Website ATM Review (Legit $500/Day or Huge SCAM?)

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So here we have the Website ATM, a one-button cash machine that claims to spit out $500 a day. If you've been trying to make money online, this system which is also known as, might sound good… but maybe a little “too good”. I'm going to uncover the truth in this Website ATM review

If your gut is telling you something's wrong here, you'd be right. I'm not sure what kind of people come up with systems like the Website ATM but whenever I review them I'm amazed at how low people will sink to scam others.

Is it just the money though, or do they enjoy ripping people off?

Website ATM Homepage screen

Either way, I'm going to give Website ATM a proper review like I would for any legit program, and before I get into the reasons I think they're a scam, I'll explain who they are and what they do. In my opinion, the list of lies and deceptions here are astounding… but it's your opinion that matters. 

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Website ATM ( This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is The Website ATM About?

The Website ATM is supposed to be a push-button website builder created by ex-accountant Nick Harvey. But, this is not just any website builder. It's an instant cash machine… like having an ATM in your pocket. 

It's so good in fact, he asks you to keep it a secret.

“Don't tell anyone about this”, he says. To keep the authorities (and other marketers) from catching on… they're going to limit the number of Website ATM's they sell to 300, and make sure each website is capped at only $500 per day.

The sales video and pitch is pretty good. It makes the same promise as similar systems like Point 2 Click Profits, 10 Minute Paydays, Income Sites Online, and Fast Home Sites which pretty much say you can “make money with a push of a button”… so I understand why you'd want to check out Website ATM further. It even got me a little excited and I already know how all of this stuff works.

The basic idea is that you pay $47 for a machine that builds websites for you. These websites are supposed to rank quickly on Google, generate traffic immediately, and start earning money within minutes. 

In reality though, the $47 really only gives you access to some very basic information. Nothing that'll have you making money instantly in my opinion. And then, since you must share some contact information during the sign-up process… the next steps are a bunch of higher priced upsells. 

It's true, you can earn money this way (it's how I earn my income online). But you can't do it with the push of a button.

I've also seen (and reviewed) Website ATM before… only it was called Money Sucking Website at the time (also referred to as the MSW System).

The Website ATM Scam is same as MSW
Website ATM is a rebranded version of MSW

Notice any similarities? 

The comparison doesn't stop there though. Except for the name “Nick Harvey” and the family picture, the Website ATM video is not just similar to those used in other scams… it's literally the same one.   

If you watched the Website ATM video you may remember Nick Harvey introducing his wife Amanda and kids Caleb,Sara and Stevie (who wants to be an internet marketer like his Dad). 

Website ATM Creator Nick Harvey
Source: (aka Website ATM)

Nick and Amanda Harvey with children… Caleb, Sara and Stevie (allegedly)

Now…here's a screen shot (below) from Money Sucking Website and I don't think the the names of Willy's wife and children are a coincidence…

The Website ATM Harvey family

Yes… apparently Willy also has a family with a wife name Amanda and kids named Caleb, Sara and Stevie (who also wants to be an internet marketer like his Dad).

What are the chances?

It's also a coincidence that these two guys (Willy Handcock and Nick Harvey) each created one-button cash machines that are selling for forty-seven bucks.

If that's not enough, they also share the same story.

Both of them are ex-accountants who were let go from their job and stumbled onto a multi-million dollar tax return by a large hairy-chested Russian guy name Sergey Popov…  who taught them how to make money online in the golf niche. 

Of course I'm just being sarcastic here because in my opinion… there is no Nick Harvey (or Willy Handcock). There's also no Amanda, Caleb, Sara or little Stevie who wants to be an internet marketer like his Dad. 

At least, not associated with Website ATM.

Just like the reality of a push-button website that spits out cash, I don't believe Nick Harvey or his story are real. 

In fact, there's so much here that's not true I'm not sure where to start. These are same people who are bringing us another push-button website creation system called Website Profits Pro.

I should mention though, that the “concepts” being talked about are real. People build affiliate websites every day and rank them on Google (and other search engines). 

I think that's why Website ATM is partly believable, because the business model is legit.

But I can tell you from experience (since I also earn money this way) that it's not nearly as easy as Website ATM claims.   

If you want to make money online this way, there are certain skills you can't avoid and a real training program is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

But, get-rich-quick schemes are exactly that… schemes.

The only people getting rich are the scammers.

If something easy is what you're looking for, I get it. There's nothing wrong wanting something easy… especially after a long day of work.  

By the time you get home and make dinner, “easy” is all most people can handle and doing things like simple surveys on sites like  and ​​​​ may be a better option.

The won't make you rich, but they are simple… and more importantly, free to join.   

Is Website ATM a Scam?

Well… you probably know what I want to say.

Yes… I think they're a scam, but to be fair I always try to hold off from calling something a scam because it's not always black and white. There are variations of scams.

In some cases, people's intentions are in the right place but they get a little too aggressive with their marketing. They may even believe their product is good.

In my opinion though, that's not the case with Website ATM. I will go out on a limb here and call them a scam

I know what it takes to build a website that gets consistent traffic from Google and makes money, and saying you can do it with the push of button is 100% false. 

To say you can build a cash machine that generates $500 per day with no effort, is more than aggressive marketing. It's a lie. There's no grey area here so yes, in my opinion, Website ATM is a scam. 

That doesn't mean there isn't a little truth here though…

Truth #1 – You Can Build a Website With The Push of a Button.

I'm going to run down the list of lies… but first, there are a few things here that are true. 

The first is that building a website is easy. A push of a button might be a stretch, but you can do it with just a few clicks so I'll give Website ATM that one. 

What's not true though is that these simple websites will rank on Google, get traffic and make money. Google doesn't even index new websites for a few days (and sometimes it can take weeks). 

And then, if you don't have anything on your website (which you won't with just a few clicks)… there is nothing for Google to “rank”, especially in a competitive niche like “golf” which Nick claims was his first niche.

There is absolutely no way Google is going to rank a paper-thin website (with copy and paste content) higher than an established golf website with hundreds (if not thousands) of in-depth articles written by experts in the field.

Especially since that established website has been on the first page of Google for many months, if not years.

You have to earn your way onto the first page of Google.

Truth #2 – Affiliate Marketing Works?

If affiliate marketing did not work, I'd probably be wearing workboots and pulling electrical cables through walls right now (my old job). 

Instead, I earn my living at home with my laptop. So yes… affiliate marketing works. 

