Is MySurvey.Com a Scam? A Legit Survey Site That Lost Its Way???

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Thanks for stopping by to check out my review. One of the most frequent questions regarding earning money online is related to doing surveys. It is possible to earn money, yes… but depending on your goals, it might not be enough.

Another popular question when it comes to paid surveys is whether or not they are a scam. In this review I'll go over that, and also explain who they are, what they do, and what to expect if you join.

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What is is an online market research company that rewards members for participating in paid surveys and sharing their thoughts and opinions about consumer products, services, and brands.

Paid surveys are becoming a favorite method to generate extra income, but not all of these survey companies are good ones…

Established in 1946 when they were known as National Family Opinion (NFO), is now a division of Lightspeed Research (a subsidiary of another company called WPP who is affiliated with several other market research companies).

At some point in their history, MySurvey was also affiliated (or maybe still is, my apologies… I couldn't find reliable information on this point) with Carol Adams Surveys. If you've ever done any product testing or market research for Carol Adams, then you may already be familiar with  

How Does It Work?

The basic process is simple… or at least it's supposed to be. pays you to answer a series of survey questions concerning a product or service.

Having said that, the way it works can get slightly more complex..

And for many people, it's just not worth it.

The registration process is user-friendly… followed by a verification email. Next, you'll set up your profile.

This process, in my opinion, is an invasive screening process which is the first issue with internet surveys. MySurvey requires that you fill out information to establish your demographic and match you with surveys… questions including occupation, income and marital status.

Having said that… if you don't mind answering some personal questions, this may not be an issue.

Other Limitations

If the earning potential was reasonable, it might be easier to overlook this issue… but unfortunately it's not.

The advantage to making money online is that the connected world gives you leverage. You can build something once and get paid many times for it. In some cases for years

Generating income by doing online surveys gives you zero leverage. You do the work and you only make money once.

I don't know what your financial goals are, but I have a thing for only doing something once and earning a passive income… a strategy I've written about in this article.

Eligibility is next challenge.

The problem here is that many people have spent their time filling out surveys, to be told (at the end) they don't qualify… usually because their answers indicate they were the wrong demographic or did not have suitable experience with the product or service.

And of course, those who don't qualify, don't get paid… whether you've completed the survey or not..

People calling a scam, or fraud are usually doing so because of this.

It's bad enough that the pay is so low. To also waste your efforts filling out surveys and not get paid is not going to appeal to everyone.

If you're not sure you're the right person for a particular survey, it would be better to pass it over and wait for the next one.

Is It Legit?

If we're looking at it from's point of view, a legit market research company is tasked to provide accurate (and relevant) information to their clients.

The process of screening people to make sure they're the right demographic, although a common frustration, is unfortunately a necessary step in the paid survey industry.

You can also look at it in a negative way and think is taking your information for free… and making the claim you don't qualify for the survey, which is unfortunately tough to argue against if you were to contact MySurvey and tell that you do in-fact, qualify. 

Is a Scam?

Making income online is still one of those “untouchables” that people are aware of, but don't really understand.

Telling someone you earn your money online is almost like telling them you've seen a UFO.. You wouldn't be the first person to think it's a scam.

There are a lot of great online opportunities out there, but it's a fact… there's also a lot of baloney..

We're not talking about a complete scam here (the kind that rips you off and you never hear from them again), but the truth is… some real companies close their eyes and pinch their nose with the use of deceptive marketing tactics…

If you've ever compared your dry and pathetic fast-food sandwhich to the make-your-eyes water with happiness version on the promo poster, you've witnessed the agonizing truth of deception.. Is that also a scam though? Or just clever marketing?

I know there are sincere complaints about (which I’ll get into further in a moment), and that the problems are real… but the issues with things like low pay, and (as mentioned above), not getting paid at all, are common to all online survey sites.

It doesn't necessarily mean they're a scam… although, if I had a say in things (which I don't), I'd recommend that they bump up their payouts. 😀

How Much Does Pay?

Depending on the length of the survey which can range between 10 – 45 mins, pays roughly $0.50 to $1.25 per survey (although some reviews indicate that some pay considerably less).

It’s definitely on the lower side of the pay-scale for online survey companies (although none of them pay very well).

You are paid in points, which accumulate in your MySurvey account until you reach a minimum threshold (1000 points)… and when cashed out can be redeemed for gift cards, vouchers and cash… as well as electronic, home and personal care items.

The minimum payout is somewhat of a catch..

Until your account reaches 1000 points (equal to $10.00), you're stuck filling out surveys until you can check out… which creates a considerable dilemma here when you ALSO look at the “not qualified” issue we discussed above.

In addition, one of the complaints by some against MySurvey is that their accounts were suspiciously terminated right before their payout.

To be clear, I'm only commenting on what others have reported. I’m not accusing of doing this … but it's also not difficult to imagine their temptation to “disqualify” people as they approach, but don't reach, the minimum threshold…

Other Ways to Make Money with

For every person you refer to using your referral link, they will add 150 ($1.50) reward points to your account.

In addition to online surveys and referrals, says they offer in-home product testing, but I haven’t found anyone who has actually tested physical products for them.

MySurvey Reviews and Complaints

By a wide-margin, reviews are unfortunately negative. The most popular complaints are…

  • Spending months saving up enough points to cash out, only to have their accounts suddenly disappear with no help from MySurvey support.
  • Low payouts and not enough survey invites.
  • Spending your time answering surveys and finding out at the end that you’re not the demographic they’re looking for.

I usually list the positive comments here as well, but people don’t have much good to say, other than MySurvey used to be one of the better survey sites but have gone downhill (some say since they became affiliate with another survey company, Global Test Market).

What I Like About

  • Quick and easy to sign-up.
  • Open to 14 year olds (with parental consent).
  • 100% flexible schedule.

What I Don’t Like

  • To many complaints about the same issues.
  • Low pay and points can take up to 3 months to be deposited into your account.
  • Sharing your private information online (although this isn’t specific to
  • No passive income potential (also not specific to

Final Thoughts

You can probably tell, I'm personally not a fan of making money with paid surveys.

Having said that, it doesn't mean online surveys are not suitable for you. If you only need a few extra bucks, online surveys are simple and relatively low risk (although I'd be careful of giving out too much personal information. There are definitely less productive ways to use your time.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this Review was helpful.

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Using a simple and effective strategy to create leverage, you can create something once and have it pay you many times over. It's the same strategy I use and have written about here.

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  1. I was involved with Carol Adams from about 1970 on; it was casual, and at that time mail-oriented. They would send a dollar and a survey, you filled it out, kept the dollar, and sent the survey back. Over time they moved into computer surveys; good solid surveys and they would send a check from time to time. This went on for years… Then they changed, and the surveys began rejecting my answers and refused to pay in money or rewards. I decided to cash in my earnings, and ended up with a worthless bad check for $60. I had another for the same amount, and decided it wasn’t worth the expense. Bounced checks are not fun, and Carol Adams disappeared not long after.