TutorVista Reviews – Why Are People Calling It A Scam? Full Review!

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Thanks for stopping by to check out my TutorVista review. If you're looking for a way to make money online while helping others, tutoring is a great way to do it. Is Tutorvista legit though? I noticed when looking into TutorVista that some people were calling it a scam, so I'll dig into that topic, as well as talk about who they are, what they do, and whether it's a good opportunity for you.

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What Is TutorVista?

TutorVista is a one-on-one online tutoring platform. Students from Kindergarten to undergrads can access tutors within a virtual classroom environment.

computer desk home teaching

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in India, they provide a work-at-home opportunity for new and experienced tutors.

Similar to companies like Tutor.com and Chegg, TutorVista brings people together in a live environment that includes a chat window and white board that includes graphing and drawing tools.

Common subjects they teach are Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Essay Review… among others.

It should be noted though, that this is a zero-leverage opportunity… meaning you only get paid once for your work.  

One of the reasons people start looking for ways to earn money online is because the internet gives you “leverage”… and I don't know about you, but I'd rather do something once, and get paid for it over and over… 

There is a specific passive income strategy I use which you can learn more about here.

Getting back to TutorVista… their mission statement states they want to make world class education accessible and affordable. With a minimum cost of $329.99 to access their cheapest rate ($4/hr) and hourly rates climbing from there to $18/hr… accessible and affordable might not be entirely accurate, but they do hint at what you can expect to earn as a tutor.

I’ll get more into TutorVista’s pay in a moment but first, since you’re looking to make money online… you might be wondering if this is legit, or a scam.

​Is TutorVista Scam?

I can tell you that Tutorvista is not a scam, although, as mentioned above, some are making that accusation.  

Most accusations are from students and customers… not from tutors.

One issue is a claim that tutors are taught to waste time and drag out the tutoring sessions, forcing students to purchase more hours.

To be honest… I can't validate those claims. TutorVista may play some dirty-tricks to milk people for more money.

It’s also possible that some tutors are just more “chatty” than others and get carried away with small talk… not realizing the student is paying for that time.

There are also complaints that TutorVista advertises free tutoring, but once you log in and speak to someone, they use heavy sales tactics to upsell you. 

These are some deceptive and aggressive marketing tactics you don't usually find with online tutoring platforms, but as far as being a scam… in my opinion, is not accurate.

There may be some disgruntled customers as there are with any company… and I certainly don't condone the dirty tricks, but when you get past everything, TutorVista does provide real value.

There are real tutors teaching, and there real students learning. ​

How Does It Work?

Signing up to become tutor at TutorVista is similar to the traditional hiring process. Once you fill out a simple form which includes basic information such as your name, teaching experience, as well as subjects and grades levels that interest you, there is a prompt to upload your resume.

And then you wait…

If you do get accepted, TutorVista will contact you and invite you to take training on topics that range from the software and curriculum, to TutorVista’s culture. The entire process can take up to 7 days.


Unfortunately, TutorVista is not for everyone. While a graduate degree may be sufficient, they prefer their tutors to have a Masters in the subjects they plan to teach.

Strong English skills and being comfortable with a computer are also necessary.

Of course, if you qualify you’ll need a decent computer, but TutorVista’s minimum requirements here are relatively low. If your computer has been purchased within the last few years you should be fine.

You will need to have Microsoft Office installed and purchase a digital pen and pad if you don’t already own one.

Since tutoring online requires your full attention, you'll also need a quiet workspace free from distractions.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can apply to become a tutor for free.

Like a traditional job, you are being hired rather than buying into an opportunity.

If you need to upgrade your computer, or purchase equipment, those would be your start-up expenses… but there is no actual fee to join.

How Much Does TutorVista.com Pay?

There isn’t much information about TutorVista’s pay rates, but as mentioned earlier… you can get some idea by how much they charge students.

Depending on the grade level and price package chosen by the student, their cost is between $4 and $18 per hour.

I did find one source claiming that tutors earn between $8 and $39 per hour, however… if $18/hour is their most expensive advertised rate… you can expect your earnings to be quite a bit lower.

After TutorVista takes their cut… eight bucks an hour seems about right.

It’s not a lot of money, but depending on where you live and what your income requirements are… it might be enough.

And, depending on your situation, working from home might allow you to eliminate some significant expenses from your life, such as a vehicle, fuel, and insurance.

Live Your Passion Everyday

TutorVista’s Schedule

One of the problems with tutoring is that you’re limited to working when students are available.

TutorVista employs approx 2000 tutors from India, the US, UK, Australia, China and Southeast Asia. So… depending on where you live, the time zones may or may not work out in your favor.

If you’re in the US or UK, peak hours are typically in the evening.

You are also required to work between 4 and 9 hours per day, with each session lasting approximately 45 minutes. Those hours must be scheduled in advance.

Reviews and Complaints

TutorVista reviews are mixed… half good, and… half not so good.

The biggest complaints seem to be from customers, but tutors do have a few negative things to say.

Low pay is a common complaint, as well as the schedule not being as flexible as some would like.

Another issue that comes up is having to deal with rude and lazy students.

To be fair, these complaints are not unique to TutorVista. They are common to all online tutoring platforms.

What I Like About TutorVista

  • Free to join.
  • Being able to help others learn, meet new people… and do it all while earning money from home.
  • A few people report not getting enough hours.

What I Don’t Like

  • Low pay
  • Unless this is your full-time job… the strict schedule can be difficult to work with, especially if you have a family.
  • No passive income potential (you’re only trading hours for dollars).

Final Thoughts

I wouldn't say TutorVista is your best option for online tutoring, but it's also not the worst. It's free to apply, so aside from a little time, you may find it's worth giving a shot. 

The great thing about working from home is that you're the boss. You can sign up for TutorVista, and also accept work from other tutoring websites and side hustles.

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