Commission Hero Review – Is Robby Blanchard Legit or A BIG SCAM?

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Welcome and thanks for stopping by to read my Commission Hero Review. If you're looking for more freedom and independence in your life, it's hard to find a better option than making money online. Commission Hero promises to show you how. And it's a big promise… a $1000 per day promise.

At least, a thousand bucks per day is what the creator of Commission Hero claims to make. I have no reason to doubt him, but when big numbers like that get thrown around it's hard not to think it's a scam. Especially when he also says “No Experience Required” as it does in the screenshot below.

Commission Hero Sales Page Screen

Of course, that doesn't mean it's a scam… but if you're looking to make money online and you're ready to invest in a course that shows you how, you want to KNOW it's not a scam, right?  

So, in this Commission Hero review I'm going to explain what it is, how it works, who created it, and of course… whether it's a legit way to make money online or just another scam.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Commission Hero. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is one of the latest “make-money-online” products to arrive on ClickBank… created by super-affiliate Robby Blanchard. 

It claims to be a simple 3-step system that uses Facebook to advertise digital products so you can earn big commissions. Sounds simple enough…  

… but how do you earn big commissions? 

You choose products that have lucrative affiliate programs that pay commissions in the 50% or higher range.

There are 3 big secrets that Commission Hero reveals, and finding those high-paying affiliate programs is the first. 

Commission Hero Top Secret Reveal

Secret #1 – How to find the best and highest paying offers.

Secret #2 – How to use Facebook to run ads to those offers and make a profit.

Secret #3 – Robby Blanchard's 3-Step system that psychologically forces people to buy your offers.

I know what you're thinking…

That's all fine and good, but does it work? When I first learned about Commission Hero, that's what I was thinking too.

My first question was this…

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard makes a pretty bold claim. He says he's the #1 ClickBank Affiliate in the World. 

Robby Blanchard Creator of Commission Hero
Robby Blanchard

If you're not familiar with ClickBank, it's a massive marketplace where affiliate marketers and vendors (or product creators) come together to form a joint venture. Training programs that teach affiliate marketing like Commission Hero, or Ministry of Freedom, depend on platforms like Clickbank.

Whether you're a product creator or a product promoter… the top guys on ClickBank earn 6 and 7 figure incomes. 

So, if you're saying you're the #1 ClickBank Affiliate in the World… what you're really saying is this, 

“I'm kind of a big deal”.

A Big Deal

And as it turns out, Robby Blanchard is kind of a big deal… at least when it comes to marketing.  

He is the CEO of Blanchard Media with clients such as Fit Body Bootcamp, Paleo Secret and Jason Capital International

His company offers services such as speaking engagements, ad campaign management, private consulting and coaching. 

Is he really the #1 ClickBank Affiliate though?

Yes… he is. Or at least at the time he held the top spot on ClickBank's Leaderboard…

ClickBank Affiliate Leaderboard Robby Blanchard
Creator of Commission Hero (Robby Blanchard)  – Top Affiliate on ClickBank

Unlike a lot of super-affiliates, Robby did not start out in the “make-money-online” industry. He actually got started in the fitness industry, opening his own gym after earning his MBA from Fitchburg State College.  

He got into Facebook Ads to promote his gym (which turned out to be a big success), and this is where he honed is online skills to eventually become Clickbank's top affiliate and the creator of Commission Hero. 

So, Robby Blanchard is the real deal. 

That's doesn't necessarily mean Commission Hero is the right product for you, or that you'll be earning $1000 per day like Robby does. But, since he knows what he's teaching, we're at least off to a good start. 

Is Commission Hero a Scam?

Even though Robby Blanchard is legit, that doesn't mean Commission Hero is.

I've paid for courses that over-promised and under-delivered before, and although I wouldn't say they were scams, they also were not shy to take my money while giving me information that was either incomplete, outdated or useless. 

So, even though I was beginning to think Commission Hero was legit, I was still skeptical. 

