Viral Bucks Review – A SCAM or a LEGIT Solution To Your Money Problems?

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Welcome and thanks for stopping by to read my Viral Bucks Review. If you're looking for ways to make money online, you're not alone. Whether it's to pay for household bills or escape the daily pressure of working for someone else, I get it. And Viral Bucks claims to get it too… but can they really help you?

Viral Bucks Logo Identification for Visitors

There are a lot of reasons to think Viral Bucks is a scam, and since you're reading this review, you're probably thinking it too. So we're going to talk about what Viral Bucks is, what they do, how much money you can make and of course, we're going to look at the “red flags” to figure out if they really are a scam… or if they are actually legit. 

Please note, I am not a member or an affiliate for Viral Bucks. This review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not to apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info

What Is Viral Bucks?

Viral Bucks is a rewards site that pays you to refer friends, family and whoever you can find to their platform so you can perform tasks and earn money. At least, that’s what they claim to be. Whether you get paid or not is questionable and I’m going to explain why.

According to their website they’ve been around since 2017 but this claim is unfortunately our first red flag

If what they are telling us is true, their website would have been registered in 2017. A quick search however, shows us that was registered on April 27, 2019.

Viralbucks domain creation date 04 27 19

This is a problem.

As far as Viral Bucks being legit, we're off to a bad start. It's a “small lie”, but it's still a lie. If you can't trust them with something as simple as when they started, can you trust their other claims? 

For example… 

It says on their website they have over 200,000 Members, 217 Million Shares (I assume that means “social media” shares) and they have paid out $52 Million Dollars.

Viral Bucks Claim of 52M Payout

These are some really impressive numbers, but here's the thing…

If their domain was just registered on April 27th 2019 which was less than 2 weeks ago, how did they achieve get 217 MIllion Shares? 

As someone who makes money online I usually get paid monthly, and quite often it's a month or two behind when the numbers are finalized.

So it's weird that Viral Bucks has been able to pay out $52 Million Dollars in the two weeks they're site has been live. 

Where would they get that $52 Million? 

At this point I'm not saying they're a scam, but we have some interesting questions to think about. 

There’s a lot to discuss here because I know you’re hoping Viral Bucks will help you. You may have financial challenges you’re dealing will—you may even be hoping Viral Bucks can provide a decent online income so you can quit your job. 

I can't tell you how much I understand that feeling, I spent years feeling that way too. 

The claims that Viral Bucks is making would suggest they can help you but in my opinion those claims are simply not true and I'm going to go over the reasons why. 

That does NOT mean all hope is lost. Yes, there are a lot of scams out there, but you can still earn money online. 

If you're looking for extra spending money,  you can do that with more established online survey sites that have been around a long time such as, or earn some cash watching videos, searching the web, and visiting websites with

For a real home-based income, an online business is what you want. 

Making money from home might be something you need because of medical challenges, young ones to look after, or as we talked about earlier… you're tired of working for someone else. 

If a real online income is what you want, learning the basics of how money is made online is what youneed in order to get what you want.

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Is Viral Bucks a Scam?

I’m always careful to call a company or product a scam because it’s too easy to throw that word around when it’s not true.

When it comes to Viral Bucks though, I am leaning heavily in that direction because there are too many red flags to ignore.

For example, they say they are “The Number One Influencer Network” but what does that even mean?

I would assume it means they have a really strong presence on social media?

We already know their website is only a couple weeks old, but let’s pretend that doesn’t matter. Since “influencers” are often associated with social media, that's where we should find Viral Bucks anyway, right?

Well, at the bottom of the website you’ll see that they link to their social media pages.

VB Social Links In Footer

They repeat the claim they are “The #1 influencer network helping you leverage your social media use into money”  and right below that you can find links to their social media pages. You would think they must have a pretty impressive social media following themselves if they are the #1 Influencer Network, right?

At the moment their Facebook link takes you to page that doesn’t even exist.

Their Twitter page looks like this with only 1473 followers of Viral Pay, not Viral Bucks…

Viral Bucks Twitter

It's interesting that Viral Bucks currently links to the Viral Pay Twitter profile. Viral Pay is the same company that once operated under a different name, and it's connected to another variation called Viral Dollars, which I'll get more into later. 

But the point here is that a company that claims to be the #1 Influencer doesn't really have any social media presence. 

Their Instagram page also links to an older Viral Pay profile that's empty. Well, not completely… it has 8 followers.