The fundamentals that Nick talks about are real. 

You can build a website, rank it in the search engines and earn a living with affiliate marketing. But you must know how to do it and there is no push-button system that will do it all.

How do I know? 

Because I (and countless other website owners) have looked for and tried systems like these before. Hey… we'd like our jobs to be easier too 😀 

What we all eventually realize though, is that there are no shortcuts. If you want to make money this way, you can… but you can't just buy your way to the front of the line.

I wish there was a shortcut (and I tried to find one as I discuss in my free guide), but there isn't one.

Having spent thousands on make money online programs, and reviewing hundreds more… I have never found a real shortcut.

Truth #3 – You Need a Website

The third truth in my opinion is that you need a website. 

During the sales video Nick says that guru's are telling you the BIG LIE, which is that you don't need a website. 

Now, it depends on your definition of a “website”, but at the very least you'll need a marketing funnel and your own domain name… which is pretty close to being a “website”.

So, that's another truth I'm going to give Website ATM.

Putting it all together and earning an income from home though, requires some effort. 

If you're like me and not afraid of a little hard work though, you can absolutely make money online and create the lifestyle you want. But it's not about “tricks”, it's about learning new skills and a proper training program is what you need to get you want

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

You can also make money doing surveys on sites like  and ​​​​ and although they won't make you rich, they can be good stepping stone to something bigger.  

The Big Lies 

Since Nick Harvey revealed a BIG LIE about not needing website, let's go over some more big lies.

#1 You Will Make Money In Minutes

According to “Nick” his push-button golf website was earning money in minutes.

That's a big lie. 

This is how it really works. 

Pretend you want to know what the best golf balls for windy days are. You search online for “best golf balls for windy days” and Google gives you a result. 

The reason people use Google is because they want good results. They want a good answer to their question and it's Google's job to give them one. Google's entire existence depends on their ability to serve up the right content. 

What people do NOT want is Nick Harvey's insta-site that was built 72 seconds ago with the click of a mouse… and Google knows that. 

In fact, Google doesn't even know about Nick's website, nor do they care.  

What Google is going to show you is a list of golf websites that have established their trust. These are websites with authority in the golf niche. 

In other words, they've “earned” their position on Google (they didn't pay $47 for it).

An example of one of these websites might be this one…

A Real Affiliate WebSite That Makes Mone

The reason sites like these work so hard to build authority and get recognized by Google is because the button that says “Check The Price on Amazon” has the potential to be worth thousands of dollars every month.

There may be millions of people who visit this website and click that button which is linked to Amazon. When someone buys golf balls (or anything on Amazon) within 24 hours… the owner of that website earns a commission. 

And here's another interesting statistic that exposes Website ATM big lie… 

Real websites are typically worth 20 to 40 times what they earn per month. 

That means a high ranking website in a popular niche like golf could easily earn $10,000 per month (even six-figures per month)… but let's say it just a measly 10K. 

That would mean the owner could sell their website for $200,000 to $400,000.

In other words, it's the price of a house! 

Nick is telling us we can build not one, but many money-making websites for just $47 (and the push of a button). So… it's kind of like he's trying to sell us a machine that builds houses for $47. 

“Here… go build an entire neighborhood of brand new homes with this machine I built” 😀

Again, the “concept” of making money online this way is real, which is why Website ATM is half-believable. In reality though… it just doesn't work that way.

# 2 – Fake Testimonials

As you watch the Website ATM video you'll be introduced briefly (in the bottom left corner) to people who are making money with this system. 

They are definitely real people, but they have nothing to do with Website ATM. Everything (except their faces of course) is fake. Their names, where they're from and the claim they made money with Website ATM. 

These are all models who's pictures can be found on stock photography websites like Shutterstock (as shown below). 

Website ATM Fake Testimonials
Source: (aka Website ATM)

# 3 -Nick is Limiting Website ATM to Just 300 People

A lot of things have been said about Website ATM but this might be the most ridiculous. 

He is literally telling us he has a machine that not only spits out instant money, but that he's such a nice guy he's giving it away for next to nothing because we found him on the internet. 


If he's such a “nice guy” why is he giving it to just anyone?

Don't give it to me!

Give it to someone who's starving? Who's house is being foreclosed on because they have medical bills piling up?

Give all 300 of your machines to people in oppressive countries where opportunity is impossible.

Don't waste them on people who might not even need the money to begin with!

Of course this limit of 300 ATM machines is a lie. LOL… Maybe they had a few left over that no one wanted when they were called Money Sucking Website… You know, because it's hard to give away a machine that generates instant cash with the push of button. 

I mean… who would want one of those, right?

# 4You Don’t Even Have To Write a Single Word

I don't even know where to begin with this one. 

Artificial intelligence is getting good… but it's not so good that it can replace writers. Most of us who build websites know this because we've looked 😀

There are “bots” that can scrape the internet and loosely compile an article that sort of makes sense, but it's barely readable. 

Another option is to hire a writer, but that's going to cost you a heck of lot more than $47.

Finally, you could just copy and paste articles from other people's websites, and some thieves do try this … but Google is is smart.

They know where those articles appeared first and if your site is just a collection of copied articles from other people's websites, forget it… 

… your site will never rank in the search engines, it will never get traffic, and it will never make a single cent.  

# 5 – Websites are “Throttled” to ONLY Make $500/Day…

I've reviewed a lot of scams… but Website ATM might deserve the award for the most outrageous claims.

Only $500 a day you say?

Apparently, you can hack these websites to earn $1000 per day or more, but to keep the authorities from catching on… let's keep them capped at $500.

Um… okay. I guess a $47 machine that spits out $500 per day is not going to attract attention?

That's a 1000% return on your investment, on the VERY FIRST DAY! 

Nope, I'm sure that won't attract anyone's attention.

But it gets even better… because your Website ATM doesn't just make one website… it makes many. You could build ten websites and get a 10,000% return on that investment…

… on the VERY FIRST DAY!

How about your second day? 20,000 percent!

Your third day? 30,000 percent!

I mean… these returns are better than Bitcoin, but then again, Bitcoin didn't attract anyone's attention either, right? 😀

The truth is, the only Website ATM that's actually making money here is

Where Do You Go From Here?

In my opinion, Website ATM will not generate $500 a day. If it sounds too good to be true (and Website ATM does sound too good to be true), it probably is.

There's a lot of deception here, from false scarcity to fake testimonials to outrageous get-rich-quick claims. 