There are flat-out scams that just take your money and run… and then there are questionable products that some might call “half-scams”.

Common examples are internet marketing products like the Secret Affiliate Machine that offers you a somewhat legit system but hide the fact (until after you've joined) that you're going to need a lot more money for additional courses, tools and most importantly… traffic to make it work. 

These additional expenses can easily run into the thousands.

That's not the case with Commission Hero. Robby is completely upfront about his system using paid traffic…

Commission Hero Secrets FB Highlighted

While a lot of information you're going to learn here can be used with other methods of getting online traffic, Facebook Advertising is the strategy that's taught.

And… although it's an additional expense, I like the fact that Robby doesn't wait until you've already paid before he drops that bomb. 

There are some other expenses that I'll talk about in a moment, but Commission Hero does offer some alternatives to minimize your costs. 

The other shady tactic used by a lot of scams are high-ticket upsells. You join for a hundred bucks or less, get some basic information that just teases you with possibilities… and then you find out the good stuff is going to cost you thousands of dollars more. Sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

As of now, what you see is what you get here. I can't say for certain there will never be upsells that go along with Commission Hero, but for now it's a complete course that covers beginner to advanced strategies… 

… and it's not a scam. 

How Does Commission Hero Work?

Commission Hero is structured in a way, similar to systems like 30 Minute Workday, that gives you step-by-step instructions to setting up a profitable sales funnel and sending traffic to it using Facebook Ads.

Commission Hero Dashboard
Commission Hero Outline

The course outline begins with a ‘Getting Started' section that explains some of the basics and moves on through some advanced strategies such as link tracking and scaling your campaigns. 

Getting Started

  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • Ad Accounts
  • ClickFunnels
  • ClickBank
  • MaxWeb

Choosing The Right Offers

  • Finding The Right Offers on ClickBank
  • Finding The Right Offers on MaxWeb
  • Finding The Right Offers on A4D
  • Offer Spotlight: Flat Belly Fix
  • Offer Spotlight: Lean Belly Breakthrough

Finding Your Ad Image

  • What an Image Should Contain
  • Finding The Right Designer on Fiverr

Setting Up A Landing Page

  • Register For ClickFunnels
  • Setting Up Your Affiliate Links
  • Setting Up Your Domain
  • Setting Up Your PHP Landing Page

Setting Up Facebook

  • Setting Up FB Business Manager
  • Setting Up Your Fan Page
  • Setting Up Your Facebook Campaign and Adset
  • Setting Up Your Ads
  • Creating a Custom Audience
  • Bonus: Inside Look at a Successful Campaign

Setting Up Facebook Pixel

  • How to Install FB Pixel
  • Placing Your FB Pixel in Your ClickBank Acct
  • Understanding Your Pixel Analytics

Tracking Your Campaign

  • Tracking Spreadsheet
  • How To Install Tracking Links


  • Scaling Your Campaigns

Ninja Tactics

  • Reaching Out To Other Affiliates
  • Amex Card 
  • Spying on Facebook Ads
  • Dealing With Account Shutdowns


  • Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes (ClickFunnels)
  • Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes (PHP)
  • Mindset
  • Images
  • CPA
  • Contacts

You also get access to the Commission Hero Facebook Group and when it becomes available… The Inner Circle Coaching.

Commission Hero Pricing and Payments

The current price is $997. It's a one-time with a split payment option. 

A common question that seems to be getting asked though, is how does Commission Hero pay you?

How do you earn money from Commission Hero?

While Commission Hero does have an affiliate program that pays you a commission when you successfully recommend it to others… your source of income does not come from Commission Hero. 

Commission Hero teaches you to find other people's products through affiliate networks such as ClickBank, MaxWeb and A4D. When you promote and sell those products, you earn commissions which are paid by one of those affiliate networks. 

Not from Commission Hero.

Another common misunderstanding about Commission Hero (because it's heavily focused on Facebook Ads) is that it's a “task” based system that pays you to post Facebook ads… but that's not the case. 