Viral Bucks to Viral Pay Instagram

You can check these out yourself and for Viral Bucks this is an easy fix. By the time you read this they may have their proper pages up and running. But to say they're the Number One Influencer Helping You Leverage Social Media is false.

I mean… at the moment their YouTube channel is apparently someone named “buie2710” who has only uploaded a few unrelated videos.

Now, I don’t want to be too hard on them here. A lot of bloggers, website owners and businesses pay very little attention to social media for various reasons. It's time consuming and quite often the returns are not worth it.

But those bloggers, website owners and businesses also don’t claim to be “#1 Influencer” with “217 Million Shares”.

I’m not saying they’re a flat-out scam, but in my opinion and I’m sure you're beginning to suspect this too… something isn’t right here.  

How Does Viral Bucks Work?

There are some additional red flags I want to point out but first, let’s go over how Viral Bucks works. Or at least, how they are supposed to work.

Joining is easy… it's free and you only need to provide a username, email address and password to set everything up. Once you do, you'll be welcomed with this screen…

Welcome To VIral Bucks

Also, when you sign-up they are going to credit your account with $25. Not your bank account of course, but your Viral Bucks account and whether you'll ever see that money is questionable, which I'll discuss further below.

Normally I’d be all over an opportunity that offers you money just for joining and I'd be recommending it to everyone… it’s twenty-five bucks! Why no, right?

But as you can probably tell, based on what we know so far, I am not recommending Viral Bucks to anyone.

I did however join to learn more because it's always possible that my assumptions are wrong.

You’ll notice my dashboard says 0 Clicks and 0 Referrals and it will forever stay that way because I have nowhere near enough confidence in this program to share my referral link or recommend it to anyone.

In fact, I've covered my referral link so it can't be used… and I can't be accused of sharing it 😀

Viral Bucks Dashboard

Speaking of referrallinks, we need to talk about the money. How do you earn with Viral Bucks?

Viral Bucks Pay

There are two ways you can make money with Viral Bucks, the first is by sharing your referral link and recommending their platform to other people. This is usually done through social media but if you have a blog, YouTube channel or an email list you can share it that way too.

They say they will pay you $2.00 for every person that clicks your link and an extra $10.00 if they join Viral Bucks. That’s a total of $12.00 for everyone who joins (using your link).

Twelve bucks is pretty good, but it begs another question… 

Where is the money coming from?

The person who joined based on your recommendation hasn’t spent any money. You haven’t spent any money.

And those who joined before you… well, they didn’t spend any money either. And yet, according to Viral Bucks, they’ve paid out $52 million dollars to members.  

Everyone is earning money, but no one is spending any money…

It gets even crazier because Viral Bucks will pay you another FIFTY BUCKS just for uploading a video on YouTube telling everyone how great Viral Bucks is and how much money you’ve made.

Where is that $50 coming from?

There are three options…

  1. It’s all a big a lie and Viral Bucks is not paying anyone a single cent.
  2. They are getting a ton of money (like… more than $52 Million Dollars kind of money if their payout claims are true) for selling your information and getting you to perform “tasks”or…
  3. A combination of option #1 and option #2

So far, we’ve only looked at getting paid for referring other people to Viral Bucks. In other words, the goal and what they are paying you for, whether it’s sharing your referral link on social media or creating a YouTube video, is to drive traffic to the website.

The question is “why?” 

If no one is spending money, these millions of dollars must be generated somehow, right?

To be clear, this process of sharing links is a legit form of marketing. In fact, it’s a common online business model that many businesses use. You are basically being paid for “lead generation” and the technical term for it is CPA marketing… which stands for Cost Per Action.

The problem here is not the business model, it’s the amount of money they are claiming to pay you.

These things typically pay $1.00 to $3.00 for someone who signs up with a simple email, not $12.00… which is 4 TO 12 TIMES NORMAL! 

Even your everyday retailers and grocery stores offer incentives for you to sign up to their websites or fill out a survey for example (which usually means submitting your email) and they are not paying you $12.00 to do it. 

Something Is NOT Adding Up Here…

Let's go back to that that fifty dollar YouTube video for a moment…

… the economics of paying everyone who makes a YouTube video “$50.00” simply doesn't make sense.

As a company, how many YouTube videos do they need?

I mean… twenty or thirty YouTube videos should be plenty, right?

That should be more than enough to convince anyone to try Viral Bucks.

