Survey Junkie Reviews 2020 – Is Survey Junkie Safe or Another SCAM?

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Thanks for checking out my Survey Junkie review. If you’ve been looking for ways to work from home, you might be wondering if online surveys really work. A lot of people enjoy making money with Survey Junkie (3 million according to their website), but it may not be the kind of money you’re looking for.

In this review I’ll get talk about the pay and rewards, dive into the Survey Junkie reviews and see what people are saying, and of course… confront the obvious question. Is Survey Junkie safe or is it a scam?

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What is Survey Junkie About?

Survey Junkie is an online survey service that rewards members for taking paid surveys and sharing their opinions about consumer products, services, and brands.

As a way to earn extra money, online surveys are becoming very popular, but not all survey sites are good.

Survey Junkie is not among the highest paying survey sites, but it is one you can trust.

Located in Glendale California, Survey Junkie is owned by Blue Media Ventures and since 2011 has become one of the most popular survey sites online today.

How Does It Work?

Signing up with Survey Junkie is free and open to residents of the US, Canada, and Australia who are over the age of 13.

Registering is simple… you can join with your Facebook account, Google+ or with your email, and they’ll give you 25 points for your effort.

This step is quick, and you’ll be asked 5 questions…

  • Your Zip or Postal Code
  • Country
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • First and Last Name

You’ll then be rewarded with your first points.

Survey Junkie Congratulations 25pts

Setting Up Your Profile

Now that you’ve got your Survey Junkie login, you can set up your profile and earn an additional 50 points.

Personally… I’m not a fan of online surveys specifically for this reason, but that’s just me. Some of the questions are a little invasive, but an accurate profile is how they can match you with relevant surveys, so it’s important to be honest.

And you are earning some money online here.

The profile questions you’ll be asked are…

  • Do you have any pets (and what kind of pets)?
  • How much of your household grocery shopping do you do?
  • Your living situation (do you own or rent, do you live in a house or apartment?)
  • Marital status?
  • Race?
  • Language related questions…
  • Do you have children and if so, how many, their ages and gender?
  • Highest level of education?
  • Household income?
  • Are you a registered voter?
  • Employment status?
  • Industry you work in?
  • Job title?
  • How many employees are at the company you work for?
  • Which areas of your company are you involved in purchasing products or services?
  • What department do you work in?
  • List the health issues you have…
Survey Junkie Profile Set-up Medical History

With your profile complete (and 50 points added to your account) you can begin doing surveys.

To get a better idea of the sign-up process this quick tutorial walks you through it.

Who Is Survey Junkie For?

Doing online surveys has never made anyone rich, but they're great for earning just a few extra bucks in your spare time. 

And of all the online surveys out there, Survey Junkie is one of the better ones. 

You can also combine it with what are called “get-paid-to” sites like Swag Bucks who pays you for doing things like watching videos, searching the web, and visiting websites. 

These of course can't provide anything close to a full-time income, but if you've never made money online before they are a great first step. 

If you're more serious about earning your income from home, starting an online business may be what you're looking for. 

Making money from home might even be something you need because of  health, children to look after… or just a job you hate. 

If an online business is what you want though, then a starting point is what you're going to need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

Who Survey Junkie Is Not For…

While surveys can be a good way to get your feet wet and make a little money online, those looking for something more substantial will likely look elsewhere…

The advantage to making money online is that the internet gives you leverage. It enables you to create something once and earn money from it many times over.

Paid surveys provide zero leverage. For every survey you do, you only get paid once… and even then, it's not very much.

Like I said above, surveys are a great way to get started, but for a lot of people, leveraging the web to generate passive income may be a better option.

How Much Does Survey Junkie They Pay?

I’ve seen surveys on Survey Junkie pay as low as 10 cents and as high as $3 or $4. 

Having said that… it’s better than many other survey sites.

Surveys average between a couple minutes to take, up to half-an-hour… depending on how thorough you are when answering. Be careful though, they’ll ask you repetitive questions and try to trip you up to make sure you’re being honest and paying attention.  

Points : Dollars Ratio

Similar to sites like MyPoints, Global Test Market, Opinion Outpost, and Pinecone Research Survey Junkie has its own points “currency”.

1000 points is equal to $10.

Minimum Payout Threshold

One of the things I like about Survey Junkie is that they don’t hold you hostage with a ridiculous minimum that you must reach before cashing out. Vindale Research for example has a $50 minimum which also expires.

All you need here for redemption is 1000 points ($10)… and you’re already at 75 (points) just for signing up and completing your profile.

Survey Junkie Rewards

You are required to verify your identity when cashing out, and points can be redeemed for e-Gift cards such as Amazon and Target (US only), along with PayPal and Dwolla if you prefer cash.

Here is a video of a member demonstrating the redemption process.