That doesn't mean you can't make money online, it's just not as easy as Website ATM makes makes it out to be.

If earning your income online and working from home is something you want, it's not about “tricks” or push-button systems. It's about learning new skills. 

Starting with the fundamentals of how money is made online is what you need to get what you want.

To learn how I did it, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by clicking HERE.

If you're really just looking for something easy, you can also make money doing surveys on sites like  and ​​​​

They won't make rich of course (definitely not $500 per day)… but if you've never made money online before they are a good first step. 

I hope you found my Website ATM review helpful and if you have any comments, questions or experience with Website ATM… please share in the comments section below. 

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146 thoughts on “Website ATM Review (Legit $500/Day or Huge SCAM?)”

  1. I got a random text message and I thought, “Hey! WTH, I might as well give em the benefit of the doubt” so I clicked on it and their lil scheme is kinda believable if you live under a rock for the last decade….really. I went online and searched “google” for this particular “website app” that they called themselves and your blog was 5th one down. (Good job btw) and so here I am…. darn I wanted to make $500 a day just pushing 1 button…lol. Oh well maybe next time lmao

  2. Tnx… my phone said scam during call, but since it left a v/m I listened. I wonder if it got my # bc my husband put my info in places where I was looking 4work …. this was very thorough…

  3. just another screw you and no kiss scam. No surprise there. Taking advantage of people pays well if your getting paid for a hustle. Karma always kisses this kind in the end eventually.

  4. I know this is a scam,they call you to make you purchase a lot more things like customer service 24 hrs help and other programs! It sucks!

  5. Thank you for all of this very useful information and you are 100% correct. Not less than 4 hours ago I watched that entire almost 1 hour video explaining the entire scam. Hook,Line and sinker credit card in hand waiting for the guy to shut up so I could reserve my spot in time o couldn’t type my info in fast enough.
    And ????BAM just as quick as a blink of an eye the page was gone. And a receipt appeared for the last website I had made an online purchase from stating that I had made a $54 purchase from them. I’ve emailed the company and their covering it. But up until 15 minutes ago a small part of me still thought I was missing out on a deal of a lifetime. Boy do I feel like a moron… Thank You again, and I will be sure to read more of your stuff no doubt!
    Lots of lessons learned.. Wish I could report that guy somewhere.
    You’re the Best!

  6. It’s a scam…lies..lies..lies..then they talking about policy updates…lies lies lies…IT IS A SCAM…”MARKETING ATM”…IS A SCAM dont waste your time

  7. So I originally saw this money making scam on ratrebellion and once reading the article I clicked on the link and it asks for money. Says its a huge price break and I already know from my childhood that if you apply for a job it should not cost you money. So I backed out. Although they have my email and phone number. I have been receiving phone calls everyday. I block a number and then a new number calls. I even unsubscribed to the emails i have received. These people are relentless. Its sad they chose to harrass you when you can see thru the lies.

  8. Hey Jay I have an interesting add to this scam for you if you will please email me I’ll send you over the screen shots lol. I would have posted them here but I can’t!

  9. I got scammed too but I paid 47 dollars twice. I’m gonna fight them in court if need be. They owe me. They are nothing but false representation. I paid my first 47 dollars only to open up another screen asking for more money. Court I go…..

    • Thank you for exposing SCAMS like this! Luckily I read this before giving them any money. Everybody wants something for nothing or doesn’t want to put forth any effort! Thank you again!

      • I saw their ad on Instagram and decided to click to see what the up was all about. I already had a feeling it was a major scam as these tend to be, but as anyone who would like an easier way of making some money after struggling I figured it’s better to listen before judging. Then read others opinions to get other perspectives. Thank you for writing this and validating my thoughts before I even thought of giving money to them. I am interested in your step by step and will give that a read later. Thank you!

  10. Hello Everybody! I got scam too! 10/27/19
    Someone needs to start a class action: LAW-SUIT on ATM Marketers.. I’m all in for it!
    Who wants to start it?
    Just look how many people got scammed?
    ATM needs legal action file against them!

    • Agreed! It’s not just about the $47 but how can someone market and sell a product that is completely false? They need to be taught a lesson that hits em where it hurts!

      • Yep so true I I’ve paid for the system twice in last two weeks . They won’t be back online to help me with my domain name to even get to build one of the sites to see how and if it really worked ! I ask if they were charging for each and every website because it kept taking me back to those videos Everytime seem like there was plenty rice $47 or more ! I just ,didn’t I just pay for this and all the work is suppose to be done for me now ! Well , if there is law suite to be filed against them I’m in !

    • Hey yes. We should get a class action law suit.. I paid the 47 and then signed up,made the calls ,watched the video ..I even wrote down the steps to getting a domain and a website. I’ve never been so confused. Then this guy Vinny calls me. I listened to his message . He was like “Hi I’m
      vinny(in a very drone coma like state) I’ve been assigned your file and here to help you make a profile and start your program. Well o called and called and called him back. By the 15 th tome I let him have it. No answer Then when he did answer he said he want Vinny and hung up. I called the support line and all they said was follow the steps. Well the step are for people who know about domain and websites. I was so excited to do this Then bam realize dI was scammed. So yes let’s sue them. That the only way we’ll get the money they promised.

  11. I really appreciate the review. I was interested in website atm but found your website review here and you not only saved me time and money but you gave me advice that could potentially start me in the right direction on starting to make money online properly. Thank you and i hope you make good commision on all your ports for this site in fact im going to ahare this page to my facebook right now. Thanks again.

  12. Thank you for the article! I got as far as the first video and I thought let me see the reviews and boom. Yours was the first one. As soon as I didnt see a refund disclosure, I smelt the dishonest scam.

  13. Hi…Does anyone have the URL address of this site with the pitch? I got caught myself. They told me I would get a refund within 10 business days…come and gone. I called today and told them I was still waiting. She puts me on hold. Then she says they have a policy to give me only 50%. I said I dont think so. Then she said 10 business days. Hell with them I am going to my credit company. I just need the URL of the pitch of the sale. Thank you. Good luck to everyone.

  14. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for this article about Website ATM. I suspected it was a scam from moment I saw the link, but checked it out since I do earn money online and I knew I could Google the offer if it sounded legitimate. While the “something for nothing” video itself convinced me it was a scam, your article detailing out what was true and false about Website ATM was interesting and well worth reading. Thank you for taking the time to research this.