Most people would only watch the first two or three that showed up in their feed anyway. Very few would keep scrolling through YouTube videos to watch 20 or 30 Viral Bucks videos that all say the same thing. 

In fact, 20 or 30 videos all saying basically the same thing would make you wonder what the heck was going on. 

So, why would Viral Bucks pay you $50 for another YouTube video?

Remember… they also claim to have 200,000 members.

At least half of those 200,000 members would love to make fifty dollars for recording a simple YouTube video… which means they'd have 100,000 videos on YouTube telling you how great Viral Bucks is (there are not 100,000 Viral Bucks videos on YouTube by the way).

So, if Viral Bucks pays $50 for 100,000 videos that all say pretty much the same thing… and 99,990 of them hardly ever get watched… they just paid out $5 Million dollars! 

That makes zero economic sense, or any kind of sense for that matter.

And they want you to make another one? It's just my opinion but I'm calling this what I think it is… BS.

Like I said earlier, I’m not saying Viral Bucks a flat-out scam… but they are certainly not making it easy to find something good. If not a scam though, I’m not sure what else to call them because what they are promising just doesn't add up.

Viral Bucks “Tasks”

The second way to get paid with Viral Bucks is to perform “tasks”. This should give us a better understanding of how the money is actually being made.

There are some legitimate businesses like Swag Bucks for example that pay you to perform tasks. There are also market research companies like Survey Junkie that want your opinion.

Others like TryMyUI, Userfeel and Userlytics might ask you to visit websites for example, and to share your thoughts on what works and what doesn't work. There are countless businesses who are willing to pay you for helping them improve the usability of their website.

When I first signed up for Viral Bucks I thought that maybe legitimate tasks like these were how income was being generated, but then I arrived at my “Task Wall”

Viral Bucks Task Wall Screenshot

These are not legitimate tasks…

Trading my phone number for a Samsung Galaxy S10 and $30 is not how you retire from your job and earn an income from home. 

But for fun, I tried anyway… 😀

When I clicked on the link for the instructions though… my antivirus program gave me a strong warning not to go any further.

Unwanted Content Screenshot from VB Link

Viral Bucks was linking to a page that was blocked, so I took this advice and closed the page.   

My second task was to complete some steps and collect another $30… plus a “$100 McDonald’s Gift Card”.

That doesn’t really seem like a “task”. Delicious maybe… but not a task. 

Anyway, when I clicked on that link for the instructions, I received an error that the page was temporarily unavailable.

What!? I guess no burgers and fries for me…

Of course, I didn’t expect any of these to work. I’ve reviewed dozens of sites like this before. Typically they get you to fill out all kinds of personal information (including your physical address so they can send your reward, and your credit card number to cover the cost of shipping).

And your rewards never show up. 

NO Samsung Galaxy S10.

NO $100 Gift Card.

Meanwhile, they have your information and the only thing you have is a very high risk of being ripped off through identity fraud. 

For more evidence that this is not legit, we can look at the economics of it again which simply don't add up.

I mean… the numbers do add up, but they are so ridiculous we can't take them seriously. 

Again… if they have 200,000 members it's fair to assume that half would trade their phone number for new Samsung Galaxy phone (and thirty bucks)…

Well, maybe not half but to keep the math simple, let's play along… 

That would be 100,000 Galaxy S10 phones worth approximately $1000 each (plus the $30 they are promising you)…

That’s going to cost them $103 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

And we haven't even talked about the McDonald's gift cards yet (my stomach is growling)…

If my math is wrong or I’m missing something here, please let me know. It’s not unlike me to be wrong… or at least that’s what my wife and daughters tell me 😀 

Of course, the one figure we’re working with that’s probably wrong is the 200,000 members. Remember, was only registered a couple weeks ago so if I had to guess I’d say they are not giving us the entire truth about how many members they currently have. But that’s must my opinion.

And if they are lying about having 200,000 members, you probably don't want to risk your time and personal information doing their tasks. 

You're far better off making money with sites that are well-established and known to be legit like, or who pays you for doing things like searching the web, watching videos, and even playing games. 

It's not a lot of money of course, but if you've never made money online before… it's a start.

If a bigger income is what you're after, you can also start an online business

Making money from home might be something you need because of health issues, children to look after, or even a job you hate and a good starting point is what youneed in order to get what you want.

To learn how I did it, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by clicking HERE.

More Red Flags – Fake Testimonials

One way for Viral Bucks to convince you they are legit is to ask their members for testimonials. In fact, that's what they are doing when they offer you money to make a YouTube video telling the world how awesome they are.