The Facebook ads you are posting are your own ads with the goal of promoting products YOU have chosen to sell. 

In other words, there are no “guaranteed” payments. 

If a “task” type system is what you were looking for, your easiest options (and cheapest because they are free to join) are things like online surveys with sites like, or watching videos, searching the web, and visiting websites with

Of course, these sites won't pay you enough to “make it rain”… but they are as mentioned, free to join, and for some people they're a good place to start if you've never made money online before. 

Which raises another common question… 

How Do You Pay For Facebook Ads?

That's entirely up to you. While Commission Hero teaches you how to do Facebook advertising, the cost to advertise comes out of YOUR pocket.

And the way paid advertising works is you run two or more campaigns against each other to find out which one performs better. You then keep the winner and drop the losers. 

That doesn't mean your winner is profitable though. It just means it performed better than the losers. 

So, you make more tweaks, create more campaigns, and run more tests.

You can't do this for free though. Each campaign you test will cost you money. And, the unfortunate reality is this…

Most campaigns are losers.   

Some will break even… and every once in awhile you'll stumble onto one that's profitable. But you may have to pay for a lot of losers to find your big winner.

When you do though, you scale up and cash in.

Robby will give you your best chance to put together a winning campaign but the truth is, winning campaigns are not “taught” or “copied”. They are earned through trial and error – by testing different audiences, products, landing pages, email follow-ups and so on…

This process requires a big enough budget that you don't run out of money before you find your winner. You never know if success is just around the corner.

It might be… but then again, you might have to spend a few more thousand dollars running tests until you find it.

So, if you can barely scrape enough money together for the course, my opinion is that Commission Hero is not the right course for you. At least, not at this time.

Can You Use Free Traffic? 

Yes, you can use free traffic… and I don't know about you, but free traffic is my favorite kind of traffic. 

I've spent a lot of money on paid traffic myself.  Facebook ads, Bing ads, Solo ads and a few others that turned out to be scams…

Actually, let me re-word that. I “wasted” money on paid traffic because I didn't find my “winner”.

In part, it was because I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know how to target the right audience or how to put together a successful campaign. I ran out of money before I could make a profit and unfortunately, that's what happens to most people.   

Commission Hero helps you with that, but it's NOT magic. You will spend a lot of money hustling people to your offers… but that doesn't mean they'll convert into sales. 

Having gone down that “paid” traffic road before and as I mentioned, going broke in the process… I had no choice but to figure out how to get free traffic.

To be clear though, free traffic requires time and effort. It's only “free” as in “you don't have to buy it with a credit card”. You do have to work for it though. 

If you don't have a big enough budget for paid traffic but you still want to make money online, a strategy that drives loads of free traffic is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Other Expenses…

Commission Hero is a “course”, it's not a business in a box that provides you with everything. In addition to Facebook ads, you will also need some online tools to make it work.

You can't post affiliate links directly on Facebook, so you will need to send people to what are called landing pages. The most common software out there (and arguably the best) to create landing pages is called ClickFunnels, and it's also the one Robby recommends. 

At $97 per month though, ClickFunnels is not free. He does go over some less expensive options but if you're completely new at this and your goal is to get up and running as soon as possible, ClickFunnels is your best choice. 

Robby also recommends using Fiverr for your images and while Fiverr is relatively cheap, you can expect to pay a few bucks here as well. 

One piece of the puzzle not mentioned in Commission Hero is email “list building” which is an important component of a successful sales funnel. You are paying for traffic after all, so it would be a shame to spend all of that money and never capture a list of leads. 

To do that you need an email autoresponder which will set you back on average, $15 – $100 or more per month, depending on the size of your email list and the service provider you choose.  

When you're just starting out, the entry-level plans offered by each company will do just fine.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

For most people, $997 is a big investment. What if Commission Hero doesn't work? 

Can you get your money back?

You can, but it won't be any time soon. This is their official policy…

Commission Hero Money Back Policy

So, Commission Hero wants you to take the course and put it to the test for a full 12-months. If you don't get results in 12-months you can request a refund… but not before. 

