How To Teach Spanish Online When Necesitas Dinero!

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If you are proficient in Spanish and want to earn money from home while teaching it online, then this guide is for you.

How To Teach Spanish Online

There are relatively few Spanish teachers out there, so the good news is, it's not that competitive, unlike the ton of English teachers out there who are jostling for positions.

Teaching online can be a rewarding lifestyle. Not only are you helping others, but you are also creating an independent life that YOU control.

As an online Spanish teacher you can work with a flexible schedule and have your trainees follow, or you can go all in and set a strict one. Whichever approach you take, any of the following methods of teaching online will work.

Start An Educational Blog

Blogs are some of the easiest platforms to start out there, as sites such as WordPress already have established templates and plugins you can leverage. Choose a branded name that appeals to audiences across the board, and then set a schedule to put out content.

Always be sure to add new stuff regularly and avoid inconsistencies that often rob bloggers of valuable readership. When you start your own blog, be prepared to wait a while before your Spanish students start trickling in. Getting traffic depends on how long you have been active, and the strategies you use to market yourself.

And you can get started for free. Wealthy Affiliate for example has a free online business option that provides FREE websites, training to get your blog up and running quickly, and they can even show you how to optimize it for search engines.

On your blog, you can sell course packages and other educational products. You can also get money from ads and affiliate links (which pay a commission on related products such as books) while blogging.

Create Your Own Training Course

Creating a course is another great way to teach Spanish online and once you've done the hard work you can sell it over and over, earning passive income. But unlike having your own blog (unless you sell your course on your blog), you will be dependent on other platforms to host and market it. 

You can start by creating a comprehensive Spanish course and sell it in sections, or as a whole unit. Depending on your demographic, either approach is fine. Those with the money can get the entire package, and those on a budget can buy lessons as they progress from one step to the next.

Before you package your course, consider what others are offering and strive to be a little different, and provide more value. You can do this by creating a more simple and streamlined learning process than many of the other courses you know. Or, it can be more comprehensive…

Then you can offer your course on platforms such as Udemy, social media, and even on sites such as Amazon and Ebay.

Kindle Publishing

Amazon Kindle Books are a great way to teach Spanish online. Amazon will allow you to publish a course and sell it around the world for any price between $0.99 and a couple hundred bucks if you choose.

Figure out your expenses, and profit goals… and offer a competitive product with more value than what's already available.

One of the biggest advantages of creating a course with Kindle Books is becoming a published author, which gives you added credibility as someone that can teach Spanish and establish you as an authority in the field.

Break your course up into different books or modules such as basic, intermediate and advanced.


In case you haven’t noticed (I’m sure you have ), YouTube is fast becoming an important place for people to teach and sell anything, and a Spanish course perfectly fits the bill.

Here's an example of one that currently has 1.7 million views on YouTube. There is clearly a large demand for Spanish teaching videos.​

All you need a decent camera (even a newer model cell phone will work just fine), a cheap mic and of course a computer. YouTube accounts are free to open and maintain, so you don’t have to go in with a budget until you start advertising.

You can either stream live videos or simply put up recorded content. As you gain a following, you can benefit from AdSense ads as well as affiliate offers from companies such as Amazon that pay out commissions for products you recommend.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing here.

And, you never know. If you become an online star, bigger gigs like product endorsements may come along.

Online Tutoring

Many sites provide you with their own tutoring platforms where you can give live Spanish lessons (or any language for that matter). 

​And many people can benefit from hiring an online tutor. 

Benefits of Online tutoring
From Visually.

The tutoring site you work for will deduct a fee for making it possible to connect with students. 

Speaking Spanish is a valuable skill on its own; even more so when you can make money from it. And most English teacher side hustles also apply to Spanish Teachers.

italki is a great language learning marketplace who handles the backend business details and puts you in front of students. 

Wyzant is another tutoring site where you can set up a profile and showcase your qualifications for potential students.

A few others platforms which are not necessarily Spanish or language specific, but still worth checking out, are, Chegg Tutors and Course Hero.

Final Thoughts…

There has never been a better time to start a career online. Skills you may not have given much thought to before can be life-changing today through the effective use of technology.

And it's a great way to meet people as well.

With an economy more unpredictable than ever, developing a side income and a new set of skills never hurts.

Whether you choose to start a YouTube channel to teach Spanish online, your own blog or create a course; the possibilities are endless. And you're not limited to teaching Spanish. There are hundreds of work at home jobs you leverage to create a more independent lifestyle. 

And don't underestimate the things you learn along the way. They can help you find more teaching opportunities, create courses in multiple areas of study, and even mentor others so they can earn a living online.

Please leave a comment below; I’d love to hear your thoughts. What method of teaching Spanish appeals to you most?

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