“Kids Have Money” Review – SCAM or LEGIT $500 In Your Pocket Today?

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Thanks for stopping by to read my Kids Have Money Review. Who doesn't want to make money online, right? I know… it's cash from your computer 🙂 As a parent who's always looking for “entrepreneurial” opportunities for my kids, the Kids Have Money website caught my eye. For my daughters, a site like this is all about the money.

For me, it's all about teaching them to be resourceful so they never have to worry about money.  Of course, I'm also very careful to make sure they don't get scammed.  

Whether you're a kid looking for a ways to earn money or a parent doing research to keep your kids safe on the internet, I understand. There are so many dangerous scams out there and Kids Have Money is unfortunately, not what they claim to be. 

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Since you're reading this review, you obviously have doubts too, and with claims like “Earn $500 Today” and “Kids Have Money is the #1 Social Earning Network”  how can you not have doubts. So, I'm going to talk about who they are, what they do and most importantly, reveal the “red flags” to see if Kids Have Money is really just scam or if there is actually something legit here.

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Kids Have Money. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Kids Have Money?

Kids Have Money is a get-paid-to site—a site where you “get paid” to do small tasks. You'll also see these referred to online as GTP sites, and like all things… there are good ones, bad ones, and really bad ones. 

The really bad ones are the ones we need to watch out for because they're not just a waste of your time, they're dangerous. 

Is Kids Have Money dangerous? 

Well… as I mentioned above, I was interested in Kids Have Money because I have kids… and to be honest, with technology advancing as fast as it is today, it's difficult as a parent to provide valuable guidance when it comes to what they might do when they grow up. 

So, I think it's our duty to teach our children how to be resourceful and help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset rather than an “employee” mindset… which is where the school system falls short.

Kids Have Money claims to combine social media with earning money which sounds like the perfect combination for kids, but as soon as I scrolled down their homepage I knew there was a problem. 

I've seen this before, or at least something that looks just like it… 

Kids Have Money Outragous Claims

These claims are outragous, and here's why…

Another get-paid-to site I reviewed called Viral Bucks makes similar claims when their website was barely two weeks old. 

So I did the same research for Kids Have Money and this is what I found…  

Kids Have Money Domain Registered On Mar 4 2019
Source: Whois.com

The kidshavemoney.com domain was only registered in March of 2019. 

That's about 2 months ago and we're supposed to believe they've reached #1 Social Earning status in 2 months?

We're also supposed to believe they've paid out $44.9 Million Dollars in 2 months while almost no one has ever heard of them?

These are the kinds of things I show my kids how to check for when they find make-money schemes like this (it's not just about showing them how to make money online, we also have to show them how to be safe).

So how do I know almost no one has ever heard of them? I searched for them on social media… which is not only where they claim they are the #1 earning platform… but they also claim to have 54 Millions “Shares”. 

Well… so far I found one share on Twitter and four shares on Facebook. Not four million shares. Not even four thousand shares… just “four”. 

Now, maybe that share count is changing as we speak… but I know one thing. They are a long way off from 54 Million.

Like I said, when it comes to get-paid-to sites, there are good ones, bad ones and really bad ones.

For Kids Have Money… in my opinion, it's not looking good.  

If earning money doing small tasks is still something you want, it's safer to stick with well-established sites that have been around for many years (NOT months). Survey Junkie for example is a legit marketing research site that pays you for doing online surveys.

Swag Bucks is another site worth checking out (it's a real get-paid-to site) and you can earn money for doing things like searching the web, visiting websites and even watching videos.

If you are a parent (or old enough that a real online income is what you want), learning the basics of how money is made online is what youneed in order to get what you want.

To learn how I did it, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by clicking HERE.

Is Kids Have Money a Scam?

I really hate calling something (or someone) a scam because in many ways, it depends on what your definition of a scam is. 

And, if we try to look at it from the creator's perspective, we should ask what their intentions are. Are they in a bad situation themselves and just trying to earn a living for their family… maybe pushing their marketing a little too far in the process but never wanting to hurt anyone?

Or, are they purely vindictive people who don't care if they ruin people's lives… because with some of these scams, having your life ruined is a real danger. 

I think there some significant “red flags” with Kids Have Money. Like I said, I've seen this before (under a different name) and the claims they are making are just flat-out false. 

I have my own opinion as to what Kids Have Money is, but if I also told you their objective is to steal your information and never pay you a single cent… would you say that Kids Have Money is a scam?

I'll get more into what their real intentions appear to be in a moment but first, let's talk about how the platform is supposed to work. 

How Does Kids Have Money Work?