    You mention online surveys a few times. I want comment on that. In the past six months, experimenting with working surveys about 20 minutes per day (on average), my actual cash payouts have averaged $81 per month. I rather enjoy turning what I call “nothing time” into something useful.

    There is a certain amount of savvy needed, from sifting out the pseudo-survey sites to having realistic expectations about how the survey workplace operates, plus plenty of patience for the number of times you will enter your demographic information or be halfway through a survey only to get a “survey has enough respondents” message. It can be a lot of fun critiquing advertising videos or new product offerings and quite satisfying to voice one’s political and social concerns. I especially like the surveys created by various Universities; they are almost always interesting.

    Thanks again for the work you do for this site. Now that I am here, I am going to explore more of it.

    ~L Jane H

  15. Thank you for the honest and detailed research about this Scammers =). Good thing we do a research first or study about this people and on what they are doing. Once again thank you very much.

  16. Thank you for your honesty in the review. I am currently on workmans comp., and in a limited budget. Needless to say it would take me a long time to try to make up that money.

  17. Update: So I called today to get a refund….wish I would have read this article before I made the purchase. The lady told me the owner was only offering a partial refund of $24.00. I told her that that was not acceptable and I would be filing a dispute with my credit card company as the product was not as advertised. She then put me on hold and told me she would be transferring me to the refund dept. to go over the matter. The same lady gets on and then says they will be offering me the full refund of $47.00. 1-2 days to receive a confirmation email and then 7-10 days for refund.

    I’m wondering if they are just buying time. Do you think I should just file a dispute with my credit card company? Something doesn’t feel right. WEBATM are big scammers!!!!!

    • This is the same thing I was told. Only would get a partial refund What number did you call to get ahold of them. I can’t even find that,! Thank you

    • I to would like to find out where and how to get my $ 47.00 back also. I also was gullible and fell for the scam. I searched everywhere to find out and can’t find anything. So please if someone knows
      please tell me at […] Thanks

  18. Kevin here, so something I found interestingly fun was they are only giving 300 people a shot at this and there is a reason you can see their video of this Cash Maker.
    That would be the fact that as you watch the video people popup at the bottom that says, so ans so just started making money with ATM also many minutes or days or months ago and there had to been at least 300 popup at the time the video was going, and #2 the they came to us. No I didn’t, not really, I mean I might have clicked the link but I wasn’t looking for it by any means, I got a text message about a job opportunity and application and when I clicked the link it took me straigt to the first of 2 videos.

    So realizing that it more than likely was a scam of course the first thing I did was Google is website ATM a scam and looky here I got this review about it being a scam as I had figured but always good to check on things even if it doesn’t seem like a scam, you never know these days because anything can be a scam.

    So with that said keep up the good work and to all readers be safe, be smart and be happy life isn’t easy and nothing out there will ever be that easy so don’t get caught up in the BS and just be happy and work hard and try to make the best of everything you can.

  19. While I thank you for saving me time and money as I almost signed up for this company, let me know if you would be interested in someone to proofread your website! ?

    • LoL, thanks Kalina. I’m actually in the process of hiring someone now to help out… I do my best to read through articles and reviews before publishing but it’s always a rushed process and you have to hit the publish button at some point. Having said that, I have gone back to older posts and noticed an abundance of errors I missed that made me cringe 🙂

      • I write for a few folks and have found Grammarly an invaluable tool and a must for anyone publishing content for the masses. Would save tons over hiring someone to do it for you.

    • I got suckered. What a waste of time and money. I see they have an F rating for the BBB and I spoke with someone from that company and talk about a rude B. I am like you talk to your customers like that?

  20. Thank you for posting this, and making something that is supposed to be so good it’s “unbelievable” . Glad I found your site and got clarity and got my head back on straight. I was about to “unbelievably” pay $47.00 with my bankcard to some nice sounding family guy that was going to help get me out of this horrible financial predicament I’m in… (Cancer, Divorce…yada ,yada) Anyway it peaked my interest because I did recently buy a domain name from Go Daddy to launch a particular dream I have. That being said, I thought Website ATM would lead me the way…. at least I’m still $47.00 ahead today!
    Thanks for the posts!!

  21. I am a survivor of the #campfire in northern California. I have been getting several txts a day. From atmwebsite. I thought it was an assistant program to help recover from the fire. I lost my home and all belongings. It is discusting this vulture is preying on natural disaster victims

  22. I got scammed by Website ATM and really don’t know where to turn to get my money back k.snd to put a stop to Nick Harveh or whoever he is. I really got suckeref.

    • I just called the number to cancel Website ATM that someone gave on here. 1 888 752-0246. I spoke to a Hilda n she said she worked for and they handled several companies. I gave her the name of company WebsiteATM n she asked me for my website. She was able to pull my order up with my name n the amounts I paid n today’s date. She did the cancellation n said I would get my full refund back which included the 47.00 n two other charges for other services I purchased. I asked her if I was going to get the full amount back n she said yes. I asked her how long would it take to get refund n she said 7-10 days.

      • When he first asked me to watch I went to the bottom of the screen to terms and conditions, The name at the bottom of his page is I am glad to know you are getting your money back and that I found this review after I googled the opportunity with the word scam.

  23. My name is Daniel I too was scammed into this website ATM was getting ready to upgrade but I had a credit card fraud come across my phone at that moment at which time I contacted my credit card company they claimed I had bought a music book video which I told them cancel the card cancel payment couple days later this company’s been calling me from so-called Utah but it comes up unknown name unknown number if these folks were legit they had have names under their so-called phone numbers. Thank you for the being honest about this company I guess I’ll just remain it being a truck driver

  24. They called me and left a voicemail saying they got my application i filled out for the job position and it sounded like a scam the way the person was talking. And so i did my research first so thanks for this website it was very helpful. I just wonder how they got my number

    • Just happened to me today. I am unemployed so I went into the site to check it out. Then I googled
      website ATM and came across this article. I am suspicious by nature so I didn’t fall for it. If it were so great why would everybody be doing it.