The catch of course is that you cannot try it for a couple weeks, forget about it for 11 and half months and then request a refund. You must put it to the test…

… and that means paying for Facebook advertising for 12 months. 

I understand why Robby has chosen this policy. It's not ideal for everyone… but he also doesn't want “tire-kickers”.

He want's serious people who are ready to build a serious online business. Not people who try it for a few weeks, fail to get results, give up and then go on social media and tell the world that Commission Hero doesn't work

What I Like About Commission Hero

  • Robby Blanchard is the real deal. Not only that, but he's unlike many “gurus” because he doesn't ONLY promote products in the make-money-online niche. Robby came from the fitness niche and he also makes money promoting products and services related to dating and relationships.
  • A one-time payment for “complete” course and no crazy high-ticket upsells.
  • Commission Hero is NOT a self-promoting sales funnel. You are learning to create your own campaigns in “any niche” you choose which is a nice change from the mountain of make-money-online systems that only teach you to promote the same system to other people, who then promote that same system to more people and so on…

What I Don't Like

  • In my opinion it's a little pricey. It's not out of line with similar products, but if you're just getting started with limited resources… the cost of the product, the tools required to make it work, and paid traffic add up.  
  • No email marketing or list-building training.
  • Paid traffic. I'm not saying you can't make money with paid traffic, but it's risky. If you're not careful (and extremely strategic about it), you might as well flush your money down the toilet. 
  • 12-month money back guarantee/success policy. I don't like it… but I get why Robby chose 12 months before considering refunds.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Commission Hero is a solid product from a legit guru… and the percentage of “real” gurus out there is small. 

It's not for everyone though… 

A lot of what's taught is great for beginners, such as how to set up your landing pages and place your affiliate links. More experienced online marketers can learn a ton from Robby's experience testing offers and images. 

If you have the money, it's definitely worth considering. 

But, the main sticking point here will be your budget. If you're stretching yourself thin just to pay the cost of Commission Hero, the additional expenses for tools and traffic will prevent you from taking action. 

And if you can't take action, you can't make money.

If affordability is an issue but you still want to make money online and live the “laptop lifestyle”, you do have options. A long-term approach that drives loads of free traffic is what you need to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

If that doesn't interest you though, you can also make some extra pocket cash by doing online surveys and small tasks on sites like and

These are not “big” money earners, but if you've never made money online before they can be a good stepping stone to bigger things down the road… like building an online business

I hope my Commission Hero review has been helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with Commission Hero, please share in the comments section below.

Important Comment Disclaimer: 
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59 thoughts on “Commission Hero Review – Is Robby Blanchard Legit or A BIG SCAM?”

  1. I read your article on Robby. I watched his video and what he had to say was great. I gave some thought to his opportunity and decided to perhaps give it a go. Still not sure yet. I’m very skeptical and don’t trust people. A $1000 bucks is not pocket change, so before I make a move on this potentially, what other opportunities are out there that are not as risky as Robby’s program?

  2. Buyer Beware. Bought the program, spent about 30 minutes looking at it and realized the Ad copy they were pushing looks like it just stepped out of 1970. Then started getting text messages at 1:00 am asking if I can jump on a call. WTF? Who does that. Less than 36 hours after purchasing asked to cancel and get a refund. Was told no refunds are issued. Total scam!

  3. It is amazing to me why anyone would listen to an idiot like this reviewer who is paid by Robby to right a ” little critical” review but still recommend. Yes this reviewer was paid by Robby.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Brian and share your thoughts. I can assure you though, I have no affiliation with Robby and I have certainly not been paid. I’d certainly like it if I were though, lol.

  4. it is not a scam but it is overpriced from the beginning especially considering there are a lot of extra things you have to pay for including ad marketing on facebook and Autoresponders which you have to pay for that cost hundreds of dollars. for a person just starting that is too much money then the average person can afford.