So… you can join Kids Have Money for free and they won't ask you for too much information. Your name, email and which country you are from. 

You will also have to come up with a password when setting up your account and this is where a lot of people get into trouble. As much as people know they should never use the same password for everything, some people still do. 

This is extremely dangerous, especially when signing up for something like Kids Have Money. You absolutely NEED to have unique password that you'll never use for anything else. 

Once you're in, there are two ways you can earn money… 

  • Get other people to join
  • Do small tasks

Getting Other People to Join (Refer-a Friend)

The first thing Kids Have Money wants you to do is share your “referral link” with others and get them to join. 

This is actually a legit way to make money online if you're doing it for trustworthy companies. You can generate leads for banks or real estate agencies for example, or share what are called “affiliate” links from companies like Apple or Amazon and get paid a commission when people buy something. 

But just because it's a legit way to make money, does not make Kids Have Money a legit platform.

As I mentioned earlier, this is similar to another program called Viral Bucks and when you get someone to click on your link they claim to pay you $2, with another $10 if they actually sign up. 

It sounds great but the obvious question is this… where is the money coming from?

It's free to join, right? So who's paying for all this money they're giving away?

They say the money comes from ad revenue and sponsored products, but $12 per person is extraordinary. I mean… that's just what they're paying you. They have to earn money too, right?

Look, I'm just going to come out and say it. This is my opinion but forget about the $10 per sign-up which is ridiculous on it's own… let's just look at the two dollars per click. They will never pay you $2 per click and here's why…

The Cost to Buy Clicks

What you're looking at here website where you can buy clicks. You can go straight to this site right now and buy 1000 clicks for 68 cents each. 

You know who else can buy those clicks for 68 cent each? The people who run Kids Have Money. 

Now, if Kids Have Money can buy clicks here for 68 cents (or less if they buy more than 1000)… why would they pay you $2.00?

And… if they bought 10,000 clicks they'd only be paying 58 cents for each click.​

When it comes to paying $10 per sign-up, that doesn't make sense either. There is something called CPA marketing where companies pay you when someone signs up for something using your link… but the industry average is between $1 and $3… never is it close to $10.

And this is the same scam that sites like SwiftBucks pull, promising $10 per lead. But they never pay.   

Doing “Tasks”

The other way you can make money is by doing tasks, but before we talk about the kinds of tasks they want you to do, let's bring Viral Bucks back into the conversation for a moment.  

It's important to know that the people behind Kids Have Money are the same people who are behind Viral Bucks, but that's not all. Other versions of this include Viral Pay, Viral Dollars, Kids Earn Money and Kids Get Money (just to name a few)

You can tell they are same because for the most part, they just copy and paste the same paragraphs over to each site. 

Kids Have Money Same People Behind Viral Bucks

And, these are the kinds of tasks you will be doing…

Kids Have Money Tasks

If it's too small to read… that first task says “Get Samsung Galaxy S10!” 

Yep… that's your task. To get a phone. Not only that, you earn $30 for getting a phone. So you earn money for getting something? 

That's amazing, but what's the catch? 

In the small print underneath it tells you what you must do… you must enter your phone number.

So, not only are they going to pay you $2 per click (when they can buy their own clicks for 58 cents)… 

They're also going to give you a $1000 Samsung Galaxy S10 and $30 for entering your phone number?

If we do the math on that (a $1000 phone multiplied by the 473,000 members they claim to have) we're approaching HALF A BILLION DOLLARS!

And that's just for one task. All they're getting so far is a bunch of clicks and phone numbers!? 

Of course, these tasks won't be exactly the same… but start adding up the dollars and cents and you can't help but think something isn't right here. 

Keep in mind, the domain kidshavemoney.com was only registered 2 months ago. It's crazy… 

But what about the testimonials you see on sites like these, and on YouTube where people are claiming to make all of this money? Are they lying?

That's a great question! Let me explain…

Fake Testimonials

Testimonials are powerful and you'll find them on sites like this, as well as on social media and YouTube. 

The thing is, testimonials are easy and cheap to buy. 

Here's an example…

Fake Testimonials on Kids Have Money Type Platforms

So here you have two people talking about how much money they've made with this particular platform and why you should join…

But the truth is, as you can see below… they are paid actors (in this case hired on the freelance site Fiverr, but there are dozens of sites where you can hire paid spokespeople and if you search long enough you'll find them).

Paid Actors Who Make Fake Testimonials
Source: Fiverr

Another way they get these testimonials is by paying you to make one. Actually… let me reword that, they “tell you” that they're going to pay you.  

You'll even get your own “account” and it will appear as if money is just piling up in there… the problem is when you try to cash out. 