Other Ways to Make Money

Survey Junkie does surveys… and they do them well. They don’t do games, product testing, sweepstakes and so on…

On one hand, it would be nice to have multiple ways to make money, like Swagbucks for example. On the other hand… it’s good that they stick to what they know best.

They do have a refer-a-friend program if you’re interested in recommending them to others, and you can also earn up to 5 points for doing tutorials.

Is Survey Junkie Safe?  

If you’ve read this far, you’ll know that Survey Junkie is safe… but if you’re just skimming, I'll touch on this topic because it doesn't matter what make-money-online site you're on… someone will accuse them of being a scam.

For example…

Survey Junkie Reviews Scam
Source: Trust Pilot

One of the most common issues with online surveys is the one shown above… and with just about every online money-making site you’ll get people calling them a scam.

The big issue here is that you complete surveys, accumulate points, and then get kicked out before getting paid, or have your account suspended for some mysterious reason.

Usually it’s an error, or the survey taker was too quick and provided inconsistent answers.

Survey Junkie responded to the complaint above, and the vast majority of reviews are positive. Currently, 88% of Trust Pilot reviewers have rated Survey Junkie either great, or excellent.

There are a few Survey Junkie reviews saying “scam”, but not many.

And, there are definitely real scams out there; dishonest survey sites that disqualify you and close your account so they don’t have to pay… but Survey Junkie is NOT one of them.

Survey Junkie Reviews and Complaints

They are legit, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get complaints.

With thousands of Survey Junkie reviews on sites like Reddit and Trust Pilot, you’re going to find some problems.

It should be noted though, that these complaints are common to many other survey sites as well.

  • The surveys fill up fast and you get a message saying link expired or quota full.
  • Getting disqualified from surveys (wrong demographic or inconsistent answers). Survey Junkie estimates that you will qualify for 1 out of 4 surveys.
  • Low pay. Many of the surveys pay under 50 points.
  • Difficulty when verifying identity (example below).  
Survey Junkie Complaint Identity Not Verified BBB
Source: Better Business Bureau

Members also have a lot of good things to say about Survey Junkie…

  • Able to earn the minimum threshold amount in under a week and payments through PayPal are made immediately.
  • Although not many, you do earn some points for survey attempts when you get disqualified.
  • A lot of survey opportunities.
Did Not Qualify Screen
3 points for not qualifying

What I Like About Survey Junkie

  • Points are offered just for signing up and completing your profile.
  • Better Business Bureau accredited with an A rating.
  • Take surveys on any device.
  • Much better reputation than most survey sites.

What I Don’t Like

  • Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey sites out there, so surveys fill up fast… usually within 24 – 48 hours.
  • Not enough good paying surveys.
  • No passive income potential.

Where Do You Go From Here?

I'm not a big fan of doing surveys for money. They can be time consuming, the pay is low, and you’re not building an income producing asset for the future. In my opinion, it’s better to spend your time online creating something that will provide a long-term income.  

But… if you've struggled to make money online, surveys can be a fun way to get started. They’re simple and safe, and even though they don't provide passive income… if you only need a few extra bucks for coffee every now and then, Survey Junkie is a good choice.

As mentioned earlier, you can also combine online surveys with “get-paid-to” sites like Swag Bucks. Why not get paid to do things you might be doing online anyway, like searching the web, visiting website and watching videos.

If a full-time income online is something you need because of a medical issue maybe or young children at home, an online business is what you want

Knowing how (and where) to start is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

I hope my Survey Junkie review was helpful and if you have any comments, questions or experience with Survey Junkie, please share in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “Survey Junkie Reviews 2020 – Is Survey Junkie Safe or Another SCAM?”

  1. I have been with Survey Junkie for a couple of yrs now, and am frustrated that waiting. I have sent a Que for a manual verification 3 different times over a months time now. Keep getting an auto-reply email saying someone from support with call within 48 hrs. The problem is No One ever calls. I would like to redeem my points, have not had any trouble with doing this until now. I would like to resolve this problem as I do like the company.

  2. I have been with Survey Junkie for about 6 months. It takes about a month of diligently doing surveys coming to email. You get turned down a lot. I read somewhere to just keep at it and eventually you’ll start getting actual surveys to complete. It finally happened and I’ve cashed out several times with no problem receiving my money. You won’t get rich but a few dollars is nice and comes in handy. They’re legit.

  3. Survey Junkie has gone off the rails. You seldom get disqualified from a survey until you are at least ten minutes into it. After attempting every day for a month the closest I cam was a survey I spent 25 minutes on. The survey said I was finished but then I still got the notice that the survey was filled and I received three points. If you contact them through the help link they just send you a standard reply.

    • Hi Hugh, thanks for the insight. We continue to hear good things about Survey Junkie (aside from the issues that plague all online surveys) but will keep an eye out for changes. If by chance you have any recommendations or experience with other sites you can share it would be helpful as well.

      Thanks again,