That alone should make you question the legitimacy of those videos, but we really can’t prove they are fake.

The good news is that we don't have to…

What we can do instead is check out the video testimonials they have on their website.

Viral Bucks Testimonials

If you listen to them, they sound convincing.

But still… the dollars and cents of the Viral Bucks platform still don’t add up si I find it difficult to trust what they are saying. Who are these people anyway?

A little research tells us that these people are paid actors that Viral Bucks found on the freelance site Fiverr…

Viral Bucks Fake Testimonial Actors
Source: Fiverr

Yes… these are paid actors who create spokesperson videos on Fiverr for money, and for a company that claims to have paid out millions of dollars, it seems strange they’d have to hire actors to give them a positive review… unless they are not legit.

Viral Bucks is Also Known As Viral Dollars

Here's another Red Flag. 

When you find multiple versions of the same scheme it's usually not good.

I stumbled upon Viral Bucks and there was reason I was immediately suspicious. They reminded me of another website I’ve been asked about before (and also do NOT recommend) which is called Viral Dollars.

You be the judge, but Viral Dollars looks a lot like Viral Bucks…

Viral Dollars same as Viral Bucks
Viral Bucks About Us Screenshot

There are other similarities if you go through both sites, but they each say the exact same thing… they are the… 

#1 Influencer Network. YES, we're that good. Influencers enjoy our transparency, our flexibility, and our high payouts!”

Clearly these website are created by the same person or group of people, which brings us to our next Red Flag…

Viral Bucks Complaints

Since Viral Bucks has only been around a couple weeks it's difficult to find complaints. But we do know from their social media links at the bottom of their page that they link to profiles created by “Viral Pay”.

And then, when I tried to visit Viral Pay's official website, it redirects back to Viral Dollars… which we already know (from above) is just another version of Viral Bucks.

I know… it gets confusing and that's their goal. They don't want you to find any complaints or negative reviews, or to be able to connect the dots in any way… so every once in awhile they change their name, their website, logo, colors or whatever…

But even though we don't see any Viral Bucks complaints yet, we can find complaints for Viral Pay… 

Viral Bucks Viral Pay Review Trust Pilot
Source: TrustPilot

Viral Pay gets a 1.6 out of 10 score with 91% of their reviews rated at BAD.

Will I Get Paid?

As I mentioned earlier, when you sign up with Viral Bucks you are given an account with $25 already in it. As you complete tasks and create your YouTube video your earnings will accumulate inside your Viral Bucks account.

The question is whether or not you will get paid.

As you saw in the Viral Pay complaint above, the scam (if we call it a scam) is to get you to do all of the tasks and refer people, but when it comes time to pay, they come up with an excuse.  

I mean… the fact that Viral Pay became Viral Dollars and we now have Viral Bucks is disturbing enough, but imagine spending hours, days or even weeks getting referrals and performing “tasks” only to be told your referrals are fake and a day before you get your money, they close your account for what they claim is fraud.

Wait a minute… 

Are they the ones claiming to be victims of fraud? 

Complaints like the one above are the reason sites like these change their name frequently. 

Where Do You Go From Here?

I wish I could tell you that Viral Bucks is the answer to your financial troubles, but I can’t. If your bills are stacking up or you’re looking for a way to replace your job, Viral Bucks is probably not for you. 

I held off calling them a flat out scam because it's possible that some members are getting paid. By paying some members they can maintain the illusion of being legit and sometimes that's all you need. 

It is free to join so if you’re careful with your information (and use an antivirus program) you might give them a try. The point of this review was not to discourage you from making money online, but to explain how Viral Bucks works and point out the Red Flags so you have an honest view of who they are. 

If anyone has a different experience with Viral Bucks I'd be happy to update my review. 

Personally, I'd stick to sites I know have been around a long time and have a decent reputation. 

Sites like and are far better in my opinion (although not perfect) and they do pay their members for the most part. There are of course legitimate situations when people try to game the system, but these are well-established websites. 

You won't be able to replace your job with sites like these though, for a real online income, an online business is what you want, and learning the basics of what it takes to make serious money online is what you need in order to get what you want.

Now, I'm going to give you a free step by step beginner's guide to making money online and you can get it by Clicking Here

I hope my Viral Bucks review has been helpful and if you have any comments, questions, or experience with Viral Bucks, please share in the comments section below.

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