As I mentioned earlier, the people behind Kids Have Money and Viral Bucks are also behind another site called Viral Pay (which currently redirects to Viral Dollars). Yep… it's get confusing.

Here's one of their complaints…

How They Avoid Paying
Source: Trust Pilot

You can have thousands of dollars in your Kids Have Money account and when you try to cash out, they can simply say that your clicks and referrals were fake and they're not going to pay you. It's that simple and there's nothing you can do. 

You can do all the work and they never have to pay a single dime to anyone. 

So, if they are going to hire actors to tell you a lies, make false claims about how much money they're paying out, make up social share numbers and membership counts… what else are they being dishonest about?

How about their proof?

I wouldn't put too much confidence in those number either…

Kids Have Money Payment Proof

There is absolutely no reason to believe any of these numbers are true.

When everything is considered, it just doesn't add up… but I don't want this to come across like I'm criticizing the entire make-money-online industry.

There are legit “get-paid-to” sites out there that you can perform tasks and get paid.  

Sites like Swag Bucks has been around for many years has a good reputation. Survey sites like Survey Junkie also have a decent reputation. I mean… every company gets complaints (and even I've written about the problems with these kinds of sites) but there's a big difference between not being perfect and being an absolute scam. 

You can also sign up with sites like TryMyUI, Userfeel and Userlytics who hire people to help companies improve their website usability. So there are plenty of legit ways to make money online. 

In addition to Survey Junkie and Swag Bucks you can earn a full-time income online by creating what are referred to as “digital assets” that generate income for you.

Examples might be a simple website, or even a guide like like this… and if making real money from home is what you want, learning the fundamentals of how “ethical” income is generated online is what you'll need in order to get what you want.  

To learn how I did it, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by clicking HERE.

Why Would Kids Have Money Want To Scam You? 

So here's the big question… if Kids Have Money is fake, what's the point? Why would they try to scam you?

Let me first start by saying I'm only showing you what I see when it comes to Kids Have Money. If you want to sign-up and give them a try, my goal is not to discourage you… it's simple to share my observations. 

I personally don't believe anything they're saying. 

From the tens of millions they claim to have given away (in just the 2 months they're website has been live)… to the $2 per click when they can easily buy real clicks for 58 cents… to saying they're the #1 social earning platform but don't even have their own social media profiles. 

The truth is, everything I've mentioned here is “circumstantial evidence” though, and I could be wrong (although I don't think I am). At least you'll have some information to help you decide. 

That leads us to this question. If Kids Have Money is indeed a scam… why? What are they trying to get from you.

The answer to that is traffic and information. Telling you that you'll get paid $10 for every friend you invite helps them drive traffic to their partners. Their partners are the scam sites that promise you things like free Samsung Galaxy phone and gift cards. 

In order to get these free goodies you will usually have to fill out a survey (effectively giving them some private information), a credit card (to cover the cost of shipping your freebie) and your physical address so they know where to send it.

So they have some personal information, your credit card number and your address. Peope who use the same password for everything are also giving them that…

That is why I said that some of these get-paid-to sites are not just bad… they're seriously dangerous too!  

Where Do You Go From Here?

Let me say it again, I'm only sharing with you what I know about programs similar to Kids Have Money and how all the signs seem to say that Kids Have Money is just as bad. I'm also explaining why the claims they are making don't make sense. 

I know you want to make money online… you would not have read this review if you didn't, but I can tell you this. Not only will I NOT be recommending Kids Have Money to my kids, I'll be telling them to click the back button as quickly as they can if they stumble into it. 

There's simply no reason to take the risk when sites like surveyjunkie.com and swagbucks.com are available and already have an established reputation.

What I really want for my kids though, and if you're a parent I'd guess you want the same… is for your kids to be financially resourceful. And, despite the challenges we face as technology reshapes our economy, you'll want them to be adaptable to whatever situation the world throws at them. 

I don't explain everything I do to make money online to my kids, but I'm glad that they're curious. And, I'm ready to help set them up and get them started building “their own platform” when the time comes.  

If you've ever wanted to own your own online business though, or to know how to generate real income online, the fundamentals of how money is made online is where you want to start in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

I hope this Kids Have Money review has been helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or personal experience with Kids Have Money… please share in the comments section below.

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  1. Firstly Jay, you’re FAR too kind. Your research has been excellent but you’re too courteous and kind in your words in telling it as you should, so I’m going to do it for you and say it as it is.

    “Kids Have Money” IS A SCAM and they lie about their details. Personally, I have zero-tolerance for liars and exploiters.

    “Kids Have Money” is a NO-NO! Stay away. It’s as simple as that!