This Is Why New Entrepreneurs Will Fail To Earn Your Trust

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What’s so special about the people you trust and respect?

It’s rarely, if ever, one thing…

One home-run does not make a baseball career. One audition doesn’t win an Oscar, and a single song is not an album.

A college degree is more than a simple test, and a high-paying job requires a resume… a body of work. A collection of wins and losses.

A successful entrepreneur is not a consequence of one big idea, or one successful Facebook Ad. A blogger doesn’t make a living by writing one blog post.

The people you trust and respect did not earn it through a single act. They earned it because they have a body of work you trust and respect. It might be an author, actor, or an athlete… or it might be the mechanic who fixes your car.

It should be a respectable body of work, but whoever they are, it’s their accumulation of successes and failures that give them authority… that draw them to you.

It Goes Both Ways…

It would stand to reason then, that if you want others to trust and respect you (for entrepreneurs… customers to buy from you), it’s your body of work that matters. Your accumulation of successes and failures…

… which removes the pressure of winning and losing because people love your scars as much as they do your trophies. Maybe more.

A champion isn’t a true champion until they’ve come back from a loss.

The web is full of *one-click* make-money systems and *done-for-you* programs because that’s what people want. The quick win…

But they don’t want it from a quick winner.

They want it from an authority. From someone who walks the walk and has the scars to prove it.

We’re all swinging for the fences, hoping for a home-run… but hitting one is not what matters. It might get you some temporary attention, but a single home-run does not command trust and respect… your body of work does.

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