  5. Yeah I unfortunately went in as a new member of Commission Hero 2.0 and I regret I did!! You can’t contact anybody or get a hold of anybody if you need to talk to somebody right away you’re screwed!! In the meantime they’re gonna want to extract $2400 out of you while trying to learn the program but if you have any questions then all you have is the Facebook page and that’s it oh but if you want an upgrade with an inner circle program then you get to spend an extra $5000 oh boy that sounds great to me!!! and then if you want a one on one coaching it’s an extra $10,000 oh boy signed me up!! 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    • I signed up too, not realizing that I needed a substantial budget for ads and for other “upsells” that will help you do what the original program promised to do for $997.

      When I asked for my money back, I was offered another upsell. These folks have no shame. Unless you have money to burn, stay away from these folks.

  6. I read your breakdown of commission hero as I’m trying to educate myself on all this, I’m a complete neophyte but your input and explanations were fantastic. Any suggestions on a route I should take as complete beginner in terms of education?

  7. Omg!
    I signed up for the course. Turns out, more money is needed. Upsell, in order to enter the actual course.
    I was deceived. I thought I paid for the class. Not to join a club.
    I am not happy!
    I was told, pay $997.00, class link will be sent. Link was sent alright.
    But you must pay more or you cannot access our classes.

  8. Saludos, muy buena tu revisión y análisis del curso… Desde hace mucho tiempo quiero iniciar a ganar dinero por Internet y hoy se un poco de varios temas que tienen que ver con afiliados… Muchos éxitos.

    Greetings, very good your review and analysis of the course … For a long time I have wanted to start making money online and today I know a little about various topics that have to do with affiliates … Many successes.

  9. Warning! … Do not buy this program for any reason.
    I bought this program only about five days ago. Normally I do not write reviews for things that are of no value, I just walk away but in this case, I feel an obligation to warn the public.

    I don’t need to get into the substance of the program, my upfront experience so far is enough to say, “You do not want to do business with people like this.

    I bought the program. I spent half of the day reviewing it and found that bonuses and training modules were missing from the package. I could easily see the training was lacking and the missing parts were unnerving.

    I submitted a request for a refund through Click Bank, just as the Commission Hero Pro 3X promo webinar stated I could do. “30 Days Money Back Guarantee … NO QUESTIONS ASKED”
    Click Bank responded “Closed – No refund issued” to my request!

    I then started getting a stream of emails from Commission Hero Pro 3X. At first, they stated that they were, “working on the missing training modules and bonuses and would hope to have them up in just a few weeks.” What a novel idea; give me 30 days to review a product that doesn’t even exist yet!

    Next, they began offering me discounts, additional products, other products, and membership in their subscription-based mastermind group as enticements to stay. I’m talking about seven emails all totally avoiding my request for a simple refund according to the 30-day promise.

    Like I said I don’t need to go into the substance of the program, just look at the integrity of the organization behind all of their promises.

    Don’t get trapped! Don’t put your money at risk, runaway!

  10. Robby Blanchard is just taking it to a new level. But NOT in a positive sense.

    Now he's selling something he calls Commission Hero Pro. The pricetag is outright insane:

    2497$ as a one time payment – OR 3 x 997$

    He claims he will give you a 30 days money back guarantee – no questions asked.

    But can you really trust him – when usually it's very difficult or impossible to get you refund back from him?

    Well – I don't trust him at all.

    In his webinar presentation he downplayed the massive investment in additional ads.
    It was a surprise for me – that a lot of extra money was needed and I only realized this huge extra cost because I did some research on him in advance.

    This is just SO untrustworthy – at least in my opinion.

    I'll never buy his program.

  11. This is a SCAM.

    The course was not what was represented on the sales pitch – MUCH MUCH HARDER.

    Furthermore, unlike other programs their requirement for REFUND is absurd.