  25. Good Morning,
    Just tried to get refund of my $47 and they will only refund 24.00 how convenient for them…
    The market is flooding with all these online money making deals. Wish there was a way to just find the legitimate ones. lol

  26. I was told to call a mumber and set up a code and eveytime i call ot goes right to voice mail what do i do someone please help

  27. I tried to pay your web site said credit card declined 5 different times … Then payment part said wait.screw me out of 94 dollars thank ass holes

    • Hi Daniel, I appreciate your comment. I just want to make it clear, this website nor myself have any affiliation with Website ATM. In fact, just the opposite. We try to inform people of sites like Website ATM so they don’t lose their money. I’m very sorry for the experience you’ve had with them and hopefully you can recover that money through your bank or credit card company, but I also want to thank you for sharing it here so others can learn some of the tactics these people use to rip people off. We try to help people understand how sites like Website ATM work before they spend money, unfortunately though, they put a lot of pressure on you to buy immediately and not leave their website because they know if you do, you’ll read reviews like this one and find out what they are.

      Anyway, I appreciate your comment and again, hopefully you can resolve it quickly with your credit card company.


      • Hi Jay,
        Thank you for this review. I was given only two minutes to avail and that’s a big pressure including the instruction not to leave the website but I did the opposite, I left the website and immediately looked for a review about their website because I suspected it to be a scam considering the way they encourage you citing earning a lot of money without stating what work will you be going to do to earn such big amounts of money. Luckily, I came across your review and it confirms what’s on my mind. Thank you so much for saving the money of “would-be” victims.
        I’m looking for an online job but it seems there’s a lot of scams and I have to be vigilant by searching reviews on certain websites or online job offers before falling prey to them, “scambugs”
        God bless you!

    • Does any one have the phone number for these scammers.. website ATM or even tell me how to get my money back… I feel so stupid!!!

    • Thank you all for sharing your experiences.I got a text message to go and watch the video. I watched and it did sound to good to be true and I have been scammed more then once and feel so stupid. But there was a phone number that the text came from. Hopefully it will help you all get your money back. 775-363-4193

  28. Hi Jay,
    Is there any contact information to cancel my subscription with website ATM I believe the charge came from Alpha online edu? Any information to have this canceled is greatly appreciated.


    • Hi George, looks like I’m getting back a few hours too late… I noticed you added a phone number in your other comment. Thanks for taking your time to help out the community, it’s much appreciated 🙂


        • Hi Ed, I don’t, sorry… EasyKits (I’m not even sure the website is still working) is associated with various get-rich-quick scams and for the most part are quick money grabs. Typically the people putting these up are using cheap outdated PLR content (private label rights content which is cheap and anyone can buy a license to distribute it) and there is no support or help for it, nor does it do as the scam promises. So the people behind these don’t publish their address and in most cases these sites are being run from someone’s home.

      • Nope, because it’s likely a scam too. I really hate people. Makes me sick. Kill myself my whole life working and these clowns steal people money off of false hopes and dreams.

    • Nakoria, hi! Any chance you can share what that site is or method or scheme your referring to? Please? Oh! Is it legit? Never mind. I just saw the pop up. Not interested.

  29. Hi, just want to say thank you for saving me for not purchasing the sign-up fee. It really almost convince me that it was real after watching Website ATM marketing videos but thank god I stumbled upon this site review. I really almost purchase and actually about to pay the $47, Like you said it’s just too good to be true! I have been looking for something and hoping to learn how to do an affiliate marketing to work, did a few training before but I guess I am just dumb about it, even purchased one of their CD mailed to me just to watch the how-to start, etc I even get spammed with invitations of videos and autoresponders from the sources. But I think I will never fall for it unless I get an actual real training for it. Anyway, I just want to say thanks for your review. =)

  30. Amen. No moralty… just satisfying appetites and laughing all the way to their bank. If you are a person of integrity in a world full of sharks you have got to be smart. Let us find out where these scammers sleep! I never received any information from them

  31. For the lady getting foreclosed on …..remember if they do foreclose and let’s say they sale it for more then you owe on the house including hoa child’s up port you’ll have to request to get the difference at your county it was sold at …it’s Called foreclosure surplus look into in case you lose your house for 11k……

  32. You are doing a great service, i knew it was obviously a scam but watching their video it just kept repeating free money over and over in different words and out of curiosity as to how they are going to make you the money i googled them and found your article. seems so many people use the internet to take advantage of the most vulnerable so it’s refreshing to see someone trying to help people understand the scam and why to avoid it. i had absolutely no intention to try to make money online when i started reading your article but you have made me think i can turn my spare time into some possible cash in the future. i’m going to read your beginners guide next, but if i wanted to ask you anything would you A.) be willing to help me understand and B.) give out a method of contact besides having to comment? you’ve already done plenty by researching and writing the article then taking your time to address each comment, and that’s already a lot so i understand if you don’t want people asking you questions directly all the time. but figured i’d ask because you sound like someone who can give me advice i can trust.

    • Hi Thomas, yes you can get in touch with me if you have any questions. As you go through the beginners guide you’ll be provided a link where can connect with personally and get further tools and training for free 🙂 Thanks for reaching out and I appreciate your kind words,


      • I too am bombarded w this crap for sale. I hsve learned to google for ratings and then thanks to those who publish those ratings and what they know feom experience , u saved me from that very scam!!! Website ATM!!!
        Now i get tons of emails n so far only one comes up straight.

  33. Well I read your review, a few days to late. I am a active member of Website ATM. I got my website, you actually get 5 websites for the $47.. you pick your own niche, you sign up as an affiliate with eBay and Amazon… But Amazon will not allow you an API anymore until you have actually sold 3 products in 180 days, or your affiliate account is canceled.. Anyway.. You need to choose your own Domain Name and Register it, that cost around $12.00.. Then you set up the DNS record to point to their servers. After yo do this, you can set up your website, by choosing products from eBay to sell… That is all they give you. So here I sit with a Website, that has a bunch of products on them from eBay… Now what? I have called them, only to get an answering machine,,.. I have left messages for the last 5 days asking What Now? Do they submit to search engines or do I? How do I get this site out to buyers?
    I must be an idiot I have falllen for the get rich scheme so many times, and each time I tell myself I will research them better the next time.. but then.. they give you 30 minutes to accept the offer.. or the offer increases… so you hurry up and buy…. SUCKER ! The sad thing of it is… I design websites.. I have my own website now, that I am still adding product too. A product that I purchase.. not from eBay or Amazon.
    What got me, was that Amazon has grown in leaps and bounds, they sell everything now.. and 99.9% of the stuff they sell, is cheaper than I can buy it from myWholesalers. Such as a RV Air Conditioner… Amazon is $100 cheaper than my Dealer Price from My Wholesaler… How do they do it.. they buy in bulk.. the more you buy the cheaper the product… so People would be foolish to buy anywhere else when they can save so much money.. so I thought if I was an affiliate of Amazon, then maybe I could make up some of my loss revenue…
    My husband and I are looking for a business revenue that we can bring in from home. He is a HVAC man and puts in long hard hours in the severe heat or cold repairing Air Conditioners or Furnaces.. He’s done it now for 39 years. Its getting that time to retire, His body is just wearing out. I’m disabled myself, so I can’t do work outside my home. I wanted to get your book, but clicked on the link that said: …free step by step beginner’s guide to making money online and you can get it by clicking HERE. and It gave me a 404 bad page.. Is the book still available for download?

