate who lived with his parents until his late 20’s and flipped burgers.

His only brush with success was when he met Mr Fong, who introduced him to the China Cash Clone software.

Once you get inside China Cash Clone, the training videos are taught be someone with a British accent and there is never another mention of Daniel Barber.

Red Flag #5 – The Dates Don’t Add Up

As we watch the testimonials we hear stories of riches from people who have apparently been using the software for awhile.

One person claims to have made $912,135 with China Cash Clone in the last six months.

Another guy (picture below) says he’s been using China Cash Clone for 5 months and with it he’s bought himself a new house and car.

Paid Testimonial for CCC

And then we have these testimonials from people who all joined in 2018.

China Cash Clone Member Income Claims

None of this would be weird if China Cash Clone had been around since 2018, but the domain was created on March 17, 2019.

chinacashclone com domain creation date whois

Something doesn’t add up. Of course, we already know that whoever is behind this thing is hiring paid spokespeople for fake testimonials.

Fake testimonials, fake members, fake join dates, fake income claims, fake Mr Fong…

That’s a lot of fake…

What I Like About China Cash Clone

If a program has legit training, I usually try to find something I like about it. I must admit though, I’m struggling here.

I suppose the training videos are efficient. There’s definitely no fluff and they are straight to the point.

What I Don’t Like

  • There are just too many red flags, false promises and blatant lies.
  • No traffic training (unless you buy the $177 upsell and even then, the traffic training is not effective for an ecommerce store).
  • Minimal training (no fluff and to the point… but also inadequate).
  • Support link went to a dead page.
  • Dropshipping. It’s not a fun way to make money online and it’s getting harder. It takes months sometimes for your customer to get their products, and they can order from Amazon overnight or from an already established dropshipper who keeps inventory of popular products for fast delivery.

Where Do You Go From Here?

I know you’d love for China Cash Clone to be real. I wish were real too, but it’s not.

Earning a full-time income online is a big deal and schemes like this do a lot of harm. More than half of the sales video is dream building, telling people they can simply sign up and within weeks quit their job and take a vacation.

It tells them they can buy a new house, a fancy car, cruise to the mall in style and go on a shopping spree…

And then reality hits. Dreams are crushed. There is nothing in China Cash Clone that even comes close to making that lifestyle a reality.

I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but I (and everyone who really does earn their income online) would tell you, it takes real time and effort.

It’s also worth it.

Look, it’s nice to imagine crazy amounts of cash raining down into your bank account… but the truth is, even a few hundred bucks each month can completely transform some people’s lives.

To replace your income though? I can tell you from experience, that alone is an incredible feeling. Six-figure a month would be nice for sure, but c'mon… let's walk before we run, right? 🙂

You can make some extra money online doing surveys on sites like

Swag Bucks is a similar site that will pay you for doing things like watching videos, searching the web and visiting websites.

Of course, they won't pay enough that you can cruise to the mall in style and go on a shopping spree, but you can earn a few extra bucks.

If you want a real full-time income though, a commission based approach that actually works with “free traffic” is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Like I said, I wish it were as easy as China Cash Clone claimed. I'd be happy to make 30K a week with no effort too…

But I can't recommend it. There is very little substance and what you’re getting for $9 is useless without traffic. In my opinion, it’s not going to do what the person (or people) behind the system promise.

Hopefully my China Cash Clone System Review was helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with China Cash Clone… please share in the comments section below.

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