  12. I brought the course one year ago, it is very expensive and after that, you will have to spend more money on other tools, they don't tell you that. I spend more than extra $1,200 with images, tools, and ads, I did all course and steps but it didn't work for me, now that I am asking for a refund, they are giving a very hard time to do it, saying many ridiculous excuses and they will not refund me. I sent all my proves and screenshots they keeping change the excuses. I advise you to don't buy it because they will not give you your money back. You can find many other people with the same problems on other websites.

    • Same here, I tried it, but Facebook still has my account banned and restricted. I contacted support for refund which they said no.

      They downplay the ad banning of facebook ad accounts, and wants you to "burn and churn" accounts through proxies, VPN's, family/friend accounts to keep making additional accounts.

      I tried personally reaching out to Robby as well but he doesn't answer.

      My last resort is contacting my credit card company for chargeback which I am doing now.

  13. yes hello, I subscribed for the course
    in two payments , they asked for
    me to sign that I agreeded to the
    terms of thier policy
    they mentioned a 14 day refund
    if I did nt open the program
    which I respected, so I asked
    for a refund because I changed
    my mind but they did not respond
    so I canceled my credit card

      • To be fair, when it comes to entrepreneurship which building an online business is, there are never guarantees. Whether you’re a blogger, a restaurant owner, or it’s the mid-90’s and you take a chance on this weird fad called the internet and start a small company called Amazon… there is never a guarantee of success.

        Every entrepreneur, big and small, is taking a chance on something that might not work.

        I know “some” courses say they guarantee success, but no legitimate course can make that promise. They can promise to show you how they built their business and they can promise to show you everything they know, introduce you to industry experts, mentor you and so on… but even the best courses and memberships can’t guarantee success.

        To be clear, I’m NOT recommending everyone or anyone spend their money and “take a chance” on something that might not work. Everyone’s financial situation and experience level is different, as is their tolerance to risk (or their spouses risk tolerance for that matter, lol).

  14. Well done on the review! It felt very authentic 🙂

    I have a feeling this was written beforehand, just wanted to let you know the “inner circle” is technically an upsell as well.

    All in all, commission hero sounds like a good course. Thanks for your review!

  15. From:Bill
    I surely appreciate all of these reviews, and as much as I really am excited about this affiliate program and ha
    ve no experience in this field with ClickBank.
    I am a bit nervous but I have made a conscious decision to invest in this and in ME
    I AM pushing ahead.
    Again Thank You

  16. It is helpful to have inside information before deciding to invest in any program. I don’t think people realize that an online business is just like any other business. It takes time, effort and money to make it run and advertising is just one component of that equation. Thank you for your insight.

    • Hi Melissa, thanks for sharing. I couldn’t agree more. An online business is still a business. It’s relatively simple in that you’re not dealing with start-up costs and headaches like leasing, construction and inventory… but you’re 100% correct that it takes time and effort like any other business.

  17. It’s hard sometimes to get Direct question. After the CB money is paid how much time are you giving? With the company, if this tour first time which will be best to go with! I went to school for marketing so do you really need the course?

  18. Hi

    Thank you for the review. I actually, purchased the course but not yet viewed it. However, what upset me was the the inner circle upsell right after I purchased the course. Especially, when it states that this is the way for the fastest results. Now I realize that all or most of the success stories come from the members of the inner circle. That part I feel is misleading. Also, Robby did not make it sound like it would take a lot of investment into ads to see returns. If it’s true that the investment is that grand and inner circle is do important, I do consider that a bit of false advertisement. Not a scam necessarily, but a reason enough to dispute the charge.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for your feedback. Generally speaking, results do come faster when you’re part of a mastermind group or inner circle (with any product or course, not only Commission Hero). However, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed with the product. I do understand your concern with the immediate upsell though. I’m torn on the topic of upsells personally. I’m not against them when they are honest and in this case, Robby’s upsell is not a barrier to entry and it doesn’t take away from the product you’re buying in my opinion, so I personally don’t have an issue with it. But I understand your point of view as well. And to be clear, I’m not an affiliate for Commission Hero or trying to convince anyone to buy… I just think it’s a legit product that provides real value and the inclusion of an inner circle that adds additional value I think is, in this case, a good thing.