    • Hi Trudy, thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience. The link you were referring to has been fixed, thank you for the heads up 🙂 Also, thanks for sharing your information about Website ATM. The challenge with these systems is exactly how you describe. They can only take you up to the point where you need traffic, and then they usually abandon you because there is no such thing as fast and free traffic.

      There are two ways you can get traffic. You can pay for it using strategies such as advertising or PPC (pay per click) which makes it very difficult to make a profit. Or, you can get free traffic using strategies such as SEO (search engine optimization) or building a social media following.

      It takes time to generate free traffic and knowing how to do it is a valuable skill. Websites that generate significant traffic are extremely valuable and can easily be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars because you can turn that traffic into a steady stream of income. It’s like someone buying a traditional (bricks and mortar) business. It’s value is (in large part) determined by it’s earning potential.

      Whenever you’re evaluating a potential online opportunity, the question you always want to ask is how they generate traffic. If they use paid traffic then you’ll have to add that cost to the cost of the system. If they use free traffic, you’ll know it’s going to take time to generate that traffic (and that it’ll be extremely valuable when you do). If they don’t tell you how they’re going to generate traffic, or if they tell you the traffic is both fast and free… it’s almost certain to be a scam because traffic is too valuable to be fast AND free. The exception to this is if you are the product creator and have a network of affiliates who can market your product for you, but even then, it takes time and money to create and develop your product.

      Thanks again for sharing your story and insight Trudy,

      • Awesome knowledgeable response! Thanks so much. I’ve been scammed by website ATM and other similar ones! So crazy world of scammers if we’re not educated enough to realize it! Thanks so much again.

  34. Hi Jay! I, like all of your readers really appreciate the time that you have given to post this review to keep us from making a big mistake with sites like Website ATM etc. They all have the same video running and cost around, if not $47 or more to join. Personally, I have lost quite a few dollars on sites like these thinking that maybe, just maybe this is the site to join but only to be scammed one more time. In regards to the reviewer that asked the question regarding how to stop the text messages that they send, all you have to do is respond with the word STOP as that seems to work for me. Just thought that might at least slow them down a bit! Again, thank you for your candid review of these scam artists because without your reviews alot of people would be taken for alot of money and alot more heartache!
    Judy C

    • Thanks for sharing your insight and experience Judy, I appreciate it. And thanks also for the tip on how to stop the text messages from coming in, I’ll definitely give it a try,


  35. Thank YOU SO MUCH!!! Its very refreshing to FINALLY get an honest person speaking the truth for a change WITHOUT any gimmicks!!!

    Anyway I’ve BEEN working for the same company for over 12 years now and have also been held back by a supervisor that seems to need a few good DOORMATS around to make them feel better about themselves and likes to tell the workers that they care about them yadda yadda yadda!!! Anyway I have had some tremendous life issues occurring for say the last 5 years or so FIRSTLY I lost my only child just a little over 3 years ago and then if that wasn’t bad enough I had to move in with my elderly parents who are both over 80 YEARS OLD and NOT IN THE BEST OF HEALTH!

    Moms got dementia and is bed ridden and dads only able to get AROUND with a Walker and I am the ONLY caretaker who also works a fulltime job and due to ISSUES WITH caring for my parents have BEEN LATE quite often and have BEEN on final warnings for 2 years now and I know that my TIME at my employers company is soon going to be over for real!!! I !m DESPERATE to find WORK from home that WILL NOT cost me a thousand dollars to get my foot in the door so to speak!!! I went to one of those houseflipping gigs and in the end THAT’S WHAT it WOULD cost me to learn THE skills etc… for 3 days of intense training but I had to pay them $1,000.00 first! If I had that kind of money just hanging around I WOULDN’T be going to them In the 1st PLACE!!! I WOULDN’T BE searching for SOMETHING solidly BENEFICIAL to SUPPORT MYSELF and help my folks out who are BOTH on SOCIAL SECURITY TO BOOT!!!


  36. Jay, apparently the website has a 60 day guarantee, no questions asked. Can you share with me how to access their website to ask for a refund?

    • Hi Denis, if I remember correctly there was a contact email. My apologies, it’s been a awhile since I reviewed them and don’t currently have an active account to look around inside. There may be someone else in the comments here that can chime in though. Thanks for reading and hope you’re able to get your refund.


    • Hi Isabella, to the best of my knowledge, TBC (or The Billionaire Coin) is a scam. I haven’t done a lot of research on it however, it seems that it’s being promoted by some shady sites that claim to be financial institutions but when you look closely all the sites are built on similar platforms using the same general layout, and most importantly, don’t even use the most basic encryption or security standards that even a blogger would use. I personally wouldn’t trust it, but that’s just based on my limited knowledge of TBC.

  37. Hi,
    Please someone tells what to do. I’m getting several text messages every single day from website ATM and each time from a different number so there’s no use from even blocking a number. It’s literally many times per day and always the same promotional video.
    Please help

    • Hey Susie, thanks for reaching out. As far as getting text messages, I’m not certain myself how to deal with those. I sign up for an test a lot of products so I have quite a few texts like that as well and they definitely annoy me but I just ignore them. I know that’s not the answer you were looking for… my apologies. If someone does know how to stop them when they’re coming from a different number I’d love to know too because I’ve got a few I’d like to stop too.


      • You can unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. You need to go through your email and unsubscribe to every unwanted SPAM. THESE PEOPLE PREY ON PEOPLE LIKE US. I AM LEARNING TO BE AN AFFILIATE MARKETER. SOME PLATFORMS LIKE AMAZON WILL EVEN PAY YOU A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MONEY TO PARTICIPATE. I’M MEW SO NOT EXACTLY SURE HOW ITS WORKS. STILL DOING RESEARCH., for about 3 months now. I am in the process of actually building my first website. Thank you for this review. I went in blind and spent a lot of money. Had to make claims with my banks to get my money back. I still am in the process of this right now. About $850.00 worth of claims. These SCAMMERS ARE LIKE VAMPIRES, THEY WILL SUCK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT DRY!!! So it is best to always do your research. Hope this helps. I know that your review has opened my eyes as well. Thank you so much. I have not launched my website yet. I am only on day three of training & building. You are definitely going to fail many times, but don’t let that stop you. It’s kind of like riding a bike. You just have to get back up and keep on trying!!! Here is to our failures that will bring success????