      The additional cost to join a mastermind group or inner circle (in general) is common so that everyone involved has a vested interest in helping each other and it eliminates tire kickers so to speak. But again, I absolutely understand and I can relate to your concern. From a product or course creator’s perspective it’s always difficult to add more value with additional features without also de-valueing the main product, even when the main product is still really good. And that doesn’t just apply to online courses. I’ve been guilty on multiple occasions of spending extra thousands on the “top model” of a vehicle I was buying while maxing out the optional features because I didn’t want the “lesser” version of it. Of course, I would have been more than happy if the lesser version was the only version available, but the addition of more options made me feel like I was missing out if I didn’t open my wallet for them.

      As far as the investment into things like ads, that’s a tricky one. A good teacher will give you the best chance of succeeding with the smallest budget, but it’s impossible to know ahead of time how much you’ll need. I give credit to Commission Hero for revealing up front that paid traffic through advertising is what they are teaching. There are so many programs that don’t even mention how you’ll get traffic or that it will cost you. For example, I tried one a few years ago (I should say which one but I won’t) and it wasn’t until you were deep into the program that you realized you’d have to pay for all your traffic at a cost of hundreds of dollars, so I appreciate they are not hiding the fact that advertising is required here. Again, the size of the investment is difficult to determine. Paid traffic is always a risk, and a learning experience. If you can develop a winning campaign quickly you may see a profit before spending too much, but there is always a possibility you’ll have to test many variations (each one costing money) before you discover one that gives you a positive ROI. On the positive side though, an online business is still a lot less money than building a traditional bricks and mortar business.

      Anyway, thank your for your feedback and for sharing your experience.

    • Don’t expect any refunds from them. Their refund policy is built to keep your money hostage.

      It stated you can request a refund within 7 days but they require proof of course submission among other things. Additionally they don’t even acknowledge you can cancel within 7 days. Furthermore if you decide the product isn’t for you they won’t consider any form of refund without ABC and even then they resort back to a 12 month refund policy. They lack customer service and compassion. Be careful before making a large investment.

      • Thanks so much for the truthful insight it must not have been easy to obtain. You could have let others struggle, but thanks for preventing this for those who can’t afford that kind of callousness in their next investment.

      • You need to be careful with this kind of feedback because you’ve likely just prevented people from achieving the life they’re dreaming of like others have done with this system. I believe the reason for this is that they want to see that you’ve actually committed to the process – they don’t want people joining just for the refund policy (people who are looking for a way out) in other words, have you followed the process in full or have you followed part it, given up on yourself and now you want your money back, this is a REAL business and needs to be treated as such.

        • but if you need to spend thousands more than expected to pay for adds then surely you might not comply with refund requirements? say you bought the system for $1k and you have spare $1k for ads; you may run out of ads money before turning a profit

        • Are you crazy.? Robbery baluchi that mother F!#%=#r he did stol 1500 dollars, from me too, is been a year and I’m still fighting him for my money, and you still want to prevent this kind of feedbacks,,,,? Or is your relative, or ur brother, or your wife,,!

      • I totally agree . I just bought the course this afternoon . I looked around and it was something I didn't want to do and I asked for a refund . What happened ? You guessed it !!! they said no accessed the account so you have no right to get a refund , just like that . So without really learning anything or using the full service at all they want to keep more than two thousands I paid for . Also, beware that there are hidden fees . Please be completely sure tis is something you will do because there is no coming back from it !!!! Today has been the worst day of my life !!!!

  19. I appreciate your opinion. I went through the online video and was debating if spending the money was the right thing to do. My question was – how much more $$ would it take to see results – you gave me some great info. Thank you.

  20. Thank-you for taking the time to put together a solid review that isn’t biased and designed to push your own product as an alternative…very much appreciated 🙂

    • It's nice feed back information I got from here, it's seems to be lots of hidden fees but when he said, he said you can start from zero …