    • The only things I can suggest are to change your phone number. 2. Buy a small mobile phone just for signing up for programs and when you have to verify yourself when they text you a number.Not to make calls with.

  38. Hey brother I noticed you said that you do make your money online but obviously not scamming people like these a holes lol. Listen if you want is there any website you can point me to that will teach me how to make decent money online??? If you can I would highly appreciate it and if I have to pay for a book or two I dont mind I just want to learn.

    • Hey Gabriel, thanks for reaching out. I see that you’ve signed up at Wealthy Affiliate and connected over there. I sent you a quick message and see that you’re finding your way around the training area and community. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help 🙂


  39. I almost ordered it my friend kept telling me to try it it will cost me nothing to try. But in my gut it didnt sound right a push button system all done for you dont exist for building a website i knew this after searching for it many times. It takes skills for your site to be rated and time before you even are ranked for it to be seen even more time to get paid if at all. But i had to check out the reviews because i still had to know what people were saying. Thanks Jay you have bought out some good points that most people dont know they just react because it sound so good and thats what Nick is hoping for is for people to just respond without doing there home work, and they have made alot of money from people just reacting and you can forget about a refund that dont exist unless your credit card company work with you and stop payment the rest of you the longer you wait the harder it will be for your credit card company to do any thing once payment clears

  40. I wish I had read this before I bought website atm, but what about this pyramid thing with Matt and Alfonso or whatever his name is…
    It costs thousands and says pretty much the same thing as website atm, with three levels of money you can earn seven, fourteen, and twenty one thousand??

    • Hey Nicholas, thanks for reading and sharing your experience, Did you try to get your money back from Website ATM?

      I’m not sure I’m familiar with the other program you mentioned though. Let me know if you think of the name of it.


      • no, I haven’t tries I wish I had read this before I bought website atm, but what about this pyramid thing with Matt and Alfonso or whatever his name is…
        It costs thousands and says pretty much the same thing as website atm, with three levels of money you can earn seven, fourteen, and twenty one thousand??

        • Or what about Fearless momma? This GUEDO is saying pretty much the same thing as coach Matt and coach Alfredo(whatever his name is) with the three levels to buy into??

      • . Thank you for your post, I was about to buy this but I’m so glad I researched it before hand. I am desperate to make $ as my home is about to be auction if I don’t pay 11,000 . My husband lost his job after 14 yrs working with the company. Have 6 kids to feed. Were not lazy people, as were both veterans so we are trying to find work, even if its McDonalds, something. So yes I am DESPERATE to make $. So now I have to find something else to do but thank you agsin

        • Hi Roberta, so sorry to hear about your situation. The internet is great way to make money but it’s not good for immediate money. Even when you start generating revenue from various sources, you still have to wait to get paid. Many companies will hold your earnings for 30 days to cover any potential refunds from sales. Then, once your revenue is approved for payout you still have to wait for their payout schedule which is usually once a month… so there’s the potential of another 30 day wait depending on on when your funds were approved.

          If they are sending a check that can take a couple weeks (plus clearing your bank). If they payout through PayPal for example, it’s faster… but PayPal takes a few days to transfer that money into your personal account.

          And… before those funds are even generated in the first place there’s a lot of work setting up your site, your ads, your email list or whatever platform you’re going to earn from.

          It’s all worth doing but it’s a long-term solution to earning an income from home, not a short-term solution.

          To make quick money my recommendation would something you can do locally. Babysitting, dog walking, home cleaning, car detailing or any other skill you can offer locally are good examples. Those are things you can do immediately and get paid for right away. Buying and selling using classifieds can also be a lot quicker than making money online, but of course there is the potential that you’re stuck with some products you buy for a few weeks or longer.

          Ridesharing like Uber can also be a good option if you have the right kind of vehicle and enough money to cover your fuel until your first pay.

          Anyway… sorry again to hear about your situation but hopefully there are some ideas in there you can find helpful,


      • Hi …. phone numbers get no one on the phone. I cancelled mine yesterday and they said they’d send me an email showing I cancelled, but i received nothing. The numbers to customer service – in their emails – aren’t connecting with anyone. The girl who called me taking my information is now not answering her phone at 425.242.6132. It’s as though they have some alert system that advices who the caller is and they don’t answer.

        THIS IS A SCAM and I was also suckered in. Can’t report them because no address or website or anything affiliated with email they sent.

        Something needs to be done about this.

  41. Thanks for stopping me with this crap! I’m glad I told myself to google it before I did anything! Lol!

  42. Jay,

    Is there any system out there that is reasonssble to look at. I have try survays but I have not found any that goes any where.

    • Hi Debra, thanks for reading and stopping by. There are a few systems or platforms out there I recommend but not every system is good for every person if you know what I mean. Some are expensive because they depend on paid traffic but for the right person who has a big budget to work with and a little experience already, some of those systems might be a good fit. If you’re just starting out I recommend Wealthy Affiliate (you can read my review [HERE]) because you get really good foundational training for free and there’s no trickery or hidden costs if you decide to upgrade.

      Once you understand the basics and you start building your foundation you’ll have a better idea of the direction you want to go without all the hype and false promises. Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m happy to help 🙂


  43. Thanks Jay for review who do you recommend to start off as a affiliate ?
    I’m new to the industry being you said you make a living online would you be as so kine as to suggest a company ?

    • Hi Paul, yes of course. I learned how to make a living online with Wealthy Affiliate. To be clear though, it’s not a get-rich-quick secret or loophole of any kind. It’s just plain old “sit down at the computer” and work, LOL. You can also read about my journey to earning a living online [HERE].

      Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂


      • Hi JAY I have been with wealthy affiliate for quite awhile, I signed up but that was it. Can you really make money through them? I will have to delve in deeper and do some research but I am definately up for working as hard as I need to in order to be able to work from home. Any advice you can give me on the best way to get started?

        As far as this review, I knew there is no way that this thing could be true and can only imagine how many naive people have given up their money to make this fake guy rich…..why dont we see thousands of people demanding their money back after getting scammed by this? how is this guy getting away with this?

        Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing back:)

        • Hi Melissa, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I imagine there are many people requesting their money back but it’s difficult to track it down when you don’t know who is behind the program or where they are located. That’s why these systems usually only last a few months before they’re reborn with a new name and sales pitch.

          As far as Wealthy Affiliate (you can read my review HERE), yes you can make money with them. It’s not an overnight “system” by any means but my income (which is full-time) is a direct result of the tools and training I’ve received from them (I’ve been with them for a little over 2 1/2 years now). The best advice I can give is to have realistic expectations and follow the training as it’s laid out. I know that sounds obvious but by far one of the biggest challenges I see (and why so many people don’t succeed) is because of unrealistic expectations. There are so many systems out there claiming things like you can make 100K your first month online or some other crazy promise and when it doesn’t work in the first month a lot of people give up.

          So, having realistic expectations (the same kind of expectations you would have if you were building an OFFLINE business) is definitely one of the biggest factors that separates those who make it from those who don’t. For a better idea of what it really takes I share a lot my story in [this article]

          Thanks again for reading 🙂


  44. I would like if someone can give me the customer support number and email please? I cant find it anywhere. I want a refund. When i google website atm nothing comes up
    Please someone

    • Hi Marie, typically sites like these are difficult to get a refund from. When you paid were you given back office access? There should be a contact email in there but a phone number is unlikely. My apologies if I’m wrong. If you can, please bookmark this page so if you do get through to them you can let us know if they were helpful.

      Thanks and I really hope they are able to help you,

      • Hi Marie, I’m embarrassed to say I fell for this trick a few months ago, when it was the money making website. My gut was screaming SCAM the whole time, but curiosity got the best of me. As soon as I gave my CC#, it started to up-sell me and I knew I’d been tricked. I called my CC company and told them what happened right away. They rejected payment, flagged the company as scam and issued me a new card. I recommend you do the same. I’m guessing they had enough of these flags that they had to shut down and switch their name. That’s just my guess. Either way, I didn’t have to pay and it was a valuable lesson.

        Way to go Jay, for getting such good info out to people and for building your lifestyle with affiliate marketing. I too joined Wealthy Affiliate and have taken advantage of some of their training, though I put that venture on hold briefly to explore drop shipping. There are lots of ways to make money online, and people just need to be aware that for every one of them, there are scammers making huge promises. Do you homework people!! Be leery of “free” or anything that tells you it doesn’t require any effort or skills. Anything legit will cost something, whether it’s buying a course or paying a subscription. They may offer some info upfront for free, but ultimately, you’re going to have to pay some money AND some time to LEARN the skill they’re sharing. Bottom line – there IS no get rich quick formula that you can just buy off the shelf. But you can do very well if you work at it and take advantage of the right programs that teach the right skills. Wealthy Affiliate and Drop Shipping Lifestyle are two legit options. I’m not getting paid for recommending either – I’m just a student so far, but I’m happy to share info if it helps people. Sorry for the book, not trying to hi-jack your article, Jay. Great stuff though! (You may notice my website is a Shopify one for now, but will eventually be my own domain.)

        • Hi Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to share your story. Glad you were able to get your money back. As you say, it’s one of the reasons you see scams typically only last a few months and then reappear under a new name. They must make a lot of money from people though because they keep doing it and the list of scams is endless.

          Thanks again for sharing,

    • I was thinking about signing up I called and the number and talked to them their technical support
      Number is 888-793-3429. The main number that
      gives all the information is 888-224-9788 maybe
      you can get some help from one of them

      • No one answers the first number. 2nd number is a receptionist who is rude. I requested to be transferred to someone who works for the company which she did do but no one answers the phone. She tried to give me 888 number on email I was sent but it doesn’t answer either. Then she also told me they’re not open on Saturdays which in my email it says they’re available 24/7.

  45. Jay,
    Thank you for your truthful insight into Website ATM. I decided not to pay the $47 dollars as my
    gut says this is a scam. I’d love to earn money on the web but still don’t know how to.
    In the past I have made several web sites and this was using HTML language. A long time ago.
    I am going to accept your offer and see if there is something there for me.
    Than you sincerely,

    • Hi Sandy, I’ve reviewed hundreds of both legitimate programs and scams, and I’ve never found one that can even come close to delivering what Website ATM is promising. In my opinion, no program like that exists now, nor will one ever exist. You can absolutely make a living online (that’s how I earn my living) but it’s like anything you do whether it’s a career, going to school or becoming a successful athlete or artist… it takes work. It helps if you have the right guidance and someone to help, but there’s no “shortcut”.

      I appreciate your kind words and if you want to reach out to me, I’m happy to help 🙂

  46. Sure sounds like a scam to me ! Why are these people never caught and a follow up video of them being arrested and prevented from ever doing this type of thing again

    • Amen. No moralty… just satisfying appetites and laughing all the way to their bank. If you are a person of integrity in a world full of sharks you have got to be smart. Let us find out where these scammers sleep!

  47. I called the customer service number and never got to talk to anyone.i just got a recording saying Thur hours and leave a message or just call back! I did both many times but never made contact! So much for the “money-back guarantee”!

  48. I’m calling their customer service number and all I get is that their hours are 10am to 7pm Pacific Time. “You can leave a message and your call will be returned or you can call back during those hours.” I called back during those hours and just kept getting the same recording! I left messages and never got a call back! What happened to the money-back guarantee?!!?

    • what you should do is leave a message just stating you need to ask a question and are so excited about it…. fool them and when they get back to you “hopefully” then you can really inquire about your refund…just a thought because if you leave a message asking for refund off the bat, you will never hear from them. But just a thought.. Goodluck and Godbless:)

  49. I’m calling their Customer Service number and all I keep getting is a recording telling me that their hours of operation are 10am to 7pm Pacific time. I’m in Central time zone, so I waited 2 hours and called back. I called all through “their day” and just kept getting the same recording! I left messages for a callback that I never got! How do you get your money back if you can’t reach anybody?!!?

  50. I’m trying to call their customer service and all I get is that their hours are 10am to7pm Pacific time, All during their “day”, all I get is this recording! What happened to the money back guarantee?!!?

    • Hi Lisa, you mean you’re trying to get on “Website ATM’s” website??? My website doesn’t have anywhere that would ask you for a card. Sorry, maybe I’m misunderstanding your question.